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LIL' WAYNE lyrics - Tha Block Is Hot

Loud Pipes

Original and similar lyrics
[Verse 1: (Mannie)] Wha wha wha nigga nigga I put piss stains on private planes cuz its my jet nigga Money aint shit cuz my rottweilers drink moet Diamond baugette bracelets for my lovers Playa, i use cristal to lubricate rubbers Who got shit on his wrist that cost 3 nickel Who got the project on lock when that nigga slangin pickle Who got benz, a prowler, playboy, and a Vette Tell the truth--who fucked ya on the same night when we met Now, who got baby mamas from the noila to new york Who got every bitch attention in this motherfucker when he talk Now who the fuck we talkin bout, look--yall dont know I'll give you a hint: see that bitch you with He fucked that hoe Now look here, yall aint seen my watch, its like harlem world video White diamonds, red rubies, blue baugettes, I dont know Shorty, when tha next time imma be up in your bed I love you you love me Well go head on and gimme some head [Chorus: 2x (Juvenile)] Loud pipes big rims Wodie thats our life When we pull up at the club Sorry thats our night I know a lot of haters out there sayin That thats not right But our diamonds are much bigger So thats our life [Verse 2: (Baby)] I told four I need somethin With some hell of a ice Nigga came back with a hell of a price That aint nothin These hoes doin hella wrong Callin these niggaz on our cell phone Bitch ridin benz on 20 inch chrome Gimme the key, the car hoe, and the alarm For my prowler, my jag, my benz and my home Bitch you'll neva ride 20 inch chrome I love to shine, thats why the choppa is mine Hit my block in my benz hoe with stretch tires Bought a new car that I couldnt drive Ordered the tunes before a nigga could drive When I put the bose system right behind my eyes With the vc's and tv's so a nigga could shine With my ice bling bling like a 9 to 5 And tell all my hoes they dont need no job [Chorus 2x] [Verse 3: (B.G)] I ride the best from a benz to a jag to a beamer to a lex Might fly first class on delta, helicopter or a jet I'm a stunter, I'm a reppa Geezy like to shine Drink Don, Moet, and Cris See thats the finest wine 20 inches is the only thing i sit my shit on Dont bring ya bitch around me Cuz my dick she'll wanna sit on And I aint gonna tell her nothin different Thats ya issue But after she come back Your best out is not to kiss her Hoes sick sayin damn, look at Fresh pinky ring Look at BG watch That bitch blingalingaling I'm a ice wearer, trust me, you will neva See me sportin nothin that aint 20 g's or betta Me and Wayne take the left Juve and Baby take the right Its dark in the room, we hold up our watches and its light Cash Money millionaires livin a hell of a life Like my nigga weezay said, we surrounded by ice [Chorus (2x)] [Lil Wayne] whoa whoa whoa Now im shinin baby glossin Big tymin stuntin and flossin Lamborghini sittin on With two more in my garages Plus a blue and black ferrari With nintendo and atari Man I swear the car is awesome Vroom! sorry we lost em I'm back I pull up smellin like dime sacks and cognac I leave in the hummer, Hour lata I'm flyin back Whoosh, private jets about to land The women fall out when I let em touch my hand I get out the plane into a mercedes benz van TVs all ova with chrome 20 inch fans, damn Got damn Man I am L-I-L, weezy, off the heezy But still in all, ice floodin on my watch And in my grill and all Porch blocks front blocks Still in all, me and Slim in the Rover Beatrice brick holder, Cash Money young soulja [Chorus & talking til fade]

Life Story

Black Rob "Life Story"
Life Story the world aint no diffrent now the world aint no diffrent now... never had a dime my life a crime had be when i was nine mom drunk off of wine ran with all kind her mind stayed wit the stooper till a point she paid no mind to the supper stay mad but stay fronting with smiles stayed on the groung once and a while first day of school never had nutin to style mister colondre stressin i aint comin in a while it was a bummber rocking the shit i rocked all summer on the first day i was feeling some kind of way and she wasnt trying to do nutin you would think for the sake of the kids she would enroll in school or something now i kno then was even harder especially for a single mother raising me with no father shit living up in this tentament eating stale m and m's talking wild shit to spanish imigrants i speak in codes man to sivrence always quiet then ben dichon to my madre even thought she did nutin for me acknowledge me as i run down my life story you dont kno how crazy it is outside i die inside oh ive cried oh ive cried do you forgive me?? do you forgive me?? check the skit no body never gave me shit if anything a nigga frame me and make me get 3 to 6 my first bid no doubt up in sparfard had to be 12 son had to make a profit remembering robbed my moms wit no guilt eating pork and beans or corn flakes wit no milk in school i smacked cats in a hurry moms didnt care she was getting drunk wit misses berray on the first floor i used to thrist for greenary picking pockets wit seth and jay from hundred and sixth street yo fuck home im tired of geting punched in my dome tired of this faggot ass nigga moan thats when i started roaming my hustling game is deep cats ya heard ran from san fran to manhat tan to newburg Notorious tell ya friends spread the word glorious my life story is obsurd chorus repeat 2x home from elmira got a little writer im gonna keep it real still a scheme man coniver recognize the struggle live it like a thug do hatred in my heart but inside i love you see no matter what i will extend my arms to hug you knowing i am just like you, i am like the double all i wanna kno is how u pound me down yo this shit is real and u realy jerked me around but any way i am geting paid wit puff now i can cop u a house i can send you some stuff now so many levels jail take you i appreciate jail because it made me appreciate you ive been through fire and birth stone used to be ???? not i cop the gem stone i remembered when you rushed me the time you said you should of flushed me i forgive you ma trust me chorus repeat till end

The Prophecy

Buddha Monk "Prophecy"
[Chorus x3: Buddha Monk] Prepare for the prophecy [Buddha Monk] Yea, to all challengers, let's begin I be the holder of flows like air seepin thru your windows First nigga that oppose be the first nigga that goes A deadly comedic dealer, nasty-ass good fella Crazy-ass dweller novelty known as best seller It be the slack that you lack, I shoot the verses like gats Your styles is too wack, it makes you burn like exlax Buddha'll prove that he's the boss, for years I paid the cost So now I am the force that keeps you at a state of loss Wannabe kamakazi shootin at everybody I'm worse than your John Gotti or your mayor Julianni Severe body parts, who has to master this art? Whether it be the day or dark, the fuckin sun has to spark Niggaz [Chorus x4] [Buddha Monk] It takes 8 million and one stuns for the God is done If you feel it's a lie, then your ass I will fry Styles is dirty dirty like some desert water Watch out for the Zu slaughter (I'm talkin to you!!) Your blood spills made me the science of my kills I feels like that of a fuckin desert storm kill Sight of an insighter who's out for real tight Whatever lurks in the dark we shall bring to the light Sit back and breathe the gases I relieve Breakin off parts, piece by piece of enemies You done made mad one of the dirty dozen Guaranteed to slaughter off your moms, pops and cousins [Interlude: unknown voice] The prophecy, I see which can foretell the future. The foretellin of what is to come. Prophecy, to foretell by divine inspiration. Something declared by a prophet. One who speaks with the mind that's been stricken. The prophecy, Lord Buddha Monk is the prophet. Now you see, now you hear. Take heed, which way of life would you travel? The road of truth or the road of death? (I can't take it no more!!!) You have been warned, the prophet is here. [Buddha Monk] The prophecy has seen that you remain with the sting Removin the skin, I never die and kill again Sinfullness is my trifeness, leave a nigga lifeless If you try to bite this I levitate minds like 9's levitate your spines If inclined, I kill with one line and leave you dumb, deaf and blind Done with the swiftness of a sword of Excalibur Move with the speeds of culos thru a callico Feel the heat as my thoughts burn deep Explosions to mind that I seek, now it's you soul that I reap I remain in this game and take fame like grand larceny There's pure fuckin havoc when you fuck with the prophecy!!! [Chorus x2] [Outro: same voice as interlude] ...[indecipherable]... All the voices of the dark ...[indecipherable]... Do you wish to take my sin? (Die fuckas!) ...[indecipherable]... ...[indecipherable]... I choose to be ...[indecipherable]... HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA!! ...[indecipherable]...


Nas: You ever dance with the devil under the pale moonlight. Desperados. Travlin. What the fucks up son. We could do this word up we could this. Chrous: Spendin to many nights on the hyena gettin right Breakin big face bennies, bettin against the freindly dice I can't call it, It's goin to good to spoil it Tell it like it is, the raw shanala we bough it To many nights on the hyena gettin right Breakin big face bennies, bettin against the freindly dice I can't call it, It's goin to good to spoil it Tell it like it is, the raw shanala we bough it Canibus: At a thousand degree Celsius I make MCs melt Fuckin my record label I appear courtesy of my self Let me explain how I maintain thresh holes to pain I walk across the sun bearfoot lookin for shame I rearrange your rib cage like a 12 gauge at close range And change the poistion of your frame My hard raps penetrates through your hard hats and all that nigga Get ya wig pealed back I scalpe you like the Indians on horse back Running bull will hit you harder than running back Stunning man with brave and cunning rap Swiftly running laps around 48 tracks Like uncut crack you feines keep coming back Heads is flippin like acrobats on gym mats From wacks to antelope tapes to digital decks It's critacal black that Canibus is ill like that In fact perhaps you should quit rap Instead of always tryin ta dis fact And niggas keep tellin you that ya shits wack I rip rafts Hardcore raps rushin you to the floor mat Put you in the figure fourth, breakin taw rats Jump of the top turn buckuler land on your back Til I hear it snaple, crakle, the ref says chill black You get clapped bringin the wrong raps to combat Like bringin a paint gun to a shoot out with real gats Ya'll niggas is wack, rappin over microphone feed back My intelligence begins where yours peaks at From Fox Boogie and the see through bras year The nasty Nas year My nigga Nature will explain further if it's not clear Nas Foxy Brown: Millionaire look at the sky Make sure its still there Ice grill stairs that my jewelry is in heavy year Pian Carden backin a dapa den dime Now flex, table rex, Fox rock Inklein Nas(2x): Initiated to the firm shit Real thugs learn quick Sit back and feel the ultimate hit Az: Go lock in Do the knowledge Follow the doctrun, we clockin On your air waves keepin it rockin Blaze up, lift fire, light your purple haz up Fix ya tire, bitch ass niggas they should be caged up So raise up fuck the playin I'm sick of layin I could split your spleen off of SK Sheels rickashean Snatched up in supreme court Eyes half shut Gold defeandant court of life sentance seem to crack up We act what, to real Bag two mil Nigga cool steal Bet I'll be home before the news will Blast fuse and leave purple frank matthews Perhaps you confuse the concept black, cash rules Inkier Another halmo deas involved Known frezze condo C's Seven keys dissolved Daily routine, speakin up fo niggas who sling Hand to hand on them street corners clamin you king It's time to lock this Join with us, let your glock spick up through the toxic Only fake niggas drocsnitch Get your guns out it don't take much for me to dumn out Play one route, lay ya shit down and run south Nature: What's the cause of this shit More statistics, deeper than the laws of physics Malabu sand the gorgeous bitches Weed from 1-2-5, my whole crew live A true desperado, one that never choose sides And show sympathy Just QB, an annotate Stock exchange Top of the game Watch them mention me Image is nothin just obey your thirst I blaze the puple haze sit in the day then display your birth For those concern or just eager to learn I speak for the firm With a zone to the chubbier ta burn Stashin my richies past traditions Like Olympics pass the torch Flip shit so ya'll could picture my thoughts, I'm driftin It's tight ill wakin up lookin like filth Twenty years younger same hunger same ice grill Genetically form grade A petagrey Born on the crime rhymes a swift tounge Helta set it free Theoretically peep how we bless this Young and restless, Guns and westins learnin to connect through lessons From coop fees to camps, niggas shoot wack It's a proven fact, 97 mine ya'll niggas move back Chorus


THREE 6 MAFIA "Choices"
(feat. La Chat) [DJ Paul-Talking] Yeah muthafuckaz! The Platinum plaque bringers of the mothafuckin' 'M' back in this bitch, nigga. H-C muthafuckin' P. Hypnotyze camp muthafuckin posse. And it's goin' down, like we always do about this time, nigga, night time. We about to load them black trucks up. Who we got in this muthafucka We got my girl La Chat, Gangsta Boo, Crunchy muthafuckin' Black Playboy Juice, Project muthafuckin' Pat, Lord Imfamous, and me DJ muthafuckin' Paul, the king of the muthafuckin' 'M' town. And it's goin' down- HYPNOTYZE MINDS HO! [HOOK] Mafia!... Mafia!... Mafia!... Mafia!... Mafia!... Mafia!... Mafia!... Mafia! [La Chat] La Chat, with that gat The other queen of Memphis Hypnotize Camp we got 2 bumpin' bitches... [Gangsta Boo] ...In the club posted up Eight hundred dollar bottles Sippin' Cris fuck a glass Nigga drink it out the bottle... [La Chat] ...Don't be hatin' and shit 'Cause we gettin' paid and shit Ain't no need be lyin' till I die I'm gon' be lovin' this... [Gangsta Boo] ...The bottle-yeah gangsta gangsta Ridin' nigga posted up Fuck you bitches up when I come gunnin' Lettin' the lugers bust Chat, you got my fuckin' back [La Chat] Yeah I got your fuckin' back Buckin' bitches that be hatin' Blow their chest up through their back [Gangsta Boo] High as hell can't you tell 'Cause my eyes are red as fire 'Bout to fuck this nigga Take his money- Pimpin' 'till I die Hypnotyze Minds be the label that pay me Fuck you other rappers talkin' shit You cannot faze me [La Chat] So you heard it from the queens HCP we be together Fuckin' with my family bitch It's gon' have to be whatever... [HOOK 1X] [Lord Imfamous] How can you relate to this Niggaz they be hatin' this Purple fuckin' tradin' man Barely makin' dividends Burn it man, half in Better known as 'assed in' All I want is money man Can't you niggaz comprehend Lock and fuckin' load fool Break the fuckin' law fool Ain't no attitude fool This is what we came to do With them bodies in the bag Put that dope in the bag Put that money in the bag Let's go fool, rat tat tat [Juicy 'J'] They call me Juicy gigolo Got hoes that fill A statue of a fool With them platinum tips I'm tellin' all you bitches To beware of the game I'm tellin' all you niggaz To beware of the lames I freak your baby mama Put her on the house I got my dick sucked When I was on the couch My nigga walked in He said that hoe was stout I hit it from the back My nigga took her mouth [Project Pat] By love real my nig Let blood spill my nig Shoot to kill my nig If ya real my nig Project Pat my nig I spit facts my nig Hang with macks my nig Who tote gats my nig It's blast or be left Baller in your blood White girl up your nose Ya high off that bud A slug in the lot Your car and no strap Blew your gotdamn brains In your partner's lap [Lord Imfamous] Choose your weapons But boy choose them carefully Each of my poisons Are deadlier melodies I am the doctor And this is your therapy You can have one So you must get a pair of these Beat, bound and gagged Bump off bounty Place all his pieces All over county The shit's very lethal That I place in the needle Prepare you for your last trip To the Cathedral [DJ Paul] I seen how TV can hurt And plus platinum plaques to match And add them twenties and vogues And Gucci jackets on backs We got them Bentlys and Benzes And all them Lexus on lock The picture gettin' kind of clearer I see why them bitches hot You hoes is strugglin' and starvin' And wanna rise in the hood It's cold I'm crankin' up heat And you wish you could Y'all wish y'all could get back with us Then maybe then you could shine Like the rappers you wish you was And get off the grind I'm keepin' one in the chamber Because I'm filled up with anger And when I see yo little hoe 'n' You knowin' your life's in danger I do a show y'all in the burough Hollerin' no kind of shit Is that the best way that you know To get attention lil bitch I understand how they feel They feelin' that they left out And we the ones movin' on So we the ones talked about But niggaz keep it your best And one day then you'll get a crown But until then do a hit of coke And keep feelin' down 'Cause suckaz... that's real [HOOK 1X]


Mac Mall
(Chorus Do Thangs) Crestside It's tha Triple C Crestside It's poppin' in tha Crestside Crestside Livin' that pimp life Tryin' to get a pimp ride (Mac Mall) Shit I'll take ya way back Spittin' game longer than the gateway track It must have been a blessin' raised as an adolescent And mack 11 testin' in tha glass house Straight twamped out cuz hang gotta Caddy on them thangs Wit a phat ass TV so at age 9 I wanted that to be me And now big A.C. can make in million on the Vegas strip Since 1976 we been infuenced by pimps And y'all suckas, is lucky that Smooth can't walk Cuz a lot of y'all fools would be outlined in chalk And I'd like to say what's up, to my nigga Ronny Wenn He's a G when it comes to strugglin' hustlin' To the top, Rest in Peace to Pop and Chris Macabee He put the Mac in me, Thats why I ride a brome today Straight game, the crestside way, we goin' pop all day Whether weed or Yay, I'm still stressin' cuz it seems like last night we lost Mike, S double, and damn God needs to let the real nigga's live, But Nokey is gone and Freddy is dead In the Crestside (Chorus) Now 95 is the day and soldiers shootin' for the game, Big Buggy's a straight killa servin' rocks on the way The Double R hit them banks wit' glocks in the Pelican Bay You disrespect the Country Club and fool prepare for the shank, This ain't no overnight shit We been at this for years Back when Finch rolled a Benz and Baby Frank was gettin' his So if you ask me, why my fondest memories is bout' shootouts And high speeds with the police Spill Hennessey for D-Boy and house Dubee, It's us against them so I stay true to the triple C 6' in the morn choppin' quit low on the St's set up shop Throughout the V to move the next key Rivals be snitchin' but cook em' all in a crock pot Floss old schools on gold shoes and let the hoes jock Crestside shit, Aliens wanna copy-cat All in a city full of squares, playa's, and dirty mack's Wanna-be gangsta's, and small tymer's tryin' to act hard Well real-ass soldiers, a chosen few rollin' like hard North of Vallejo, cuddies puttin' in the major work Open your eyes and take a look at my crazy turf. It's called the... (Chorus) Back when that Piggy P was a crooked cop Back when that K St. mob ruled the Kemper block Back when we said fuck the world, because we loved Benz Do you remeber Figgaro and tryin' to hustle for ends Hopin' that I stick to my grind and stay real to the street One day I'll talk on Mobile phones and have a Chevy Caprice Wit a couple of mounts and some slam in my trunk And a spliff of that zesty cuz we don't fuck wit' them blunts But in this day and age cuddy, this done got ill Youngsta's that won't a mill and ain't afraid to kill What the crooked game deals baby bloods gettin' spilled Now it's blunt packin' chumps that try to set up shop where we chill So it's all to the hood cuz when we mob I'm stayin' hip to the time, Got my mind on my money keep one hand on my nine On the same street corner where I was brought up and raised The only chance I get for peace is when I'm drunk or I'm blazed If this shit soundin' far-fetched and you think that I lied Grab your nuts nigga , we goin' for a ride through the Crestside (Do Thangs) This game don't stop from the Crestside O.G.'s young pimps, playa's thats right (Chorus 3X) (Do Thangs) This game don't stop from the Crestside Tec nines, mack joints nigga thats right This game don't stop from the Crestside O.G.'s young pimps, playa's thats right One Luv, Dolomite

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