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LIFER lyrics - Lifer

Not Like You

Original and similar lyrics
why do you insist that you are right and i am wrong i know i'm no jesus christ but i'm no different than you what if i was everything you wanted would you still point and laugh me i cried once but never again not again i am not like you so you don't like me i am not like you you are so resistant never listening to anything other than what's familiar unfamiliar with everyone else what if i was everything you wanted would you still point and laugh me i cried once but never again not again i am not like you so you don't like me i am not like you what if i was everything you wanted would you still point and laugh me i cried once but never again not again i am not like you so you don't like me i am not like you i am not like you so you don't like me i am not like you


DINOSAUR JR. "Your Living all Over Me"
Not an innocent I bleed my place That settle turning smirk That's always fixed upon my face Walking weakness Hope I die without a sound I'm that little boy With my feet nailed to the ground I know I'm guilty My stomach always hurts Milking your attention For the little it is worth I'm turning browner every day I'm really turning down a stay Tired of your little van I've been around too long Tired of walking Talking with me Edging me along Well, I detest your patience I know you've always known You know that I'm a thief It's so great to be alone Alone (That's that) [Static, Static] I don't care It's lie, I wound I'm a stupid baby Hope it breaks in two [noise] Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus is Christ Jesus Jesus is Christ [noise] I don't see I don't feel Like every little moron I think nothing's real I don't care It's lie, I wound Darling, skip the faith That only breaks in two [noise] Through a dozen layers And there's no evil here Only this great power We misunderstand So please relax Take a pain Laugh out loud When you forget your name Jesus laughs Take the pain Laugh out loud When you forget your name It doesn't live There's no evil here These great powers We misunderstand Tell you about everything Tell you about everything (Go) (Go) (Now)

Psalm 23

Cross Movement
Chorus: The Lord is my shepherd and I shall not want · He gave me life so I'mma stay on point · I've got the Spirit so I don't get drunk · We're pumpin' Jesus in your trunk. · Verse 1: There goes the bell well it's on word is bond now I'm rippin' it · Fillin' cups up with living water, got you sippin' it · I be the one that serves you dinner from the Scriptures · You may or may not be a sucker, but I'm gonna get ya · Hit ya with the word of God that's how we rock the nation · You hear it and catch the Spirit of intoxication · Drunk in the Spirit's how my whole crew puts it · Look at us walk the straight and narrow and avoid the crooked · Ruff and tough, with out the afro puff, · It's the supernatural stuff , all about His blood like we're Dracula · With spectacular spiritual vernacular · Like the concept of the hypostatic union comin' smack-atcha · I know it's deep and when you peep you'll find it's dense · Jesus both God and man 200% · Toss it, nah, we take the good news and floss it · So the world thinks we drink or mentally we've lost it · It's not that in fact it's just the opposite we're droppin' it · Fully cognoscente He rules ain't no stoppin' it · So like a vulture we swarm on your head · The holy culture who be droppin' bombs on your head · We're glad when pagans label us as madmen · Cause we're the will be's for the Christ, not has beens · Life's no joke so even if you fight hard · You'll drown in your sin if you don't meet Christ the life guard · You kick a different stroke like Willis and Arnold · In warfare you'll be steppin' but your weapons won't be carnal · But of course it's divine to pull down a fortress · Repaint the picture of Christ and make Him gorgeous · The Lord just rocks me---huh---what can I say · Sin, that's a price a rapper can't pay. · · ¦ Repeat Chorus ¦ · Verse 2: Man is used to seeing Jesus in His lamb ness · But they don't understand this Lamb is running every single planet · More than just a Lamb this is more than just a man dyin' · From Zion, behold the resurrected King, the Lion · Check the majesty, bad as He is we happily · Go down to the ground without being forced to by gravity · We're glad to be prostrate, bowed down is my state · Without pape's I'm still richer than milk chocolate · You can ask the Jews about the power of Yahweh · And if He gets busy like a rush hour highway · So much so they'll have a feast in a moment · From the unleavened bread to the feast of atonement · Amazing, check out the flag that we're raisin' · Man enough to be caught standin' up praisin' · Jesus the I Am, cause my man's creation · Should all be giving up a standing ovation. · · ¦ Repeat Chorus ¦

New Awakening

Mortification "Mortification"
Eradication of disobedience The lake of fire for the dying soul The crucifiction brings true remission Eternal life the eternal goal Christ descended and took the keys Enthroned majestic God's right hand The great comission children of God You eyes on Jesus you of faithful witness Are you willing to learn Rise up people with power Are you ready to burn With fire from on high I won't choose pleasures of sin For a short time I won't betray the sacrifice That Christ made for me No excuse to enter the state of sin I will not turn away Satan's name exposes all he is to be Reprobate with no authority There is only one name by which you may be saved That's the name of Jesus Christ You must realize death is the result of sin Seek God's forgiveness seek it down within [John 9:25] [Luke 10:18] [Hebrews 11:24-26] [Romans 11:14] [Cor 15:21] [I John 1:9 10] [Luke 12:4-5] [Romans 6:22-23] [Romans 6:15-18] [Col 2:13 14 John 14:6] [Zech 3:2] [Eph 1:19-23 Romans 6:23] [Matt 28:16-20 Acts 13:38]


CITY HIGH "City High"
City High, Booga Bassment Here come another one, uh I know things ain't work out for you and me But don't worry 'bout my child Cause I'm gonna take care of him baby But I can't keep coming around breaking you off Cause it breaks my heart when we make love And ain't no love involved [1] - Why should we screw If we can't get along What's the point in gettin' it on You know that it's wrong When all we do is sweep it under the wrong What's the point when we touch If we're no longer in love This makes no sense to do what we do Cause baby I've been moved on And I know you got someone knew Said we promised each other we wouldn't make this a sexual thing Cause it feels good, while we bang But when it's over You know we be fighting again [Repeat 1] Why - tell me why it seems to be The only time you work with me Is when we're between the sheets When I'm working your body That's when we get along But when you put your clothes back on We're back to the same old song We got it all wrong [Breakdown] [Repeat 1 till end]

Acoustic #3

GOO GOO DOLLS "Dizzy Up The Girl"
They painted up your secrets With the lies they told to you And the least they ever gave you Was the most you ever knew And I wonder where these dreams go When the world gets in your way What's the point in all this screaming No one's listening anyway Your voice is small and fading And you're hiding here alone And your mother loves your father Cuz she's got nowhere to go And she wonders where these dreams go Cuz the world got in her way What's the point in ever trying Nothing's changing anyway They press their lips against you And you love the lies they say And I tried so hard to reach you But you're falling anyway And you know I see right through you Cuz the world gets in your way What's the point in all this screaming You're not listening anyway

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