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Levellers lyrics

The Riverflow

Original and similar lyrics
I met you in 82, over a crate of beer and not a few I cracked a can and so did you, we're gonna change the world The ghetto Kings of downside town-the estates and parks of our hallowed ground Doing anything that we found, and on the river flowed You'd take a drink from the Rev. Jimmy Jones You'd cross the street on the path the gunman roams Thrown aside and left to waste, that was you-you knew your place Wander round, get off your face, and on the river flowed On and on the riverflow-we the undertow CHORUS On and on the riverflow-we the undertow I don't know how you made it through all the smoke and brew you do It sure has left its mark on you, but you're still with us today Life goes onand round we go and words can kill these things I know Sometimes you cut me deeply so, but on the river flows You'd set the table for the barber Sweeney Todd You'd clip the wings of any rising god But man can't live on hope alone, it can be cut, all that is grown Broke your spirit but not your bones, and on the the river flows CHORUS You're working now-forced to the race I know it left a bitter taste But the rising tide has covered your face Nothing you can do But I still remember the day you said That river flowing through my head Would take me far or leave me dead And all you said was true.

Left 2 Right

NATURAL "Keep It Natural"
(All) Na, na, na, na Na, na, na, na Na, na, na, na Na, na, na, na (Ben) It happens every time I see you Something I just can't explain My heart stops, skipping a beat 'Cause baby I wanna dance Every time I see you smiling I hear music everywhere My heart stops, skipping a beat 'Cause baby I wanna dance (J) Can't you see, what you do (Marc) Now I only wanna be with you, oh… (Chorus) (Ben/All) To the left, to the right This girl is out of sight I'm going up going down You make me feel so light Spinning round and round So high above the ground Girl you keep me up all night You got my heart from left 2 right (All) Na, na, na, na Na, na, na, na Na, na, na, na Na, na, na, na (Ben) I can picture us together Moving, grooving to the beat Kissing, dancing all night long To my favorite song (J) Can't you see, what you do (Marc) Now I only wanna be with you, oh… (Chorus) (Ben/All) (Rap) (Ben) From left 2 right (All) From side to side (Ben) Up and down (All) Round and round (All) Oh (Ben/All) Can't you see All the things That you do I just wanna be with you (All) Na, na, na, na Na, na, na, na Na, na, na, na Na, na, na, na (Chorus – repeat three times) (Ben/All)

River Of Happiness

Chorus: Somewhere a river of happiness flows We'll sit on its banks while the warm breezes blow Somewhere there's a garden where only love grows Somewhere a river of happiness flows Dry your eyes, don't cry no more We'll find a place where there's laughter and joy So take my hand and don't let go Come with me and together we'll go Repeat Chorus We'll walk in the sunshine We'll laugh and we'll sing And dance to the tune that our happiness brings Come go with me to this place I speak of Together, we'll find it, this place is called love Repeat Chorus Tag: Somewhere a river of happiness flows

Souls From The Streets (1994)

JEDI MIND TRICKS "The Psycho-Social, Chemical, Biological, And Electro-Magnetic Manipulation ..."
[Verse 1] My mathematical powers devour cowards as I spra words Like acid rain showers, nations, you can't face them Erase them or I praise them, as my mind excites the wind Like spirits of ill concensions, time will clash On ya cipher, lyric concealed behind whirlwind fire Or flood, draw blood from wack souls as I smack hoes Live concensive, or yes 'em, it's damage That my sintex causes, is irrepreble Cuz vanity of my insanity force ya whole click to be divided You have just bear witnessed to dub side united [Verse 2] Who do you love? Bugs, styles and fresh And numb somes of soul, witchcraft The clutch is the archer's mode, and sure plot Of device, we shot twice, after the same arrow Rush through life, it's off this slug Advise me with words from death, and new com battles Far time left, and pure shot plug that way You marathron, let me down to grace the plate Full stagnant, touch I, but revamp the squad Gettin' loops, saviate on contact [Verse 3] The triflyn four fists, sparks another spliff Bodies left stiff, you can't fuck with my ruggedness My gunshots is leaving niggaz on they asses Smoking all the canibus, like the weed savage Rip dimensions and it matters, take an L You no challenge, I blow up, ya muthafuckin' brain cells And leave you legal, the slang tongue spigel Cocks back the fifth, teflon starts to seek it Criminals on a move, set a threat Sip the moet, and let off the twin techs to ya muthafuckin' chest [samples] [Verse 4] I speak double-double, cause double trouble never do I rumble On a rule, my microphone sever clones It's beyond binocalurs, sence the moody, six chromosomes I'm no more less, no need to flex the evil, trip with the clip I got the 6-1-0 flow, and 0 and 2 is my zip Yo, so call me out in Philly when you down to flip No frill skills, or freestylin' when y'all wildin' I broke cats all the way live, on Velly's Long Island I visualize cream, tech's scrap with infered beams Stash keys, and tease, lickin' back so y'all can My click of criminals, flippin' confortable My pockets full of benjamins, fool surrending When I'm blendin' in, dub side invincible Imperial, for lyrical tactics I react with signs to get ya ass kicked Indeed the face of evil, is the face told by me So I proceed to bleed my people, niggaz say I'm too cerebral Lies, dub side, flippin' perfection through your section Sanity's slippin', whose the next victim to catch a bless [Verse 5] Set a threat, I rip the mic and run race like an auto practice I inflect this verse leavin' heads in they casket Watch this nappy headed villain, brutal torture is illegal I back down clowns with a four pound, as I defeat you Insert the lyrical slugs, that straight's very A nickel plated verse I spit like a hollow tip steady Constantly, drop ya wack back with fire weapon This adolescent, keeps a clip full for street protection Ain't nothing complex about the way I cock my biscuit I set and threat it, bust that tech son, it's not explicit Exquisite, in divine rhymes I drop like jewels The mic I abuse when I choose to break fool [samples] [Verse 6] With this course, I force many emcees out the galaxy Challenge me, I rip apart flows with analogy Now with me, got that establish and wrap ya cabbage with styles You can't manage to damage or even fathom the mental capacity Cuz I harass these wack emcee's, in degrees I splatter universe, and mountain casaulties In the dark, my squad sells, blowin' ya conscience My assumptions, ethotical, unstoppable, anthological I pull the trigger with mystical, my poetic Rip fanatics up, and rich with the sinical [Verse 7] Coming back from the city of Atlantic, it's the hispanic Causing mad panic, with fat static for ya addict Automatic, I stick shift quick if you test me Left the ciphers, layin' lifers, seen in one spot and attended That you get ya crews bruised in black and blues Put ya name and age on the front page, of the newspaper I drape my hood up on my carriage, damage faggots Quit the habits, feedin' on emcee's on maggots Inspect ya gadgets, my style switches cause I flick it Return the mic, fixin' stitches, cause I ripped it [Verse 8] I can't stand like a maniac depressin' That's been submerged in subterrarian eutopia Why's the mansion that I'm representin' Is the feel competitin' in suburbs Which has regenerated the etaric That kicks the subterric poetry on this plain of obscurity One element, top lyricist Intellectin' with, d-u-b squad of imperialist With an innevator as the dictator So we can see you, liver clues with side and system views Heads emulate but can't duplicate, cause this side Can't be tugged, yo, one love

Elective Surgery

Dr. Octagon "Dr. Octagonecologyst"
Verse 1 First patient pull out the skull remove the cancer Breakin' his back chisel necks for the answer Supersonic bionic robot voodoo power Equator ex my chance to flex skills on Ampex With power meters and heaters gauge anti freeze Octagon oxygen aluminum intoxicants More ways to blow blood cells in your face React with four bombs and six fire missiles Armed with seven rounds of space doo-doo pistols You may not believe, livin' on the Earth planet My skin is green and silver, warhead lookin' mean Astronauts get played, tough like the ukelele As I move in rockets, overriding, levels Nothing's aware, same data, same system Chorus Earth People, New York and California Earth People, I was born on Jupiter x4 Verse 2 Now my helmet's on, you can't tell me I'm not in space With the National Guard United States Enterprise Diplomat of swing with aliens at my feet Comin' down the rampart through beam on the street Obsolete computes, compounds and dead sounds As I locate intricately independent Economic rhymer got savoury store food In Capsule D my program is ability For a reaction and response to a no-one Identification Code: Unidentified I got cosmophonic, pressed a button, changed my face You recognised, so what? I turned invisible Made myself clear, reappeared to you visual Disappear again, zapped like a android Face the fact, I fly on planets every day My nucleus friend, prepare, I return again My 7XL is not yet invented Repeat chorus Verse 3 Space Ranger, contact tubes, send synthetics I program one and go to Earth through the fax machine My number's Seven-Oh-Nine Seven-Five-Five Six-E-L-Three Computer File: Nine-Three Digital level, standing on the terminal Upside down through polygons fightin' pentagons Changin' blue skin, my brown colour's comin' back I'm psychedelic this time, come in rainbow Look at the green lights and y'all see my brain glow Five colours: yellow, black and red and green...purple Repeat chorus

A Bunch O'fairies

Dolls Toy
Kick his head, smash his face do a bunk with his brief case Shoplifting for a lark, walk on the grass in the park In the restaurant loads o' nosh, stuff yer face leave no dosh We are skint but we're alright, a different burglary each night No little blue light, there's not a copper in sight no more.. CHORUS: You can commit any crime you please You won't get nicked in sunderland, the coppers are softies They hide when there's a thief or rogue at large When they get hit they run tell the sarge... a bunch o' fairies Rob a bank, get some bread or be a pickpocket instead A torch a swag bag with a crow bar, gettaway in a stolen car Break in to the town hall, spray graffiti on the wall If you're drunk and disorderly, then Sunderland's the place to be You won't get me, down werside contabulary CHORUS...(guitar bit) Run Buck naked in the street, there ain't a bobby on the beat Raid the local jewellery store, no one to stop you break the law The bobby's get sore, but there's no constables round here no more CHORUS

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