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Levellers lyrics

Another Man's Cause

Original and similar lyrics
Gunshots shatter the peace of night Just another fire fight for the people of this little town But for the dying soldier, well, he's feeling ten years older as he's lying face down on the ground All the words that are in his head and all the words his mother said as she would put him to bed back home CHORUS: Your daddy, well he died in the falklands Gighting for another man's cause And your brother he was killed in the last war Now your mother, well she's lying home alone Every day she sees your face on the picture on the fireplace with your brother as he was leaving school Then a day came five years ago you said 'mother, I need to know' and you spoke the words your brother spoke before 'I've seen the things my daddy's done and I've seen the medals that he's won and i know this is what he would have wanted For me' but CHORUS Now she wonders at it all Just in his name did these brave young heroes fall And how many more are gonna answer the call They're gonna fight, fight and die in another country's war They're gonna die for religion, they didn't believe in at all They're gonna die in a place, they should never been at all Oh, never been at all 'Cause CHORUS (2x)

My Hometown

Charlie Robison
Well, i had a buddy back in '81, And we made ourselves a pact. We were headin' for the new pipeline, We were never comin' back. Well we worked 80 hours making time and a half, But La Grange was too damn hot. We drove back home at the end of that week And we spent it all on pot. Chorus: So I'll see you in Houston, If I ever get out that way, I'll see you in dallas, But I wont have long to stay, If ur ever out west son, And ur feeling like slowing down, I'll see you around, Around my hometown. Well, I played ball every single fall, I could run just like the wind. Went to college like they asked me too But they didn't ask my friends. Don't think I seen a single classroom, But I drank a lot of beer. My buddies still love to listen to me when I talk about that year. Chorus: Now I got myself a little band, And we're pretty good I guess But I never learned how to wear my hair, And I never learned how to dress. So I'm leaving for the last time honey, I'm never more to roam. Gonna pack my bags a little heavy this time gonna head my ass back home. So I'll see you in Nashville, If I ever get out that way. I'll see you in Austin, But I wont have long to stay, If ur ever out west son, And ur feeling like slowin down. I'll see you around, Around my hometown. I'll see you around, Around my hometown.

Proud To Be Canadian

Arrogant Worms
Our fair country, Canada, is north of USA. Our Maritimes are lovely and our prairies give us hay. Oh, you might think you Yankees are better than us Canucks. Well, we don't need no microchips inside our hockey pucks. We know that you've got Disney World, and you keep it very clean. Well we don't have Bob Dole, but we can drink when we're nineteen. We may watch your TV shows for hours and hours and hours. We'll give you Alan Thicke, but Shania Twain is ours. Chorus: We're proud to be Canadian. We're awfully nice to strangers, our manners be our curse. It's cool in many ways to be Canadian. We won't say that we're better, it's just that we're less worse. Your beer's not too tasty and your weather can be beat. We all fly south in the winter time to escape the snow and sleet. We're pleased to say that we've enjoyed all your southern charms. But we get sunburnt when we exercise the right to bare our arms. (Chorus) Alanis Morrisette she is our latest pride and joy. She used to sing about high school dances and chasing after boys. But now she is fed up and about as angry as can be. She's got one hand in her pocket, and the other's on guard for thee. (Chorus) (repeat) Beers are not enough

One Of These Days

I had a heart big as Atlanta Till I ran in to a dancer named Savannah She stole my soul away Tool my wallet and my chain Left me here standin' out in the rain Suzi Suzi man that chick was groovy Let her ride in my four door Cadillac One night while I was sleepin' ever so softly She hit the road and never did come back (chorus) One of these days I'm gonna set my ways Maybe I quit all this runnin' round Gonna find me a woman with her head on tight Maybe then I'll get some sleep at night Roxy baby what a foxy lady Loved to wear her great big diamond rings Money in my pocket boys you know I couldn't buy her toys Left me here with a load of blues to sing (chorus) Janet Janet from the boogie planet Had a body out of this world I thought Janet was for real She was gonna get me a record deal Till she ran away with another girl (chorus) Shelby Shelby Lord help me That girl come alive at night She's straight out of Californ-I-A Something bout that girl hey See her once see her every day go by (chorus)

Goodnight To A Mothers Dream

Griffith Nanci
Flippin' bottle caps through the ring around the moon All alone on a Saturday night with the stars in bloom I am a vision of my mother's dream come true Built this house out in the hills All by my own will I've got love enough for two But it's just me and this old moon (chorus) And the sailors on the water ...They all want the captain's daughter They want her beauty and her youth To grace their bow out on the sea Me, I'm getting older and I'm plain As plain can be Got a bank full of mother's dreams Maybe mother just didn't see That love would be the only thing Her daughter would ever need (bridge) Oh, I am the heart not taken The one thought not worth breakin' I am the late blooming rose With only her mother's dream to hold On this less travelled road Who really knows ...Maybe the hearts not taken Are truly made of gold I'm gonna flip one more bottle cap up at the moon I've got an early call with so much work to do But, when I go inside I'm gonna let my back door slam Mother, to tell you the truth I would trade your dream away Just to hear some loved one say I love you, too (repeat chorus) (tag) Say goodnight to the moon I'll say I love you to the moon... And to my mother too 'Buenos suenos' to the moon

Slow Jamz

KANYE WEST "College Dropout"
(feat. Twista, Jamie Foxx) [Luther Vandross] Are you gonna be Say that you're gonna be [Jamie Foxx] Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh... [Jamie Foxx - Chorus] She said she wants some Marvin Gaye, some Luther Vandross, a little Anita, will definitely set this party off right (Are u gonna be, are u gonna be, are u gonna be, are you gonna be are you gonna be, well well well well well) She said she want some Ready for the World, some New Edition, some Minnie Ripperton, and definitely set this party off right (Are u gonna be, are u gonna be, are u gonna be, are you gonna be are you gonna be, well well well well well) [Kanye West] I told her to drive over in your new whip Bring some friends you cool with Imma bring da cool whip Then I want you to strip See you is my new chick So we get our grind on She be grabbin, callin me Biggie like Shine home Man I swear she fine homes Why she always lying though Tellin me them diamonds when she know they rhinestones She got a light skinned friend look like Michael Jackson Got a dark skinned friend look like Michael Jackson I play 'Ready for the World' - she was ready for some action My dawg said you aint no freak, so you got to prove my man wrong I'm a play this Vandross You gon' take your pants off Imma play this Gladys Knight Me and you gon' get right [Chorus X2] [Twista] Got you lookin at the gliss at my hands and wrists While i'm layin back smokin on my canibus When it come to rockin the rythm like Marvin and Luther I can tell you aint no messin with Kan-man and Twist From the Chi and I be Sippin Hennessy Play some R&B Tryina smoke a B Lookin properly Feelin on a G And always (Well Well Well Well Well) Come with me and sip on some Evelyn Champagne You aint know Twista can work it like the Whispers Hit the stop light, get into some Isaac The rims still moving so I'm bumping a little spinners While I'm Smokin on a B Dippin through the streets Bumpin R&B And I got to leave something to the 23's And I do it (well well well well well) When my earth and the wind smoke a fire Let me when get your sheets wet listening to Keith Sweat Put you in a daze for maze Fullfilling our every temptation slow jamming having deep sex You ready for the world girl Come on over make me touch you all over your body baby don't say no to me An every moment you controllin' me I'm lovin the way you be holding me when I be listening to Jodeci And when I come over and bend your ass You be bumpin Teddy Pendergrass I'da hit it from the back to the melody to roll it slow Now I gotta go up in it fast, but imma finish last No matter how much of a thug you see I still spit it like it's R&B, so to the club with me And with some Luther come on and hope you finna and stilla be in love with me [chorus X2] [Twista] Baby drop another slow jam And all us lovers need hold hands And if you aint got no man hop up in my Brougham I keep it pimpin like an old man You gots to roll with the plan Cuz after that then I Take it to the dome Then I got to bone Stay up in the zone Got to get you home Gotta run up on And I do it (well well well well well) Baby drop another slow jam And all us lovers need hold hands And if you aint got no man hop up on my brohem I keep it pimpin like an old man You gots to roll with the plan Cuz after that then I Take you to my home And we could get it on Disconnect the phone Just to get you goin' Tryina make you moan And I do it (well well well well well)

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