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LIL' ZANE lyrics - Young World: The Future

None Tonight

Original and similar lyrics
[Lil' Zane] A yo check this out I'm sayin We been on this dance floor all night Man a nigga sweatin I'm tired And I'm just sayin my next question is Are you comin home wit a nigga or what A [chorus (Lil' Zane) & a female] (I just wanna have some fun tonight) Sorry baby but you aint gettin none tonight (Tell me can you make me feel like I'm the one tonight, gimme some tonight) Sorry you aint gettin none tonight [Lil' Zane] Now its the middle of the night boo And I met a lot of girls just like you And then I really start to like 'em too I keep 'em iced out words on I need a hot girl wit curves on And a diamond thong, wit platinum tongue And I know when to keep it on And I push my own whip I'm the nigga that you need to go home wit I'm the nigga that you need to go bone wit Cause Lil' Z be the nigga that dont owe shit That shit you kick aint game to me I got money to bitch who you came to see You came here in a see through just so I can peep you Circle around the club all night 'till I beeped you And like a trick I'm a treat you Take a cheese bitch FREEZE!! then I cheat you When you shit off in the club Smokin shit off in the club Poke a bitch off in the club I bare ice and a dice game Role snake eyes twice wit them pinky rangs Them weed niggas bitch when they see the chain How the platinum hangs Dont slip cause a nigga still packin them thangs And the game we can show like Ice-T And aint no tellin how old a nigga might be Long as I got my own B and I'm icy I cant see no reason you dont like me Cant name one nigga thats like me I dont blame no nigga dont like me I put the Gators on and tell them haters on And if you see me outside the raid is on [chorus - 2x] [Lil' Zane] [Scene two] I bet that you hot up in my drop top I got the block locked Tell your freinds to play the war, cause they like to cock block Ballin on these niggas hard You should'a seen us in that shit, I swear to God She grab my hands to the dance floor The way she shake it got me bout to take my pants off I ask her for the numbers then she glance off I saw a man in the corner slowly backed off I got my hands off Wit my hormones ragin I ran into this asian mixed she was half caucasion Got into a conversation But me bein impatient You know I got into the dazin Put up the 'Don't Disturb' sign Wanna see if she was even worth my time Wanna see if this bitch can work for mine See if she could cock and bust my nine inches This is for all them fine bitches out to get my thugs riches And all clown in the club Coochie down in the club Shoot you down in the club Talkin shit off in the club And startin shit off in the club Its hot as shit off in the club All these bitches and I cant hit off in the club Damn [chorus] [Lil' Zane] A check this out A check this out baby We gone take this one to the parking lot I spit that thug game For them ones that love game And they'll be your best freind And find what you restin And gone blow your chest in That thang is weapon And young niggas be ballin hard Wit they squad Everybody iced out jumpin cars Scratchin whips We all got chips who you fuckin wit Who you know get money and they know they the shit We get down if I ask and my niggas get hit Do you know how many millions you sittin wit Do you know how mani diamonds my wrist can fit Ice the bandana wit the thug to match Y'all niggas gone need help to match Matter fact you need help wit that Point me to the bra strap look baby gotta plane to catch [chorus - 3x]

50 Cent Just Fucking Around

[50 Cent] You can hum all you want to Cum all you want to But I ain't gon' want you If nobody wants you You like the smiles n the dimples on my face BITCH that's a bullet wound I ain't MASE! 50 Cent skip the bullshit, you fuckin' tonight I got some dro, got some henny We can go and get right I ain't never been arrested for nothing domestic But I ain't gon' lie I'll punch a bitch in the eye Look, don't play games with me baby The temptation, the wait, is driving me crazy Come on give me some ass girl... WHAT UP! I don't wanna make love I just wanna fuck I'm only in town tonight If you give me some head Tony, give you some head A'ight Cause I ain't giving you no head, bitch Tony, Tony be on that freaky shit My nigga Tony give you some fucking head though Nada Mean That's why the bitches love Tony, Ha Ha Alright now, Sha let's get to some hard shit! [Beat Changes] [50 Cent] If I make it to heaven I'll probably be in the bitch lonely Walk around saying, 'Everybody in hell know me' You heard of Banks, you heard of Yayo, them niggaz my homies You probably thinking how he get there That nigga my coatie The weather in hell is kinda hot You know like the block I heard it really burns Homie, you know like a shot That's alright for me shit Cause Im in the drop Drive around heavy Tryna find BIG and PAC Niggaz think when they die All they problems stop You die in jail, and wake up in hell Still on lock Imagine if you stole something and you got shot Wake up holdin' your head, still shot Niggaz don' died of AIDS You know the dirty dick Wake up in hell horny Fidna fuck the same bitch DAMN Yeah, who hotta than me, nigga AAAAAH The only nigga hotter than me Dead already nigga I know what you thinkin You thinkin that's it Yeah nigga let's just keep it short and sweet You know!

The Genesis

NAS "Illmatic"
(feat. AZ, The Firm) [sound of a subway train going overhead] [in the background, Nas' verse from Main Source 'Live at the BBQ' is heard] [excerpt of verse is as follows] (Street's disciple, my raps are trifle I shoot slugs from my brain just like a rifle Stampede the stage, I leave the microphone split Play Mr. Tuffy while I'm on some Pretty Tone shit Verbal assassin, my architect pleases When I was twelve, I went to ... ) [conversation heard over this before Wild Style music kicks in is as follows] [dialogue from the film between ZORO and his infantryman brother, Hector] [Hector:] And you're sitting at home doing this shit I should be earning a medal for this. Stop fucking around and be a man, there ain't nothing out here for you... [ZORO:] Oh yes there is...this! [somebody from the Firm] Yo Nas Yo what the fuck is this bullshit on the radio Son [Nas] Chill chill, that's the shit God, chill [AZ the Visualiza] Aiyyo yo, pull down the shade, man. Let's count this money, nigguh Aiyyo Nas, put the Jacksons and the Grants over there You know what I'm sayin Cause we spendin the Jacksons [Nas] Right, yeah. [AZ] You know how we get down baby [Nas] True, true' [the Firm] Nas, yo Nas, man shit is mad real right now in the Projects for a nigga yo, word to mother. All them crab ass rappers be comin up to me man word to mother man I think we need to let them niggaz know it's real man [Nas] True indeed, knahmsayin, but when it's real you doin this even without a record contract, knahmsayin [AZ] No question [Nas] Been doin this since back then [the Firm] No doubt [AZ] I'm saying regardless how it go down we gon keep it real We trying to see many mansions and...and Coupes kid! [Nas] No doubt, we gon keep it real True, true... [the Firm] Aiyyo where's Grand Wizard and Mayo at man Takin niggas a long time, man...' [Nas] Who got the Phillies Take this Hennessey [AZ] Aiyyo Dunn! C'mon, c'mon, man stop waving that man Stop pointing that at me Dunn, take the clip out [Nas] Nigga alright but take this Hennessey man [AZ] I'm saying take the clip man C'mon, take it out... [Nas] Light them Phillies up man Niggaz stop fucking burning Phillies man Light some Phillies up then! [the Firm] Pass that Amber Boch, pass that Amber Boch, nigga! Act like you know. [AZ] Yo, we drinking this straight up with no chaser I ain't fucking with you nigga [Nas] I'm saying though man... [AZ] What is it, what is it baby [the Firm] What is it Son, what is it [AZ] You know what time it is [Nas] I'm saying man, ya know what I'm saying Niggaz don't listen man, representing It's Illmatic.

Wanna Hurt Mase?

Mase "Harlem World"
[1] - Do you really wanna hurt Mase? Or do you really wanna make me cry? Or is it really that you envy Mase? Or you don't really wanna see me fly? Do you really wanna hurt Mase? Or do you really wanna make me cry? Or is it really that you envy Mase? Or you don't really wanna see me fly? Now you don't wanna see me angry Ain't enough cops or cuffs to chain me Days to arraign me, KKK's to hang me, insane me Ya need ice picks to bang me Need more than a straight jacket to restrain me Or more guns with my prints for you to frame me and mame me Nigga, look at you and look at us My duns don't fuss, Harlem win you with a thrush Nigga you better hush, I can mess out the cave Niggas still get touched And them little ones you bust ain't enough for us Listen here, Mase'll make you disappear And yo' mouth'll be the reason that you missed this year Man who needs ya? You don't need me, I don't need you neither That's why my next Lex gon' be a two seater And the things I do to you won't leave you beautiful And though yo' feelin' fuck me, I'm feelin' mutual [Repeat 1] From the M to the A nigga dollar sign E Come around money if you ever tryin' to find me I was murder for six years, seen no clean from it Drop murder off, Mase woke up at Teen Summit My niggas joke, niggas broke, kill a laugh I got power, make a call, get a mil' in cash Like my money and ya ain't cuz they don't tax me Actually, anything you got to ask me, fax me I'm no Beamer dreamer, I'm a Bentley man Car totally smashed threw out 50 grand How ya figure ya bigger when Mase that nigga And every style I deliver come with much charisma Knock it off, now will ya , I'm the one that bitches live for Don't get me wrong you niggas make it hot I make it sizzler And I don't know you cats, so don't you get familiar And if you violate me and mine I guarentee I peel ya [Repeat 1] If I ever whisper on a remix, I got C-chips Time is money, when you talk gotta be quick I don't see how ya'll hang or even be wit Niggas ridin' in the Benz with only one V-6 But I know how it is when ya go into the bar Got girls overreact, they thowin' you a star Got niggas player hatin' don't even know who you are And go as far as leavin' bullet holes in yo' car When you're from Harlem World niggas never see yo' views They wait for you to flop or be on BET News All they see the G's and jewels, V's that ya cruise Being the underdogs, they can't wait to see us lose Don't hate me, thank me I don't get mad when nigga's bitches prank me Make you cranky to see me places that you can't be I'm too pretty to let you niggas shank me And frankly, know you probably hate me cause you ain't me [Repeat 1]

Hold It Down

Das EFX "Hold It Down"
Yo it's the slick fuckin trick tight nigga from the Heights again I'm gettin nice again as the pussy's like *?Micalin?* So I pretend to be somethin that you ain't You got me laughin til the fuckin bank'll bust I'll do ya somethin sick I'm bad to the bone gnaws at the gristle Puttin the squeeze on niggas so (what?) fuck Mr Whipple If you live along my end yeah baby girl I might tickle (c'mon) I drink Gold E like Fred D drank the ripple Word to God, niggas wanna play hard rap-a-dosis That shit got to go, I cock back, shot the flow POW! CAUGHT, now hook em to the respirator drip The shit bag to his hip while he vision in the escalator Now play the humble in the tunnel with the bright light at the end of it, word is bond, time to end this shit Chorus: Here we go Here we go yo, time to get dumped Yeah that's how it is yo and that's how it go *repeat x3* Well guess who's next up to flex, no need to introduce We're holdin down the spot just like the pimps that wanna 40-deuce So here's the story, kid you bore me, don't ignore me You're gettin killed in my territory (word up) You think ya clever son but you're never son Gonna get a chance to fuckin call me like Edison I think ya better run cos I'm comin at'cha And what the fuck you gonna do when I catch ya Ya little bastard ya get the last hit When I blast it you're gonna end up in a fuckin casket I kicks the mad shit, I come to show the flow You're fuckin with a pro but yo I guess by now ya know, so Chorus Well now I got you niggas stumblin, I see you fumblin, kill the mumblin Cos when I'm on the track I'm never wacked when I be rumblin Like dis, like dat, I'm fatter than the fattest Niggas wish they had this, they know my style's the fuckin baddest You got the saddest but yo you're just a pussy My fuckin girl'll make you do the wa-toosie You need protection when in my section With the injection, the number one in my fuckin collection I blast off like a rocket, so don't knock it til you try it, I come deep like a riot Ya can't deny it, I keep it on lock A 40 and a blunt motherfucker and you don't stop I'm on the scene with the nicotine puffer I gut ya clean and make ya fuckin spleen rupture Nice with the ways is the dazed axe nigga I know a lotta rap figures and pushin-crack niggas Perhaps wacked niggas need to play the back step I got styles with days but styles ain't even hatch-ed I'm super fly hatin but never violatin We use to smoke a pound a week but now we're gettin higher lately Rhyme-sayers need prayers cos sniper's gettin hot When you make the sign of the cross, X marks the spot Ill clips to my ribs with my niggas to the side 3-80 stash in the 3-25 Oops I'm at the eight now, bees think I push more rock than Mr Slay, I'm fat like Ricki Lake Chorus Here we go Here we giddo, time to get diddo That's how it is yo, axe how we go Here we go Here we go, time to get dough That's how it is yo, axe how we go Here we go Here we go yo, time to get dough That's how it is yo, that's how we go Here we giddo, time to get diddo That's how it is yo, act like we kniddow Word up

We Will Ball

Lord Tariq and Peter Gunz "Make It Reign"
featuring Cam'Ron Verse 1: Peter Gunz It's been a long time comin but I came Coulda drove a nigga crazy but I'm sane Been a lotta fun lotta pain Lotta shit changed I use to hop trains Now I'm hoppin in planes headed for Lanes I use to have a job but I quit Niggas in the Bronx called me lex Now they call me mothafuckin six Bitches use to front now they switch Cause they walk by tappin my dick lickin they lips See me in the Bronx strollin Down the muthafuckin street, holdin Nothin but mothafuckin heat Surrounded by thirty niggas with thirty dirty guns Some (S-S-S-O-O-O) niggas that'll rip you from yo neck to yo lung Have you lyin in a pool of your blood swallowin tongue As sweet as it look don't get it twisted Or get twisted too, right up in your mothafuckin biscuit I remember when my P-O said Peto You need to get yo shit together and see the C-O That's when I dazed ya crew with Deja Vu And rounded up a hundred thugs that's blaze y'all too Chorus: Lord Tariq Now from the streets to da stage From movin stones and bricks To makin hits and ridin round in a six (a come on) Peter Gunz and ya don't stop And Killer Cam and ya won't stop Verse 2: Cam'Ron Ayo my transporter 65 Ya all know the deal J. Barfield drive a ‘82 oldsmobile Keep a low appeal, but oh yo he's so for real I stick to old timers (why) cause the old squel They be the first to snitch so you alert a chick If she settle Cam I'ma hurt the bitch And I don't care who she mess with Rest with, put too much time and effort To get a deficit, fuck the relevant Affections what you better get, stay on defense Cause when you see me tense It's about to be a real wild sequence Got to debench and we hot Like a weed spot, let off three shots Spray pee tops, bout to take the customers to we got So we switch now, Don's house come with three rots And um Harlem niggas know how to play Cause I got the 600 and the rest of y'all want it Chorus: Lord Tariq Now from the streets to da stage From movin stones and bricks To makin hits and ridin round in a six (a come on) Killa Cam and ya don't stop The Lord Tariq and ya won't stop Verse 3: Lord Tariq The Lord Tariq, a Bronx nigga, nigga I get around 8th ave., bright lights niggas, all tops down I turn yo smiles to frowns And get you clown niggas sick When I come around I got yo bitch on my dick Uptown movin nothin but stones and bricks Since ‘86 I was ownin shit, I'm born to flick A O to an 8th, 8th to keys and quick We gettin chased by the P's and shit Tearin up the turnpike when I burn right And a man's position is based on when he earns right Well from silly to willy nigg-az wit big cas, that gotta connect I walk the world gettin Gotti respect I got a lot to inject to all those who oppose the BX And to my hoes how you want those cash or check Wire or charge, my dick is hard bitch thanx I ain't got no money cause I ain't yo fuckin bank Feds still lookin, searchin all through Brooklyn But I'm in the Bronx takin paper that's tooken Headed Southbound out of town with a pound of the brown Fuck the fun, I'm gettin mon, it's no time to fuck around I gotta stash full of guns and we pumpin the sounds Pack the coke in vaseline foolin the drug hounds A big nigga I'm soon to be now The block is hot but I'm ice so I'm coolin it down I gained weight stepped it up stepped off the pitcher's mound I got the money the power and the bitches now Feds takin pictures now The thugs wanna get ya now But I got somethin for you thugs, take this nigga, blaow Shot that nigga down in his town First round, ding, bell ring it's on Now who's the next nigga dead in my next song, mothafucka Chorus: Lord Tariq Now from the streets to da stage From movin stones and bricks To makin hits and ridin round in a six (a come on) Lord Tariq and ya don't stop And Peter Gunz and ya won't stop Chorus: Lord Tariq Now from the streets to da stage From movin stones and bricks To makin hits and ridin round in a six (a come on) Uptown and ya don't stop The Boogie Down and ya won't stop

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