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LIL' FLIP lyrics - Undaground Legend

Haters Still Mad

Original and similar lyrics
(feat. Big T, Lil' Ron) [talking] Uh, Lil' Flip, them hatas still mad Man look, Big T [Chorus: Big T] Why y'all haters still mad I said I don't know why baby Cause Screwed Up Click acting bad Cause Screwed Up Click acting bad [Lil' Flip] You might see me in the benzo, sitting on Lorenzos, blowing on some endo It's five o'clock so I'ma drop my top, and let down my window I'm candy paint with DVD's and Playstation 2 I got a mic with a crown on top that say R.I.P. DJ Screw But I'ma hold it down like it's no cigo', make this Screw shit coast to coast I can't be stopped like a locomotive, M-P-C H-P eighty rolling My paper folding like laundromats, S-P-S black Cadillacs E-S-1's cause cataracts, Gucci suit with the hat to match Like Fat Pat I'm on chrome, my Prime Co. on roam Sold out shows at the Astro Dome, y'all ain't know my money long Y'all money gone cause we changed the game, and came with tighter flows I wear expensive clothes got plenty hoes, cause nigga that's all I know Like shopping sprees and credit cards, two ways and cellulars Smoking blunts and pulling broads, everyday I'm switching cars But I'm a superstar like Denzel, but I ain't gone win a Grammy I sold a hundred thousand now I see why niggas can't stand me [Chorus] Why y'all haters still mad I said I don't know why baby Cause Swisha House acting bad Why y'all hating the way y'all do Why y'all haters still mad I said I don't know why baby Cause Screwed Up Click acting bad Cause Screwed Up Click acting bad [Lil' Flip] All these cars I got to flip one, all these rims I got to whip one All this wood I got to grip some, Texas boys off the hook huh Chain and charm with two my chain, project corner with too much weight Sleep day time and work at night, making cash is my life Sipping Sprite and breaking mics, winning money shaking dice Hitting licks and shaking vikes, you want three chickens pay the price Bubble light on foreign wheels, iced out grill'll make me chill Peanut butter in my Seville, buy a pint and pop a sill [Lil' Ron] Buy a pint and I'll pop a sill, and my blaze chop like a south-mill Y'all hatas mad cause we in a Jag, and that Iceberg got us dressed to kill How you feel cause I'm fired up, pour me up another cup It's S.U.C. and Swisha House, and them big faces we fold up Lil' Ron make you hold up while I take a trip with Lil' Flip Blow'd get you wide up and it'll make your ass run off a cliff Kenoe got the track throwed, we making hatas hate us bad I'm a Rosewood thug that keeps my pants sagging [Chorus] Why y'all haters still mad I said I don't know why baby Cause Swisha House acting bad Why y'all hating the way y'all do Why y'all haters still mad I said I don't know why baby Cause Screwed Up Click acting bad Cause Screwed Up Click acting bad

Just Anotha Crazy Click

THREE 6 MAFIA "When The Smoke Clears... Sixty 6 Sixty 1"
(feat. Insane Clown Posse, Twiztid) [Violent J's Intro] I choke... nope... thats wack hold up. I stab you with an umbrella, then open it cause I'm sick like a diseased Ethiopian Alright Hold Up!!!! Wait a second listen! I peel your cap back with a cannon ball I buck 'em all fuck 'em all we standin' tall woooo.... Three 6 Mafia, Insane Clown Posse, and Twiztid! [Juicy J] We used to... we used to.... We used to rob for them petty things, like a gold chain no a motherfuckin pinky ring, now it's cocaine If you see me on the dope train, I'm the dope man Cigarettes in muh right hand, ready to make a stain Old folks scared of eye-gain, at the window pane they be lookin' wit a migraine while I catch a drain and you know it's a fuckin' shame when you in this game tryin' to sell to a sprung lane I control ya brain [DJ Paul] Now do muh niggas bust glocks fuck wit us Big C It's the ¿buggaz of the boat, bust a trick make 'em bleed through his neck through his back nigga cover them hoes ain't no mess goin' be workin' when you twirkin' with some pros Automatic rep a carrier challange on the barrier, hang 'em in the closet kidnap the treasurer, bandanas on our face we wilin' out like some cowboys hoe we need the g's and I'm talkin like NOW BOYS! [Chorus: Gangsta Boo (repeat 2X)] We just anotha crazy click Doin whatever to get us wild when we pumped up You outta luck bitch I aint gon' lie, put ya guns up Show 'em who really runnin the streets with the calicos [Monoxide Child] We the click that don't play... quik to rip ya head off and hand it to Violent J and bury it away I'm on a spree killin for free without a conscience bitches we on a mission to bomb shit! Twiztid, ICP, with the Triple Six Click Hoes that pop lip, can eat a dick, or get ya neck slit I'm havin' these memory relapses of bodies up in the caskets with no heads Monoxide foolin' wit tha dead! [Jamie Madrox] We rollin deep on the lawn with the psychopathic leathers on You say it's on so come bring it on We gettin crunk at your funerals treat us like we criminals We juggalo individuals!!!!! We just anotha crazy click... ICP, Twiztid, Triple Six! All up in this bitch and we runnin shit We doin drivebys on all y'all wit chainsaws here I come redefined, rugged and raw! [Chorus] [Violent J] We just anotha crazy click to fuck around and bury ya Takin care of ya we the scrarier than malaria I walk around your neighborhood like Frankenstein chokin' anybody I find I'm takin mine [Shaggy 2 Dope] Ya muthafuckas can't get near it, cause ya fear it look in my glass eye, I'm sick like Lou Gherig I don't know Judo but I go 'Kheeya!' I'll fuck you up so bad a wheel chair couldn't see ya! [Violent J] Listen... You hear that slut That was me! pullin' this stick out ya butt! I'm a juggalo serial killa, steady screamin' 'Fuck y'all!' I stab bitches wit a chain saw! [Shaggy 2 Dope] We walk around Compton & Watts, beatin' scrubs up and right in Tim Dog's face I throw the dubs up we tearin' clubs up down South wit D .. Three Six y'all.. Twiztid.. and I.C.P.

Chop Me Up

JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE "FutureSex / LoveSounds"
It's going down Tennessee Justin Timberlake Timbaland Three 6 Ma-ma-mafia Tennesse VA Dirty south Dirty south It's how we do what we do, man, when we do what we do [Justin:] I know you see me looking, girl go on and act right A little closer, let me see you in the spotlight Now turn around and let me see just what ya curved like Go grab your friends and y'all can come to the back, oh-oh Why don't you take a sip upon this champagne Relax, take your coat off, and let me get your name I love that hour-glass shape you got upon that frame I like the way you talk your game we might be one and the same Now I know you got a buzz off that alcohol I got a house that can entertain all of y'all Maybe later on I'll give you a phone call I'm 'bout to slide out, but I'll get back at ya, oh-oh And when I call don't give me the run-around I ain't gonna have you tryin' to play me like a silly clown Don't second guess it, girl There ain't nothin' to think about 'Cause you got me feigning, but girl you don't hear me Little lady You got me just (screwed up) Off of your melody Little lady C'mon and don't (chop me up) Please don't make a fool of me Little lady You got me just (screwed up) Off of your melody Easy baby C'mon girl don't (chop me up) Please don't make a fool of me [Timbaland:] You're kinda cute Baby, are you new in town? My name is Tim Aka Thomas Crown I heard you're lost Do you know your way around If you gotta problem baby I can hold ya down I can be your navigator or your compass Better yet a genie baby make your first wish You the party, baby I'm just the guestlist I think I need some Tylenol You got me restless So grab your friends And let's take it back to my house Let's watch Sex and the City or Desperate Housewives Simon says touch yours while you touch mine (parental discretion is advised) Oh-oh Y'all can be the star in my spotlight Studio 54 if we get the props right All we need right now is a little bit, a little bit of act right Y'all looking shy, but ya act like y'all don't hear me Little lady You got me just (screwed up) Off of your melody Little lady C'mon and don't (chop me up) Please don't make a fool of me Little lady You got me just (screwed up) Off of your melody Easy baby C'mon girl don't (chop me up) Please don't make a fool of me [Three 6 Mafia:] See girl you stronger than the strongest drug I ever had You could mix 'em all together you still be twice as bad 'Cause you the worst best girlfriend I ever had Harder to kick than cigarettes and green bags Harder to escape than jail cells and bills You had me lost since the Philly girl with Pigtails. Like Michael Jackson, "how you do me this way?" Got me cryin' rivers like Timbaland and Timberlake, yeah They call me Juicy J straight up out the Three 6 Mafia Ghetto fab player on these streets I'm tryin' a holla at ya Quit playing games girl you got my head spinnin' 'round I ain't gonna chirp your mobile phone and chase you all over town I just want to pick you up and take you to a wrestling match Is it good? Is it good? And have a little smack fest So if you never call me I'll be somewhere down in Tennessee Washing away my sorrows in a cold cup of Hennessy Little lady You got me just (screwed up) Off of your melody Little lady C'mon and don't (chop me up) Please don't make a fool of me Little lady You got me just (screwed up) Off of your melody Easy baby C'mon girl don't (chop me up) Please don't make a fool of me Screwed up Chop me up Screwed up Off of your melody Chop me up Please don't make a fool of me

Out To Get Me

KING LIL G "King Enemy"
[Hook - PJ The Gator:] Oh when I'm rolling in the streets What do I see? I see reflections in the mirror Plotting on me Seems everybody is out to get me Trust no one but me It's hard to separate my family From my enemies [Verse 1:] With all these haters Now it's hard for me to focus on The good life When I come from where the roaches crawl Frisco bens - tattoos And my head was bald Everybody killa Who wants it? Just bring it on I can't explain it My hood is like a family I felt pain in my heart Rest in peace shaggy Tears going down my face Me & my brother solo in the regal Loading up the k Surrounded by the biggest gang Much love to my ogs Folsom & pelican bay Kato we all miss you Straight rider Nobody could fuck with you Young dopey I love em like a brother That's my loyal soldier We gon' ride for one another I hope you get out soon I got plans Let the haters talk While we advance [Hook] [Verse 2:] This muthafucker is acting funny now He wants to betray me Reminds me of my ex bitches Acting all shady My ex-homeboy is mad Cause I rap and he raps And now he's frustrated Trying to get on the map How the fuck is it my fault? That no one is feeling you Trying to make up excuses On all my million views My homies don't notice you Bitches ain't in to you I bet you hope I say your name In one interview You cross your fingers But it won't happen Your father should of taught you Oh that's right You're a fucking bastard Have some respect for those who helped you Can't you see its obvious The streets have never felt you Cause you fake & you fucking plastic You think you rap sick Never had shit Never fucked a bad bitch Stop saying I'm your rival Admit it muthafucker I'm your idol [Hook]

Taste Of Pastry

Cuban Link
Sing! All u gotta do is sing! (Ooo ooo oh) Micheal Jackson..who could sing! But he ain't the most masculine fella in the world.. (You're my pretty lady, baby yeah) [Chorus 2x]'re my favorite lady You make me go so crazy For that taste of pastry [Verse 1 - Cuban Link] Baby u makin me crazy The way u shake ya waist got me hasty To get face-to-face and jus taste the pastry Lately, u been waitin for that tongue massage A one-on-one under the stars in my summer lodge Pardon ma, but from the start I was guilty as charged We was gods wit no regards jus strictly menage-es-trois At the bar puffin Cuban cigars playin my part As a deeper heart wit the streets smarts to read ya thoughts But its hard cuz ur different, ur far from a pigeon u my princess The vision which got me switchin religions It's tradition, u even hit the kitchens witout bitchin Theres nuttin missin, u perfect like Roger Clemen's picture So ya wish is my command, give u kisses on ya hand Takin trips to foreign lands, can't no competition stand Here's the plan, we can skip to Cancun Now who da man? Catch a tan, while we bangin bodies on the sand, understand [Chorus 2x] [Verse 2 - Triple Seis] Yo it's a dream, ask more why she don't go for beams? Baggin heavy, so she ready for dat loco team Ya man Queens a ho, after-show From the trizz spendin all her dough thats how it goes Don't ya know, profession a true thug Who will eat the choch, beat the choch and leave u wit a new buzz If u cuz my squad is reppin, its hard to check em You makin it hard thats why the god is sweatin Wanna taste u, lace u and embrace u Lemme show u how Triple Seis do A lil tongue lashin, make u cum laughin Pick up ya thong cuz its on in the Bronx fashion Think I'm cute? Wait 'til I finish the chooch So smashable, start gassin u for my TS crew So where my east coast riders at? (what what) So where my west coast riders at? (yeah yeay) [Chorus 2x] [Verse 3 - Prospect] Shorty I'm right here, I be the thug that u lookin for Prospect and u kno I'm baggin it raw Gimme one minute and watch her pants sag to the floor You kno wat happened before, in the back of the door Its hard to tell wen we type wildin those Security tapped the door, we on silent mode Musta been too much excitement for us to contain People heard us next door tryin to fuss and get played Mad cuz they wasnt crushin the same, doin it up I'd still cock back and bust two in the gut They call million-plex shit, had me lovin the sexin Left the room and ya tear usin the Lexus Flags over the shoulders either way I see textures And gestures, got me comin back for extras [Chorus 4x] (Take off yo clothes, meet me in the bathtub, I wanna taste yo lovin)

Sorry Bonita

JOEY BADA$$ "Summer Knights"
[Verse 1: Dyemond Lewis] It's all illusions, fixed gear cruising Fixed reality shrouded from governmental pollution I ain't a saint, the holy ghost up in my aura rebuked it It's the era of indigo and they go with the preachin I ascend as the seasons, go on and I vanish Cause I notice I'm slowly becoming way more imbalanced A king with the crown, firm grip on the chalice Solid gold angel coming back to burn down this Babylon Has told many tales, his flows you could sells Mastering wind elements, I move with the gales [Verse 2: Chuck Strangers] 'Cause I'm a socialite in the night, bitch get right enable I'm boxin yo dorm, Put my Nikes on the coffee table My tongue's below her navel, she makes it where her skills enable Seals my hands on her extremities, we're choppin up these remedies Came in between her and I We leave it to the constellations like should we continue relations? I think not cause all I do is smoke pot And make beats, and yo ass just want back shots [Verse 3: Dirty Sanchez] Smoker's club, Michael Jordan how I'm killin 4 quarters You stashin' the trash, hoarder Yo girl startin to bath water, it's Dirty And that's not an introduction, it's nutchin Dirt on my shoulders, like Hova My niggas turn boulders soft, that's the shit that me and jovid saw uh And now it's like Pro Era in stores All my niggas opening doors, All my bitches is braless, flawless more or less Balance was the key, more action less speaking Everybody wants a piece Peace Check (Peace) Yo [Verse 4: A la $ole] When I release the flows I goes over yo dome far The nigga to represent the barrio, we hold bars I shine further, you sons get in the bogard You gotta pick yo road, give it a go, keep the point gawd Better with the regis my mind, they manifestin Beast coast, yea we the pros, you don't wanna mess with We leave you breathless, don't second guess the best who blessed it Less than yo adolescence when I speak my progression Bring it down baby Bring it down baby, uh [Verse 5: Kirk Knight] This is what I asked for, asked for Chillin at my backdoor, back off, mine tweakin on bath salts Confuse my intelligence, maybe I'm irrelevant So eloquent, being riders with a elephant The higher rank tryna pull a trump card When I try and do the things, I deserve all respect Intricit my amount, boy to any amount To any account, probably I gets em out uh I can see it through the pyramids I can see it through the pyramids I can see it through the pyramids I must admit, I must admit [Verse 6: Dessy Hinds] The mental state of a nigga that was scheduled for great Following schedules, never scheduled for break But still embrace he'll put ya' neck in a brace; Regular days went to getting paid regular Respectin the Era where the Era's been ascendin up Got all types of fans that's always sendin us love And ex girls that I loved I now offend with a glove And stay deeper, pistol head in the buck 'Cause Mr. Hinds always gotta float to let the people know that nigga head is above Regular sea height, cause they 3rd eye never seen height Cause only this Brooklyn street light gave me shine to shine for these nights Came with the free ice to bag bodies on the beat sipes Bring it down baby Bring it down baby, uh [Verse 7: CJ Fly] Lookin for who's in charge, don't be shocked, I'm the plug Get inside like the socket, the surgeon, the sergeant Energy – I put all in I'm learning the flaw things In the storm you stand out, you can struck and stand up I know how to conduct, feelings electric Well we're connected, your buttons are pressin Can test the reception, I sent you a message Let me know if you get this, a question [Verse 8: Joey Bada$$] Seen it all in the retrospect, to retro steps Like it's '93 still, got '93 til mic skills Even got the Acro Jack Like for real there no testin, my tribe is not some Tribe called Questions My professions are not no seconds To know veterans and they meant it's a thing I'm a menace, insane, minister brain is at the minister flame Make it rain, she in pain, tell the 4th gal to drink Got my head up in my dreams Everything ain't what it be seemin' Don't blame me girl, blame my semen You got good jeans so your inseams made seamless And off top you're a genius We took a hit of of the greenest Now she have more fear on the atmosphere but don't intervene us Break her body down to the genus and so she leavin She didn't get to pick and now I see Sophia She get it's on, sorry Bonita but Sophia got a applebum Sophia got a applebum I'm thinkin I should take it home What you sayin?

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