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Less lyrics - Piano Wire Smile

It's Over

Original and similar lyrics
i've got enough shit to put me down i don't need to see the sun again let the warmth seep into my veins i've got all night to let my body cool down you don't get anything from me you don't mean anything to me you can't see anything i see i know two that see the beauty in me if i believed a word you said i'd wear a body around my neck i've been lied to more than once when i die we'll both be dead you are being left out you are nothing and everybody else has something that you want you are still all alone you are unloved and everybody else just wants to lie to you i am still alive you will never beat me and every single day i will tear you out i feel your work in me you will never beat me your claws leave marks in me but i can make the sounds that make you go away

And God Said To Cain

JEDI MIND TRICKS "The Thief And The Fallen"
[Intro: A-F-R-O as Don Corleone] Don Corleone here to tell you about loyalty, respect and underground shit [Verse 1: A-F-R-O] The myth of a man let your bridges wither and dance Oblivious now, primitive, I'm Olympian, now it's routed in pistols Allow me to buy the album, child imbeciles And I was a coward out to intend powerful minutes for The crowd, the men, the rowdy, loudest towered sour diesel Out to seek a pile of reeking, reaching demons, wild deacons Denial deep, denial seek the child teachin' my own preachin' means And thinkin' why I'm leavin' rhymes leakin' by the evenin' Who'da thought the hammer hit ya? The Ruger spark, leave you handicapped, trapped in wheelchairs Drop bomb, calm flow forming on Important, I'm raw mob (Don Corleone) Take this offer, the vengeance refuse to Amend all you're used to, remember that you're useful Uh, and the Godfather speaks R.A. and Vinnie Paz, Stoupe on the beat Let's get it! [Hook:] You go against the family, you get buried It's R.A., A-F-R-O, Stoupe and Vinnie P Cause most these rappers nowadays is fairies And y'all could never fuck with JMT (Fuck around and catch a left and a right fist) [Verse 2: R.A. The Rugged Man] Yo, to the piano blue diablo, will do an Amadou Diallo Out the Kilimanjaro, animal, Italiano Mario Bava a giallo, I beat apollo, you eat a hollow Hole in your middle, look like a seed of avocado Life gone, I'm beyond body harm, carry an arm in my palm Leave you bloodier than Carrie at the prom Man, Van Damme kick a foe, Mantan Wigger, whoa!! bam bam bigelow, bigger flow, Riddick Bowe Summer 80's Bananarama, da ha da ha Had the hammer to Alabama to where the crackers are Animated Hanna Barbera Barbera rather Cameron in avatar Stamina like the man out of Panama, Paz and Allah Macking Mary Magdalene, Howard Hewett from Shalamar Rapping assassin like I'm back with Rawkus and Agallah Pill to a blondie, the ill Bill Cosby Ill hobby, kill the body, Ingagi, I killed Gandhi I like Chi-Lites, dice and knife fights Mics syllables slang slit you, scissor precise slice Sacrifice, lose suitable beautiful life price And I could conquer the Devil and I could revise Christ, c'mon [Hook] [Verse 3: Vinnie Paz] C'mon The mythical man who come from indivisible fam You pitiful fam, this shit is gonna get physical fam You kicking the can, I'm visual like Dario Argento Like stabbing you with a pencil inside of the instrumental If that ain't what you was into, I'll slide inside of your mental And provide you with a rhyme, make it silence the instrumental I body you with the Ginsu, but that'll probably be drawn It's not so hidden, it got a kind of me gone And I'mma probably be wrong and y'all will probably be on The anomaly is how you'll be on a quality song The bodies is on my lawn, the bodies have been deformed The bodies have been piling up like I've been silently calm I had to sound the alarm, I had to try to get rid of em Riddlin with the Ritalin, little bit of adrenaline A little bit of medicine in the middle of Italy And the only way to really begin again is to end again [Hook] [Outro:] You know who I am I'm back and ready to fight You know who I am Come out your belly and get shot drastically You know who I am I'm back and ready to fight You know who I am

If I Ever Leave This World Alive

FLOGGING MOLLY "Alive Behind The Green Door"
If I ever leave this world alive I'll thank for all the things you did in my life If I ever leave this world alive I'll come back down and sit beside your feet tonight Wherever I am you'll always be More than just a memory If I ever leave this world alive If I ever leave this world alive I'll take on all the sadness That I left behind If I ever leave this world alive The madness that you feel will soon subside So in a word don't shed a tear I'll be here when it all gets weird If I ever leave this world alive So when in doubt just call my name Just before you go insane If I ever leave this world Hey I may never leave this world But if I ever leave this world alive She says I'm okay; I'm alright, Though you have gone from my life You said that it would, Now everything should be all right She says I'm okay; I'm alright, Though you have gone from my life You said that it would, Now everything should be all right Yeah should be alright

Star Above My Bed

Glassjaw "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang"
Never. Kneeling low on my pillow, God, kneeling low on my pillow.. I will see there.. I will be there.. You and me.. we die. I will fracture. I will capture. You and me.. we die. Look at pink roses full of black kind hearts. It can't compare to your beauty as you're lying through your fucking teeth. Why can't I glow? Why dont you look at the roses, girl, from a black wedding bouquet? Can't compare to you, you're fucking beauty. 'Til you look to sway. Why can't I glow? I'll die.. I will be dead. I will see the dead. You and me... we die. Summer's trudging closer, and a flurry of white as well. It's the heart of nuclear winter and you can bet I'm scared as hell. But I don't blame you. I don't blame you. My God, am I the wrong one? She's a monster of mankind. I, I see the fucking manger. On her flesh she left a warning. And I said, will I ever see all that's coming through for me? And will I ever breathe? We die. I wasn't a star lost. My fine point has been turned into the warmth. How to say this and why? Look into my eyes and shut the fuck up. Why can't I glow? Oh God.. and it came towards the sin. And it accentuates the shit my fucking way. Shut the fuck up.. You can see it in my eyes. Why can't I glow? Shut up. I will see there. I will be there. Where you and me.. we.. die. (no!) Leave and take my memories of her with you. Pack your shit and leave and take my memories of her with you. (I don't need to know) ..And take her fucking with you.

Say It's Alright Joe

GENESIS "...And Then There Were Three..."
Say it's alright Joe, I need another drink To blow on the glass so I know I'm alive Play me a song Joe To fill the hours till morning Then never again will I bother you Ooh, Build myself a tower No way in no way out. Then my friends can visit me Once in a while. Say it's alright Joe, I need some reassurance You never know what you might find in the night. Ooh I'm just a busy bee, still alive in my hive, I'm looking for some other world To dream out my dreams. There were Kings who were laughing in the rain And they told me I'd come here to lead the parade All the colours were changing, The sky was in ruins The lights are all shining on me and on you Oh, Shine on........ Say it's alright Joe The night will soon be over And nothing and no one will ever know. Open my eyes Joe I'd like to see the daylight The clock on the wall says it's time to leave. Never seen the same face twice Never walked the same way The little love that I have known I keep to myself. If there's a fire it's asleep in my bed I must leave it to burn till it burns itself out Catch as you can I'm not staying here long I'll be coming back early or never at all Shine on........

1, 2 Step

CIARA "Goodies"
[Intro] Ladies and gentlemen, This is a Jazze Phizal (Jazze Phizal) productshizzle, Missy (Missy), The princess is here, (She's here) Ciara, This beat is [Verse 1] Automatic supersonic hypnotic funky fresh, Work my body so melodic, This beat goes right through my chest, Everybody ma and papi came to party, Grab somebody,Work your body, work your body, Let me see you 1,2 step [Hook] Rock it, don't stop it, Everybody get on the floor, Crank the party up, We about to get it on, (Let me see you) 1,2 step, (I love it when you) 1,2 step (Everybody) 1,2 step, We about to get it on, [Verse 2] This beat is Outrageous so contagious make you crave it, (Jazze made it), So retarded, top charted, Ever since the day it started, Strute my stuff, And yes i flaunt it, Goodies make the boys jump on it (Jump on it), No i can't control myself, Now let me do my 1,2 step [Hook] (We goin'to drop it like this.oooohwee) [Bridge] It don't matter to me, We can dance slow, Whichever way the beat drop, Our bodies will go, So swing it over here Mr.DJ, And we will, we will rock you It don't matter to me, We can dance slow, Whichever way the beat drop, Our bodies will go, So swing over here Mr. DJ, And we will, we will rock you, [Missy] I shake it like jello, make the boys say hello, Cause they know im rockin' the beat I know you heard about a lot of great MC's, But the aint got nothing on me (Because im 5 foot 2, I wanna dance with you, And im sophisticated fun, I eat filet mignon, And i'm nice and young, Best believe im number one [Hook 2x] This is for the hearing impaired, A Jazze Pha production

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