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Lil Wyte lyrics - Doubt Me Now

Ten Toes Tall

Original and similar lyrics
[DJ Paul sample] *bustin with that 45 make them bitches back it up, back it up* (repeat 4X) [Verse 1] I'm 5 foot 8, from the Bay, white as fuck and do not play If you want me, come and get me, Fraiser Drive is where I stay Won't you come on down my way, I hope that you ain't afraid You won't even need the numbers cuz we posted every day On the corner or in my front yard where we smoke marijuana Sit back, wait on the police to ride by and stash so we can dog'em Know wha I'm sayin, they can't fade us, so what the fuck you think you gon do? We HCP, clicked up with the rest of the world and yes we deep foo You don't wanna end up an example of what we would to to haters mayne Victimz have said that we bring the pain and witnesses that we all the same I don't wanna stress on otha shit that y'all been constantly questionin Shit that I'm preachin come from people teachin The shit that I remember so deep within And when I get to where I'm gonna be in my successful life I'ma look down at y'all haters in disgrace cuz I done took my flight And when I get ? shine in that stage of my life I'ma make sure all y'all haters remember me and I'm gon allrigh [Chorus] So many haters in this world they wanna see us fall We have no love for none of you bustaz, I said none of y'all I know you see me everyday, I'm posted on the wall I'm gonna continue to mash and always standin ten toes tall So many haters in this world they wanna see us fall We have no love for none of you bustaz, I said none of y'all I know you see me everyday, I'm posted on the wall We gonna continue to mash and always standin ten toes tall BITCH! [Verse 2] Keep'em breathin, leave'em bleedin, boy this is not haters season This the reason for them beefin, all the rest is just not treason I got nina's, I got rifles, I got fully auto's too You get one I will get five and everyone will come for you This the truth, I got problems in my life and that'z a fact But that don't give you one right to jump in my shit and holla back With a different brain, simple thangs, keep me on a different plane Bizness mayne, with pleasure to settle by an open flame Plently change will be excepted, but plus I want the fame Know my name and disrespect it but it will stay the same Down the drain, knowin for me I have to be workin thangz Love the game, wanna retire but when I'm 80 mayne Mary Jane all in my system but yet I still maintain I'm insane, so hard to hide it but still I can't complain I got killaz takin good care of ya, leavin plenty stainz With the shovel I'm gonna bary yo mangled up remainz [Chorus] [Verse 3] Talk about these hatin lil boys, carryin they toys but they small dawg Put yo 22 under my 5-0 cal and I'ma get rawed dawg Ain't no need to stall dawg, I'ma blow up on all y'all Racin across the nation to yo crib, I ?? Now we about to stop, now the road about 2 blockz Reachin yo house wit two glockz, got in yo house wit 2 knockz Came to the door in Reebok's, joggin pants wit no sockz Run up them steps actin like you won't get caught but break them door lockz Situations gettin mixed, ? yo boy got in some shit Crossed the wrong one, he found out he didn't know who he was fuckin wit Wyte, backed up by Triple Six In the next year don't fuck wit this Fraiser, ?, and youngsta, *Hyptonized* is how I'll leave ya bitch Blastin back wit competition, stainin on y'all fuckin hoez Leavin ??? I'm pimpin righ up out the do' Hate me now, hate me later, it's all good I gots to go So many haters up in my world, couldn't count'em on my handz and toez [Chorus]

Tradin War Stories

2PAC "All Eyez On Me"
(feat. C-Bo, Dramacydal, Storm) [2Pac] A military mind nigga A military mind mean money A criminal grind nigga A criminal grind mean hustle You know [Chorus: 2Pac (repeat 2X)] We tradin war stories, we Outlawz on the rise Jealous niggaz I despise, look in my eyes [2Pac] Now can your mind picture, a thug nigga drinkin hard liquor This ghetto life has got me catchin up to God quicker Who would figure that all I need was a hair trigger semi-automatic Mack 11 just to scare niggaz Pardon my thug poetry, but suckers is born everyday and fear of man - grow on trees Criminal ties for centuries, a legend in my own rhymes So niggaz whisper when they mention Machiavelli was my tutor Donald Goines, my father figure Moms sent me to go play with the drug dealers Hits fall, we thug niggaz and we came in packs. Every one of niggaz strapped sippin on 'nac (Cognac) In the back, my AR-15 Thuggin till I die, these streets got me cravin thorazine My lyrics are blueprints to money makin Fat as that ass that honey shakin [Chorus (w/ Outlawz)] [Fatal] I bust a trey-trey, buggin an' shit They call it overthuggin and shit But I was just a younger nigga; gettin older and lovin this shit But what was I doin in this place? To the fakes without a pistol in the first, facin termination in the worst But I figured to play the wall; to watch all these playa hatin niggaz position for I could see 'em all Made it up out of there, lucky to be here to tell you But it'll never be a repeat people I'm tryin to tell you. [Dramacydal] Now picture the scenery, I'm thugged out smokin greenery Considered a B.G., but I'm off in this game somethin D-P My eyes only see deez, that's why I'm young and burnt out Learned the know how, well how to do now, by 18 turned out And why I do it - the ridin and smokin Collidin with foes - in the worst place; y'all shouldn'ta fucked with us ,in the first place Y'all real O.G.'s, droppin game to the youngsters Y'all don't want no funk cause y'all be the next in the long line of war stories [Chorus] [C-Bo] I breaks 'em off with this gangsta war story tale Stackin loot up in the coupe that I protect with a Mack 12 Slap my clip in the chamber; fool, your life's in danger No one will remain when I come through dumpin insane Call me Bo-wl of Major Pain, gun-slang and movin 'caine I be the nigga that's pullin the trigga and dumpin the hollow points in your brain Mo' bigger balls that RuPaul, Thug Life ain't a ball We bust that ass up against the wall (up against the wall) (?) Never been no (?) men How we bucks 'em down on the way to the ground ain't nuttin but the hog in me Bust off his dildo, killin (?) and keep mobbin G It ain't no problem (?) funk off (?) blow down punks with my sawed off Bust they dirty-ass drawers off and had them bitch niggaz hauled off [Chorus] [Outlawz] My whole family been raised, on shit that ain't okay Ain't nuttin on this earth will make a nigga like me stay I'm reminiscin, and catchin flashbacks when niggas ran up in my house and I was too young, to try to blast back What happend then? No one would tell me since I was three Heard they got to my peoples, now they livin somewhere free But fuck that, you got what's mines and I want that Never drop my guard, been on the squad, since ways back And now I'm sittin, holdin in anger because my parents missin Thuggin Immortal, got some war stories for ya [Storm] Now look at me - straight Outlaw Immortal Never gave a fuck cause I was nobody's daughter Outlawin from my tits to my clits, don't try to figure cause the murderous tendencies of my mind can't be controlled, nigga So who's the bigger, who's the quickest killer? Would ya try to trip with my finger on the 9 milla When I got cha on kay-nine-fourths Prayin to God as your life goes back and forth We tradin war stories [Chorus (repeats through to end, getting softer)] ['Pac talking] War stories nigga; hahaha, what players do Thug Life, Outlaw Immortalz Motherfuckin Tupac a.k.a. Makaveli Can you feel me? Just so you know, it's on Death Row My niggaz love that shit Dramacydal in this motherfucker, heheheh Yea nigga! Shout out to my niggaz Fatal and Felony C-Bo, the bald head nut, what? You know what time it is

Off The Books

Beatnuts "Stone Crazy"
[Big Punisher] Hey yo it's all love, but love's got a thin line and Pun's got a big nine, respect crime but not when it reflect mine The shit I'm on is wrong but it lasts long Pull a fast one, then Pun'll wake up, with the stash gone I'm mad strong, and my cream is fast Smoke the greenest grass, my bitch got the meanest ass and the taste of gin, I don't have to waste a whole case of grin Cause all it takes is my pretty face and my gangsta win Lace the click, cause we all sherry So all fail like love and water, the law with long hair Big Pun, Pun the name that makes the kid run Like spelling murder reverse it deliver redrum Come one, come all, if you wanna brawl I'm the mighty Thor clotheslining motherfuckers like Steven Seagal Cause all you gonna get, is your ass kicked or up in a casket That's it (that's it?) That's it [Cuban Link] Punisher bash it, at last it's, rappers that really blast shit Cats getting Big Willie niggaz like Billy Bathgate Up in Jimmy's Cafe, havin caviar Crackin Cristal at the bar, smokin cigars, livin large We rob and steal, run with the mob, doin jobs for real I'm hard to kill for real nigga guard your grill I like to chill, spark an L and get high I'm one hell of a guy, fly pelican fly [JuJu] Whattup Duke-o, you know, politickin papi chuco I'm out here, watchin for Jake, and this loot though Shoot bro, I got a waterproof suit yo Swervin like a A.K.A. in Beirut yo squeezin, out of automatic M3's and please, you ain't seen no thugs like these I can tell you lots of things that'll make you believe In Corona yo it's better to take than to receive [Psycho Les] Your career's on life support, and I'ma pull the plug and have every thug shootin that Beatnut drug in they blood, no escapin this Niggaz is goin over their favorite shit (for what?) to be tapin this World premier, loud and clear Lye and beer, get the dough, blow up the show Dissapear, jump in the Cavalier Feelin marvelous, street pharmacist, twist arboles For pleasure, bring your territory sever Keep my workers under pressure got em sayin FUCK LESTER But that's aight Duke-o, my heart nowadays too cold Don't give a fuck where you been what you done where you go, you know, peep this favorite In black shades like a secret, agent We're night thieves, roll up on you sleeves We light trees, bust these and stack cheese


KRS-ONE "Spiritual Minded"
At midday today, some Americans attended memorial services for victims of Tuesday's acts of terrorism. Thousands gathered at Chicago's Daily Plaza. Hundreds more looked on from the windows of surrounding office buildings. Many waved flags, and traffic came to a complete standstill. On the rooftop of City Hall, which faces Daily Plaza, a police sharpshooter watched the crowd, even as he saluted the flag. After a minute of silence, church bells rang. {Ain't no need in all the tears, oh no no, yeah yeah Yeah cause things will be better tomorrow} [Chorus: repeat 2X *sung*] No need for tears, no need to cry No matter what we face, we shall get by When the problems you face are too much to bear Know I'll be there [KRS-One] Hold that head up y'all, don't get fed up y'all C'mon let's get up y'all Make that bed up y'all, life is a set-up y'all Sadness comes from a lack of knowin, not knowin where the one that you love is goin We all gonna reap what we all are sewin There is no death, just constant growin We can't stay here forever We all gotta go to a place we believe is better So why be sad, why be mad Now you can see it ain't about the cheddar It's all about the time that we spend together Not the rhyme or the crime or the Gucci sweater The house that's built on a rock can stand the weather Faith, can stand the weather But is your house, upon the rock Or is it on sand and about to drop Here is the question that you got to ask Do I live for today or do I live for the past Think fast, but do not hurry Life is a class and we should not worry But tell me, how long you gonna ignore Tell me how long you gonna ignore God's law How long can you really endure Livin like pimps, livin like whores The choice is yours, or really ours Think about this while you lay the flowers on the grave, uh, let's talk about how you behave, uh Do you come out the neighb' or out the cave Better change your ways, we comin up on some stranger days [Chorus] [KRS-One] Uhh, uhh Don't step where the danger lays or danger lies Open them EYES UP, better to RISE UP, WISE UP Raise your MINDS UP Look to the left, look to the right Pray in the day and the night Be prepared for the fight, not scared of the fight He's the way, the truth AND the light J to the E to the S to the U to the S You can remove the stress Yes, we do need you here Yes, we wanna be free from fear Yes, we wanna start seein clear Havin you here, not over there Lookin around sayin where, does anybody care Yeah, I'll be there At the door, not at the war At Matthew 5:44 But I say, unto you Love your enemies, bless them that curse you Do good to them that hate you And pray for them which despitefully use you and persecute you This goes for them terrorists too But them publicans, done put themSELVES up above again Lookin for blood again, hate no love again Got them soldiers runnin in, with a gun again With a ton of sin, in a holy war, how we gonna win I think it's time for KRS-One again [Chorus] - repeat 2X [KRS-One] The time is now, you gotta make your choice Which side are you on Turn now to Matthew 5:46 For if ye love them which love you, what reward have ye Do not even the publicans the same And if ye salute your breddern only, what do ye more than others do not even the publicans so Be ye therefore perfect; even as your FATHER which is in heaven, is perfect.. {*echoes*}

Stark Raving Love

Jim Steinman
The waves are poundin' on the sand tonight I want to take your hand and make it feel so right I know I'm ready and I'll never be like this again And the sky is trembling and the moon is pale We're on the edge of forever and we're never gonna fail I know you're ready and we're running on the back of the wind Chorus: And my body is burning like a naked wire I wanna turn on the juice, I wanna fall in the fire I'm gonna drown in the ocean in a bottomless sea I'm gonna give you what I'm hoping you'll be giving to me And when the waves are poundin' on the sand tonight I wanna take your hand and make it feel so right I know I'm ready and I'll never be like this again Now the sky is trembling and the moon is pale We're on the edge of forever and we're never gonna fail How hard, how hard, how hard do I gotta try (I want all of your love) Surf's up (I need it so bad), Surf's up (I need it so bad) Surf's up and so am I (I gotta give you some love) Surf's up and so am I (chorus) Surf's up and so am I, Surf's up and so am I

Leave Now

King Just "Mystics Of The God"
[Intro: King Just] Falalalala Yo, this is how we do this shit [Chorus 2X: All] Niggas better move, niggas better get back Niggas better move, don't fake no jacks (Leave Now!) [King Just] I come like a river, I'll make ya shake ya zipper The liver, here comes the nigga that'll dick ya Raw, hardcore, sounds that pound Stop, look, what's that sound? Come on now, you've got to swing with the King Cuz the things I bring'll cause more ruckus than Rodney King Riots, gimme ya head and I'mma fry it Try it, I just might be the nicest you ever saw or seen Cats are jammin like Mitch Green, more albums than Al Green A fiend for rap, puttin this shit on back For my niggas who put me on the map (Like that, like that) Back, flash his ring around the axis Feel my mark upon ya chest when it slashes Slow like molasses, Black Fist is massive And I rock rhymes from here to Shaolin to Dallas [Mega Don] Boom, the bomb, the Mega Don drops What the Blood Clots? Two-Six fuckin shots Stand clear for the warfare Or surrender, throw the white flags in the air Yea, the Mega Don's repossessin shit And I'll represent, kid these misfits are militant Since, life's a bitch, I'mma use her One life to lose her, the Mega Don's a death abuser Like a butt, niggas better spit at you I'm sick, with what I'm dealin with, Shaolin be rippin shit On the wreck, Mega Don, Knotty Dread Brothers We actin live, but this way, all that's dead So act like you know, black It's the Mega Don, check the stat Ninety-four, fakin no jacks [Chorus 2X] [Profes] Check it out, it's the mutt who rules like King Tut' You rappers suck, it's another Black Fist uppercut All I wish for is blunts and stunts You get played like a dunce, I get props makin mutts Misfits, a bunch of hoods with Knapps, hairs twisted Steppin to my crew, you wouldn't wanna risk it Just listen, I'mma school that ass like the Board of Ed A skin head, with chicken-heads jumpin on my dick head Nuff said, eyes is mad red, mouth full of smoke Blow it out thru my nose, then take another tote I hope, that I could live large like Boss Hogg The cat's out the bag, fuck it, let loose the dogs I'm walkin niggas like a pit, it's the Profes Be on my face, hard like an erect dick [Star] I damage an amateur, clean up styles like janitors Van Clans are canned, they can't understand my slammin stamina I master trash in blastin, ass-rappin This gat-clappin black, attacks the wack actin Approachers, choke from the smoke of snub noses And die, high off highly potent doses of dopeness I posted, roast up these jokers, it's over Quit, I'm rippin off your shit like strip poker Each one, teach one son, but you was taught wrong I swarm, rip four pawns, you're torn, sick thoughts form But if I ever want z's chief, I just repeat No wack styles, count sheep, and go to sleep Black Fist, the Shaolin Click, declares war So move, move muthafucka, what you waitin for? [Chorus 4X] [Outro] Fuck that, blood clot! (Easy, easy, selecta, Black Fist is ours, celestial Any man want some must get after dem) Big shout out, all right Big shout out to all my man lock down Shitty Brown (My man Will) Ah.. Two-Six Mob, my liners Ah.. MZA (L.K.) Ah.. GP Wu Ah.. Barry', ah.. Meth-Tical Boogie, ah.. K.C., yes.. uh.. Meth-Tical! Haha (Chris) Two-Two's All right, all right, Little MZA Uh.. Shaggy, Shaggy, Shaggy.. *fades*

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