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LIL' ROMEO lyrics - Game Time


Original and similar lyrics
Answering Machine: Your mailbox is full. Caller's cannot leave new messages until you erase some of your existing messages. 14 new messages. 16 saved messages. Girl: Hey whassup Romie? (giggles). This your Juliet Tomeka. I was calling cause you so fine at school yesterday oh my gahh. But I see you not in right now...but...I'll holla back at ya. Peace. 4 Yr Old: Lil' Romeo? This Andrea. I just wanted to tell you...I love you and I got your number from school. And I'm in the 2nd grade. I love you (giggles) Sister: Hello Romeo? This your sister Antonianne. This girl wanna talk to you (Here...take the phone). Sister's Friend: Hi Romeo this Ashley. I saw you at school today I was wearing the 'P. Miller Shorty' shirt on and I really wanted to let you know I love you SO much. I'm gonna give your little sister my number...make sure you use it. Holla! Man: Hey Rome...whassup? This is P man..hurry up and get ready we gotta make it today, we gotta flight schedule. Girl: I wanna say...I'm so happy for you and...stuff like that. And...I don't really know what to say. But, all I know is your really ??...I love you sweetie, keep on doing what your doing shaking your tails off alright? Bye. B: Rome, this B. I'm at the house, what time we gon' to the gym? Hit me on my 2-way. Girl: Romeo this Antoine, I'm in the 8th grade, I just wanted to tell you i love you. Man: Yo Rome! I need to know what time we meetin' for the show. And don't forget to bring some 'P. Miller Shorty' ya hear me? Record Producer: Hey, yo Rome..what up? This Quake man, ya album is ridikilous the shorty's is gon' crazy. So ya know ya got ta get out here man. Diesel: Yo Rome? This Diesel. I gotta couple of hits. I just need you to come over here and lay some vocals rap baby. Lil' Don: Yo Rome. It's ya cousin Lil' Don. I was comin' to getcha so we can work on ya game, baby. You know you tryin to go to the pro's outta high school. Mom: Romeo. This ya Momma. Pick up the phone. I know you not in my car! If my car not home when I get there you in trouble! You know you too young to be drivin! Puddin': Whassup Rome? This Puddin'. I got ya number from my lil sister and I don't know what she gon' do wit ya. But I'm gon' do something wit ya... I wanna take ya to my high school prom so holla at me! Uncle: Yo...Rome? This ya uncle D. Hogan. I seen yo television show and it's hott! And man, keep makin music for the kids. You a big positive influence on everybody. Master P (dad): Yo Rome whassup? This ya dad. Hit me back on my phone. They need ya back on the movie set. Be there on time, it's gon' be a big movie. Ya heard me? Peace! Man: Yo whassup Rome? This ?? boy. Meet me at the house bouta 2 hrs get the X-Box in. And also ?????????????????????????????????????? Holla back at me. Lil' D: Yo whassup Rome? This Lil' D and that 'Gametime' Album hott! I just layin my verse on Clap ya Hands Mo: Yo Rome? This Mo, man. Holla at me bro. Let me know when ya'll ready to let me bring ya'll to the movies. Justice: Hey Rome...this is me, Justice. I was just callin to see if we could hookup later on? Maybe go to the movies or somethin? Gimmie a call when you get this message. OH! I meant to tell you...your new album 'Gametime' is off the chain!! Answering Machine: There are no more messages. Main Menu.

White Man's World

2PAC "Makaveli - The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory"
I ain't saying I'm innocent of all this I'm just saying This song is for y'all For all the times I mess up when we mess up Dear sister Got me twisted up in prison I miss yah Crying Looking at my nieces and newphews picture They say don't let this cruel world get yah Kinda suspicious, Swearing one day you might leave me for someone thats richer Twist the cap off the bottle I Take a sip And see tommorrow Gotta make if I have to Beg and Borrow Reading love letters late night, locked down, and quiet If brothers don't recieve their mail Best believe we riot Eating Jack mat Staring at walls of Silence Inside this cage Where they captured all my rage and violence In time I learned a few lessons Never fall for riches Aplogizies to my TRUE sisters Far from bitches Help me raise my black nation Reperations are due Its true Caught up in this world I took advantage of you So tell the babies how I love them Precious boys and girls Born black in this white mans world and all I heard was [Chorus] Who knows what tommorrow brings In this world where everyone lies Where to go No matter how far I find To let you know That You're not alone Being born with less I must confess Only adds on to the stress Two gunshots to my homies head Died in his rest Shot him to death and Left him bleeding for his family to see I pass his casket Gently asking Is there heaven for G's My homeboys doing life Begging mama be stressing Shedding tears When her son finally ask that questions Where my daddy at Mama, Why we live so poor Why you crying Heard you late night Throught my bedroom door Now do you love me mama Why do they keep calling me nigger Get my wieght up, with my hate and pay 'em back when I'm bigger Still thugging in this jail cell MIssing my block Hearing brothers screaming all night Wishing they'd stop Proud to be black But why do we act like We don't love oursleves Don't look around busta (you sucka) Check yourselves know what if means to be black whether a man or girl we're still struggling in this White man's world [Chorus] (we must fight) Who knows what tommorrow brings In this world where everyone lies Where to go No matter how far I find To let you know That You're not alone So tell me why you changed Choosing new direction In a blink of an eye My time away just made perfection You think I'd die Not gonna cry Why should I care Like we holding on to love Thats no longer there Can you please help me God Bless me please Keep my seeds healthy Banging on my enemies Bleed While my G's healthy Hoping they bury me With ammunition, weed, and shells Just in case they trip in heaven Ain't no G's hell Sister sorry for the pain That I caused your heart I know I'll change If yah help me But Don't fall apart Rest In Peace To Latasha, Little Yummy, and Kato To much for this cold world to take Ended up being fatal Every women in America Especially Black Bear with me, can't you see We're under attack I never meant to cause drama To my sister and Mama Will we make it To better times In this white man worlds [Chorus] [Along with revolutionary talking]

True Love

(feat. Lil' Romeo) My heart won't let you go I love you Romeo [Chorus] Love has truly been good to me Not even one sad day a memoryI had since you've come my way I hope you knowI'm gladly go Anywhere you take me And ain't no limit to this love I'll follow you to the moon and the sky above [Rap 1] The first time I met you I didn't sweat you My Juliet that I'd catch you Gave you the key to my heart, you unlocked it A perfect match, you the plug I'm the socket As time moved on, we become friends I knew it was love at first sight and it wasn't about the dividends You was there when needeed you I remember writing letters on the road, I wanna be with you I know we young and we got time Little soul-jahs need love so girl, I wanna make you mine We can roll together, go to shows together My best friend, girl let's grow together [Chorus] [Rap 2] We could walk together, roll buses together Your mom called us Killer bees, we stuck together We at parks playin' hide and go seek I find you or you find me This was meant to be, they called us little one and shortie Find hugged up at every school party We studied together, balled together Somebody said cupid, it must have brought us together I love your cute eyes, and you love my tight braids Played video games almost everyday And when we're not together Talkin' bout our first kiss and we don't want to be alone [Chorus] [Rap 3] And I remember so well how your smilemade me feel bright Like the sunshine, I'm so glad that you mine You my Juliet, I never let the jealous ones between and that's a safe bet And we can get to studying after school is over Homework is a must so you can come over And afterwards we can hit the mall Sip Icee's and cotton candy after that come chill with the family [Special chorus] Got to tell youhow you threw me I'm so happy that you came in here and changed my world Bye bye sadness, hello Romie You're the only boy that's why Solange is so in love I'll follow you to the moon in the sky above

Still Unsigned

Miss Nana "Why"
(1 verse) Why Miss Nana is the youngest in charge Why my flow so deadly the just tryna put me under the bars Why wendy williams like my ways And tell me why most of the people hating on be twice my age Why messing with certain artist aint get me sign Why my dad take the backseat to let me shine Why you da man if you bringem money Why I can wear colored Bracelets with out people thinking I'm funny Why do flex show me love is he respecting my vibe Let me answer that one for you I'm the best kid alive Fars as adults I'm in the definite 5 Em , loyd banks, jada, hova and Nas Ironically the south got it locked Best be warn Why lil jon say ookkkaaaaaaaaay in every song Why some people think music and school bring massive stress Why university let me in ? Cuz I pass the test....that's why ( Hook ) (2nd Verse) Why some girls claim princess but can't hold the position. Look kid your the baby of rap so know ya position Why some promoters don't acknowledge I'm here And tell me why the time of prevention is shorter than the time of repair Yeah why my flows get ya cousin excited Why did newark have a newark idol and I wasn't invited like all the contestants wasn't inspired By you know who,when I blow Major a&r's a dozen is fired Why we use slang in our music to help our crew Plus we only got 1 language everyone else got 2 Why the more talk the wacker the fight Why is the illest golf player black and the dopest rapper is white Why the nets bout to be outta the building Why some fathers aint proud of they children,and don't care how is feeling why catching Sadam was a backwards step. better yet tell me why they aint get Bin Latin yet. hook 3rd Verse Sombody Please tell me why all these labels aint seek to get me. and after all these years tell me why coke still Beefing with pepsi. Why I promote school instead of talking slugs and triggers. why a lot other kids got deals but my buzz is bigger. Why do serocis victims love the liquor. And tell me why my girl beyonce is dangerously in love with Jigga. why we front when we aint got a hole lot of money. And why in the world banks charge us to hold our Money. Why the government hold out on money. We all starving in the hood we want the coupes with a hole lot of 20's. Why other states always hate if its from newark Why I can't come to school in a licorish porche. Why me losing is a ticklish thought. Why ya co-defendant always wind up being a witness in court. Why the ladie from don diva say sumptins not right. Cuz I suppose in Source for youngest Unsigned Hype.

The Things That Hate Us

ATMOSPHERE "Strictly Leakage"
See I come from a time where they didn't put rear view mirrors on passenger sides of vehicles And this is for those that still drink malt liquor Put the poison in your body just to pass out quicker When death calls best believe it's gonna get all emotional Because I ain't goin' to hell without my menthols Damn cable TV got me trapped in Girls actin' dumb and cops beatin' black men Overfill, overkill, tryin' to deal Call the toll free and order my some diet pills Got me looking at the sugar in the Kool-Aid that you made You need to chase it down with some toothpaste Still stuck to the simple things yep the struggle in between a couple of krispy kremes I have to ask if you could pass that half and half to get my coffee back on track Big ups to all the carbonated hiccups the energy drinks and the suicide big gulps Gonna find happiness in the fast food Supersize the triple bypass heart attack too Distract you with these colorful tattoos to cover up the fact that we feel like bad news [Chorus] We love the things that hate us Push snooze again girl I don't want to wake up America the beautiful that's how she played us Wasn't that cute it must have been her make up Trying to grab everything that she gave us Just take it back in the math on that pay stub Lookin' at the neighbors like wait up We love the things that hate us Pain killers help find some feeling Crack the vic in half just to break the time sealant Take it by yourself on the living room carpet Do a little bump just to clean your apartment ? I've seen your wife she's not the true finest? I understand why you like to pay them prostitutes Strip clubs gun shops oh Jesus right next to the liquor store for your convenience Everybody say ho for the cuervo You can drive if you promise to be careful Turn the radio up and light a doobie And keep acting like life is like a movie This is for those needles you share because Those after school TV specials is too square Cook the coke for your own consumption ? All some joe joe dems? In old school What's your function As American as herpes and hot dogs Got lost between the mustard and the hot sauce Unprotected sex with that one you just met You ain't even got all your hep shots yet [Chorus]


MYSTIKAL "Unpredictable"
Michelle Elizabeth Tyler [4X] There we go right there, ok were on the air Let's go We grew up with showbusiness on our mind In hope to make a big name Thats why me and my sister was a stiff competition Show off when company came Nothing but little, cause I was too shy Stupid in front of the rest of the family SHAKE THAT ASS! Although my sister was the one with the beautiful voice I still had to go last Everybody wait, now I'm a cut the fools The nigga laughing, acting goofy I either came in the room when everybody go bye And do the Michael Jackson and just act stupid But lately, me and my people ain't been havin' to many family groupin's Or maybe, it just some times heard a sweet melody of my baby who be You was there through the struggle As y'all come and try to reach the big picture I'm tellin' ya It hurt when you plan to do something with somebody you love When it's time to do it, they can't be with you I'm feelin' guilty to take it there, but better since you been gone Well no matter Must we fix up the furniture ain't the same when you ain't home baby I'm 'a miss you forever, forget you never But you gonna see the world through my eyes And live what I never saw So if you can see me way from Heaven, over the cloud You could be proud of your little brother, so look down and smile [hook] Shine my lady, I miss you baby For your my baby, my love is crazy Your my sister, I'll always miss you No one can get ya', cause God is with ya' Shine my lady, I miss you baby For your my baby, my love is crazy There's no other, it's from your brother Your son and mother, cause we all love ya' All the sad songs in the world Probably couldn't express how much I miss my baby I just thank God that I had a big sister The 29 beautiful years that he gave her Even the days when I misbehaved And I knew she was gonna get that belt to pop me I could see the aggrivation in your face My momma said that they had to watch me 'Michelle, if you go somewhere, take Michael with you' Know what that meant All up and down the house trying to find how your time gonna be spent Cause I was too hard-headed Everywhere you said 'Don't go', thats where I went Always flipping, jumping around like a jackass, somewhere climbing a fence Bring me my Rocking Robin, my double dutch bust She had some song to sang for us, we had some name brands to discuss Plus, I want to tell her I was sorry for leaving the toilet seat up And not cleaning out the tub, and leaving peanut butter and jelly And drinking out the Kool-Aid jar I pissed you off, burned you up When you told me 'Cut that music down', I turned it up Bickering conflict cause y'all doubt how we showed out love You was my flesh and blood, we was brother and sister And it meant so much Now I'm doing it, you supposed to be here We supposed to be righting songs together I'm telling ya', that girl tore talent shows up But owned Tina Marie records What you left us with, never be in vain You gonna be shining, and they gonna know your name Too many damn things left unexplained But since you was an angel down here, then an angel there you shall remain And thats always until my time, you're my strength, you're my life Shine [hook]

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