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LIL' ZANE lyrics - Young World: The Future


Original and similar lyrics
Throw me the ball and watch me what I do with it We got Bow Wow in the house My man Lil' Zane, Lil' Wayne, Sammie sang to me [Chorus 1: (Sammie)] Strike one, got you by surprise Strike two, right before your eyes Pitch three, this ones to the wall Ain't no game like a game of Hardball [Verse 1: Lil' Bow Wow] When I step to the plate the outfielders get back (back) Cuz they know I'm the only tight for dogs So many back to back hits they call me little Sammie Sosa Bubble gum, balled up all the hustlers Y'all know how to work it when it's time to compete On the field, on the court, over any high steep And break, and you know it when you see your clone And right now that's all I see goin on, holla at me Game time, all I think about is bringing home the trophy If your team is better mine, you really gotta show me Really gotta beat me, really gotta trash talk Mistreat me, and send my squad back home Cuz I don't know loose to much Matter fact, I ain't never lost at all When I'm playin Hardball (that's right) So, if you on the mound about to pitch to me Understand I'm like Griffin, I keep 'em to the wall [Chorus 2: (Sammie)] Strike one, got you by surprise Strike two, right before your eyes Strike three, ohh I got you out Without a doubt, I got you out Strike one, got you by surprise Strike two, right before your eyes Pitch three, this ones to the wall Ain't no game like a game of Hardball [Verse 2: Lil' Zane] This goes out to them jocks that stay on my jock, throwin the pop Keep pithcin 'em, I'm in the kitchen makin radio rock It's usually preferred, I be choosey with all my words Throwin eggs at them chicken heads, bangin on the curb I left 'em a word, I'm fast ballen with a curb Happy slidin home, tellin them friends that's in the third Sure ya done heard, who I'm doing and what I'm doin was false And what's true, girl listen When it comes to this game they call me Zane McGregor That other kid was just a mark, so I made him retire See, we all got a base, and we hold our own But when I come up to bat, we all goin come home And our fans cheers us, cuz they know what the drill goin Out of the field and into your automobile And I hope it ain't your Range Rover, that you spent your change over I'm in the dug with my tounge out play the game over [Chorus 2: (Sammie)] [Verse 3: Lil' Wayne] Listen, listen, listen They call me young Wheezy, Rodregous You know I'm gettin you hot, hot as the Kendrick, ya know And I keep the crown bat swingin, swingin that at iron Pitch on the block like monaural To bad for TV, you won't see me I'm ridin the streets I'm a hustler, people, my life in the streets Watch the game, get you life in the streets My watch, my chain, and my teeth Cost That way I will never cheap talk And I call my mommy sweat heart, she call me sweet daddy And she gladly, loves the way that daddy batty, yeah baby Whezzy Wee is a playa baby, and I don't share babies So if you searchin for some bitch ain't nothin here, baby Catch me throwin an eighty in the latest Bentley Goin out, and Whezzy never hit a foul, a Hot Guy Does hip-hop flyies are knockin up, out the park And after the game we gone meet up after dark [Chorus 2: repeat 2x (Sammie)] Lil' Bow Wow, Lil' Zane, Lil' Wayne, Lil' Sammie The Little Rascals, and me y'all know my name

Down And Out

CAM'RON "Purple Haze"
[Cam'Ron] (Kanye West) Uh Killa Baby Kanye this that 1970s heroin flow huh Yeah let's speed it up Uh I'm back in (Man they don't know we finna kill the game this year) (Killa, Ye, come on) [Cam'Ron] Uh uh aiyyo street mergers I legislated The nerve I never hated All murders pre-meditated Absurd I hesitated Observe cock and spray Hit you from a block away Drinking Saki on a Suzuki we in Osaka bay Playing soccer stupid stay in a sucker's place Pluck ya ace take ya girl fuck her face She dealing with Killa so you love the taste She swallowing Killa cause she love the taste I got brought up with crooking Kitchen orders that I'm cooking But got caught up with the chicks who really thought I wasn't from Brooklyn It gets boring just looking I feel like Bill Cosby pouring in the pudding Now the dashboard is wooden from a hard tangled grammar Interior inferior star-spangled banner Car game bananas Ma man and Tana Guns everywhere like the car came with hammers He's back [Hook - Kanye West] (Syleena Johnson) They trying to say he (down, down) I hear niggaz saying he (down and out) But our flow's the truest (oh) The game's in a nuisance (no no) Our girls is the models (oh) They coochies the juiciest (ooooh) Yeah they say he (down, down) Yeah they say he (down and out) Cause I'm back on my grind (oh) Money back on my mind (no no) Ye and Killa Cam (oh) The world is mine (ooooh) [Cam'Ron] I treach bitches straight up like +Simon Says+ Open vagina put ya legs behind ya head Cop me air 1s hun lime and red You got pets me too mines are dead (doggy) fox,minks gators that's necessary Accessories my closet's pet cemetery I get approached by animal activists I live in a zoo I run scandal with savages All my niggaz get together to gather loot Bodyguard for what dog I'd rather shoot I go to war old timbs batted boots Hand grenade goggle and a parachute Ya'll don't even know the name of my fleet It was +Touch Me, Tease Me+ when +Case+ was the shit You don't know bout the cases I get Court case, briefcase, suitcase, cases of Cris Ow [Hook] [Cam'Ron] Yo aiyyo you dealing with some sure shit My bitches pure thick Play razor tag slice ya face your it It's I who come by drive thru Gator tone Maury three quarters sky blue Look at mami eyes blue five two I approached her 'hi boo, how you?' Pony skin Louis oh you fly too You a stewardess good ma I fly too Now a nigga got me baking the bait Harlem shake nah I'm in Harlem shaking the weight Shaking the bait, shaking the Jake's Kill you shoot the funeral up and Harlem Shake at your wake Kiss ya picture though you still taped in a lake I'm laughing you couldn't wait to escape For anyone who owed you dough I had to load the fo I hoped a nigga heard when I said I told you so Uh Killa [Hook] [Cam'Ron talking] Mine Killa you already know Harlem Whole Midwest, Detroit, Nap town, St. Louis Chicago of course Westside holla at me Southside wild hundreds You know what it is Ohio Columbus holla at ya boy You know what else I do Dayton, Youngstown, Cleveland, Cincinnati

Lady Vemon

[Verse 1:] Ever heard of Vertigo Well ain't no way else to go Prevail knows the faculties, our poison lay you vertical It's only murder for every small animal committed The only difference is I won't admit I did it There's a limit as to how far my posse's willing to bend The Don of a blinds the minds of most men from the quarantine, praying for the end You can tell by the stench that the venom's setting in On the plane in which you reign, it's classified as 'Do or die' But in the realm in which we dwell, its 'Puncture necks and multiply' Imagine the madness, the return of the Jew from Nazareth The hunter and the hunted, the colonizing and savages The only challenge is, did they bring enough to dirt to bury us Be aware, I hunt with the god as a cerabus Where we're going, don't stress, there'll be plenty of time to rest Close the curtains, brace your sternum, this is just a contest [Chorus: Arabic singing] [Verse 2: Madchild] The ultimate experience, I've already felt it Madchild tasting her tounge, his heart melts With the second chance for this demon that she dealt with Few and far between from Beauty and the Beast To a perfect combination, once this passion is unleashed Golden Angel, precious Princess and since This is more than just lust, trust if not now, then soon One love, we'll have our chance to dance on the moon Now the feel the trance of this goddess, vicious vibrations Lapdances, venomous serpents of temptation Awkward balance, scars on my back from her talons An evil evening, drinking blood by the gallons Drenched, venting tension, adrenaline rush Pain stains the carpet when you run into us An effortless task, cold hearts and iron masks Nightmares have been implanted, that you shouldn't try and grasp [Chorus] [Verse 3: Prevail, Madchild] [Prevail] Come stand amongst us, just don't ask us who brung us Just one of them amongst us, come on, you can trust us We're the league that serves the justice, we're the confident ones Come run amongst us and conquer someone [Madchild] Some come to seek honor [Prevail] Some seek to reek havoc [Madchild] Either you do or don't have it [Prevail] If we speak, it's tragic [Madchild] When the sun rises, are you surprised that I'm a beast Leatherface withers, cracks, and starts to crease Feel your heart rate decrease, the unveiling of the vain White widow, crystal palace, champagne, who calls them strange [Prevail] And down here it's the strangest thing [Madchild] Flaming skies start to fall [Prevail] My jaws of life, the cause of death, my breath swing a wrecking ball [Madchild] This is your beckoning call [Prevail] While we checkin you all, All praise the Circuit Breaker that circulates through your walls And appalls all who call [Madchild] I brawl, maul, and maim [Both] WE BLESS AND DESTROY WITH STRENGTH STILL OUT OF RANGE


XZIBIT "Man Vs Machine"
Multiply f/ Nate Dogg [Xzibit] I've beeeeen this way and I can't stop (ah) Hands on the ball and I won't drop (no) Half-assed rhymes that you can't watch (no) It ain't cause I want to it's cause I got-ta Get it Crip while the gettin is good before the game is 10% skill and 90% Hollywood I don't need that, I don't believe that E'rybody gon' get hurt, if I do dirt I flirt with the idea of quittin' the game Nah!! I'ma evolve continue to change It take brains, balls and backbones to get it on and keep it on, we keepin it movin, to each his own So I spit about it, whatever I feel about it I'm just bein real about it; X get hot nigga forget about it Speech don't failllll me now Dedicated to the enemies and friends that hold me down [Chorus: Nate Dogg] (We) back on line (We) came to ride (We) deal (We) stack (We) multiply (We) stay on the grind (Until) we die And back for mo', cause we can't get enough [Xzibit] Above the rest, accept no less Go ahead, check the game, be my guest Somethin brand new and heavy to get off my chest Win time after time 'til there ain't none left Hardhat, punch the clock, back to work I'm bigger, stronger, faster, built to hurt everybody and anybody who come to my party like they ready to get roudy and touch somebody Who's that nigga y'all came to see? 'X!' Often imitated, but cannot be, 'X!' What's next, collect respect like paychecks Straight to the bank with my bitch and have safe sex What do you believe in? I believe in seizin the moment, livin and dyin to spit with a vengeance Here for redemption - been around forever Y'all cats were just too blind to listen [Chorus] [Nate Dogg] It ain't my fault.. we keep droppin hits And you can't spit like this, so I'm takin yo' bitch It ain't shit changed.. we gon' bang like this And I'm drinkin this fifth, we still don't take no shit [Xzibit] I got a 'Sixth Sense,' that tells me you ain't worth six cents I'm sick with my sixth sense Whattup Doc? I'm gettin down to business Crooked ass the cops to the Rampart district Loose yourself in the music, move it or lose it Abuse it, let's booze it, please don't confuse it with the next man, it's the X Man rollin Stand firm, solid as the ground I'm holdin Make mine +Golden+, permanent +State+ issue Stacked with the wealth that you can't take witchu Long range missile, if we got issues I'ma squeeze this shit and nobody gon' miss you I'ma keep swingin 'til the medics come get you We busy, stay off my line, you can't get through Peep the design from the mastermind Yo Dre, bring that shit back one more time! [Chorus] - repeat 2X

Comedy Central

Clipse "Lord Willin'"
Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh (Verse 1 - Malice) Say dog, let's not get involved You don't wanna tango, I'll dress you in a halo Cock the gauge, polka dot ya braids Face you in a chrome fo', that'll lock ya legs And you can't move, I roll big and I can't lose They watch so hard ain't nothin' I do, that ain't news Carry it like I'm a stranger to the game I cut short any whisper that, en-danger my name I'ma toast on both coast, not for a joke I'm known in the streets on the account, I know coke And we got word in the street that the cops watch us But that don't stop us, we maneuvering move a little mo' cautious I hate to think that the dope game is my callin' Cause it got us singing lullaby's, to our fallin' Tonight friend, until we meet again But for now and ya name, we re-up and eat again, uh I never front, like I'm something I'm not Well being broke well that's just, somethin' I'm not Y'all talk wit hatred, but I live off that And I lived off cocaine, way 'fore I lived off rap Feel me friend, if they could, they'd kill me friend (Yeah) Cause I weigh too much, learned not to say too much They couldn't take me in the CL, that's way too much And I'm too gone, y'all niggas can talk on (Verse 3 - Fabolous) They call me Mr., Pleasebelieveit, believe it please I put the pump in ya mouth, and help you breath with ease This guys in a hurry Ma I can't even fuck with you, If you ain't in the itinerary I don't know where dudes is buying they jewelry Why's ya ice cream, like it's made by Ben Jerry Y'all the type of players, that be gettin' 2-day contracts snitch, got these in ya 2-way contacts I'm in the club sippin' on that new Zecongac In the number 9 Jordan's, with the duce, trey, arm back The street family so cool, we could pull bitches Even if it was July, and we had on wool britches I got them teflon's, that shovel the fo' That have under covers and po', with cover and slow The government know, the kid been lovin' the dough Since I was movin' white off the curb, and shovelin' snow, ghetto (Verse 3 - Pusha T) Ghetto streets so numb they call me Novocain I turn over caine, over and over again Hell, so much cliental, I could lose it all today Be back the next day, still up in the same way As I left ya, all in three gestures, down up and aim I can define death, better than Webster, wet ya Now bless ya, and off to my next venture Blocks so white, June look like December Winter time, snow everywhere, flow everywhere So much dough, I fly my hoes everywhere Ask him, Pusha T, push a ton Push a ton of that shit, that makes ya nose run (*Sniffle*) Yes I'm holdin', whether it's heat or coke in In the door panel of my four-wheel motion Ain't jokin', but I laugh how other flows convince you It's money, it's funny, it's Comedy Central Minds mental, others is made up stinsel When I'm on vacation, my babies ride in a rental I'm livin', they act as if I don't live it Saran wrap vaseline, so they can't sniff it Yves Saint Laurent knitted, shorts bermuda You would think they was poochie, if you over looked Medusa Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh (Skit at end of the song begins)

Know The Rep

JOHN CENA "You Can't See Me"
[Freddie Foxxx a.k.a. Bumpy Knuckles] Hahahaha... Y'all know the rep, yeah, listen My name is Bumpy Knuckles, I write that fuckin flame And kill for the right price I got a buckin name My forty caliber too fresh, stuck in aim We roll like 18 wheelers in the truckin game I'm nice with mics there's nothin more I like than to paralyze your left side and leave you all right I be layin front of your crib with Tec-y all night Tryin to get them 9 millimeters loaded up tight, listen I'm like a Cadillac, I write a battle rap so smooth contest you'll be out of that Y'all know the beef is stewin, that Bumpy came to ruin You may be signed but you don't know what the fuck you doin I make aight hot, I make dope raw And send you higher than a long Colt four-four You know the only rap pimp that kept a ho poor And slam a fool on his back and break the whole floor [Chorus: Bumpy Knuckles] A yes yes y'all, and you don't stop We keep on, once the cops are gone This is real street spit you best be warned Tell your favorite MC the mic is on A yes yes y'all, and you don't stop We keep on, once the cops are gone [John Cena] Yeah, yeah It's the J daddy, not Hov' or Jam Master My mic is correct, but y'all know the hands faster See you bitch rappers I'm attackin the pile Y'all be cryin foul cause I'm hackin your style I make sure you and your mans done When I see y'all both drop, I'm the cat screamin And1 You see me on the team dog you know the game's over Stones on my wrist, and a chip on my shoulder Sixteens cashin in on another hot beat Go cop me a drop with the butterscotch seats And we better not meet, if we do you gon' see a change Make sure you whole FACE gettin rearranged We rollin up in the blacked out truck dog It's Freddie Foxxx, now you deal with Corrupt Mob It's gas on the fire, any time a track blaze Squad known to beef up the Heat, just like the Shaq trade [Tha Trademarc] This my 9 to 5, this ain't no hobby cat Copycat killers bite styles, my rhyme piles is heavy Give me a beat, man I'll body that Spittin that heat street raps man they nod to that What you smilin at? You R&B, man that's hardly rap You lost the beat, man you bought a map Matter fact, here's my next rap, borrow that Been off the street too long, I want my corner back You ain't a player, you a armchair quarterback You ride the beat like side streets on a flat Don't play dumb, I know where you came from You only seen slugs buddy after the rain come Keep it subtle, Trademarc got you bitch like babies suckin tits talkin 'bout mami let's cuddle It's gon' be what it's gon' be, you duck down A quiet cat with a violent rap, what now? [Chorus]

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