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LESS THAN JAKE lyrics - Goodbye Blue and White

Evil Has No Boundaries

Original and similar lyrics
Blasting our way through the boundaries of Hell No one can stop us tonight We take on the world with hatred inside Mayhem the reason we fight Surviving the slaughters and killing we've lost Then we return from the dead Attacking once more now with twice as much strength We conquer then move on ahead (Chorus:) Evil My words defy Evil Has no disguise Evil Will take your soul Evil My wrath unfolds Satan our master in evil mayhem Guides us with every first step Our axes are growing with power and fury Soon there'll be nothingness left Midnight has come and the leathers strapped on Evil is at our command We clash with God's angel and conquer new souls Consuming all that we can (Chorus)

Paradise Of Sin

Die Krupps
In-a-gadda-da-vida baby God is dead he lost the battle the devil rules over life and death feel his power, feel his wrath hell - this is the paradise of sin fail - and you will suffer in pain nail - that son of disaster sell - your soul to the master in the garden of evil, baby the bible's title is helter skelter take a ride on this rollercoaster live for sin and die faster wake - your evil twin live - your wildest dream let - the demons in let - the madness begin

The Exorcist

CANNIBAL CORPSE "Hammer Smashed Face"
Possessed By Evil Force Satan's Wrath will kill He will take your soul Cast you to hell Demons dog domain Keeping me insane evil curse my soul burning away satan's hell will burn terrored cries are heard ever lasting eternity Warriors of hell Unleashed men of sin hatred hell within sinners hate will die the exorcist I can see the light I don't want to burn Help me save my soul Let me live Your curse is not my fear Demons within me hear I will escape your wrath 666 This is not my way doom, sorrow for eternity Lights shine below in hell Forever burning Words of insanity scream out The final plea Evil voices scream out Help me Demons in my body gone Sicken thoughts left beyond Haunted by evil memories Nightmares and sin My mind is burnt and black Shadowed no way back Fear of living in hell Axed my mind Memories held within Satan's gone in sin Grasping to relieve the pain Scared for life Exorcism takes control Beneath my body help my soul Save my soul from evil hell Your spell is lost


Dimmu Borgir "Puritanical Euphoric Misanthropia"
Incarnated marvels simplified Effects from such a disconsolate kind Impotence of the once so perfect living Erase and rewind Stand rigid for the next battle Peace means reloading your guns The love for life is all hatred in disguise A carnival creation with masks undone In search for the guidelines to the gateways of sin through mires of misanthropy with wrath in mind Sophistication as cruelty and perfection as virulent truth Confidently dawned, to pick the best of enemies An abyss womb stretched wide open, exposed to retaliate (chorus:) With the stigma feasting upon your flesh I wish you well Thorns from the fountains of fate licking lepered skin Worshipped by anyone's mass on our planet hell What on earth possessed you Consuming illusions made from hysteria and swallowed tongues Devoured by doubt, conducting arts of misconception Testimonial sufficiency declaring numbness of all perceptions Glance into the blackness hidden beneath your surface And enjoy the suffering, sanity drained in disrespect With such bedevilled faith in good, subsequently trusting evil Next step for mankind will be the last seasons in sin Left are the kings of the carnival creation Carrying out the echoes of the fallen Sense the withering eternity as it fades away The ultimate graceless voyage of all times Only death will be guarding your angels, silently Cripples joining arms in clamour Institutionalized for the rebirth, the herd will be hunted (music: Mustis, Silenoz, Vortex and Shagrath) (lyrics: Silenoz)

Hell Awaits

SLAYER "Hell Awaits"
[Lyrics King; Music Hanneman/King] [Backwards: Join us x times] [Welcome back] Existing on damnation's edge The priest had never known To witness such a violent show Of power overthrown Angels fighting aimlessly Still dying by the sword Our legions killing all in sight To get the one called Lord The Gates of Hell lie waiting as you see There's no price to pay just follow me I can take your lost soul from the grave Jesus knows your soul can not be saved Crucify the so called Lord He soon shall fall to me Your souls are damned your God has fell To slave for me eternally Hell awaits... The Reaper guard's the darkened Gates That Satan calls his home Demons feed the furnace where The Dead are free to roam Lonely children of the night There's seven ways to go Each leading to the burning hole The Lucifer controls Priests of Hades seek the sacred star Satan sees the answer lies not far Zombies screaming souls cry out to you Satanic laws prevail your life is through Pray to the moon... when it is round Death with you shall then abound What you seek... for can't be found In sea or sky or underground [Lead - Hanneman] Now I have you deep inside my everlasting grasp The seven bloody Gates of Hell Is where you'll live your last Warriors from Hell's Domain Will bring you to your Death The flames of Hades burning strong Your soul shall never rest The Gates of Hell lie waiting as you see There's no price to pay just follow me I can take your lost soul from the grave Jesus knows your soul can not be saved Sacrifice the lives of all I know they Soon shall die Their souls are damned to rot in Hell and keep the fire growing deep inside Hell awaits... [Lead - King]

Edge Of A Dream

SARAH JAROSZ "Song Up In Her Head"
Step to the left, step to the right The middle of the floor, feels safe tonight Dancing on, the edge of a dream move in close, will I like what I see Will I face it? Can I take it? My soul out on the line Will the spaces, just absorb me? Will the walls live my lies? Smiling face, that no one really knows Singin' bout the passion in my soul Playin' it safe, move in time with the beat Take a chance, learn a new dance Almost eighteen, a real lady now I'll keep tryin' to figure this life out, I wanna figure it out Step to the left, step to the right The middle of the floor, feels safe tonight

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