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LESS THAN JAKE lyrics - Greased

Greased Lightnin'

Original and similar lyrics
Why this car is automatic It's systematic It's hydromatic Why it's grease lightning (Grease lightning) We'll get some overhead lifters and some four barrel quads oh yeah (Keep talking whoa keep talking) A fuel injection cutoff and chrome plated rods oh yeah (I'll get the money I'll kill to get the money) With a four speed on the floor they'll be waiting at the door You know that ain't no shit we'll be getting lots of tit In Grease Lightning Go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go Go grease lightning you're burning up the quarter mile (Grease lightning go grease lightning) Go grease lightning you're coasting through the heat lap trial You are supreme the chicks'll cream for grease lightning Go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go Purple french tail lights and thirty inch fins oh yeah A Palomino dashboard and duel muffler twins oh yeah With new pistons, plugs, and shocks I can get off my rocks You know that I ain't bragging she's a real pussy wagon Grease lightning Go grease lightning you're burning up the quarter mile (Grease lightning go grease lightning) Go grease lighting you're coasting through the heat lap trial You are supreme the chicks'll cream for grease lightning Go grease lightning you're burning up the quarter mile (Grease lightning go grease lightning) Go grease lighting you're coasting through the hit lap trial You are supreme the chicks'll cream for grease lightning Lightning, lightning, lightning Lightning, lightning, lightning Lightning

Dance With Me (Remix) / Peaches & Cream (Remix)

P. DIDDY "We Invented The Remix"
[P. Diddy] Bad Boy Let's dance [7x] Yo, everybody report to the dance floor Report to the dance floor Bad Boy baby 112, Beanie Sigel Here we go! [Beanie Sigel] God damn, guess who stepped up in the place The kid with two rubbers on his waist Two steppin' to the base and I don't usually step up in the place I usually pull that lead out, ready to get a lead out But damn, since I stepped up in the place I'm try'na touch you, squeeze you, tell you what's the case Before I bust, you squeeze, outta telly and a case of Cris' I'm tryin' to take you to the telly, bust in ya ffffff Tryin' to lure me out on the dance floor I'm tryin' to get it twirly on the dance floor Everything remains the same, might spit-talk to it Then 'Change The Game', might Crip-Walk to it But never Harlem shake it, Harlem make it, Harlem break it Dawg, I ain't hardly made this You talkin' to one of Roc's finest And do rewind this; it's Bad Boy's finest! Yo, yo, yo, yo, Bad Boy Motherfuckers This is the remix (Won't stop) 112 (Can't Stop) Def Jam, Bad Boy, yeah This is the remix, Ludacris come on [Ludacris (P. Diddy)] Ludacris like 'em shaken not stirred (yeah) wakin up blurred (uh-huh) Walk butt-naked (what) talk, speech slurred (that's right) Necks get squeezed and I can't breathe (come on) Stop then SWITCH; next, get me (that's right) Hon', you kinda taste like lemon merangue (lemon merangue) So nice I add spice with the cinnamon thang Make ya pull your own hair out Make ya body go flat, get the spares out Well, smack lips, smack hips, make 'em backflip (that's right) Cake mix, fingerlickin-like tactics, tongue gymnastics Good head make ya eyes ROLL BACK '12 on the track so you can't HOLD BACK Hot bread and butter, peach and cream (come on) I only reach for the peach if it's peachy clean (that's right) I only reach for your spot and release the steam (come on) A-town, we release the kings (yeah, this is the remix) [Slim of 112 (P. Diddy):] Let me tell you what I wanna do (yeah) Let me show you that I'm feelin' you (uh-huh) Wanna sex, wanna ride with you (come on) Wanna kiss, wanna put my lips all over you (I like this) Can't get enough of you (come on) Always thinkin' of you (yeah) So sweet, so very wet, so good girl you make me sweat [Hook - 112 (P. Diddy)] Girl I'm talkin' 'bout peaches and cream (say what) I need it 'cause you know that I'm a fiend Gettin' freaky in my Bentley limousine It's even better when it's with ice cream (uh huh) Know what I mean Peaches and cream I need it 'cause you that I'm fiend (uh huh) Gettin' freaky in my Bentley limousine It's even better when it's with ice cream Know what I mean Peaches and cream [Q of 112 (P. Diddy)] Never thought that I would be (yeah) So addicted to you (come on) On top, underneath, on the side of you Better yet baby, inside of you (feel me) Love the way you juice flowin' down (yeah) And I can feel it all around (come on) In the front, in the back of you (yeah) Oooh I love the taste you, girl you know what I'm talkin' 'bout [Hook] [Mike of 112 (P. Diddy):] Don't stop 'cause you know I can't get enough (come on) Wanna taste it in the mornin' when I'm wakin' up (come on) Like peach cobbler in my stomach when I eat it up (come on) Got your legs around my neck so I can't get up See, them boys 112, we from the A... A!!! (ATL) And when it comes to eatin' peaches shorty, we don't play.... PLAY!!! So all the ladies in the house if ya peach's the shit Put ya hands in the air, represent ya clit, get it [P. Diddy:] This is the dance break This the remix Just want you to just... Just, just, just bounce to this Yeah, come on Can I get a lick Come on, yeah, can I get a lick Yeah, yeah, come on [Hook] [P. Diddy:] Bad Boy baby, Mario Winans P. Diddy Q, Mike, Slim, Daron - 112 This is the remix

Thunder And Lightning

MEREDITH BROOKS "See It Through My Eyes"
The trees are thin And the sky is gray I watch the rain fallin' on LA Hey, I'm thinkin' of you I don't know if I've lost or gained But I know I'll never be the same Hey, it's a little like Yeah, just a little like [Chorus:] Thunder and lightning Thunder and lightning Striking my heart again Thunder and lightning Steamy midnights on the phone You're telling me you're all alone Then you say 'I'd like to see you' I hear your voice and I'm hypnotized I don't care if it's truth or lies Hey, it's a little like Yeah, just a little like [Chorus] Oh, is it pleasure or pain Is the thunder just frightening Is this the way love begins When you're kissing me It's like thunder and lightning [Chorus] Thunder and lightning Striking my heart Burning my soul Thunder and lightning

Where's Sean?

P. DIDDY "The Saga Continues"
(feat. Big Azz Ko, Black Rob, Kain & others) [P. Diddy] Eh yo what's up playboy Yeah, now I'm out here in Milan I need you to come get wit' me aight Yeah, I got something I need you to do Call up the rest of the crew I'll see you there [Big Azz Ko] Yo, I got the call from Sean he out in Milan Went to get the package, got there it was gone Hold on say word you got to be joking Don't worry about it dun I'm on the next thing smoking Hit Bristal up on the speed dial Yo these funny talking cats tryin' to do a nigga foul It's goin' down nigga round up the team Im'll head over here just to map out the scene Ship them things in route to climb walls Infrared vision ear plugs and all Digital surveillance linked with laptops Express mail it to me can't [Bristal] I'm splurtin' for certain Bris-pro working Searchin' dippin' curvin' breakin' clean outta virgin From servin' here Rob certain I'm burnin' On my way from Mt. Vernon Swervin' a stretch bourbon Identity of this man I look persian Hey yo we gotta get him I wanna know where they came from Or who sent them First nigga to find them better bend'em Cuz I just spoke to Polly Fontaine Shit ain't a game, and Sean feel the same So y'all niggas betta get on point [P. Diddy] Well it seems like our bad boys have theirselves in a bit of a jam Seems like Bristal got his back up against the wall Well let's see how Rob B-O handles this one Bad boys watch ya backs Watch ya backs bad boys [Black Rob] Yo, who the fuck is this pagin' me at eight fourty six I'm hoppin' outta shorty whip I'm by the tel, across exxon by the shell Sense of urgency on the cell We gon' pick you up, when ya flight land We in a tight jam Me and Diddy fam sorta like his right hand I touch down like two-thirty If i was on you, your hoe's and them cowards Im'll do dirty Still a commssion and we all equal All lethal Caught'em doin' dirt to the wrong people It's the family affair, I'm here With all of me Im'll deal with this one accordingly Got the locations sittin' in the console pacin' Get bagged murder be the case and And I'm tired in jail Even though through the riots I prevailed Enjoyin' my freedom, got two kids as long as I feed'em I'm here for the fam thats there when I need'em [Mark Curry] Yo, uh uh uh, hello It gotta be the same cats I can tell by they strange acts When they mumble to each other Like Milan they run for cover New cuz this bitch that I fucked with One thought I loved her Seas debate the storm pull him the the surface That's a purpose One of these faces, make'em nervous Catch'em when they out for hamburgers Turn they whole lunch into a murder In a way all the rounds gon' be heard of This shits big, the first thing to catch to where PD is I'm on it, act like they want it Im'll bring the heat Just let me know the place we plan to meet And I'm in it sure as your heart beat [Loon] Yo I ain't really tryin' to duck no strays So watch what the fuck you say It's ya mouth that started the shit Now you actin' all retarted and shit Dog I came to play my part and that's it We had a fullproof plan, all we need was the fam Ammunition, a van, two chicks and one extra man Two lincoln LS Sedans Fifteen hundred yards of saran And after the scam, we be out in Amsterdam Yo, call Sean in Milan Call Sean tell Sean we gone We'll meet him in Hong Kong With two chicks both they thongs on Mabe Ling and Kim Long Both of them dead wrong Two rich bitches the feds on [P. Diddy] Yeah, well it seems like brother Loon is out in Hong Kong He's found his self in a sticky icky icky situation But you know somethin' I have faith in the bad boys Bad boys bring it on home, bring it on home bad boys [Kain] Heh, I'm bout to do Santa Dimengo On a horse named Bingo A fugitive lookin' for Puff switchin' my lingo Stayin' at a hotel called the pink flamingo Callin' up MC from a cuatro cinco The set up, tryin' on my way to uniform Room service bumpin' Kain on the newest song Holdin' gats knowin' everything I do is wrong 'Till I hi-jack the sky flyin' on a unicorn Downstairs with a bag of money and two clips Talkin' to Loons chicks wit' sombreros and toothpicks Sayin' they commit homicides for two bits And fuck for dough like I give two shits Wildfire call from Hong Kong Hello (Loon: Yo Kain I just spotted Sean Jean) Hold up, some information was missing I just got the same page from Bris He told me he saw Sean and two chicks followed by four whips Somewhere in the Florida sticks It's a set up Tell the crew to keep their heads high I'm gonna flip if any one of my mens die We've been fucked somebody told us a bent-lie/Bentley (what) Let's get back to the spot in NY Seven glocks P-S-P-O pops Hit both the hot locks Let'em read it that Diddy is on them hot blocks So we sent two teams to rush both spots Ha yeah! Suited up ready to dumbs out Thumbs out watch the motherfuckin' door with our guns out [P. Diddy] Hey yo yo hold up stop the music man heh heh Y'all niggas is crazy I was only joking man I just wanted to see if my family was on point

(She's Got A Butt) Bigger Than The Beatles

Cledus T. Judd "I Stoled This Record"
She cooks with lard Loves hot food bars A quart of sweet tea And fried pork skins Can't get enough Eat still she's stuffed Goes to the bathroom And then she comes back again She thinks she looks just like Madonna When she runs her greasy fingers through her bleached blonde hair Most times she'll place another order And lordy have mercy on that little bitty chair She's got a butt bigger than the Beatles Eating me outta house and home Her booty size well it outta be illegal She has a had time sitting on the throne Hamburgers, hotdogs Cheese fries and coleslaw A dozen bear claws Yum yum yum Loves sausage links Hates diet drinks Takes up both seats in a two-seater car Her doctor said lay off the bread But he didn't say nothing bout a Snickers bar She drinks sweet milk by the gallon And she'd never eat a salad or a Lean Cuisine And she'll lay Spread out on the hammock After she's done her damage at the Dairy Queen She's got a butt bigger than the Beatles Folks make fun cause she's overgrown Her rumps shaped like a Volkswagen Beetle She gives new meaning to the words big boned Bagels and cream cheese Vaniller ice cream A tub of whip cream Yum yum yum No you won't find her name on the weight loss of fame Down at Jenny Craig's When she cleans em out at the Waffle House They'll bring in more ham and eggs Ewwwwwwww She's got a butt bigger than the Beatles Her favorite food is chocolate Ding Dongs It's wide enough to play line backer for the Eagles Dion Sanders better leave her alone Tried chicken that steak Or a fat free milk shake Enough for god's sake Stop the insanity Weight Watchers yeah Weight Watchers yeah Yeah I watched her weight I watched it go from 117 and a quarter when I married her To 317 and a half two and a half years latter Moooooooo But I still love ya honey

Chicken Grease

D'ANGELO "Voodoo"
let me tell U' bout the chicken grease stuffs and things 2 make the people get out ya Seat everybody it's cool if u wanna clap your hands and stomp YOUR feet come on down 2 the front where you can feel the beat from the left 2 right, the BACK the middle and the front don't be uptight, shake it off do what u want pump it in the club get a little bit a rub-a-dub I know u love me cause I'm funky cause I just wanna show u some love chicken grease chicken grease 2 get 2 the other side Y'all cross the road but not the kid see i'm like that old bucket of crisco that's sitting on top of the stove simmer to a sizzle like the days of old but I'll wait til I've mastered this, let the others go first so the brothers wont miss fried til it's burned and crisp say we be cooking so the funksters can raise their fist like this now u know how its goin down, start at your neck, then thrOugh your back then it works its way down 2 your feet so unique, come on everybody let's dance 2 the beat I just wanna put u down (yeah) I just want u all to get down (yeah) everybody come on and get down 2 the chicken grease If you wanna come on down 2 the front baby yo it's cool everybody fakin the funk i'ma put u in school, take a lesson from adolescence 2 man I got the music and the instruments use em as my weapons at hand everybody on the floor if u listening 2 me clap your hands stomp your feet I just wanna put u down (yeah) I just want ya all 2 get down (yeah) everybody come get down 2 the chicken grease (yeah) chicken grease chicken grease [VAMP OUT TO END]

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