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LESS THAN JAKE lyrics - Goodbye Blue and White

Freeze Frame

Original and similar lyrics
I could see it was a rough-cut Tuesday Slow-motion weekdays stare me down Her lipstick reflex got me wound There were no defects to be found Snap shot and it froze without a sound Thursday morning was a hot-flash factor Her face still focused in my mind Test-strip proof-sheet love is hard to find Friday night we danced the spotlight grind Stop time heart for me if she's not mine Freeze frame (freeze frame) Freeze frame (freeze frame) Freeze frame (freeze frame) Freeze frame, now freeze (yeah) Now I'm looking at a flashback Sunday Zoom lens feeling just won't disappear Close up, dark room, sweet talk in my ear Her hot-spot love for me is strong This freeze-frame moment can't be wrong Chorus WHOOOOA, freeze frame (freeze frame yeah) freeze frame yeah (repeat 4x)


98 DEGREES "98 Degrees"
Oh no ... oh no, no ... oh yeah [Hey baby, whatever you want Whatever you need, is yours girl, But whatever you do Please don't stop the love] Some say that I'm professional Cause I know how to handle mine Be still, be cool and wait awhile And I'll show you what some say is right Now don't get the wrong impression I don't do this all of the time But when I see you all I wanna do Is make you call my name by the candlelight Don't stop the love, if the speakers blown Even if we ain't alone, I am into you Don't stop the love, if it feels good Just like I knew it would, I am into you Don't stop the love, if the fallen rains I'll do anything, I am into you Don't stop the love for anything I'll do everything, I am into you Some people like to talk a lot About what they say they can do, Oh yeah ... But I wanna be the first To sit you down, show and prove, Oh yeah ... (Don't stop the love) Now don't get the wrong idea I don't do just anyone But when I see you all I wanna do Is make sweet love till the morning sun, baby Repeat Chorus Just relax and let me do my job (Let me do my job) If this is a full time baby I'm never taking off As long as you're here by my side Repeat Chorus till fade Don't stop the love baby, you're driving me crazy You know I can't go on, this feeling is oh so strong Don't stop the love baby, you're driving me crazy You know I can't go on, this feeling is oh so strong

Working In A Goldmine

Aztec Camera "Love"
Words and music by Roddy Frame vocals guitars RODDY FRAME. keyboards programming MICHAEL JONZUN. drums STEVE JORDAN. percussion CAROL STEELE. bass WILL LEE. background vocals ROBIN CLARK, GORDON GRODY and LANI GROVES. produced by ROB MOUNSEY. engineered by RICHARD ALDERSON and KEVIN HALPIN. Our love's the sound Of broken skies Too blind to see What lies inside We love what shines Before our eyes Why can't we learn What hides? Chorus: Waiting on the last train Flicking through the highlights Livin' in a suitcase Positively uptight Kissing in the full moon Drowning in the sunshine Walking on a tightrope And everything is gonna be just fine 'Cos I believe in your heart of gold Automatically sunshine Yeah glitter, glitter everywhere Like working in a goldmine And we believe that there's a heart beats on In the dark of the closedown Yeah glitter, glitter everywhere Like working in a goldmine And time not tied Is time to feed We lose our pride We spill our seed The worst of us Escape so slow The best of us Just goes Chorus They'll make you work for everything Never let it roll Never let it swing Take control and let your heart sing

If I Let You Go

WESTLIFE "Westlife"
Day after day, time past away And I just can't get you off my mind Nobody knows, I hide it inside I keep on searching, but I can't find The courage to show To letting you know I've never felt so much love before And once again I'm think about Taking the easy way out Chorus But if I let you go I will never know What my life would be Holding you close to me Will I ever see, you smiling back at me, oh yeah How will I know If I let you go Night after night I hear myself say Why can't this feeling just fade away There's no-one like you You speak to my heart It's such a shame We're worlds apart I'm too shy to ask I'm too proud to lose But sooner or later I've got to choose And once again I'm thinking about Taking the easy way out Chorus

Had Enough

(Ward/Hess/Lesperance) You come on like a sweet child here drive me wild when I want you You giving me a rough time then you change your mind then you want me You come so close, but you never stay You take my heart, and then you walk away You're hard to love, but it's hard to let you go I need you now, but I'm afraid of letting you know It's hard to love, and never understand How it slips right through your hands I wanna say you're mine but acting like you don't know me All I need is one night just to make it right when you're lonely I got to know if we can make it last Can't pretend I don't want you to know Every touch leaves your mark on me Little things seem to haunt me now I can't believe you've become a part of me

Who Do You Tell

TAMIA "Tamia"
Verse: There you were in a crowded room With someone at least I assumed How did I know I would fall in love With you so soon Just one look in your eyes And I see the truth And I try hard to hide that I'm made for you But I know deep inside things that we could do Just as long as we're together But... Chorus: Who do you tell when you love someone Hoping that someone's in love with you Who do you tell when you love someone I think I might as well tell you I can't believe that I feel this way There is so much that I want to say I wanna touch you, hold you, feel you, please you As we're making love all through the night We would talk to each other We would laugh and play We would claim it's forever every night and day We would share every minute 'til the test of time In my mind Chorus Bridge: I've hesitated so many times And I won't let you slip away from me no I know you're for me And me for you But I don't know what to say or to do So now that we're together I'm telling you Chorus repeat

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