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LIL' FLIP lyrics - Undaground Legend

Look At Me Now

Original and similar lyrics
[talking] yeah I represent Houston man ya know they say we country down here but everybody tryna ride blades everybody wanna ride candy paint ya feel me, so I'm just keepin it trill like my nigga Bun B say, yeah ugh ugh [Lil' Flip] I came along way I went from Cutless to Benz from Benz to Jag on twenty-three inch rims from crack to macs from broke to sacks from water guns, to bee-bees, from bee-bees to gats from stamps to tatoos from home to school even though I made straight A's I still broke the rules I came along way I went from no shows, to mo'shows I went from Duck Head, to Girbaud, and Polo they all said ('Flip you need to stop rapping') and now I'm rockin 2 chains they say please stop cappin and I'm like what happenedI thought we was cool but I gotta strong line so I'm like fuck you! [Chorus rp2x] They always said I was a country boy (country boy) but now they see the rims spinnin on my candy toy (toy) They always said I was a country boy (country boy) well look at me now bitch I'm a star (star) [Lil' Flip] Well I'm a supa dupa star in a supa dupa car got 9 DVDs I'm watching the Entourage Nextel, Cellular (hello) windows tinted I payed for my ride your Benzo rinted I'm all weed scented cause I blow like Snoop and people think I'm flippin birds cause I'm rollin in a Coupe and I'm smellin like Juice wit 20 rocks on my tooth ya'll doing the Harlem Shake we raise da roof I sprayed the Coupe with ten coats of red and just because blades are choppin everybody dead and I'm like the Exorcist cause I gotta turn a head and we cant go on a date girl if you in the (red) cause I'll hit you in the head wit a mothafuckin pillow I'ma stay Sucka Free like my homie Big Mello (R.I.P) and thats coming straight from me and I'm still a ghetto boy like Scarface and MJB [chorus] [Lil' Flip] I aint ashamed of where I'm from baby I'm from the hood and if you ask me how I'm doin'I'ma say I'm doin good' and I wish you would pull out a gat and try to jack cause I'm a do you like a egg nigga you gettin cracked I aint ashamed of where I'm from baby I'm from the hood if people ask me how I'm doin'I'ma say I'm doin good' and I wish you would pull out a gat and try to jack cause I'm a do you like a egg nigga you gettin cracked [talking] All my ex's live in Texas haha yeah Redd in a Lexus nigga thats how we doin it Houston know what I'm saying ugh thats how I'm doing it my nigga did the track all how ass nigga cant fuck with us fuck ya'll watch out for my nigga Redd doing a show soon down in Nashville in the studio that album coming soon

G-unit Soldiers

50 CENT "50 Cent Is The Future"
[Tony Yayo] Yea... Lloyd Banks, Tony Yayo [50 Cent] Yea...Niggas salute me Uh huh [Tony Yayo] We takin over this shit (50 Cent) Yo [Tony Yayo] G Unitttt [50 Cent] G Unit soliders (gun cocks) Ride out [Tony Yayo] Whatcha say whatcha say [50 Cent] G Unit solider (gun cocks) Ride out [Lloyd Banks] Yea...Yea... I'm from the hood where the drop-outs is bangin for the feelin For houses wit Tvs hangin from the ceilin (Lloyd Banks) We gamble on ball courts Keep the paint peelin You either play ball or rap if you aint dealin I'm stuck in the past Shit changed since the 80s (What) I know ladies, that got babies wit babies Out here its basketball and speedbags And guns that'll stiffin you up like freeze tag [Tony Yayo] You can talk tough to them cowards that you pick on and beat up And walk around town wit your whole fuckin re-up (Yayo) Flashin singles, wit the 20s on top While I'm ridin on 20s in the juky drop top So never show love wit ya left hand You'll lose 5 liters of blood a thug's a dead man (come on) [50 Cent] G Unit soliders (gun cocks) Ride out G Unit solider (gun cocks) Ride out [Tony Yayo] Home of the new right here [50 Cent] G Unit soliders (gun cocks) Ride out G Unit soliders (gun cocks) Ride out [Lloyd Banks] Nigga...Nigga Niggas know I'm hot But my ice cold enough to freeze whole towns (uhh) Still follow the code Gs up hoes down (come on) I see you ballin and ya rocks is chilly Now my G Unit niggas dont ride bikes Dont pop-a-wheelie (blaaadt) I aint straight I'm livin where its hot and sandy And the Benz's complexion is cotton candy I bounced up, thats the best part You niggas don't know what pain is The only scar on ya body's a stretch mark (stretch mark) [Tony Yayo] Keep ya mouth shut, and keep ya ears open Cause it's liver than P-89s when we approachin (what else) Listen homie We got AKs and Remintons For niggas in the hood playin cowboys and indians Ladies and gentleman we was born to ball So if you see me in the club I'm in the bathroom stall Gettin oral sex she bless the huey all night She got a georgous neck the way she toss this dick [50 Cent] G Unit soliders (gun cocks) Ride out G Unit soliders (gun cocks) Ride out [Tony Yayo] 50 whatcha say [50 Cent] G Unit soliders (gun cocks) Ride out G Unit soliders (gun cocks) Ride out [Lloyd Banks talking over beat] Yea...G Unit man.. We runnin the streets man We takin this rap shit over man This serious man its more then rap nigga Mention this nigga 50 name nigga I'm blowin niggas brains out nigga Thats my nigga right there aint a game no more Tony Yayo, Lloyd Banks Same go for them nigga Blow ya fuckin head off nigga G Unit klick My nigga Proav L Yea..he..the whole fuckin hood 134 nigga We got yall nigga Yea...uh..uh

Suck My Dick

LIL' KIM "The Notorious K.I.M."
Uh, uh, uh Uh, uh, uh To all my motherfuckin' gettin' money hoes Used to clothes And all my ghetto bitches in the projects Coming through like bulldozers No, we ain't sober Bum bitches know better than to start shit Niggas love a hard bitch One that get up in a nigga's ass quicker than an enema Make a cat bleed then sprinkle it with vinegar Kidnap the senator Make him call his wife and say he never coming home Kim got him in a zone beating they dicks Even got some of these straight chicks rubbing their tits [*laughs*] What I'm loving this shit Queen Bitch! What bitch you know can thug it like this Imagine if I was dude and hittin' cats from the back With no strings attached Yeah nigga, picture that! I treat y'all niggas like y'all treat us No Doubt! Ay yo, yo Come here so I can bust in ya mouth [1 - Lil' Kim (Mr. Bristal)] (Ay yo, come on here bitch) Nigga FUCK YOU (No, FUCK YOU BITCH) Who you talking to (Why you actin' like a BITCH) Cause y'all niggas ain't shit And if I was dude I'd tell y'all to suck my dick [Repeat 1] [Lil' Kim] No, no, no, no All I wanna do is get my pussy sucked (Nigga!) Count a million bucks in the back of an armor truck While I get you fucked up off the T.O.N.Y. The BX, the chron-chron And the list goes on and on (On and on and on) Like Erykah Badu Once he drink the Remi down Ooh I got this nigga now He asked me did I love him I said what came to mind like niggas be doing Yeah baby, I love you long time Look I ain't tryin' to suck ya I might not even fuck ya Just lay me on this bed and give me some head Got the camcord layin' in the drawer where he can't see Can't wait to show my girls he sucked the piss out my pussy Been doin' this for years, no need to practice Take lessons from the Queen and you'll know how to mack this Niggas know he gave me all his cake I peeled the Benji's off and threw the singles back in his face [Repeat 1 (2x)] [Lil' Kim] I'mma keep it real For the dough I might kill I'm try-na see my face on a hundred dollar bill Met this dude name Jaleel at this Abdulla fight He said he'd pay me ten grand just to belly dance Cum all on his pants I met him at the studio He showed up with his homeboy named Julio I said 'Whoa! Who's the other guy' Hope you know you paying extra for this fuckin' third eye Something about him, I knew he was a phony Put the burner in his mouth 'Fool, Give me my money!' He was just a nigga frontin' like he knew mad stars In his homeboy's whips like he got mad cars Niggas ain't shit but they still can trick All they can do for me is suck my clit I'm jumpin' up and up after I cum Thinkin' they gon' get some pussy but they gets none [Repeat 1 fade out]

3 Time Felons

Intro, Ice Cube: What would you do If I punked your whole crew Would you run like a bitch from me Niggaz don't test Cause we come from the west Yes the W-S to the C Westside! Westside niggaz Fuck everybody that used to be down That ain't down no mo Y'all niggaz ain't from the best side Y'all don't know how we puts it down Trick ass motherfuckers Verse 1, Ice Cube: Let's make it happen, nigga, fuck rappin I'm bellin With three time felons, nigga, who you tellin Doug Lou Ellen that a fool sellin Thirty-six ounces what that amounts is A whole chicken finger licken is the rumor Catch a tumor you say I'm dickin my consumer Suede Puma's as I walk down Florence With warrants that don't go to court in Torrance Tonight I'm buzzin thought I wasn't Mack 10 and W.C. is like my blood cousins Eleven strikes from armed robbery to stolen bikes A nigga likes your motherfuckin Nikes I shift gears when I see tears Fuck a record, fuck a movie I rack my uzi On boosy niggaz that pretend to be friend to me We the dopest niggaz on Hennessy in the industry I did a lick well I'm in a thick cell Gold teeth, two motors and pig tails And when I hear Westside Connection I get the fuckin erection Chorus, W.C.: So, fuck what you saying, fuck who you tellin I'm only bellin with some three time felons Nya, fuck what you saying, fuck who you tellin I'm only bellin with some three time felons Bridge: Rollin till the wheels fall off A nigga rollin till the wheels fall off Westside rollin till the wheels fall off A nigga rollin till the wheels fall off Verse 2, Mack 10: I gots to handle mines So I grinds Real O.G. parolle Throw the woop on the quarter key Ain't been out but a minute Nigga, in it, to win it Cause a five year joke leave yo stack dented Got my pockets back swollen Motorola holdin A nigga got the whole hood rollin BG's get you what you want when you need it I got them little niggaz all posted up and heated Hogs put it down nothing less than a fat knot Niggaz callin Mack's spot Jackpot, the crack spot Got the double up bomb can't wait So wont you bounce rock skate To where the cluckers hibernate Where we livin like stars switchin cars like they leases Servin ten pieces to your aunties and nieces While the loot keep me blasted from Inglewood to Venus Tatted Westside Connection on my back in Old English So, nigga, what you wanna bet on a set full of vet lick hitters And, ain't a crew that can get with us It's west coast, the most, I be yellin Nigga, Mack 10 bellin as a three time felon Chorus, Ice Cube: Fuck what you sayin, and fuck who you tellin I'm only bellin with some three time felons Fool, fuck what you sayin, and fuck who you tellin I'm only bellin with some three time felons Bridge Verse 3, W.C.: Let it rain, let it drip Niggaz are best to duck when I'm unleashing these clips Thoughts of manslaughter got my finger on the trigger Fuck a peace treaty, it's on with all you niggaz Cause ain't no contaning me when I'm ringing these motherfuckin heaters Causing tragedy Tearing off your whole chest cavity Mobbing through the neighborhood, nigga, twenty inch bollters Fresh house, shoes, hair, rollers Lenny wanna kill me cause I got 'em all scared of this Cutthroat janky enviromental terrorist Stickering my tapes hoping that they can silence me Cause I'm a nigga that's yellin fuck society But ain't no stopping this westside click So, tell that bitch Delores Tucker to suck a niggaz dick Cause I'm punking mo niggaz than Deebo Illegal sipping Seagrams straight smoking on a Primo Chorus, Mack 10: Nigga, fuck what you sayin, fuck who you tellin I'm only bellin with some three time felons Fuck what your sayin, and fuck who your tellin I'm only bellin with some three time felons Bridge Outro, W.C, Ice Cube: West coast till the casket drop Rollin till the wheels fall off West coast till the casket drop Rollin till the wheels fall off West coast till the casket drop Rollin till the wheels fall off West coast till the casket drop Westside, rollin till the wheels fall off Yeah, time is runnin out niggaros and nigga hoes All W's must be true Inspected by the Westside Connect Gang WSCG Bonafied and worldwide When you see Ice Cube throw up the W! When you see Mack 10 throw up the W! When you see W.C. throw up the W! When you see Crazy Tunes throw up the W! When you see K-Dee throw up the W! When you see The Comrades throw up the W! All Frum Tha I throw up the W! Westside till I die, what you thinkin of And y'all bitches can throw it up to

The Truth

MICK JENKINS "Trees & Truths"
Put that in your pipe and smoke it Then tell me what you see when you inhale Big box That will never be open How the Fuck you stay free when you in jail How the fuck you got pops that don't show up When his kids just wanna hang like a pigtail You gon always get props when you blow up All your nigga get the range with the big wheels Big deal, When the Pane hit a Fifth Wheel Couple Strains just to cope with the Day to Day Little nigga put the hand on the big steel Couple [?] make the hope start to fade away Coats feeling cold when the coke in they nose She approached like you know who you fuckin with Always been a scholar Spit at your neck like, lipstick On your collar Best keep an eye on your checks in the mail Cause the pyramids schemin Gon get you no dollar Best day I had I had copped me a quarter Don't ride around with that shit in your impalas I learned that Profound by the jakes, five young black men sitting on the brakes From the blue blue grinder under the seat like, oops "Sir, can you step out the car" I can't go, seen to many blocks fall like jenga If you let them off the chain like Django You gonna have some nigga lookin for tapanga But they won't get the sleep If they ain't hoes, chain [?] Got to look at all angles You looking for your angel Tell somebody bring the trees This a different kind of Elevation Ginger Ale on every occasion No my nigga That ain't marijuanna that you tastin I just let them hit the truth I just let them hit the truth [x2] [Slowed & Chopped:] Majesty, Kryptic Casualty Majesty, Kryptic Casualty Majesty, Kryptic Casualty [NoName:] Why you gotta talk in Fables Fuck you mean? I just gave you my thoughts and my critic On Django Read between the paradox The skinny jeans and pair of Docks I know I love the Martens too Why you gotta talk in Fables Why you gotta talk in Fables Why you gotta talk in Fables

I Don't Care - Jadakiss

Funkmaster Flex "The Mix Tape, Vol. 4: 60 Minutes of Funk"
Still just happy to be here, y'know? Funk Flex, Volume 4, let's do it [Jadakiss] Uh-huh, uhh.. Two thousand, what, what, yo I be the K-I double to the death and that's that If niggaz half nice, then that mean they half wack Aqua blue Viper, whyn't you try to pass that With bitches that'll snipe you where you buy your hash at I even give daps to niggaz I blast at And y'all gon' give me my ASCAP, or get your ass capped I take the clip out, and hit you with the back of the gun Then put it back in and shoot you in the back if you run Call me Jada, I love to clap the shit out a hater Give my lawyer seven then give him another three later Cause you know it cost a hundred to beat it And I lost plenty fights, but my gun is still undefeated Cause I'm tryin to be around like Boston Baked Beans Gave so many samples out, that it's hard to shake fiends Since a young boy, I was taught to mind my neck And since a grown man, I was taught to sign my checks And I don't want drama, but if you do I'm killin your children Go to any project in the world and chill in the buildin Hit me later, I think not, I keep the glock And drive around with no coat cause my seats is hot Fuck buyin a Range, if I ain't with my son I'm gettin high or either with my niggaz, at the firin range While y'all clown niggaz keep jokin, and get treated like ashes I clip y'all off and keep smokin [Chorus: repeat 2X] I don't care who you with, or who you get Or what you got, all of that'll get you shot Everybody in the world know Kiss is hot Everybody in the world know Kiss is hot [Jadakiss] Ay yo, I got a lotta shit on my chest and niggaz wanna put more on it; so I gotta put on my vest You got grazed in the head so that mean you was duckin Seen my shades by your bed so that mean I was fuckin While you was out frontin, I was in, nothin for nothin All in ya honey, walkin 'round countin ya money Holdin ya stacks, in the closet loadin ya gats Feedin ya curs, skeetin all over ya furs Right before yo' ass come home I'm peelin the tar And have the shorties like, Damn, Jay willied the car I'm like God, cause y'all can't touch me or see me But y'all know I'm there and y'all know that y'all need me New five wagon, with the old Bebe's And I'm an old G so I listen to old CD's My rocks is so rippy, if you was watchin arms in a party you won't skip me I'm like a nigga in jail waitin so come get me But if the job ain't done quickly and done swiftly you catchin one-fifty Cross your face, then I bang you in the stomach And make sure I go in your pockets after you vomit If that ain't good enough, I'm a light things up Cause they love me in the hood, I'm like the ice cream truck Nigga, this is to the general public When you hear the name Jadakiss nigga, ain't nothin above it Fuck it [Chorus]

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