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Levellers lyrics

The Road

Original and similar lyrics
Well its headlights, and white lights, and Black Tar Rivers They're dragging me around this country as it withers The billboards, signposts, standing in the way Tell of the state of the nations, that we find today And we play and we play and we play To every day, every day To every day And in the front rooms of old towns far from the city With beaten up guitars and hearts full of pity The people gather round singing songs from everywhere They're torn from the nation, left without a care CHORUS And we'll rid the bloody world for a moment in a word And we'll rid the bloody world cos The words that you heard when you were young will always stay The one's that always stay make the world go away Warm night, clear sky, European town Outside the bars singing their hearts out to a crowd With open boots, violin, banjo and a voice The exiled buskers are happy with their choice CHORUS


Fish "Internal Exile"
(Dick/Simmonds/Boult/Usher) I watch the TV every night, I stay awake by satellite, I hope and pray the nightmares, Stay away today. An oily shroud on a coral reef, A black cloud's hanging over me. When I hit on the remote, The programmes stay the same. Credo, credo, credo, credo. An assegai slick with sweat and blood, A shotgun barks at a rabid dog, A shallow grave hugs a highway, Beneath a bleaching sun. chorus: Credo, credo, credo, credo, It don't mean nothin'; it don't mean nothin' It don't mean nothin'; it don't mean nothin' to me. When cancer sucks a young girl's breast. When a company chains a young man's soul When the coal dust stole My grandad's breath away. (chorus) A tattered tramp tacks a windy wynd, To close a crowded circle a brazier's light, A man becomes a mountain, in the falling snow. A mother screams and a baby cries. The memory gone before the blood has dried. A needle pricks the conscience, To help it fade away. (chorus) The more you scream, the less you hear, Or that's how it used to be. But I just can't tell the difference Anymore these days. The open lips of an alter[1] boy, A planet spins in a silent void, The options are ever fewer On the ground these days (chorus) [1] sic. Is this supposed to be altar? This is how it appears on the lyric sheet.

All I Do

Somethin' For the People "This Time It's Personal"
Aight now roll the track ugh yeah kick it, stick ugh astare vocals It doesn't matter, what time of the day Ask me what I'm thing about and it's you that I'm gonna say Twenty-four seven, fifty-two, three sixty-five Just wanted you to know how you stay on my mind (Chorus) All I do is think of you honey you stay on my mind All I do is speak of you honey you stay on my mind All I do is dream of you honey you stay on my mind All I do is think of you baby all the time You've got something special worthy of my love and I don't wanna let go, just keep on holdin' on Oh you got me going, thoughts of me and you And I can't help but talk about all the sexy things you do (Chorus) (And it won't stop)The kissin' and the lovin' The things you do to me you keep me satisfied (And it don't stop)Let me give you my lovin' Let me show you how much that I think about you every night (Chorus) Now now now I gotta admit you got me trippin alittle bit Cause last week I caught you 6 times in one day I was like damn, baby got me open alittle somethin' somethin' But that's good cause you got a waiste like a wasp and an ass like a hoss Feels so good, got a nigga calling you the boss To the end to the floor of my bed That's right Shit is tight like a man sittin' on dubbs That's what it was and that's what it's gonna be You know that I'm your freak Call me up any time of the week Before so I could come over there and put it down like a nigga supposed to yeah yeah that's what I'm talkin' bout (Chorus) repeat 2x's All I do is think of you honey you stay on my mind

I Dont Know How To Love Him

KEEP ON SINGING Helen Reddy (Keep on singing don't stop singing) (You're gonna be a star some day) (You're gonna make a lot of people happy) (When they come to hear you play) I don't remember mama She died when I was born We lived in a one room shanty But daddy tried to make it a home When I was only six years old I started singing in the streets People would throw me pennies So I could daddy make ends meet They said CHORUS: Keep on singing Don't stop singing You're gonna be a star someday You're gonna make a lot of people happy When they come to hear you play They said keep on singin Keep the bells a ringin Spread the music from town to town There's not enough song in this old world So spread your song around By the time I was 10 years old I had a rock n roll band Daddy's eyes were growing dim But I didn't understand He said he would be so proud of me Each time he'd hear us play At night he'd pull me to his side And daddy would always say CHORUS He didn't have much money But things didn't seem so bad I felt just like the queen of the world When I was with my dad Then one rainy April night Daddy called me to his side He held me with his tremblin hands Right before he died CHORUS CHORUS CHORUS FADE


GOODIE MOB "Still Standing"
Uh-huh, been here been real Still clear South West Y'all niggas wanna do somethin' with it Y'all niggas wanna do somethin' with it Chorus: Now from that ghetto ghetto, ghetto, ghetto, ghetto Got one foot in, one foot out... of the ghetto ghetto, ghetto, ghetto, ghetto That's why I know the things I know! In the ghetto ghetto, ghetto, ghetto, ghetto And some of my friends done died befo' in the ghetto ghetto, ghetto, ghetto, ghetto That's why I can't seem to let go Chiefton: How do you feel when you judge quick And you all up in my face and I ain't even spit Just like them folk that say they know me from my old days I know you wonderin' about my spirit and my old ways! You hearin' me spittin' the piece of mind, got you froze in time Playin' catch-up with yourself I'm on another level, and you can say I'm dead wrong Even if you stay home They gotta fight because you livin' in a war zone Head strong Can't leave it 'lone till they get and they gone So now I'm stylin', my momma 'bout to travelin' He be hangin' with them monsters and they smilin And my babies' coughin', thinkin' they have TB And they neva call him daily in that wee-wee So what I find is to eliminate the problem Befo' they cause problems Befo' we have problems 'Cause you thought you had it sewed up Until that green house grew all of a sudden Sho' nuff, it showed up Now you didn't know he had it in him The venom It fits the test and I'm gon (win) him Then the ride, can't be cryin' got it steady now You need to find out, there ain't no time-outs You can't sign-out, better than whine out Don't drop the gun 'cause the street is gettin' packed now Just let cones bang the ground, don't you back down! For it's the fate, that brought you to this place now So let it guide you and take you to that touch-down And stay ground, so that you can stay proud 'cause one in, and one quick CHORUS T-Mo: I got these jokers with their eyes red drinkin' too much, got dead I make you shout it if you's in the 'burbs Herbs beware. It's from the one that data compare logistic, chicken biscuit This Winter, he will forget the cold through a song And my (party wrong), and my weak is strong just kept his back turned, yearned for destruction bustin' microphones blessed the unprotected soul lettin' go, call him too much will get you off for sure watch () () top plate what's gon' save you from the hands of (why) when them guys gone, and you (bet) home in the ghetto Gipp: They trappin' him off within then Look at the fonky red'ead Done flipped them all as dead Paint wet, now I'm set Fight the shit, watch it hit Block lot, Neighborhood charcoals and that old (mark-o) After dawn, on the porch (Got gone), mind blown Fashioned like, Niggas sold, new or old It's gettin' sold in the ghetto CHORUS Cee-Lo: Now from the go child my name is Lo God done gave me this vision quite some time ago He taught me shout it when you (talk chance the blow) You preach that real shit 'till you can't doubt no mo' Now wait a minute y'all, I am the one That ride the rhythm from midnight to the morning sun I do it for the freedom, finance, and forever fun Now revolution of the mind has already begun Now just a second y'all It got to be For every thought is fulfilled in the prophecy I'm supernatural and there is no stoppin' me Even the ghetto is still God's property! C'mon Khujo: Ever since you was a youngster the devil been Over your soul, like this one-eyed monster Ain't no in between you either off or on Never pass judgement But the feeling is mutual Pass the hog mog, tryin' to drown me After years of gravel You promised no rest to (blow) in weeks I know you ain't choppin' in the next man footprints Wobblin' like a duck Stuck, crawlin' out the same hole me don't promote no mysterious behavior (Pimped) and be dead I used to flow, my high school goal It come through in the ghetto! CHORUS

Century Plant

Outside my house is a cactus plant they call the century tree Only once in a hundred years it flowers gracefully and you never know when it will bloom CHORUS: Hey, do you wanna come out and play the game? it's never too late (2x) Clementine Hunter was fifty-four before she packed up the pain Old Uncle Taylor was eighty-one when he rode his bike across the plains of China (uh-huh) And the sun was shining on that day just like today CHORUS: Do you wanna come out and play the game? it's never too late Hey, do you wanna come out and play the game? it's never too late Didn't know how to tell her for all the thirty years kept locked up inside himself and no one saw the tears and then she went away and he woke up that day now he brings roses to his sweetheart she lives most anywhere he sees someone suffering he knows that despair he offers them a rose and some quiet prose 'bout dancin' in a shimmering ballroom 'cause you never know when it will bloom CHORUS: Hey, do you wanna come out and play the game? it's never too late (5x)

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