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I Want Sex

Original and similar lyrics
When I step off in the club niggas give me daps and hugs hoes winking they eye I know one thing now they wanna fuck. I'm looking like Que been smoking everybody know Boo be choking so allI'm askin can I bust that pussy wide open can't you tell she caramel with a smile that a make you precum a dime piece who'll jump on that dick and make that beat run she's so wet so wet she make you wet so wet its sloppy sex so wet.Shaking when she cumming look at this women kissing me on my chest I'm tryin to stick it in her stomach.look lay down let me suck dem tittes caress them pretty bitches and shove it and show you then (yeah) that I'm the sickest and she so special (so special) the head up on her body make you jump up off the dres ser (ain't playin I love that head) stop playin girl gimme that cat fore you neva get a phone call turn on some Keith Sweat and let me take yo thong off [Chorus:] [2x] I want sex I ain't tryin to be mean tryin to get up in dem jeans girl I want sex (I'ma be real I'm tryin to fuck summin) Turn around girl from behind let me see what mama gave ya let me show you tricks that I learned up on the beach up in Jamacia fuck dem hatas(fuck dem hatas) can you get away for a day or two so I can show you how a playa do everybody gone be hating you with living lavish through the week Gucci dresses on your fingers you got carats let a nigga have it and beat that pussy let a nigga teach that pussy have that pussy far from rookie and she so wet the bed sockin wet my head sockin wet.Straight to the shower for a hour were I take my break. I'm santa clause and she finna ride my fuckin slay now turn it round and bend it back and let me put it in that catta when I hit holla hatta. [Chorus:] [2x] I want sex I ain't tryin to be mean tryin to get up in dem jeans girl I want sex (I'ma be real I'm tryin to fuck summin)so wet she got you wet so wet sloppy sex. Now she den gave me that pussy I think I'm pussy wopped come home from studio sessions she gotta meal cook.Rubbin my chest combin my hair smelin like red roses (red roses) she say the shit that left my spirits have a thug focus then she baby bath my water witha lil alcohol then she go and get a movie we don't watch it all she's so wet I feel her cumming down I love the way she sound she a thug now. [Outro:] Thats all I was askin you know what I'm sayin just gimme that pussy I mean we gone do it later on anyway on top of that that gone make me really show you love I mean I ain't tryin to be no dog or nothing i ain't tryin to do u wrong i wanna fuck u know so wet she make you wet so wet its sloppy sex so wet the bed wet my fucking head wet oww so wet she make you wet

Feelin' Evil

Chino XL "Here to Save You All"
Intro: Yeah To all the real hardcore motherfuckers Soft motherfuckers With the bitches that don't give a fuck! Chorus: Now who wanna diss to get they reps a little _bigger_ How many bitches wanna fuck this _yellow nigga_ You get your whole crew cut like a scissor Watch this world shake from the album I deliver Verse One: I threw a Brownstone at Brandy now she's Changing Faces Standing in my Aaron Hall I'm Blackstreet packin suitcases Goin back to Indiana, on the Subway Soul For Real, missjones is my usher in church on Sundays Clear the runways, cause I'ma make you rappers my examples Avoiding battling me like I'm Eazy-E's blood samples It's me and Carey, nah never wrote no rhyme that's ordinary Won't throw my life away on coke like Darryl Strawberry Removing you skeletal system playing your ribs like xylophones I'm nastier, leave you scraped and ashier than Larry Holmes But ladies I ain't always violent You could pump pump until the dawn, like Adina Howard Can't You See, I'm Notorious as Total get Uptown Girls in bed, like Billy Joel do Laverne and Shirle, give us any room we'll break it Remember you was wack remember Ice Cube had a jheri curl BAMMMMM!!!! Dead on your car horn chump My beat get messy as abortion on the ninth month Now who be that, slap, did iiii do that? Now Whoopi Goldberg goes Steve Urkel but I'll leave your grill The Color Purple Give you a Dogg Pound, could even Dru Down Provoke me album is weak your whole shit sound like karaoke Conversation, loss of limbs amputation Head meaning decapitation rough like Craig Mack derm abrasion Evil tendency, strong like Miles Davis heroin dependency Fuckin up lives like teenage pregnancy Chorus Verse Two: Them clowns like Will Smith got fast cars and fancy homes But I'm headstrong, I could even break Puffy Combs Some kids still doubtin and they girlfriend stalkin keep it real We'll cross that bridge when we come to that Anita Hill Now ever _assed_, will never _last_, with no ghetto _pass_ Leave you breathing hard like bitches at Lemans _class_ Niggaz are slippin when they sippin gin and tonic smokin chronic Jersey niggaz packin more handguns than Harry Connick My style is welfare, half of you bitches is on it!! Was born with a halo, when broke, I had to pawn it I stir up controversy and sell I'm like Sister Souljah So bring out bum-ass Russell Simmons cuz comedy's over The Lucci I'm worth is enough to deficit a nation With media coverage like a hostage situation (yeah and if you lovin them hoes you betta bounce back) Tryin to make that bitch your wife she fucked the whole New Jersey Drive (soundtrack) High like Stone Temple Pilots, Pearl Jams on tour Rrrraahahrra rrrarhraarah I rips it like a chainsaw Dig deep as truth go ahead and shoot your Karl Kani suit in shock absorbing tired and I'm wide like a police informant Pray with one eye open, shootin more Led than Zeppelin Dysfunctional like the Jackson's, death is my obsession You comin through with thirty cowards think you causin fear Rush lookin bust in your boosted Donna Karan gear Now fuck the po-po, beats down the five-oh Been there, done that, do it again tomorrow nigga Sometimes I vibe inside a spot where nobody else knows me Until I come hot steppin like Ini Kamoze Chorus

She Won't Let Me Fuck

AFROMAN "Because I Got High"
Hey sugar, how you doing, huh Your pretty face don't match that nasty attitude What you mean where my girl Probably with your man Can we fuck? She won't let me fuck (Baby) I really need to bust a nut (Ohh) She won't let me fuck (Honey) I really need to bust a nut (Ohh) It's so frustrating, yeah Being a man All these sexy women Don't understand Things we need to do, yeah Every other day or two Like take you home, baby yeah And make sweet love to you But you you won't let me fuck She won't let me fuck (You say the mood ain't right, uh) I really need to bust a nut (I know that pussy's tight) She won't let me fuck (Oh, give it to me, baby) I really need to bust a nut (Ohh) Her heart is still broken Her emotions are sore She's trying to recover From the man before Her ex-boyfriend He probably can't see That it was easy for him But, uh, he made it hard for me 'Cause she, she won't let me fuck She won't let me fuck (Oh, give it to me, baby) I really need to bust a nut (You know just what I need, yeah) She won't let me fuck (Girl, you eating all my food) (Girl drinking all my beer) I really need to bust a nut (You're smoking all my weed, yeah) You rub your ass against me On the disco floor I asked you for your number And you said hell no You always hang around me everyday Different women wanna kick it But you scare them away Now I get up ended When you come around 'Cause I'm tired of my organs Going up and down That sucks 'Cause she won't let me fuck She won't let me fuck (Oh, give it to me, baby) I really need to bust a nut (Don't play with my head again) She won't let me fuck (Let me hit it, baby) (Yeah, let me hit it, baby) I really need to bust a nut (Are you a lesbian) Oh, let me lick it baby Yeah, let me stick it, honey I'll give you my money Girl, you can have it all Go ahead and have a ball If you want you can take ?em both, baby In the year 2000 I see thousand Of pretty young women I found arousin' Grocery store shoppin' Magazine browsin' Many different ways To keep their hair styles in Full of boredom I walk toward 'em Get 'em close to me 'Cause I'm suppose to be Male aggressor Female impresser Say the right things Possibly undress her But that's the post game This is still the pre game Silly woman she game Baby, what's your name Even though I'm a freak I play it off like a college geek Crack a smile and politely speak With intelligent to the women I select Hoping that she don't detect My egotistical chauvinistical lust I thrust till I scream like Mystikal Yah! The wrong message I hope I'm not sendin Laughin' and pretendin' my dick's not extendin' Can't be over zealous she might discover She's walking away, bitch, blew my cover She won't let me fuck (You know I love it) I really need to bust a nut (Please don't change the subject) She won't let me fuck (We could've fucked all night long) I really need to bust a nut (But your telephone number is bone) She won't let me fuck (Girl, you got a lot to give) I really need to bust a nut (You dress so provocative, yeah) She won't let me fuck (I can see your lingerie from real far away) I really need to bust a nut (Bitch, you must think I'm gay) Aw, don't make me beg Baby, let me rub your leg Don't make me cry Look into my eyes Girl you so damn pretty Stop acting so [unverified] Let me rub some oil on your ti hahaha Yo I'm up outta here she don't want to fuck 'cuz

Watch Out

ATMOSPHERE "You Can't Imagine How Much Fun We're Having"
One little, two little, three little indie rap Headphones, backpack, watch 'em all... It goes watch out! Jack the Ripper, Jack Jack the Ripper Peace to Jack tripper and those Wellstone bumper stickers My name is Sean and I never had dreadlocks Instead I got an army full of women screaming Headshots! I guess that explains it, don't it She started to make a mark but it came apart That's what you get for tryin' to make your little sister eat the kitty litter Let's watch a rapper get bitter like the city winter What the fuck you thinkin'!? You frustrated or something? Did you have a bad week? Man, you got issues, I feel sorry for you Yo, shitting on me is so 2002 (Bitch!) Turn your mic off, and turn the lights off Whoever put your record out must have needed write-offs Who they play when the game's in a tight spot? Slug, you can find me in the A's of your iPod [Chorus] Watch out! When the crowd gets loud It could burn up the roof or make the walls all fall down Watch out! When you open up your mouth I can smell that you don't know what you're talking about (It goes) Watch out! We all love a clown But we don't wanna see you climb up out the underground Watch out! If you don't like the sound Fuck you! I'm just tryin' to put it down for my home town Cars drive by with the booming system I must be getting old cause the bass sounds ridiculous And nowadays, every body's biting Tupac So fuck it, I'ma stand over here and do the moonwalk Besides police, I've got no beef Just me, my beliefs and my bad teeth A cargo van and some Ant beets Enough rap to slap you to last week Caught between the vice and the advice Drunk, walking out in traffic just to fly kites Time out, the free-style rhyme out, my last rights Fuck a classic album, give my life 5 mics And when the smoke clears, you won't be able to suck dick Like you did as a teenage slut trick And with a mat on his grill, he asks "Who the fuck are you?" Don't worry man, someday I'ma be nobody too [Chorus] Look, I understand your hate When I was younger, I wanted to be LL Cool J Then he started making records for the girls and shit So I ripped up the Kangol and threw it away I stole moves from KRS-One A little Big Daddy Cane and some DJ Run And then we took our life and made it a song And look, nowadays Rhymesayers is on It's the B-I-G D-A double D-Y S-E-A-N He hasn't hit the rooftop to jump, guess he waitin'? For what? I don't know, but who wanna come with me? I got at least one more tool with me So criticize me, or idolize me Study from a distance or stand right beside me It don't matter, just act like I know And watch your back on the beat Or get sacked at the free-throw [Chorus]

Many Different Ways

Chino XL "Here to Save You All"
I take your mind and I smash it into plasma *gasp for air* Breathe like asthma, til your just a cadaver How fast this is, your faggot crew's a bunch of actresses My skills go back to flippin on pissy matresses Not Subroc, I catch you out like Matlock Now your name's in the Way Outdated Section next to Chubb Rock It's kind of funny, some of you cracker DJ's shun me cause I make your favorite rappers come up short like Bud Bundy I'm All in the Family, sick like Archie Bunker, fuckin eat it Your styles are cheesy like a uncircumcised penis Better jet out, brother out, your R B I first ignore ya Fuck Heavy D, cause I Got Nothin But HATE For Ya !! I'm Chino XL, now who the fuck are you? I'm laughing smashing you like a bottle of Zima Oh now all of a sudden you got emphesema? BURRNT, save that shit for rich verbatim days behind me I'm yellow as hell, but I rip more BlackSTREET's than Teddy Riley I'm not environmentally concious so fuck an Earth Day on my worst day I could kill more slanted eyes than a Japanese earthquake and in the first place, Farrah couldn't Fawcett when I lost it Give me that mic, you monkey motherfucker, you look exhausted! When I'm tipsy, cut you like Bush cut Social Security You couldn't make this crowd bounce like they one big silicone tittie It ricochets, hear my name in projects hallways Chino will amaze in so many different ways, what? [Chorus] Fuck that *cough* when I bust that *cough*, watch this I'm knockin niggaz out like they homosexual boxers Now you feel like a building when the wrecking ball hits I'M the type of nigga bitches like Brandy Wanna Be Down with Not Howard Stern but get your temper burning, make you vomit blood in slow motion like Tyra Banks go in Higher Learning Enema, comma, coma, drama, dilemma, die like Dahmer You can't see me like the Muppet Babies grand - mama I'm a barbed wire condom once fuckin with that you'll - holler My flows wet shit up like Barry White's shirt - collar And I'm smoke Bones with mad Thugs we be in Harmony But da-na-da-da-dahh-dah, just doesn't fuckin appeal to me Disgustin me like Greg Lougainis AIDS my style is full blown I'm wild like a latch key kid when his alcoholic daddy ain't home Skip the silly facts is what you really lacks, your city give me daps When Chino XL cuts you bleedin to death like hemophiliacs Testin me is heresy I'm ill as leprosy I could make Farrakhan grow dreads (BO BO!) and do the pepper seed Spilling blood, similar to Exxon Valdez strike like a boa constrictor Pain I inflict ya made ya scream like Little Richard Battle me, no more props, no more fan mail admiration You DIE, no time readin that for dramatization You got your contract now you dissin me -- when you barely own yourself like the Adams Family electricity Bow your head in praise, the crowd sways when I hit the stage Chino flips a phrase in so many different ways, uhh Chorus Projecting my East coast semen all over ya (they be cloning ya) I'm leaving em starving like they from Cambodia (nice knowing ya) I'm telling ya fuck your cellular fuck your SkyPager None of that can save ya when I SLASH ya with my rusty razor In need of dry towels, my eye scowls, White Owls I split ya Reposing like an Arthur Ashe before and after picture My crew stay high like astronauts, this yellow bastard rocks Still representin Jersey to the fullest -- Down at Fraggle Rock! So now I rips again; leavin rappers whimperin Makin my impression left in ears like discarded syringe Cinematogrophy showin slides of your autopsy, no fair I'm turning your whole projects into Tiannamen Square Not number five like caps bust inside of Tupac's side Rap side, not Pharcyde, burn your eyes like hydrogen peroxide You better dodge this God that's lookin like DeBarge Disgusting like an old white woman's medicinal discharge, swingin my fist hard, causin viral spinal menengitis, when the slightest vinyl coincides you risk dying to my violent twist The Tin Ma -- if I only had a heart! I wouldn't make all y'all niggaz sit in the backseat like fuckin Rosa Parks I represent them niggaz that make you one healthier while you represent bad niggaz like Denzel in Philadelphia I ruin more brothers with skills careers than Don King, yo yo B stop the track here the phone is ringing I hear the phone ringing *phone rings* Yo?

Not Tonight

LIL' KIM "Hardcore"
I know a dude named Jimmy used to run up in me Night time pissy drunk off the henny rimmy I didn't mind it, when he fucked me from behind It felt fine, 'specially when he used to grind it He was a trick when I sucked his dick Used to pass me bricks, credit cards and shit Suck him to sleep,I took the keys to the jeep Tell him 'I'll be back,' go fuck with some other cats Flirtin', gettin' numbers, in the summer, hoe hop Raw top in my mans drop Then this homey Jimmy, he's scremain 'Gimme,' Lay me on my back, bustin' nuts all in me After ten times we fucked, I think I bust twice He was nice, kept my neck filled with ice Put me in Chanels, kept me out nice Cold suckin' his dick, rockin' tha mike It was somethin' about this dude I couldn't stand Somethin' that coulda made his ass a real man Somethin' I wanted, but I never was pushy the motherfucker never ate my pussy [Chorus:] I don't want dick tonight, eat my pussy right Uh, uh, uh, uh Lil' Kim, Lil' Kim, bring it to me now I know a dude named Ron Doo push a Q Had a wild crew on Flatbush and Avenue U Had a weedspot, used to pump African black He used to, seal his bag so his workers wouldn't cap I used to see him, in the tunnel, with fuckers at dawn Whisper in my ear he wanna get his fuck on I dug him, so I fucked him, it wasn't nuttin' He wanted me to suck him, but I didn't, I aint frontin' The sex was wack, a four stroke creep I jumped on his dick, rode his ass to sleep He called next week, askin' why I aint beep him 'I thought your ass was still sleepin.' He laughed, told me he bought a new Path Could he come over right fast and fuck my pretty ass I'll pass, nigga the dick was trash If sex was record sales you would be double plat The only way you seein' me is if you eatin' me Downtown taste my love like Horace Brown Tryin' to impress me with your five G stones I give you ten G's nigga if you leave me alone, screamin' [Chorus] The moral of the story is this You aint lickin' this, you aint stickin' this And I got witnesses, ask any nigga I been with They aint hit shit till they stuck they tongue in this I aint with that frontin' shit I got my own Benz, I got my own ends, immediate friends Me and my girls rock worlds, some big niggas Fuck for car keys, and double digit figures Good dick I cherish, I could be blunt I treat it like it's precious, I aint gonna front For limp dick niggas, that's frontin' like they willy Suck my pussy till they kill me, you feel me [Chorus]

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