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LESS THAN JAKE lyrics - Losing Streak

Sugar In Your Gas Tank

Original and similar lyrics
If I had a scheme for everything, It seems that I'd more content with it all, If I had it in me to stop my random thoughts, and my dumb dreams I could deal with this nonstop spinning world. If only I could say that everything's ok take a good look and look the other way, frustration, hell, who needs it anyway. I'd rather sit back, and just smoke cigarattes. be the one with the loudest mouth be the most closed minded that I could get

Dance Yourself To Death

ALICE COOPER "Flush The Fashion"
My liberated parents They are gonin' out tonight They read the hippest magazines They've loosened their uptights Dad's wearin' real tight Levis And some Gucci Tennis shoes He's got a T-shirt custom made for him Saying 'Give me pot not booze' I get a kiss good-bye I get all numb and high From all the smoke left on their breath I smile and wish them well Then I pray like hell They go and dance themselves to death Mom's hair's all green and dirty She wears a high tech Devo Suit She changed her name to Xerox She hides Quaaludes in her boots Oh, me, I'm all real embarrassed When I hear the things they do They kinda compromise my social position And my cool-ativity is suffering too! I get a kiss good-bye I get all numb and high From all the smoke left on their breath I smile and wish them well Then I pray like hell They go and dance themselves to death Ahh dance, real hard I get a kiss good-bye I get all numb and high From all the smoke left on their breath I smile and wish them well Then I pray like hell They go and dance themselves to death Come on momma Come on daddy Come on skinny Come on fatty Shake it Martha Shake it Larry Shake it Mr. Coronary You gotta dance dance Come on and dance dance Dance til you're outta breath

Half Ounce Quarter Pound

JARREN BENTON "Freebasing With Kevin Bacon"
[Verse 1: Jarren Benton] D-d-d-d-damn, never smoked nothing like this in my life Pack it in a pipe, put it to a light 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, I ignite I'm high as a kite Levitate through a fuckin' room, I'm in flight Nigga so geeked that I ain't feeling right And I just wanna come down, get back home from Mars Call a fucking paramedic cause I feel like I'mma die Party 'til my death, cardiac arrest Heart beatin' out a nigga mothafuckin' chest Dawg what'd you put inside this weed, is it laced? Cause I feel like I got bugs eating all around my face They in formation, California Kush Shit so loud like a ho that need a douche Like I'm in a coma need a motivator push There a nigga go, with the dope boys dough like, Let me get a can I get a [Hook] Half ounce, quarter pound Roll it, smoke it, feelin' good [4x] Roll it, smoke it, feelin' good, Roll it, smoke it, feelin' good, Half ounce, quarter pound, Roll it, smoke it, feelin' good [2x] [Verse 2: Aleon Craft] Eighth, half ounce, quarter pound Yep, nigga fix my order All different flavors and I'm 'bout to, burn it, down In my 'Lac with the preacher's daughter Windows rolled up so the smoke just loiters My paint swag boss sit the rims on tortoise, Now I'm looking spaced out cause I'm really spaced out Plenty Mary Jane all satellites cordless Big bag of Wi-Fi, smell it when I fly by, Look at these colors, loud packed full of tie-dye, Out of here, I'm high, see you later, bye-bye, Grindin' up fresh fruit while I'm eating pantie, Pomegranate, red eye, pineapples, man I Can't seem to focus seein' double never pans out, What it is? See her look her tongue out When I pull that bong out, fuck it baby girl pull your pants down [Hook] Half ounce, quarter pound Roll it, smoke it, feelin' good [4x] Roll it, smoke it, feelin' good, Roll it, smoke it, feelin' good, Half ounce, quarter pound, Roll it, smoke it, feelin' good [2x] [Verse 3: Dizzy Wright] Young nigga with a flat top, see the smoke in my back drop Niggas hatin' on the internet, only cause I can't run up in your house And lay yo head on yo laptop, crack rock, with the rap spot, To the top man, I'm 'bout that, the loud pack made a soundtrack All around the world with a sound that, Make 'em wonder where I hid the fuckin' bomb at Bomb sack, I'mma medicate, livin' life for a better day I wonder where niggas think I'mma be at the end of the year 12/21/12 2012? Hell, I ain't really trippin' I'mma get it while a nigga here! End of the year, I'm killin' 'em all, (true) Speak my mind, then I'm sendin' it off Hittin' the booth, smokin' like I'm chillin' wit Snoop And if it's money then I'm gettin' involved I told you motherfuckers I ain't finna play 'round, Playground rappers finna fuckin' lay down Hear that AK sound (BLAH!) killin' every rapper, You ain't safe in the safe house Las Vegas route, with a fuckin' Bay crowd Jarren Benton brought a motherfuckin' A crowd So A1 that I'm A+, hit up Aplus, to shoot a damn video at Dame house Same crowd but we make moves, work hard, had to pay dues Gettin' money still the same dude, sellin my soul somethin' that I can't do Tell these bitch niggas, betta make room Less cheap for the best weed, West Coast not Cali, but the LV Half ounce, quarter pound for the low, low key You could probably slide through around next week I'm the nigga that you need to know [Hook]

My Bad Side

PAPA ROACH "5 Tracks Deep"
i want to let you in on a story that i got to tell about good dreams in heaven not bad dreams in hell started with punk rock and then evolved to hip hop the party popped off like the fireworks on my block alonzo is the street that i take dweel a little white trash and a little bit swell i take you back and take a step down july was the month i was born 8 pounds my bad side my sign is leo defraud the hoax with a ruby king of the jungle yet i try to be humble but i should to let yall know what im' about attack your brain fast drop knowledge the i'm out i'm a freak but i got some class i'll bring the fucking ruckus and you can bring the grass have a session good times is the lesson the men will cease fire and the girls could stop stressin come on baby doll please jerk me off perverted state of mind baby help me get my nut off whats wrong girly don't know the art of a quicky my balls hang low and they produce something icky from my dick to your skin hands rub it in i know you love lotion baby thats how i begin sexual feiding in my dreams she was screaming down on her knees as she eating on my semen i've this problem i don't wanna say but to tell you the truth everybody i be doing it every day you may think i'm stupid you may think im queer but to tell you the truth everybody jackin off is better than beer!!!!!! my bad side

Like Smoke

AMY WINEHOUSE "Lioness: Hidden Treasures"
[Chorus: Amy Winehouse] I never wanted you to be my man I just need your company Don't want to get dependent on Your time or who you spend it on Or lose the way you love me Like smoke I hung around And be your balance [Verse Rap 1: Nas] It's not a movie This is not script to proof read I spit some untruths to dumb fools and groupies Tryna punctuate pronounciate the funds I make amounts I take Put in your face oh, my mistake you're not a floozy? Then excuse me before I talk my style Introduce me get your name and phone number like one two three Y'all know the story y'all know the commentary I kick the narrative this is legendary The good Samaritan good thespian like a polygamist With a twist will I marry again? maybe I guess I hold a lady interest I just met the love scholar She the teacher's pet Every other eve we'd meet and make each other sweat I feel triumph with no strings just a fling to have fun with I be out in London, Camden Hunting for the answers why did God take away the homie I can't stand it I'm a firm believer that we all meet up in eternity Just hope the big man show me some courtesy Why? сuz I'm deemed a heartbreaker Like smoke girls linger round a player yeah-yuh [Chorus: Amy Winehouse] [Verse Rap 2: Nas] Yo, This recession is a test, It's affecting my complexion, Miss-directing my affection My concerns of bill collections The facts is the taxes they're after me chapter 3, My property my handlers they dealt with me improperly I say some things I should probably keep privately Evaluate the World Bank trust like I'm IEG, This fly sweet bourgeoisie, Tall freak she wouldn't protest with me at Wall Street She's says no you so deep I said no let's go thru it Historically so Ruthless feds came for Joe Lewis She said my man u needs to laugh sometime Classifies me as a bore I told her have some wine You colder than penguin pussy at her dismay She's thinking that's just so silly to say But if you really think about it hussy See a penguin he drags his ass on the ground all day And it's a drag And it's a bust and you're in tune with just lust I'm thru with you after I crush So is that humorous enough The smoke I puff Tell a car to go to Aura, Funky Buddah, Whiskey Mist on Mayfair I hope I meet some Monie Loves so she can show me love NYC to UK I might stay there, Everybody in the club tonight say yeah, You know how me and Amy are straight players [Chorus: Amy Winehouse]

East Of Midnight

Put me somewhere east of midnight West of the turnpike Anywhere I wander is where I'll take my rest As I lie down, toss some thoughts around Dreams I'm told will come true if you Believe in those who love you right now Sea of dreams I long for you Forget about the others This is my hike, you can come if you like To feel good, I would help you if I could But I am out here searching For the things that might have been I need no more reminders Not one love letter have I seen And that's a pretty good start The ocean is where lovers meet again Sea of dreams by all means Float me out of danger until then Forever amen It's a long long hike We'll be leavin' early travelin' light That's alright Heaven will be ours tonight The road is paved with moonbeams There are faces that I knew They all came back to haunt me But that ain't fair to the folks like me and you It takes a bit of my heart Tonight I shall be watching from the shore Sea of dreams from now on Forget about all the others Back where the line forms Destination sea of storms By all means ever onward sea of dreams Put me somewhere east of midnight Along about daylight Anywhere I wander is where I'll take my rest If we could just lie down Toss some thoughts around It's a tough and a dirty long hike You can come if you like If we could just lie down Toss some thoughts around

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