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LESS THAN JAKE lyrics - Goodbye Blue and White

Yo-yo Ninja Boy

Original and similar lyrics
Stayed awake all night fighting the crimes Weasell, Rock and an Evil Guy Grandfather, Mandy, Wendel, Chip helped ninja boy be the best there is Best of a kind and he'll never win he's no match for his yo yo spin Grandfather showed him all his tricks there's not a problem he can't fix he's just getting started Chorus: Yo Yo Ninja Boy go go Ninja Boy x2 And he'll fight till the trouble ends Yomagana have sworn their revenge he'll save the day so have no fear 'cause still your Ninja Boy is here (Chorus) He'll be fighting crime until the end (Yo Yo Ninja Boy) with a little help from all his friends (go go Ninja Boy) Yo Yo Ninja Boy go go Ninja Boy

Who Know Better

Boom Shaka "Freedom Now"
Everyone is doing Doing what he can Rebel like he wants to Skanking like them want Everyone is fighting Fighting for their liberties Wanting the best for his friend and family (chorus) Who know better do better People if you can I know you'll try your best (repeat) My love got no fear for the future Oh my love is free If Jah, Jah Sun rises in the east That's the way its gonna be I'm not expecting a peaceful revolution No, No, No I don't know why, I don't know why They'll try to cut you down Just to see you bleed I don't know why, I don't know why They'll make promises that them Never intend to keep No, No, No chorus Jah, Jah cool the temptest heart So the wise could speak Word fill like food, clothes and shelter Feeding the meek This is the morning of the new beginning Rise up my people for a new day is dawning You know, you know say You know, you know, you know say If you can not hear this Then you a go feel You know, you know, you know say You know, you know, you know say If you can not hear this one Then you a go feel chorus

Sunday's Best

Sunday's Best Times are tough for English babies Send the army and the navy Beat up strangers who talk funny Take their greasy foreign money Skin shop, red leather, hot line Be prepared for the engaged sign Bridal books, engagement rings And other wicked little things Chorus: Standing in your socks and vest Better get it off your chest Every day is just like the rest But Sunday's best Stylish slacks to suit your pocket Back supports and picture lockets Sleepy towns and sleeper trains To the dogs and down the drains Major roads and ladies smalls Hearts of oak and long trunk calls Continental interference At death's door with life insurance Chorus Sunday's best, Sunday's finest When your money's in the minus And you suffer from your shyness You can listen to us whiners Don't look now under the bed An arm, a leg and a severed head Read about the private lives The songs of praise, the readers' wives Listen to the decent people Though you treat them just like sheep Put them all in boots and khaki Blame it all upon the darkies Chorus Sunday's best

Mercury Poisoning

Graham Parker "Squeezing out Sparks"
INTRO C C C G Bb F C G Bb F C G Bb F C G Bb F No more pretending now, the albatross is dying in its nest C G The company is crippling me, Bb F Am Am the worst trying to ruin the best, the best Bb C Their promotion's so lame Bb C They could never ever take it to the real ball game F G Maybe they think I'm a pet F Well I've got all the diseases G G G I'm breaking out in sweat, you bet, because CHORUS C G Bb F I got, Mercury poisoning C G Bb F It's fatal and it don't get better C G Bb F I got, Mercury poisoning Bb C G Bb F C G Bb F The best kept secret in the we--est, hey the we--est The boys and me are getting real well known around town But every time we try to spread the action Someone always brings it down, down I ate the orange and I don't feel well For them it's inconvenience for me it's hell The geriatric staff think we're freaks They couldn't sell kebabs to the Greeks, the geeks Inaction speaks, and CHORUS BRIDGE Am G Am G Is this a Russian conspiracy, no it's just idiocy F G Is this a Chinese burn Am G Am G I gotta dinosaur for a representative F G It's got a small brain and refuses to learn Bb F G Their promotion's so lame Bb F G They could never ever take it to the real ball game F G Listen I ain't a pet F G I aint a token hipster, in your monopoly set G You bet because CHORUS, plus Yeah the best kept secret in the west The best kept secret in the west

Alpha Omega The Bringer Of Balance

Holy Terror
Hidden in the magic darkness befriended by the night lies the war torn ravaged victim treason complete a new order arrives pain the trouble drone infests ever-lasting night befalls revolt CHORUS: Damned to hell compulsion of the thief driven by greed tempered by force sweet evil tendencies the easy way out fallen soldiers bleeding thier sins fearing death the cowards tremble, all so afraid to fight laying down their earthly treasures, trading possessions for the light fighting back without fighting the blood on them it flows from us the slaugtering of the lamb insures the lion to be -CHORUS- Rising through the mist around me shacled to my vice the stench of my own sins surround me deep inside I need to live feed the fires for now but remember deceived by the whore to evil the voices in my mind revolt telling me trust in nothing questions begin the answer believe in nothing the deceptions sure revealing that which has always been programmed but not forsaken listen not to the charlatan question all without regard an empty ringing breaks the silence a voice upon the astral wind tears upon the trusting face turn away while you still can from the gaze of your temptation rebillion is upon our hands sacred bredding desecration the deception's complete

I Know

DESTINY'S CHILD "Fighting Temptation"
Hey little lady why you walking with your head hung low there's got to be an explanation or you don't know got little man in the stroller lookin up at you dont understand but he know his mama sad why you runnin' away when your problems gonna find you dry your eyes and take the time to pray chorus: I know what you going through don't let it get the best of you everybody goes through things don't worry it will be o.k. I know what you going through don't let it get the best of you everybody goes through change that made it through yesterday verse2: What ever happen to living in a world of peace and equality wanting the same and we giving one another some grieve and jealousy we got three hundred million men and women out there who love someone academics got our nation dying young you betta be ready when he comes chorus 1time Bridge:2 times Don't you let it Break you down Dont you let it Steal your joy I know its gone be alright Just dont give up the fight Everything will be o.k. Chrorus til fade

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