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LESS THAN JAKE lyrics - Losing Streak


Original and similar lyrics
Dopeman dopeman's got another big plan to sell it to you or anyone he can because this is much better than minimum wage no matter how things work he's still gonna get paid think about it for a minute more - it's either work at McDonalds or the corner store a quick money fix from a deal or 2 when a decision comes down what would you do? you take - take a welfare state or a dopeman's fate and keep the cycle spinnin' round dopeman dopeman's got the upperhand people wanna get as much as they can because those reasons they'll always stay the same and for some people it's the only way to stay sane and think about it for a minute more - a life of crime or hangin' round the liquor store a quick drug fix to get you through when the decision comes down what would you do?

Don't Say No

We live in confusion times---my world is a vice Nobody gets out alive...but you can break through the ice Don't say no My wounds are the open kind---I bleed every day I pray for a change of could take me away Don't say no Take on the system, playin' on the wrong side Spend all my money tryin' to have a good time Come 'round to see you from time to time Week in the knees and I'm busted Some people they treat me kind...some drive me away Some people they blow your's not easy today Don't say no I live on the come from the void I beg you to cross the take good care of your boy Don't say no Got me a ticket sittin' on a gold mine Send me the int'rest, take me where the sun shines Come 'round to see me from time to time Bring it to me when I'm busted One minute I'm outa time...I don't fit in your game You kill me in overtime...I don't remember my name One minute you're on my minute you're gone You tell me to read the signs...they tell me we're on Don't say no...

In My Life

JUVENILE "Juve The Great"
[Mannie Talking:] Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls lil children, dogs and cats right now, you are listening to the incredible drum patterns of DJ Mannie Fresh LADIES AND GENTLEMEN ! [Chorus (X2)] Mannie: I'm a buy cars, I'm a get clothes, I'm a rock jewels, I'm a fuck ho's, I'm a smoke weeds, Got alot of drinks, steppin out, gators, coca-cola mink Juvenile: I Need it in my life, I want it in my life come put it in my life, I'm a keep it in my life [Verse 1 (Juvenile)] Its ya nigga Juve, from the magnolia, still loakin, You ho's gon' know whats up with me Bust the pussy open Loose titty, loose booty, round down and up, if a gangsta can't touch it, what you bouncin it fo' Now give me leway, watch how a G play Watch how my name get caught up in the he and she say Its UTP day, we with the streets may They represent us when they hear us at the DJs Break bread with me nigga, demand with me though we was beefin , your supposed to spend your cash with me I'm in here last with me, hold me down, give me a whip, give me a bitch and let her blow me down, I'm so gutter, I'm so slick, i'm so grimey I promise you something, I bet you gon find me I'm a eat, purchase, whatever I please CO, give me the keys, aww please, I need two of these [Chorus (X1)] [Verse 2 (Juvenile)] I'm a be so courageous, and so contagious, Until my fucking rap sheets gonna recieve mo' pages, Listen to Juve cuz this my year mon' (my year mon') Invision I'm bout to kick it in here mon' (in here mon') Don't you see the Soldiers and Bauds when I appear mon' (appear mon') About being written on my face cuz I don't fear none (don't fear none) Me and my team got a scheme to go light the block up, Skip, Smoove put in work and wacko poppin the chopper I Scream the 'U' cuz I mean it, the only difference is you be throwing your set up when you screamin I Seen it, Man all of the obstacles that I been through, what make you think i'm a be scared of a bitch like you, I'm ya dog, let me get it all consign me, you ain't paid them last people yet, dog don't even remind me, I gain knowlege, my game polished, and it is obvious you can't block it, you can't knock it, this is profit [Chorus (X1)] [Verse 3 (Juvenile)] Can I untape the clips and chill Show my niggers its real, Can my people shop in Beverly Hills, I got alot of work I know thats gonna be ahead of me still, But my peace mentality gon' keep me ahead in the field Pardon me, but I got paper to chase, Now cut thru the talking and bring me straight to the safe, I know where the cameras at and I'm destroying the tape, I'm not leaving no evidence for the forensics to trace, I had a problem on my hand, a few bills I had been payin', I figured about a lil'bit less than 75 grand, and my dog Rocky, caught a nickel for a pistol, Its serious when the federales comin' to get you, Life is at a standstill, all change in this damn field, What you say, can get you and ya mans killed, This my last chance to come up, this gotta be it, Juve comin up, the first round' lottery pick [Chorus (X1)]

No One

Who do you call on when you have no one. Who do you call on when you have no one. This might not be nice to say but I'll say it anyway. When you have no one, you are no one. I used to work at the people pound. I used to watch them line up. Some sleeping on the ground. Their diabetic bellies gleaming fat and round. When you have no one, you are no one. Like I said, I used to work at the people pound. All these no ones clumped together, just like a human lost and found. If they left them all be someones there wouldn't be enough to go around. It's better for us all us if there are no ones. And I knew a lot of no ones round that time. They used to all be someones until something took their life and all their someones disappeared while they're stuck there waiting in a line. And for them now, no one seems to have the time. I knew someone who had a disease and it took away all that mattered. His brain dignity and tried my best to fight it off to try and set him free. Now that someone is no one. Who do you call on when you have no one. Who do you call on when you have no one. This might not be nice to say but I'll say it anyway. When you have no one, you are no one. And it takes no one to know one.

Daddy Issues

AKA "Levels"
[Verse 1:] All you want is backstage passes All you want is drop top Benz in traffic Insta-Caption lunch at Tashas, with your bad physique? That stack on the 15th, guaranteed Cash is king and that ass is a pageant queen Her Majesty, she all up in fashion week But still can't pour gasoline? You better make it rain Double life to live, even got a wife and kids like Damon Wayans Ferrari, Jaguar, switching from lane to lane Cavalli, now you got a gold wrist watch and it don't tick-tock like Flava Flav Ex-boyfriend was a major lame Don't hate the player, hate the game [Pre-Hook:] Everyday is like the weekend Well I'll be damned All you've got is dirty little secrets, and Versace bags Party in the fashion Where everything is plastic The swag is like a magnet It's a fatal attraction I just wanna sex you up, so Color Me Bad [Hook:] Girl you really need to slow down Everyday is only like 24 hours See you 'round town, runnin' round with the wrong crowd Bet you made daddy so proud [Verse 2:] I bet your mom made the same mistakes Now you stuck with a maiden name Is that why you party like Taylor-Gang The more things change they stay the same No huggin' and kissin' in public Don't you wish I could fit in your luggage Took one look at your thickness and wondered Time to put this bad bitch in my budget Let's have a discussion Now you on the come up for real Road took forever to build No silver spoon in your grill, so Mandela's could level the field This life is a hell of a thrill Jozi, just another True Egoli-wood story Tissues, Daddy Issues Call me when a nigga get Maury [Pre-Hook] [Hook] [Verse 3:] Stunt on the haters You one of my favorites Despite all the odds give glory to God My nigga you made it You went through all of the phases Now we singing your praises Word to your God and your angels That's not what your body was made for Reach for the stars don't take it to heart These bitches should take notes Look up in a rainbow Pull up in a Range Rove I show you the ropes I propose you a toast Take good over evil stay close to the people who love you the most [Pre-Hook] [Hook]

Lean Low

feat. Backbone Ooh ooh! [Verse 1 - Sean Paul] Now everybody pull ya' whips out, get 'em shined up Hit the mirror make sure ya' boy leaned up Brush up out the clean up, ya' team freezed up I know you knew the name, gull, when you seen us Walkin' up in the V.I-P.I.M.P when I walked by Man, I, don't holla at no lame ho's I go to the bar, get somethin' to sip on, for my folk Man, this is how is goes down, where I stay When them Tram boys done had a good day Then I'ma buy the bar up, later on tear the car up Flip a new one by the mornin', nigga back crunk Good Times, if you in the club blowin' good pine Freakin' ho's while ya' car bein' stripped down Sick now, nowhere for her to sit down Ya' Escalade, man, it's sittin' on bricks now [Chorus - Seal Paul] Lean Low (Bitch!) To the Flo' (Bitch!) Can you work it, can you twerk it lemme know Yeah, I'ma lean low (Nigga!) To the Flo' (Nigga!) Can you pay what you weight gimme mo' But Can Ya' lean low? (Bitch!) To the Flo'? (Bitch!) Can you work it, can you twerk it lemme know Yeah, I'ma lean low (Nigga!) To the Flo' (Nigga!) Can you pay what you weight gimme mo' [Verse 2 - J-Bo] I pull up bumpin Attic, choppin, whippin' the wheel Straight fresh off that Drizzle boy you know who it is It's them loud-mouth motherfuckers at it again Poppin' bottles, cuttin' up, livin' life to the end CLICK ABOVE TO VISIT OUR SPONSORS So lean low, if you feelin like I'm feelin', let's go Got a cup, throw it up, now hit the flo' Shawty choosin' wit' a look and I know Gotta lighter, fire it up and just blow And just puff till you can't no mo' We in the mix, backfacin' cuz that's just how it go At the bar, we trippin', throwin' it up Like kings in a castle, yeah we toastin' it up So everybody, clap, and break it down Cuz we the same old fools slidin' thru yo' town So on yo' mark, get ready for this brand new era Drankin' Patnaz is the name, it don't get no better [Chorus] [Verse 3 - Backbone] Stay workin' back do', till every sack is sold Ima hit you in the back wit' hot callico If not then my rock, it I can hardly afford Old school at the bar buyin' bottles of Moe We swervin' Cheverolets up and down the road When you hear 'Shorty in town' hide ya' ho Cuz aww shit, lil' buddy fire the dro' I stay, fresh a fool, keep a crease in my clothes Im puttin' on the scene, and let the champagne flow Im tryin' to get outta here wit' somethin' freaky to poke You know what it is, you seen it befo' We call him 'H2O, he froze ice cold' What the fuck you sayin'? This shit is fa sho' Tell Sean to keep 'em comin', gon' and order one mo' Lil' Girl, work it out on the flo' Post up young G, get drunk some mo' [Chorus Until Fade]

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