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Lethal Bizzle lyrics

Lethal B Diss Wiley

Original and similar lyrics
Its lethal a bizzle Biggest boy on the flows And I got dam nigga tryin a copy my flows And I got dam nigga tryin a copy my clothes And I got dam nigga tryin a b like me (like me) Ok rite now you'll see Hears a chair im guna show you how you do it properly A nigga wanab jay z Ok im guna back you out like jay z Yo listen up yo Suck my mum ok I got phase But why say that when you're mums got aids See there she's cumin to her vary last days See her walkin down the road Bald patches in her braids in (her braids) No biggy jus one of those days (those days) Leathal b ya feel waist haze (waist haze) Im the one who wears all the oneaways (oneaways) Its the clause of the biggs you pase Yo every single verse is a one line fell Woolly kat your losin it I fink its time to let it go No more ideas so you wana take my flow No more ideas put your album on the radio Yo this is my flow and I mastered the flow Everybody no le for tha g for the flow Everybody no im the big man on the road rite now Sco boos wife in the hole but Wooly kat ma chase knifes in your mouth Tell ure girl im ready when she wants to cumin down south This time guna go back to her house This time guna bust worse in her mouth This time guna an I mite give her sum go This time guna get a Bombay roll OK rite now get a Bombay roll Then I took off her top like were ya tits go Wat you doin ya girls got no breast man Wat you doin sort out the little a cup Wat you doin no bum don't even serve no little screwin Face fuckt up like mike blaw Wat you doin Woolly kat Wat you doin R kelly Wat you doin Mighty mo Wat you doin Garry glitta Wat you doin Tiger Wat you doin Gun man Wat you doin So get it Wat you doin Wat you doin And no don't wana take dis to the road Cause wen you see me blud your off on your toes Pup pup run run every body knowz Tiger no I will tiger your nose But let me know wen you wana take it to the road and I know that ne time I see you on the road and I know ne time I


[Shaggy 2 Dope:] Right Here Is All for you [Chorus:] (This is) This is all for you All for you (All for you) This all for you All for you (This is all) This all for you All for you (All for you) This all you All for you As my fools keep rollin' I'mma keep strollin' Shraight to your neighborhood Sippin' on my 40's Screamin “Oh, lordy” Times in my life I could 1 mile, 2 mile, 3 mile, 4 Smokin' blunts in the window Bangin' with some hoes Man, ya'll can't know Ain't no room for your folks I'm yo Ghetto Neighbor Representing for sure When I'm rollin' with Killa I grip the RV There's a nation around the world I'm back to the D As I slip into character Ain't no need to front All alone in the closet Man, smokin' a blunt We are the Road Fools This is how we roll Fridgerator full of beer And fat sacks to smoke Going place to place I mean state to state Barbeque's in the parking lot Fix me a plate [Chorus:] (This is) This is all for you All for you (All for you) This all for you All for you (This is all) This all for you All for you (All for you) This all you All for you [x2:] This is how we roll This is how we roll This is how we roll This is how we roll This is how we roll This is how we roll Doin', doin', Doin' it all for you 6 in the morning Tour bus truck stopped Pushin' eggs, some showers, Some lizards in the locks Head, hell yeah The fuck you talkin' about Road fools heading out No doubt My name is shittalka I love to talk shit This is all for you Ain't no need to get pissed All the poor to the people that's feelin' my groove I talk a lot of shit Cuz you a mother fuckin' Road Fool! [Chorus:] (This is) This is all for you All for you (All for you) This all for you All for you (This is all) This all for you All for you (All for you) This all you All for you See you at the instore tours and more Or the mall while I'm buying dress shoes for court Representin' my family worldwide Because we all stand together with pride (Much luv!) See you at the instore tours and more Or the mall while I'm buying dress shoes for court Representin' my family worldwide Because we all stand together with pride (Much luv!) [Chorus:] (This is) This is all for you All for you (All for you) This all for you All for you (This is all) This all for you All for you (All for you) This all you All for you

Sweet Dreams

JOEY BADA$$ "Summer Knights"
[Verse 1: Joey Bada$$] First I wake up, wake up, thinking of a plan to get my cake up, cake up Cause I can't pay the rent with school papers I need two acres and more I know how it feel walking out the door pockets out of dough Out it doe, be on the flow We smoking endo, but we out doe, adios My audio getting me that Audi or the range rov Mahogany colored clothing, my hog in the road Drive slow, cruising down memory lane before I hit the streets Have my melody playing, creators just lie with my [?] Had her between guys, I think I'm married to Jane I remember the days when I'd forever complain That's way before they started paying, I was in pain Sick in the brain like I never met a physicist yet Only lyricist on my metaphysics intellect [Hook:] Sweet dreams, stuck in the 90s 90s babies it's a matter of time Sweet dreams my nigga, I wish you sweet dreams my nigga Sweet dreams, stuck in the 90s 90s babies it's a matter of time And time's not rewinding, yeah [Verse 3 Joey Bada$$] Been on my grind, I keep it 50-50 That's 100 on the real, no balance scales, still trippy Where I live it's either you know talents well and sell records Or know talent, well we still sell for the record Somehow the rap game reminds me of the trap game In fact is the exact same, and these tracks is my crack caine And if you listening then you a fan Our music is the kill like some vaccines I'm exotic to the core so stop asking Got the blueprints to the game, but I read it as king There's 47 ways to get this green One is being an enslaved being, the other dreams Red pill or blue bean, I can't sit still I'm too lean, nigga Brush my bill on [?] Niggas on my tail now that I blew green [Hook] Track 6 on Sum

4, 3, 2, 1

LL COOL J "Phenomenon"
(feat. Canibus, DMX, Method Man, Redman) [Redman] Hahh [Method] hah [Method] Yeah [Redman] yeahhh [LL Cool J] Make it butter [Redman] I'm gonna Bankhead bounce! [LL Cool J] No doubt [Redman] Aiyyo watch yo mouth! [Redman] Aiyyo, one two three four five six seven Blaze the hot [LL Cool J] trizack that sound like heaven Seven six five four three two one My mon Meth-Tical come and get some [Method Man] Playin my position, hot Nixon This one, for all the sick ones, confliction Posionous darts sickening, best believe finger itchin with two broke legs, now I'm trippin on MC's cliche, shot that ricochets start trouble bust bubbles, hip to wicked ways Gotta love me, G-O-D no one above me Look good but fuck ugly, tap your jaw from my Punch Buggy sunnin you Got you shittin in your last Huggie, runnin who Fuckin punk, get a speed bump comin through A single shot make your knees knock, respect Wu [Redman] Aiyyo I put it on a nigga, shit it on a nigga Turnin Christian to a certified sinner The bomb I release, time pent up (explodes) While you got set up I was hittin your ex hoe Shit I kept low, petro' your metro Politic, keep the chickenheads gobblin Shit I'm drivin in, come with funk halogen Terrorize your city, from the spliff committee Kick ass till both Timberlands turn shitty Gritty, smack the driver's head in the chin see When I approach rappers be takin notes I drop like I shoulda invented the raincoat Absolut, I love to burn to the roots I keep comin til your pour sperm from your boots Vigilante hardcore to the penis Tell you fuck you my attitude is anemic [Canibus] I'm the illest nigga alive, watch me prove it I snatch your crown witcha head still attatched to it Canibus is the type who'll fight for mics Beatin niggaz to death and beatin dead niggaz to life When you look at me long enough, I start to read your thoughts if the signal was strong enough, and then I'll call your bluff like, 'Yo, how many rhymes you got' I think I'll go on for more Milleniums than Mazda's got on the car lot And there's nowhere to run ta, when I confront ya Nigga, I call your bluff like you had a phone number Who wanna see Canibus get wild, who wanna act fly and get shot down with a surface-to-air missile I take em on in all shapes sizes and forms and spit on anybody who ain't close enough to shit on Zero to sixty I'm already doin a hundred when I'm blunted and I give it to any nigga that want it [DMX] Stay out the dark, cause if I catch you when the sun is down Run it clown, come up off that, or I'm gon' gun it down When in doubt, however skull goes, it's gon' be that See that, that shit'll finish you dawg, believe that Where we at, do your value your life, as much as your possesions Don't be a stupid nigga, learn a lesson I'm gon' get you either way, and it's better to live Let me get what's between your sock, cause it's, better to give than receive, believe what I say when I tell you Don't make me put your somewhere where nobody'll smell you And when the lights is out, they don't come back on This ain't a flick you ain't gon' come back on, you ain't that strong You knew it was wrong, but you asked for it baby You'se a pink nigga, ski mask for it baby so I can hit you up on front teeth, you think I'm sweet Want heat One deep, leave him behind, front seat [Redman] Aiyyo, one [Meth] two [Red] three [Meth] four [Red] five [Meth] six [Red] seven Blaze the hot trizack [Method] Shine like heaven Seven [Red] six [Meth] five [Red] four [Meth] three [Red] two [Meth] one [Redman] Come on Mr. Smith, come get some! [LL Cool J] When young sons fantasize of borrowing flows tell little shorty with the big mouth the bank is closed (yeah, word up) The symbol on my arm is off limits to challengers You hold the rusty swords I swing the Excalibur How dare you step up in my dimension Your little ass should be somewher cryin on detention Watch your mouth better yet hold your tongue I'ma do this shit for free this time this one's for fun Blow you to pieces, leave you covered in feces with one thesis ('LL Cool J is hard') Every little boy wanna pick up the mic and try to run with the big boys and live up to the real hype But that's like pickin up a ball, playin with Mike Swingin at Ken Griffey or challengin Roy to a fight Snappin, you ameteur MC's Don't you know I'm like the Dream Team tourin overseas For rappers in my circle I'm a deadly disease Ringmaster, bringin a tiger cub to his knees (uhh) In the history of rap they've never seen such prominence Your naive confidence gets crushed by my dominance (word up) Now let's get back to this mic on my arm If it ever left my side it'd transform into a time bomb You don't wanna borrow that, you wanna idolize And you don't wanna make me mad nigga you wanna socalize And I'm daring every MC in the game to play yourself out position, and mention my name I make a rhyme for every syllable in your name Go platinum for every time your grimy ass was on the train Watch your mouth don't ever step out of line LL Cool J nigga, greatest of all time

Doin' The Fool

E-40 "Loyalty And Betrayal"
[E-40 talks over intro] Nigga up in this motherfucker I mean I been fuckin with this motherfuckin burgundy carpet pimpin What about you pimpin, I mean I know you fuckin around with that purple bag youknowhatImean? That Crown Royal, oh boy! I mean, we got, we got a whole bunch of player-ass niggaz up in this m'uhfucker right here today We got that nigga.. E-Feezy, Too $hort, knahmean Pimp C up in this motherfucker, nigga Pastor Troy [Too $hort] Damn fool.. I hits free (free) it ain't wholesale Just got through hittin it so well, at a hotel But don't tell (don't tell) I cuss your fuckin ass out bitch Fuck yo' drunk-ass and watch you pass out bitch (beitch) And when you wake up, I tell you anything You fucked me so good bitch, you deserve a wedding ring I practice what I preach, ridin vogues and findin hoes I told her I'd buy some clothes, but I'd be lyin to hoes I ain't buyin her shit, bitch I can't do that I had to jump in my car, and call you a cab Cause I'm out.. you know I'm all about fuckin hella good Take the rubber off I'm in your mouth comin to a town (beatch) near you, real soon.. Infiltratin hoes nigga, we some real fools (real fools) And it's true, and baby girl knows it too Ask her shit, she'll tell you how I do it fool [Chorus] Doin the fool! - Ain't no love motherfucker we breakin the rules Doin the fool! - Niggaz like me ain't got nuttin to lose Doin the fool! - We servin you haters straight off the top Doin the fool! - Just to let you know this shit don't stop [Pastor Troy] Okay okay up next, oh, it's the boss, from the home of the Braves Down here chillin with E-40 cause it's time to get paid C'mon, actin a fool, cause y'all know how I'ma do She fucked me, Pimp C, and $hort too I drank no brew, it's Remi, that special kind Don't fuck with who? My nigga, you out yo' mind Fresh off the grind, my niggaz is the killers Actin a fool bout this motherfuckin scrilla No one no trill'a, but tell them, I'm down mayne Go grab my leather, and get into some gangster shit So if it's cool, it's cool.. But just that quick, I act a fool.. [Chorus] [E-40] But I ain't never been a sucker I ain't never been a mark I ain't never been a busta I ain't never been a simp, potnah I always had heart Papered up hustlin never 'posed to handcuff a beaotch, mon Pimp to the hoe, protect the trick beaotch, mon Be extra mannish (extra mannish) get some skull Purple bag, Crown Royal (Royal) Gotcha beaotch actin mannish, think she spoiled (spoiled) Mummar Kamali(?) all over her body, she used to that Potnah big 40 had it like that Cadillac (Cadillac) sittin on buttons, 32 valve The DTS (DTS) half a gallon to the mile Platinum chest (platinum chest) lite brite, love to smile What a mess (what a mess) horny fucked me on my desk Kitchen tile (kitchen tile) then she swallowed up the rest Ask me how (ask me how) a fat ass cum shot on her breast She said, It's been a while since I had sex (what she say?) She said, It's been a while since I had sex (what she say?) (she said, oooh oooh.. oh boy!)

Daddy's Home

Big Daddy Kane "Daddy's Home"
Intro: Big Daddy Kane You know daddy's home.. Yeah baby! Get them sounds up Action Alright L.G. baby make the track move one time You know daddy's home.. Uh-huh, now dig this here right Now I can remember one time I said, It's eighty-eight, time to set em straight right (word up) What we gotta do is see what we got in store for ninety-four as I continue to give you more You know daddy's home.. This is how we gonna try to bring it to you one time Uhh, and I go, and I go You know daddy's home.. [Big Daddy Kane] Peace peace y'all, don't eat grease y'all, huh A Brooklyn nigga representin the East y'all, come follow me now I get down for my crown with new found wreck and bring the noise like I'm comin to soundcheck The stage is clear for me to rock it So I snatch the mic like a Brooklyn nigga does a pocket Clear the throat, to perform the art to treat the stage like a movie ticket and rip it apart Watch the crowd burst from lyrics that I say to make the brothers get ill, and by the way Dukes If that's your girl in the corner stay up on her cause I've been watchin the morgue, then the Korean store owner (Whoo!) Mack man number one, you know how I move You'd think that I'd be shavin my rhmes, cause they'd be so smooth Mr. Wonderful and all of that gun to pull shit that you be talkin nigga don't even run the bull Cause if I roll on you kid, I do the body rude like the cops did on ummmmmm.. that Rodney dude Peep it! Chorus: repeat 4X (except last line 4th time) welcome to a new Terrordome When I come to roam you know daddy's home.. Watch out now! [Big Daddy Kane] Just like Sylvester it's still on, get it still, on, fukkit, let's move along I rip shop, in hip-hop, to sew it like a ziplock to get props, in this spot, look at me at the tip-top The kid got, to get hot, you thought that I would flip-flop or drop-drop, but ummmmmmmmmmmm.. I did not! They say, Kane you're old school out here! I said, I guess I got left back, cause I ain't goin nowhere The Kane will remain in this domain to reign again when I entertain Cause when it comes to lyrics, I got plenty black I'm so god damn dope, I sell rhymes in a twenty sack The microphone pusher man but not drug related Hip-Hop orientated, keepin you captivated Mr. Cee cuts, I linger through em, Larry is singin to em And oh me, I just bring it to em Chorus *fades out*

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