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Lil Gorilla lyrics - Lil G In The Hoiod

This Is Lil G

Original and similar lyrics
intro yeah,you,have to about me lil g chorus you don't know me,am lil g a.k.a gentle-g,from waffi & everything turn good as God made it. verse 1 i wake up in febuary 30th 2005, i have a dream of becoming a musician and it all turn to bad,but in april 30th 2005,i have vision of making the classic,like my brother 2 face did,but i know with a little hope from God,i will make it ,tat why i have to struggle and fullfil my dream. chorus verse 2 i know one day,i will fullfil my dream in music,like femi kuti and 2 face did, but late fela kuti dream was to make nigeria a great nation, he die in the struggle,so we are hear to carry this on,tat why we pray to God so tat we can last longer and fulfil our dream. chorus outro the fela kuti tat wat am living to, the dream of lil G tat wat am giving you, becoz 2 face dibia made it,femi kuti made it and to my young star coming up. i love u all thanx

Shame Is On The Rocks

Heaven 17 "How Men Are"
Chorus: Can't sleep, trying hard to find a rhyme Can't work, I am tired all the time Can't eat, since my appetite has gone Can't think, when it started to go wrong Can't move, I've no energy at all Can't see, any end to this in sight Last week, I could do all of those things But now, I am just the man who sings I've searched around for years and years I've drank in bars, destroyed careers Sold on a need to be famous I've seen the good in men survive Only to fail when I arrive Convincing them I am blameless I was the man with future sight i would change fortunes overnight Knowing for me it was painless Chorus One day in April 10.15 Awakened screaming by a dream Something that touched me was burning A diamond pin fell from my eye Then something strange began to cry Your will can stop this world turning Since then I've fought more than I should Against the will that I withstood Hoping I could be its master But now the dream is all I see There is no hope of breaking free One song away from disaster Chorus

On The Other Side

KANSAS "Monolith"
(Kerry Livgren) The empty page before me now, the pen is in my hand The words don't come so easy but I'm trying I'm searching for a melody or some forgotten line They can slip away from us so quickly Don't be unkind I'm not complaining I only feel it needs explaining (Chorus) Though I've said it all before I'll say it once again (one more time) Everyone needs something to believe in So turn around, turn around it's on the other side Feel the sound, feel the sound, it's coming from deep inside It will fill you with emotion, if you let it be your guide so Turn around; turn around, it's on the other side I'm waiting for the day to end another to begin Somehow I've forgotten what it stood for I look into your face and see the searching in your eyes I will he your servant till the end The music plays, and for a moment I feel That all there days an so fulfilling (Chorus) Desperation shows its ugly face in many ways No one can escape the times we live in The answers are so simple and we all know where to look But it's easier to just avoid the question And if I seem too inconclusive It's just because it's so elusive (Chorus)

Heart And Soul

VERSE 1: Baby you've got to believe in me like I believe in you Turn around, look what you've got When I've got you, I see in you, I know how deep you run, And I love every piece of your mind and heart. Friends turn when the wind blows, the wrong way, But I am here for you always. Chorus: You've got me heart and soul We will grow old together Don't care how the world turns I promised you forever. To have and to hold You've got me heart and soul. VERSE 2: Never met anyone who was perfect, and I never will. Disillusion, promises, I've had my fill, But much greater is the power to rise above Any obstacles we're given because we have lots of love CHORUS

House Of Faith

Geoff Moore And The Distance "A Friend Like U"
(Verse 1) Wasn't it yesterday I was eight years old A pocket full of rocks That I knew were made of solid gold There were girls to be hated Trees to be climbed Forts to be built, There was so much time It's good to be alive, It's good to be alive (Verse 2) There's nothing in the world like being fifteen Your pockets are empty, but your head is full of dreams Of girls to be loved Of places to see It's the best and the worst Just my friends and me And we're anything we want to be (Chorus) And it's good to be alive To feel the wind in my face See the blue in the sky It's days like this I realize What a gift it is It's good to be alive (Verse 3) Well I wonder, what this day will see Will I find my dreams or stare in the face of tragedy Whatever may come Whatever may be Of this I am sure, I'm forgiven and free And I will live like I believe (Repeat Chorus)


CHAKA KHAN "Street Player"
Chorus: Turn, Turn, Turn Turn, Turn, Turn Turn, Turn, Turn Verse 1 Bring on all the seasons Repeat your earlier deeds Show the children your face Most of all teach them to... Repeat chorus Verse 2 Bring on all the colors Don't let me forget for a moment What i have to do It's all so necessary for you to... Repeat chorus Bridge We will rehearse long and hard For the big celebration Spread the leaders among us Like the heat's in the sun Like the blue is in the sky Like the peace in the eyes Of the believers of GOD Well if there's a will There's a way If we're strong it will pay Look at the babies all around us Like the moon in the night Like a bird takin flight Though this world is not right We got to show them the way... Repeat chorus

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