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Less lyrics - Piano Wire Smile

Lie Still

Original and similar lyrics
i am like a rat in a trap don't you fucking get near me i will bite your hand if you reach towards me you can't help me now i don't know who you are but i have these beautiful sharp teeth i will chew my leg off just to put a stop to this fucking pain i am like a clown down your street dancing keeping you happy i can distract you amuse you keep you occupied but you can't see my face under paint you don't know what i'm feeling i am walking off i'm leaving i'm getting out of this parade it's over i am like a lie in my room counting and pacing the walls i know how many bricks there are stacked up like burning witches they scream and they cry and finally escape when they die but i remain here, my jailer waiting for the day when i say it's over


SEV "All These Dreams"
The final hour is coming at hand We gotta stand with a grain of sand Through the hourglass of lies & deceit And at our feet the door defeat Which we kick down with the powerful aggression Only with my people do I have fat session So burn one for me Now if I can't make it Believe in me and your hand I would shake it Up and down with the utmost respect Any other way you better hit the deck Because the sun keeps shining I keep rhyming To the top of the ladder, yeah I keep climbing Til I reach my peak, I'll never plateau This ones for the people that came out to the shows Slow it down, yes if I can't make it Believe in us cuz you know we're gonna take it When will I ever see, That face looking back at me We spend our time alone, don't you know It's getting hard to breathe 2:30 in the morning & I'm strung out again I'm all alone sleeping in the Lion's den Well it's the miracle, lyrical, words I compose And it's a hard knock life but it's the one that we chose So I paid my dues, I took the time that it takes Freestyle separates the truths from the fakes And that's the breaks It takes time to get your game 25 years I'm finally breaking out the frame And out the frame so simple and plain Reminisce the place from where we came Went through so many phases That it amazes me so From single to Double A And now we're playing the Pro's Touring in the van thinking these are the days Having nationwide dreams, tour busses, and getting paid So we're thinking while we're drinking about the choices we made And the road that we paved for, love that needs to stay When will I ever see, That face looking back at me We spend our time alone, don't you know It's getting hard to breathe And all the memories I look back on Still accomplish nothing at all And all the dreams & happiness Were shared between a man And his woman of gold No longer can I touch your Face again will I ever be Able to feel your skin from under: Neath the ground I reach out I try to pull you in But over & over again I swear I see that face Looking back at me again

The Blue Mask

LOU REED "The Blue Mask"
They tied his arms behind his back, to teach him how to swim They put blood in his coffee and milk in his gin They stood over the soldier, in the midst of the squalor There was war in his body and it caused his brain to holler Make the sacrifice, mutilate my face If you need someone to kill I'm a man without a will Wash the razor in the rain, let me luxuriate in pain Please don't set me free Death means a lot to me The pain was lean and it made him scream He knew he was alive He put a pin through the nipples on his chest He thought he was a saint I've made love to my mother, killed my father and brother What am I to do When a sin goes too far, it's like a runaway car And cannot be controlled Spit upon his face and scream: There is no Oedipus today This is no play you're thinking you are in What will you say Take the blue mask down from my face And look me in the eye I get a thrill from punishment, I've always been that way I loathe and despise repentance You are permanently stained Your weakness and indifference and indiscretion in the streets Dirty's what you are and clean is what you're not You deserve to be soundly beat Make the sacrifice, take it all the way There is no ' won't ' high enough To stop this desperate day Don't take death away, cut the finger at the joint Cut the stallion at his mount And stuff it in his mouth


[Intro: Action Bronson] [Coughing] Smoking fucking thanksgiving turkey bags man Surgical procedures Ben Johnson You already know [Verse 1: Action Bronson] Sign my name with the feather, tap dance under the full moon Smoke and drinking liquor for the fam that left us too soon Just keep it truckin', searching all the nooks and crannies No english muffin, streets are filled with crooks and trannies Bam bam got a shooter like Lagassee Emerald green paper that I split up with my posse One hand driving, 3 gram smoking 2 fiend sucking, tea bag soaking Strength of a retard the drugs are even stronger Shorty loved the longitude, dealer bring a quarter through Over fishing make the snapper less affordable I hate when stupid bitches ask me questions that rhetorical Like "do you want to have sex? ", well bitch, it's obvious Her name was Yenta from the former Yugoslavia She grew a bush like a baby plant Still I ate, just think of it as bucatini razor clams Smuggle cheeses in a baby bag And then I serve at a private tasting I got no time for wasting Just dick is placed in the slit no type of conversation And prime rib from LaFrieda carved at the babababa Fuck, fucked my last word up cause I don't give a shit man I meant to say prime rib carved at the fucking carving station but yo [Verse 2: Action Bronson] Yo my mind is locked up, my conscious rocked up In an alley with a fiend getting his cocked sucked Plus she wearing a wedding dress a special day She said she finally met a... Fuck Yo my mind is locked up, my conscious rocked up In an alley with a fiend getting his cocked sucked And she wearing a wedding dress a special day She said she finally met a man to take her breath away Well naturally I'm jealous, because I'm lonely At times my only friends are drugs and the cannoli My dad was right I shoulda listened when he told me A walking contradiction wounds inflicted on me solely Pain within running deeper than the ocean floor Bluh bluh bluh bluh bluh bluh yo Pain within running deeper than the ocean floor Ocean avenue, the family straight from Kosovo That was years ago mum look how your son has bloomed I hum a tune and then I'm hotter than the sun in june And I'm just living my life but feel I'm drifting Demons on the doorstep, lungs that feel constricted Or maybe I should see a shrink and get prescripted Or take the hand of God but shit I think I'll keep my distance I think I'm frightened and I didn't even know it But yo, that was a thought and I'm subconsciously a poet This shit is perfect timing and I hope that I don't blow it I pop the bottle of the moet you hears from me [Unknown rapper shout outs] [Verse 3: Action Bronson] Late night I'm trying to stay out of the orez skips? Great white sharks, the 38 with tarnished tips 27 years I never met an honest bitch Slice their face like Katana and shit Through my nasal blow the smoke Basil on the boat Hookers on the half shell, hundred dollar pants Wind breaker jacket flapping like a falcon from a westward wind Play the kitchen like a mexican, next of kin Patrick Swayze... We out!

Rest For The Weary

Cool Hand Luke
Hey, it's me I'm sorry it's so late I can't sleep I knew you'd be awake You're always home Waiting by the phone For nights like these When I'm feeling all alone I wish it didn't always have to be this way I wish that I could talk to you face to face But nothing compares to the way You always listen and know just what to say Hold my hand I can't stand alone Here I am Waiting for you to take me home Oh, I just want to sing I wish that there were just a word For what you mean to me I would only say it once In hushed tones so it would not grow old But all I have Is, I love you You're my Jesus, You're my hero Everything I wish that I could be x2 You're the one who comforts me When everyone has gone away x5 I can't stand alone Here I am Waiting for you to take me home I will keep on singing becaue you hear me And I will keep on smiling because you're near me I'll sleep well in a promise tonight

I Love You Too

Count The Stars
I swallow hard, because I know that what comes next will hurt you more than me. I bite my lip to try to stop it from shaking. The teeth have broken the skin and the blood tastes cold to me, after all those nights you kept me warm. I'd hold my breath just to hear you sleep. I must admit, I saw it coming. The air between us had gotten harder yet to breathe. I'd run away if I could help it, but I can't remember to forget your face. You can say my heart has changed, but it's my will you've beaten down. I'd kiss you now, but I fear my caustic tongue would only serve to salt your wounds. You are as beautiful as ever, yet I'm starting to resent your smile. Because it's killing me to say this, but I'm dying inside to leave. It's a place we've never been. It's a waste to keep it in. It means little to you, but the world to me.

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