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LIL' ZANE lyrics - Young World: The Future

Ride On 'Em

Original and similar lyrics
[Unknown Man] Them niggas wanna ride by do a lil' drive by But they just dont know how But we about to show 'em when the pistol backfire and them niggas gone die Them niggas wanna ride by do a lil' drive by But they just dont know how But we about to show 'em when the pistol backfire and them niggas gone die And we gone ride on 'em (ride on 'em) And we gone ride on 'em (ride on 'em) Uhhhhhhhhhh!! [Lil' Zane] Retaliation is a must when them niggas bout to bust slippin on us Niggas kicked in the door took the yayo Had a nigga on the floor all scared too And they put the steel to my head too I'm on the cellular Wit my niggas 'Where the hell are y'all' Shit I'm about to go to jail and all They didn't figga they was fuckin wit the wrong nigga wrong day Doin shit in the wrong way Nine holes couldn't hurt a nigga Thats what they got Now I'm screamin murder nigga So shoot the block Niggas gone bleed tonight Plus I'm high on weed tonight Muthafuckas won't breath tonight World Wide renegades when I'm breedin right You can see him on the news just seen the light Glowin niggas y'all meet me In College Park in the hour like that y'all be next [chorus] [Lil' Zane] Fast money done slowed up Niggas cars got blowed up Whole cities got tore up And what you mean 'Nigga hold up' Shoulda seen this niggas eyes when my niggas roled up And you can run but you can't hide And I won't let shit slide How many O's did you get right Do you know how many bullets bout to go up in your shit right Now [Lil' Zane & Unknown] Cituation gettin sticky Why the fuck niggas pick me Cause I'm rich see Everybody out to get me But the trick be I'm about to pull a gypsy Till the clips empty [Lil' Zane] And mufuckas gone respect the game Look how I give it to them niggas real And muthafucka why you try me Why you think cause I'm under 21 I won't connect you to a I.V [chorus] [Lil' Zane] Oh you wanna be a bad ass nigga Wanna be mad at us nigga Fuck wit us nigga Let the world know my niggas all I niggas World Wide niggas Pick 4-5, bury 4-5 niggas Paralize 4-5 niggas These muthafuckas ain't ready for the ride I surprise niggas I put the game from verse 2 (A tell 'em what the verse do) Thug niggas get hurt too [Lil' Zane & Unknown] This shit gettin critical these niggas won't listen These niggas bout to come up missen These niggas see a young boy glistenin [Lil' Zane] Y'all niggas betta separate the hoes from G's Fuck around and make me start wit these Get in the car nigga gimme the keys I'm bout to blast on 'em Tell me if you wit me if you not get yo ass on [Two guys havin conversation] [1st guy] 'Nigga you know I'm down to bust these niggas But tonight aint the night to do that shit' [2nd guy (Larenz Tate)] 'You actin like a lil' bitch right now You actin real paranoid and shit Now these muthafuckas smoked yo goddamn cousin In front of you nigga Blow his head off in front of yo face And you gonna do shit You actin like a lil' bitch right now nigga Man fuck that I aint lettin that shit ride [chorus]

Hard Times

B.G. "Chopper City In The Ghetto"
Who put this shit together I done done it all from jackin' and slangin' nigga trust that Stealin' cars snortin' dope gettin' bust at Never goin' ta school all kinda bull-shit They callin' my moma in I got her lookin' unfit But look it aint Cint fault I turned out this way Its my fault she told me right from wrong everyday When my daddy got killed I think thats when I went a stray Mark Nell L.T. and me made niggas lay on they face We was about that gunplay and on the grind We was on a paper chase we wanted ta shine Gotta get it how you live where the fuck I'm from Gotta keep it on the real where the fuck I'm from Growin' up in the streets best believe its dangerous They lock us up but the jail aint changin' us You'll make it how i live if you don't mind dyin' Growin' up in my shoes best believe was hard times nigga (Chorus) 2x Hard times got a nigga in all black I'm goin' jack for that silver pack where its at Hard times got the B.G. drove nigga Hard times got me duckin' them white folks nigga Its a hard time comin' up where I'm from like a twister spinnin' Don't get caught in it Its drastic drama its everyday life whoa Jackin' is a way of livin 'if you aint on the right road I move fast my people say I need ta slow down Close ya nose or ya gonna go down I'm beefin' with different sets I'm duckin' them white folks Playin' my hoes close They tied up like a rope I'm slangin' tryin' ta make a million and chill Buy a ten story buildin' and a football field Diamonds round my neck and wrist plenty golds in my grill Niggas gone get holes in they head if they don't keep it real My mama cryin' cuz she think I'ma get my head bust But I tell her growin' up with no daddy is rough Welfare aint enough And I wanna shine So I'm goin get mine nigga and get out these hard times whoa (Chorus) 2x Me and my niggas buyin' cars don't give a fuck what its costin' Neighborhood superstar Hot Boy$ bout flossin' Crossin any of us get that put in a coffin You don't hear we loss a shoot-out very often We ballin' Shot callin' Walkin' to the top And when we get there believe we closin' shop I'm lettin' my law down makin' Gs nigga I done been through them hard times I'm makin' chesse nigga Me and Fresh can hook up and make a hit with ease nigga Fade me the B.G. pretty please nigga I'm a six figure Money go-getter Drivin' expedition Bet a bitch quick and put another hoe in her position Riches is what I'm chasin' everyday nigga Killin' bustas bringin that bitch in my way nigga Tryin' ta shine Ca$h Money on the grind nigga Stackin' gingles cuz we done been through hard times nigga peep me (Chorus) - repeat to end

Don't Die

I woke up this morning to a cop with a gun Who told me that he looking for a n! gga on the run I thought for a second and I screwed my face And asked the dirty pig "Why the fuck you in my place? " He said "Chill or we kill, this is a warning" Then I told him "fuck you, Where is the warrant? " Then they got to punchin' and kickin' and macin' Then the Whole situation went Larry Davis Thinking 'bout my lady and thinking 'bout my baby Thinking "these two motherfucking pigs going crazy" They wanna kill a n! gga 'cause a nigga on this rap shit Wanna leave me dead on a mattress, Hampton I'm a Public Enemy because I'm Cold Lampin' And I don't give a fuck about a party in The Hamptons And I don't give a fuck about a motherfuckin' Forbes List Far as I'm concerned, that's a motherfucking whores list Motherfucker, my dad was a cop You don't think I know a dirty ass cop when I see one? Shake down, take down, disrespecting-the-badge-ass-bitch! Back to the scene going wild in the bedroom Grab the cop's gun left from leaking with a head wound Second cop shot, but the bullet hit his partner Shot him in the leg and he hit him in the arter (y) Now the dirty cop's looking at me Talking 'bout he kill a nigga if I try to flee Shit, I'm about to loose it, so he gon' have to prove it All because the government hate rap music I've been labeled outlaw, renegade, villain So is Martin King, so the system had to kill him A nigga with an attitude, the world gotta feel him Educated villain, attempt on living If I gotta kill a cop just to get out the building That motherfucker didn't, left dead, no feelings Yelling "Fuck him" as I buck A 45 at his fillings Trying to knock his brains through the motherfucking ceiling When I surface on the streets I can hear the crowd yelling And see the neighborhood snitches pointing and telling I'm bailing like a felon or Assata Shakur Before the law leave me stinking like a bag of manure Like Jeriko One in the movie 'Strange Days' They want a nigga dead 'cause the things that I say Might make the youth go and pick up an AK Tell the government "Fuck you, no way" Like John Connor mama I be running everyday 'Cause if I get caught it's my life they terminate Or stick me in a cell on Guantanamo Bay All because a n! gga won't sit in and obey I'll be an outlaw before I ever behave And die a free man before I live like a slave Nothing changes, if they catch me today "Fuck the police" is still all I gotta say

Misery Needs Company

FAT JOE "Don Cartagena"
intro: [police sirens] [Noreaga and Fat Joe talking] [Fat Joe] Yo, yo, one's for the cash, two's for my facilty three's for all the M-3's Racin across the Tapenze Matchin C's followed by the white Lincoln drivin like I ain't thinkin Wit my hats and lights blinkin, let the lah sink in On the way to home BASE, first clown in my face is gettin thrown out the place We rush shit, untouchable Don shit, that's nothin new Sets with stone arms just to muscle you, enough of you That had a bad case of Joe, some even had to go Gangsta walk and nines, at times I be the last to know We laugh and joke, while we bag in the coke My A done make the worst things out the cast of Different Strokes I'm addicted to street life, although it doesn't seem right Many criticize but yo we all go to eat right And who's to say that I'm to blame(blame) we only pawns in this game(game) Decision: grow cocaine I don't want no cure for this, you switch, I pour the Cris And just, stay rich, and reminisce, while I count my chips Chorus [Noreaga] Yo you scared to death, misery need company Crab slackers, niggas actin like they mad rappers Even wit a record deal, our guns still peal Break a piece of your brain, wipe the stain Throw the Range off, police-iano Watch for hondo, they lookin at our poster now, playin us closer now The funds follow us, what, these bitches swallow us And you wonder why you can't find us [Fat Joe] I ton and tender wit millionaires, gave a million stares Made a million scared, my beats don' knocked For what seemed like a million years, yea This illegal life I can't avoid, I take the feds everywhere I go That's why I'm paranoid, but still I choose to ignore the fact I got the flawless Acs wit gats to get that enormous stack Joey Crack, the mack without the hat And all our hoes dine and ride in the back seat of my Cadillac I bet you hate it cuz we paid and floss, nigga we laid and lost T.S.'ll make the baddest crews take a loss Break your balls like Bahondo, call me Don Joe Coke slash sweaty rock, niggas drop a dime dough Booked the nine o'clock, flight to Alando So-called killers turned snitches like Rivono That nigga Gauno up in M-C, is bein friendly Everytime I see his wife and kids the shit tempts me My heart is empty, never feelin remorse I got a sniper one killed in the cross ready to kill your boss Chorus [Noreaga] Yo, yo Jose Luis, smoke lah like the reverand Look in the skies, clouds look like coke 'n heaven Like whoever sittin on pies two, gettin high too mad fly too, a thug too Yo we praise those, however you make your pesos Keep the shit tight just like, Jose Canseco's Batting stance, a majorly we glance, and gotta yell What, What! Cuz thug niggas don't dance yo I told niggas, that you did it for show, but niggas thought you was ill yo Even your hoe, yo for real youngblood I'm really afraid so Your colors got revealed and now you buy dough Impost-o's, locos, morenos, go-golos, boriquas, platin-o's My niggas rollin those, fontos and hydros You know how that goes, DE's light it up though We stay smokin it, tone-locin it, me and Fat Joe still provoking it Chorus (ha ha, mad rappers, stain off, range off, watch out polic-iano's, pabolos amigos...Fat Joe, Fat Joe, Fat Joe, yea yea)

Come And Get Me

JADAKISS "The Last Kiss"
[Sheek Louch] Geah, make a move y'all Which part you wan' lose? The clip is loaded, the quatro is on cruise I'm back to work bitch, the clock off snooze I'm tougher than leather nigga I cannot bruise Who wanna try a nigga? Hard to the God, come and butterfly a nigga (hold that!) Ooze on out (uh-huh) Weeks later bitch go and throw your shoes on out I'm that shit that great Mario {?} 'bout Clear this out, blood on the hopscotch floor Shells in the sandbox; niggaz with big glocks Late night, movin that junk, like Redd Foxx Now, you don't want nothin about me (nah) You pussy, nigga come fuck with the alkie Weed smokin, keep the cancer piece on it (yeah!) Call hoes, get pussy whenever I want it (c'mere bitch) Mack daddy (no) pimp daddy (no) Hammer cocked (yeah) let that, go I ain't heard shit in a long long time To even fuck around with either one of my rhymes (Sheek Louch!) Niggaz still livin off the petty-ass crimes The Hossa{?} hater, Lacoste gator Levi's, hundred to the Mr. Chow waiter Whattup street niggaz? Hold heat niggaz FUCK sweet niggaz, you'll get beat niggaz (yeah!) [Chorus: S.I.] Now who out there wanna fuck around with me? You can come and get a fresh buck-50 We got guns, money, liquor, drugs We right here until they come get me (I'm talkin 'bout murder) Now who out there wanna fuck around with me? You can come and get a fresh buck-50 We got guns, money, liquor, drugs We right here until they come get me [Jadakiss] C'mon, yeah, ah-HAH! Nobody, c'mon Yeah, c'mon, yeah, c'mon, yeah, yeah, uhh, yo Yo listen here, you ain't dead if your heart ain't stop Twin 40's, you ain't gotta ask "Are they cocked?" I'm so sharp I could come through and scar they block Late night, red linin in an R.A. drop And I'm only tuckin them until I shoot ya When I pull 'em out that's when I'm fuckin with your future You gon' realize this is nothin that you're used to Get your life tooken by a booster, then we gon' hang the noose up It's all over with (yeah) All they found was his Louis scarf with his DNA all over it (mm) Who's choosin and pickin them (who?) Cause I'm sick of them, not followin the curriculum (yeah) It's my shit and I'm evictin them (get out) Whoever feel like they ain't gotta leave, I'm rippin them Even though the love's frail the thug's real All you gotta do is just follow the blood trail Much harder fightin when the battle is uphill Whatever the knife can't handle the slug will Keep a good lawyer that's smart work on cases Still gotta run from the NARCs, they gon' chase us (run) In case I gotta put some artwork on faces If we leave the game for God they gon' +Mase+ us My suggestion, is that you don't even test son Unless you wanna catch a fresh one [Chorus] [Outro: Sheek Louch] Yeah, yeah, yeah! Let's go


B.G. "Chopper City In The Ghetto"
featuring Bun B, Juvenile, Ms. Tee First Verse: [Juvenile] Scraped my elbow jumpin' the fence Creepin' through the grass camoflauged lookin' for them Cowards, non-believers, contradictors, I'm comin' to get ya You try to frame me without the picture Shit, I'm obligated, to be a Juvenile for life It don't change robbin' shit in this game I know you heard about that 7th ward, 9th and the rest But who's down to knock a head off and wear a vest? Take a flight through that Nolia and then see who represent Not with them thugs ridin' wearin' them black reebok tennis Niggas fifteen, sixteen, seventeen Slangin' iron from that Josephine through that Melphanine And would do almost anything to prove himself relentless Like, a murder job and forgettin' the consequences Hustlin' through the brick walls avoidin' the feds Pushin' the dope steady duckin' blue eyes and curly heads And he got caught and then start, runnin' with yo peers Got swole and been home and now you back out chea And that boyd that cha shot, brothas hangin' on the block You don't know him but he know ya look you bout to get got BOW!!!!!! Laid out in cold blood on the Ave. Here comes the paramedics media and crime lab Understand this is all he know and it's all he see Which is why they known to be a Juvenile just like me Would'ja see that my words were a little bit cold a little bit trife Down with Tec Mafia Juvenile fa life Chorus: [Ms. Tee] Niggas.......they comin' to get'cha You betta watch ya back before they muthafuckin' split cha (3x) Second Verse: [B.G.] Ain't that cold? I heard a nigga, downed my nigga My partna just paged me and say they found my nigga It's a bust back thang can't be no hoes I got a hundred rounds plus for my Calico Fa sho we get's busy, and leave that ass fonky Full of that monkey and we don't to act a donkey I'ma go get in my all black fit, when I come just sit Cuz if ya sit cha hit, if ya split cha split If you die, you die Take it ten for one, wave bye-bye wave bye-bye You done took mine, I'ma take yearn This is what'cha earn, chopper bullets burn S.K. trigga clicker, the blunt-smoker lighter flipper Paper chaser for six figures bout my issue I'm get to split cha, get cha if you in my way I'ma deal wit'cha, muthafucka take a picture I'll wax that ass then tax on my yay Today if play I lay with the A.K. To spray and lay down the snaps I get down Niggas can't touch what me and Bun puttin' down Now down and pump round and distribute kees You sleep six feet I tear down the whole street Wear down the family they grieve because ya flat Bust ya head up leave ya deader yo blood redder I done fucked ya set down nigga hut Nigga what keep ya mouth shut retalitation is a must Chorus Third Verse: [Bun B] Dead ass nigga don't fail, no yellin', hit the door it never fail Shippin' his ass off to Hell, still the killas left behind him Can't find him cuz the nine flatlined him Now Mister, murda master for the lastin' Niggas tryed to swerve it past her, turned into a nervous bastard The blaster the Cash Money clique'll shoot em up And me all we had to do was boot em up He got the buck now who the fuck want it? I can't see it happen, clips be clappin' Cappin' you til' you see through Bitch go ask B3 too how we do Cuz me, you to one equals people, Retaliation also known as the sequel It's X-rated, cuz the clique's made ten and now you throw the bitch Like I got no fuckin' sense, and I don't so take that A dead ass nigga can't talk, wave or blink back Click! Snapshot, to me your rap's not That hot like a fat rock off a crack spot In the back got a stable, That's able to crack a bitch with a conference table Then choke her wit a jumper cable A Chiefer that stay reefer mo blunted One time a hoed stunted We beat that bitch and right now no more frontin' Niggas actin' all shitty, gettin' no pity Cuz my niggas actin' pretty showin' many from our city Retalitation nigga Chorus

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