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Levellers lyrics

Dirty Davey

Original and similar lyrics
(Nick Burbridge) Dirty Davey's down the front and he's met the coppers there They'll be taking you in cos they hate your skin And he's dragged away by the hair CHORUS It's a kick in the head and a prison bed And you tell me it's the law Well Davey's out on two weeks bail and he's down the town to score When it all falls in and he's pinned by the chin And they'vve rusted every floor CHORUS Davey's down the old grey squat And he's lying with his lass When there's a brick through the pane ANd he's out on the lane With the bailiffs and the glass CHORUS The court comes up on Monday morning and Davey's in the dock He can't stop his tears when he gets two years And you can't turn back the clock CHORUS Well Davey's had it up to here Banging his head on the wall So he tied his pants to the prison bars And he's hung till he's clear of it all CHORUS There's a law for the rich and a lwa for the poor And a law for Dirty Davey His body's gone but his soul lives on Here's to you Dirty Davey Corrupt, corrupt from the bottom to the top And you tell me it's the law ------------------------------------------------------------------------------


Mad Caddies
Well the first time that I went out on my own I was a young man almost 17 right down to the day Well i packed up all my things Grabbed my bag and kissed my mother And I told her that I'd be back someday So I jumped into the back of and eighteen-wheeler head north Destination didn't even ask With the wisdom that my father gave me Ringing in my head so clearly Son this world's gonna kick you in the ass Chorus: I wanna go there and I'm not scared Our time's just begun, oh yeah Life goes by so damn quickly for me Wanna have some fun Now looking back on all the days gone by I sit and wonder what it would be like if I'd never went away Would I see the world the way I do The memories that brought me to This place that I now call my home today (chorus) Life goes by so damn quickly for me Wanna have some fun So beat my head (beat my head) Whwn I feel the whole world falls apart In the end I'll be alright Well the first time that I went out on my own I was a young man almost 17 right down to the day Well i packed up all my things Grabbed my bag and kissed my mother And I told her that I'd be back someday (chorus) Life goes by so damn quickly for me Wanna have some fun

Odd Job Man

HARRY CHAPIN "Legends of the Lost Found"
Chorus: I give part time help I'm the odd job man I can't do what I want So I do what I can And I'll tell you now So that you will understand You get just what you pay for from the odd job man One day this dude drives in the station And I slide out to the pump And he says, I need some odd jobs done Can you get off from this dump? Well I can always use some extra bread So I nod and take the job When he says Clean up before you come I do not hire slobs Now you can see I'm not no fancy pants But everyone has pride And especially since this lovely lady's Sittin' by his side Still something keeps my trap shut And I nod again Alright And he gooses his Mercedes And he squeals off in the night Chorus Well I find his place next morning It's more a palace than a pad And it kind of makes my pick-up truck Start looking pretty bad But the same lady swings the door back And before one word is said She leads me to his trophy room Where he sits with his stuffed heads He's got this list of jobs for me to do While he's out of town And he says I'm too damn busy boy The way I move around Well I start to figure prices when he says It's time you learned, When you're dealing with a gentleman You get just what you earn Chorus I set to work that weekend And I'm fixin' up some stairs When I feel that someone's watching me And I see SHE'S standing there And she says I like to watch you work You have such supple hands She says Can I help you? and I say Baby you CAN !! Well she looks me in the eyes boys I admit I looked a little lower That's when she starts breathing faster And I start working slower You see when you have a helper With her attitude and grace You start puttin' lots of extra hours Workin' 'round the place Chorus Well a month had too soon come and gone With my odd jobs all done When who should pull up to the pump But the long-lost prodigal son And he says Here's a hundred dollars boy Pulls the bill off from his wad And he starts to hand it over Like a gift come straight from God! I say That's just a buck an hour sir ! He says That's what I pay for jerks Now I admit that almost blew my cool But I staggered back to work You see most times when it's said and done There's justice to this life 'Cause what that man had done to me I'd done to his wife! Chorus

Party For The Fight To Write

ATMOSPHERE "Lucy Ford: The Atmosphere EPs"
* intro: This is one of those songs you can clap along too... [Slug] Hides the eyes beneath the bill of the cap Walks amoungst the flies that hover over the mat He lies, but only when there's a reason Mentions life by the tragedy, the comedy, the season Poor at handling and managing income Got enough love to pass around and then some Been done, that there a name you can trust Read the whole match book and put a flame to the brush Good with packs, and rips up sacks Put the show in biz, try to give what you get When you let him run free with the thought Pull the line in, try to see what you caught I ain't all that bad, but I ain't all that great I Went back to the lab and began to mutate Wait. I still look the same, still got the same dumb name Ain't a damn thing changed But if you like surprises, I know of a party Where they all dance around to your heart beat Bring your own agenda and embrace your flaws Lets put a face on this common cause chorus: And he said some got pencils and some got guns Some know how to stand and some of them run We don't get along, but we sing the same song Party for the fight to write, and write on Stay gold Pony Boy, stay true outspoken Make a record Mr. Gangster and get 'em all open The theories, the stories, the truths, the myths Its all therapy, on top of turntablists This indutry's big, so big in fact (and fat?) We can all get some, and we can give some back And if its done correct, we'll make more than noise So pick it up, and pick me up when you're bored with the toys As a child Hip Hop made me read books, And Hip Hop made me wanna be a crook And Hip Hop gave me the way and something to say And all I took in return is a second look Son, you're shook, cuz ain't no such thing as half way there Gettin' good at actin' like you just don't care The circle of life trying to make it square condition And self sit still And Still.. where have all the sheep gone Burnt down the farm and turned the TV on John Coltrine, Marvin Gaye and Bob Marley all get invitations to my party chorus And if I spent anymore time inside my head I'd probably need some leather straps attatched to my bed And if I go another day without eating a meal I'm gonna show you what it means to keep it real And if they keep shootin' guns up and down my block I Swear to God I'll be the first one to call the cops And if I gotta hear that song ever again You gonna have to share some of that beer my friend They mistake me as happy-go-lucky Just another base-head bobbin' nobody But from where I stand, they sould like spies Fillin' all the children's head with lies Well alright, get your money right But right now tonight I want you to pick a side So when you got your power and you got your chedder Let's get together soldier over throw this hold and make these roads better Bring it on.. he said bring it on (right now) Ain't nothin' but a party y'all... lets get it on chorus

O'Malley's Bar

Nick Cave "Murder Ballads"
I am tall and I am thin Of an enviable hight And I've been known to be quite handsome In a certain angle and in certain light Well I entered into O'Malley's Said, 'O'Malley I have a thirst' O'Malley merely smiled at me Said 'You wouldn't be the first' I knocked on the bar and pointed To a bottle on the shelf And as O'Malley poured me out a drink I sniffed and crossed myself My hand decided that the time was nigh And for a moment it slipped from view And when it returned, it fairly burned With confidence anew Well the thunder from my steely fist Made all the glasses jangle When I shot him, I was so handsome It was the light, it was the angle Huh! Hmmmmmm 'Neighbours!' I cried, 'Friends!' I screamed I banged my fist upon the bar 'I bear no grudge against you!' And my dick felt long and hard 'I am the man for which no God waits But for which the whole world yearns I'm marked by darkness and by blood And one thousand powder-burns' Well, you know those fish with the swollen lips That clean the ocean floor When I looked at poor O'Malley's wife That's exactly what I saw I jammed the barrel under her chin And her face looked raw and vicious Her head it landed in the sink With all the dirty dishes Her little daughter Siobhan Pulled beers from dusk till down And amongst the townfolk she was a bit of a joke But she pulled the best beer in town I swooped magnificent upon her As she sat shivering in her grief Like the Madonna painted on the church-house wall In whale's blood and banana leaf Her throat it crumbled in my fist And I spun heroically around To see Caffrey rising from his seat I shot that mother fucker down Mmmmmmmmmm Yeah Yeah Yeah 'I have no free will', I sang As I flew about the murder Mrs. Richard Holmes, she screamed You really should have heard her I sang and I laughed, I howled and I wept I panted like a pup I blew a hole in Mrs. Richard Holmes And her husband stupidly stood up As he screamed, 'You are an evil man' And I paused a while to wonder 'If I have no free will then how can I Be morally culpable, I wonder' I shot Richard Holmes in the stomach And gingerly he sat down And he whispered weirdly, 'No offense' And then lay upon the ground 'None taken', I replied to him To which he gave a little cough With blazing wings I neatly aimed And blew his head completely off I've lived in this town for thirty years And to no-one I am a stranger And I put new bullets in my gun Chamber upon chamber And I turned my gun on the bird-like Mr. Brookes I thought of Saint Francis and his sparrows And as I shot down the youthful Richardson It was St. Sebastian I thought of, and his arrows Hhhhhhhhhh Mmmmmmmmmmmm I said, 'I want to introduce myself And I am glad that all you came' And I leapt upon the bar And shouted out my name Well Jerry Bellows, he hugged his stool Closed his eyes and shrugged and laughed And with an ashtray as big as a fucking really big brick I split his head in half His blood spilled across the bar Like a steaming scarlet brook And I knelt at it's edge on the counter Wiped the tears away and looked Well, the light in there was blinding Full of God and ghosts of truth I smiled at Henry Davenport Who made an attempt to move Well, from the position I was standing The strangest thing I ever saw The bullet entered through the top of his chest And blew his bowels out on the floor Well I floated down the counter Showing no remorse I shot a hole in Kathleen Carpenter Recently divorced But remorse i felt and remorse I had It clung to every thing From the raven's hair upon my head To the feathers on my wings Remorse sqeezed my hand in it's fradulent claw With it's golden hairless chest And I glided through the bodies And killed the fat man Vincent West Who sat quietly in his chair A man become a child And I raised the gun up to his head Executioner-style He made no attempt to resist So fat and dull and lazy 'Did you know I lived in your street' I said And he looked at me as though I were crazy 'O', he said, 'I had no idea' And he grew as quiet as a mouse And the roar of the pistol when it went off Near blew that hat right off the house Hmmmmmm Uh Uh Well, I caught my eye in the mirror And gave it a long and loving inspection 'There stands some kind of man', I roared And there did, in the reflection My hair combed back like a raven's wing My muscles hard and tight And curling from the business end of my gun Was a query-mark of cordite Well I spun to the left, I spun to the right And I spun to the left again 'Fear me! Fear me! Fear me!' But no one did cause they were dead Huh! Hmmmmmmmmm And then there were the police sirens wailing And a bull-horn squelched and blared 'Drop your weapons and come out With your hands held in the air' Well, I checked the chamber of my gun Saw I had one final bullet left My hand, it looked almost human As I raised it to my head 'Drop your weapon and come out! Keep your hands above your head!' I had one one long hard think about dying And did exactly what they said There must have been fifty cops out there In a circle around O'Malley's bar 'Don't shoot', I cried, 'I'm a man unarmed!' So they put me in their car And they sped me away from that terrible scene And I glanced out of the window Saw O'Malley's bar, saw the cops and the cars And I started counting on my fingers Aaaaaah One Aaaaaah Two Aaaaaah Three Aaaaaaah Four O'Malley's bar O'Malley's bar

All The Young Dudes

DAVID BOWIE "Bonus Tracks"
Well billy rapped all night about his suicide. Said he could kick it in the head when he was 25. Speed jive. Don't wanna stay alive when your 25. And Wendy's stealing clothes from Marks And Sparks. And Freddie's got spots from ripping of the stars. From his face. Funky little boat race. The television man is crazy. Saying we're juvenile delequent wrecks. I need TV when I got T-Rex? Oh brother you guessed I'm a dude now. CHORUS: All the young dudes. Carry the news. Bugaloo dudes. Carry the news. Well Billy's looking sweat cuz he dresses like a queen. But he can kick like a mule it's a real mean team. But we can love. Ahh yes. We can love. And my father's back at home with his Beatles and his Stones. He never got it off with that revolution stuff. What a drag. Too many snags. Well I drunk alot of wine and I'm feeling fine. I'm gonna raise some kind of bet. Oh man, is this concrete all around or is it in my head. Brother, I'm a dude now. CHORUS.

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