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LESS THAN JAKE lyrics - Losing Streak

Ask The Magic 8 Ball

Original and similar lyrics
What the fuck the fuck have I become I've become the product of the sum caught in an endless circle I've become the stupidest man in the world Chalk another one up to experience y'know it doesn't make any sense to do it all over again and then again then do it all over again I've become the stupidest man I think I'm drawing a blank again this dizziness never seems to end never seems to end you know it never seems to end drunk and sitting in and thinking change it never seems to come when I'm thinking


ATMOSPHERE "Seven's Travels"
[Slug] Would you prefer if I remove... MY... UHH? Nah they.. they clean.. I mean.. what? You wanna look at the bottom of...? My shoes are clean girl, how about yours? Here we are sitting on your living room floor Listening to some records from your collection Boredom; in between a coma and an erection Staring at the skin on your shoulder blades And you don't take your eyes off my poker face I'm wasted, and your as sober as Jehovah Knocking door to door, trying to walk to road That the Mormon's paved If she was here on your sofa with a beer on a coaster She'd of told 'ya that my game was way over played Make no mistake I love the way you taste like yogurt and some clover cigarettes Girl show me leg! So I'ma gonna trade these shoes for rollerskates And I'ma stay happy just as long as there is a whore to pay But some of us already spent the rent So we can't be content until there isn't no more today [Chorus: repeat 2X] Those are your shoes These are my shoes We've got issues My shoes are muddy girl, how about yours? Here we are loungin' on your bedroom floor I'm really drunk so I'm looking at your carpet like Man, fuck the permit, I know where I'ma park tonight It's closing time, the spins are gonna visit me They're rolling thick like they know they taking victory But not tonight, right, I'ma make some history Get up in your system and direct it like a symphony Let me get to be the man of your mystery 'Cause them meddeling kids don't understand your sensitivity Show some sympathy Let me kiss your feet Let's talk about a pretty bird and a busy bee If I live to see fifty, I'ma be a tipsy, dirty old man Still following my kid beliefs I know it isn't really your responsibility So we'll be strait once I take a hit of Listerine [Chorus] I can't find my shoes girl, how about yours? Here I am naked on your bathroom floor I got faded, and you fell asleep And I'm thanking God that this date was hella cheap Sitting down, trying to keep the liquor down Light, stars and sounds everything flickers now Sick bound, the whole room twists around In front of the toilet assume the position to drown Here it comes! Whiskey out bounces all over the floor Now I'm sitting in the bitches mound I'm just a clown and I'm sorry I found it funny When you tripped over my shoes and hit the ground Didn't know you would rip your gown Didn't think you would shout and get so loud, get so wound Yeah I'm drunk, but I'm more than a little proud I'm leaving, fuck the shoes you keep them, I'm getting out [Chorus] Perfection [repeat 4X]


JIN "Say Something"
You know I gotta say something The beginning and the end What's the difference between the two? I mean I'm still tryna figure it out I know one thing I'm just getting started You know all that stuff that happened in the past... I ain't even thinking about that It's about right now And it's about moving forward Check, check Yo, dear God I wonder can You save me? The more it makes sense the more they claim that I'm crazy I had the beef for them to see me this calm Or reality, uh uh no TV sitcom My pure will got me stolen for Grace Eyes closed, salty tears all I could taste All on my knees, fall on my face They say put God first and everything else will fall in the place So I've heard, wise words got me thinking Gotta give it time to let it sink in I sound confused, I know For what shall a prophet a man to gain the whole world then lose his soul For the longest I was ridin' high cruise control In my own mind making up the ruses I go I swear it's not just my imagination I heard a voice guide in me, navigation Is it the route I chose or should I check the stair end Took a couple wrong turns, selective hearing Is it fact or just my premonition? I see what's going on now, high definition Nothing but lies I was living at Wasted like Lay 6 it took me time to get my vision back Learnt to recognize the fakes and the true snakes So call friends, you know the twoface All in my grill like a twofake Still you never find me under pressure like the last drop of tooth pace My mission has never been more clear The Truth has never been more near But I know I can't do it on my own So I pray You give me strength when I lift the microphone All I hear is "Jin, what happened to the old you? " See I could explain but I would rather show you Word, check it out y'all 'Cause actions speak louder than words So it don't matter how I mix, the nouns with the verbs New fans and glad God anointed my style Old fans wanna know "What will I rap about now? " Switch it up, yo I gots to do it The word is "Jin's spittin' out Gospel music" See I prefer the call it "change your life music" All in hopes that one day you might use it Whatever they choose they label it, so be it I proceeded, all I know is I so need it I'm certain that I can't rap forever Before the curtain call I gotta get my act together No surprise the room over my eyes has been lifted My entire perspective has been shifted I can't call it, you can call it how you feel Call it change, call it grow, as long as you call it real I am no quitter My journey's just begun, you are all welcome to follow, no Twitter I know plenty folks that wanna touch the gate to Heaven Never been to Church 'cause they can't relate the reference Ain't no sense in me, preaching to the quire Even with starch arms I'd be reaching to the fire I stand firm, the enemy don't face me No need to wonder, only God can save me

Forever Right Now

I had a feeling you out there but here you are inside my arms I feel magic in your heartbeat Woah, woah Sandcastles at a summer share, become addicted to all your charms I lay my feelings on a spreadsheet Woah, woah Fantasy is like an ocean Imagination's just a game Deepest waters hold emotion Push and pulls won't help me sing Doesn't have to be forever but we might as well make it like forever right now How'd we judge and save the weather for the moment if we thinking like forever right now? Forever right now is the best that I can do Forever right now sounds great while I'm sitting with you Make love to me every day when then morning sun shines on your beautiful face Ice cream for breakfast Woah, woah I can take down any old way, we can do it real slow or a real fast pace Ain't keeping no checklist Woah, woah A lovers arms fold like a jungle Jealousy shoots like a gun When our hands become integral Pull the trigger just for fun Doesn't have to be forever but we might as well make it like forever right now How'd we judge and save the weather for the moment if we thinking like forever right now? Forever right now is the best that I can do Forever right now sounds great while I'm sitting with you Aah… Hah… Aah… Hah… Aah… Hah… Aah… Hah… Doesn't have to be forever but we might as well make it like forever right now How'd we judge and save the weather for the moment if we thinking like forever right now? Forever right now is the best that I can do Forever right now sounds great while I'm sitting with you

Packs Of Three

Arab Strap "Mad For Sadness"
It was the biggest ever cock you'd ever seen, but you've no idea where that cock has been. You said you were careful - you never were with me. I heard you did it four times and jonnies come in packs of three. She was the best shag I'd ever had. That doesn't mean I'm saying, bedwise, you were bad. I think you were working, we got a hotel. We didn't have anything but I thought I might as well. I never told the rest. I was drunk and I told you I was thinking about a test. You know I just said it for effect. Then you laughed and said I'd fuck anything in a skirt once I'm erect. And she's a famous harlot in this town. I know enough to, but still I couldn't turn her down. He said I'm an arsehole, what was I thinking? It's far too easy to blame it on the drinking.

Thing's Gon' Change

JA RULE "Blood In My Eye"
[Verse 1: Ja Rule] First off fuck the snitch and that unit he claim Fuck Dre partial, and Eminem Plus the world heard it before, they tired of them And they waiting for that thug shit from Rule' again And Proof can bomb Proof your hummer then Put a vest on yourself and your chilld-ren Teacher be scared of death of them muderin' Niggaz that like to put holes through chins' In case y'all don't know about my savages They'll kidnap you kid's, put em over a bridge Got em'reminiscing to N-O-T-O-R-I-O-U-S you just lay down slow I blaze out in the six while letting the fifth go I think "Big" as if I was wanted on deathrow We tha world famous, murder inc we infamious Fo' making bangers, and bangin' hammers shit [Chorus - Ja Rule And Black Child] [Ja] Thing's Gon' Change [Black] I ain't gonna lie when the heat wave high everbody gotta die [Ja] Thing's Gon' Change [Black] You better believe it, we stoppin' niggaz from breathin, poppin niggaz then leavin' [Ja] Thing's Gon' Change [Black] One way or another, we gangsta's from the gutta, we shot ya then cut cha' [Ja] Thing's Gon' Change [Black] Ja, you ain't never lie when the heat wave high everybody gotta die [Verse 2: Black Child] As I sit back relax, cuttin' crack loadin' gats I think about these sexy rappers that I wanna clap I'll probably go to jail fo' sending "50" to hell If I lay banks down yayo going down Fatal' will help him write his raps in brown Black Child is Black now, Rule is crack sells "IG" nigga the boss of all bosses making money off music, murder, and torture Who got what it cost for a coffin Nigga you a dead man walking, this is extortion We organized crime everybody's crying While all of ya'll dying when the ian's stary flyin' Down the public, wanna polly about peace Well fuck peace cause this nigga half police And Black child is half man half beast And I'm a give all ya'll niggaz a half a clip a piece [Chorus] [Verse 3: Young Merc] It's time to address the public niggaz is frontin like when we see them we ain't dumpin' Shot's tryin lay something down, homie it's nothin' When you dealin' with real gangstas that a pop and erase ya, my dog's ain't playin man Whenever we see you we leaving you there And ain't no aftermath when our shot's flare Nigga we get it poppin' bang like crip's and blood's And ain't shit change I still keep a bandana and pack gun's nigga [Verse 4: D.O. Cannons] You better watch you mouth, fo' I rip yo face off And everybody you with gonna jet the fuck off You's ain't gansta, you sweet as ducksauce D' plays no games, pop the fuck off O' you want war, everybody gonna get clipped the fuck off everybody know you block is buzzed off We got big ball's, pay off ten fo' walk with the fifth ball Bangin on Crenshaw [Chorus X2]

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