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LESS THAN JAKE lyrics - Borders & Boundaries


Original and similar lyrics
Ideals are like opinions and beliefs just like tradition Sometimes both are not enough Faded stickers and crumpled flyers They've become the reminder that there's an anthem in us that fits the flag we've flown for years I've always had this same old song Stuck in my head for so damn long A soundtrack to whether I'm right or wrong Ideals are like opinions beliefs just like tradition Sometimes both are not enough faded pictures and yellowed flyers and memories so far behind us there's an anthem in us that fits the flag we've flown for years Ideals and its actions Beliefs and convictions Faith and tradition The flags we've flown for years

Between Seventeen And Twenty

ELTON JOHN "Blue Moves"
I wonder who's sleeping in your sheets tonight Whose head rests upon the bed Could it be a close friend I knew so well Who seems to be so close to you instead Close to you instead I'm blue tonight, I'm red when I'm mad I'm green when I'm jealous, yellow when I'm sad I guess I cannot have everything So much has flown between the years When I was twenty and you were seventeen So out of choice I chose rock and roll But it pushed me to the limit everyday It turned me into a gypsy, kept me away from home From there on, there seemed no use for you For you to stay And if I shower around 3 a.m. It's just to wash away The trace of a love unwanted Oh in the times I went astray The times I went astray So much has flown between the years When I was twenty and you were seventeen

The Couch

ALANIS MORISSETTE "Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie"
you hadn't seen your father in such a long time he died in the arms of his lover how dare he your mother never left the house she never married anyone else you took it upon yourself to console her you reminded her so much of your father so you were banished and you wonder why you're so hypersensitive and why you can't trust anyone but us but then how can I begin to forgive her so many years under bridges with dirty water she was foolish and selfish and cowardly if you ask me I don't know where to begin in all of my 50 odd years I have been silently suffering and adapting perpetuating and enduring who are you younger generation to tell me that I have unresolved problems not many examples of fruits of this type of excruciating labour how can you just throw words around like grieve and heal and mourn I feel fine we may not have been born as awake as you were it was much harder in those days we had paper routes uphill both ways we went from school to a job to a wife to instant parenthood I walked into his office I felt so self-conscious on the couch he was sitting down across from me he was writing down his hypothesis I don't know i've got a loving supportive wife who doesn't know how involved she should get you say his interjecting was him just calling me on my shit just the other day my sweet daughter I was driving past 203 I walked up the stairs in my mind's eye I remember how they would creak loudly she was only responsive with a drink he was only responsive by photo I was only trying to be the best big brother I could i've walked sometimes confused sometimes ready to crack open wide sometimes indignant sometimes raw can you imagine I pay him 75 dollars an hour sometimes it feels like highway robbery and sometimes it's peanuts I wish it could last a couple more hours so here we both are battling similar demons (not coincidentally) you see n getting beyond knowing it solely intellectually you're not relinquishing your majestry you are wise you are warm you are courageous you are big and I love you more now than I ever have in my whole life

Diamonds & Rust

JOAN BAEZ "Diamonds & Rust"
Well I'll be damned Here comes your ghost again But that's not unusual It's just that the moon is full And you happened to call And here I sit Hand on the telephone Hearing a voice I'd known A couple of light years ago Heading straight for a fall As I remember your eyes Were bluer than robin's eggs My poetry was lousy you said Where are you calling from? A booth in the midwest Ten years ago I bought you some cufflinks You brought me something We both know what memories can bring They bring diamonds and rust Well you burst on the scene Already a legend The unwashed phenomenon The original vagabond You strayed into my arms And there you stayed Temporarily lost at sea The Madonna was yours for free Yes the girl on the half-shell Would keep you unharmed Now I see you standing With brown leaves falling around And snow in your hair Now you're smiling out the window Of that crummy hotel Over Washington Square Our breath comes out white clouds Mingles and hangs in the air Speaking strictly for me We both could have died then and there Now you're telling me You're not nostalgic Then give me another word for it You who are so good with words And at keeping things vague Because I need some of that vagueness now It's all come back too clearly Yes I loved you dearly And if you're offering me diamonds and rust I've already paid

My Name Is Lisa Kalvelage

My name is Lisa Kalvelage, I was born in Nuremberg And when the trials were held there nineteen years ago It seemed to me ridiculous to hold a nation all to blame For the horrors that the world did undergo A short while later when I applied to be a G. I. bride An American consular official questioned me He refused my exit permit, said my answers did not show I'd learned my lesson about responsibility. Thus suddenly I was forced to start thinking on this theme And when later I was permitted to emigrate I must have been asked a hundred times where I was and what I did In those years when Hitler ruled our state I said I was a child or at most a teen-ager But that only extended the questioning They'd ask, where were my parents, my father, my mother And to this I could answer not a thing. The seed planted there at Nuremberg in 1947 Started to sprout and to grow Gradually I understood what that verdict meant to me When there are crimes that I can see and I can know And now I also know what it is to be charged with mass guilt Once in a lifetime is enough for me No, I could not take it for a second time And that is why I am here today. The events of May 25th, the day of our protest, Put a small balance weight on the other side Hopefully, someday my contribution to peace Will help just a bit to turn the tide And perhaps I can tell my children six And later on their own children That at least in the future they need not be silent When they are asked, Where was your mother, when?

The Woman With The Tattooed Hands

ATMOSPHERE "Lucy Ford: The Atmosphere EPs"
[verse 1] I used to know this woman who had the most beautiful tattoos on the top sides of both of her hands she was forty three years old and as far as I know had never yet been with a man its not that she wasn't attractive she was beatiful but its the way that she interacted she was aggressively passive to the point where she would of intimidated any mitt that ever tried to catch her on the right hand she had a tattoo of a nude girl she claimed it is what God resembled but on the left she had a mirrored image of the same female and this one she explained looked like the devil I remember once watching her touch her own breasts how the tattoos smiled as they stared down her stomach as if anticipating would they be allowed to caress the sweet flower that they both seemed to hunger (sweet flower) now maybe I was high but it felt so right heaven and hell both take to this womans womb it didn't make sense how she could commence touching herself with me wide awake in the same room now if I've learned anything in my years (my years) I learned I no longer believe in surprise (in surprise) but what happened next damn near stole my tears the tattoos came alive right in front of my eyes they both slowly stood up and climbed off her hands and showed me why she never took some time with a man they climbed deep inside of this woman's garden she closed her eyes and she gently bit her bottom lip I stepped I left and I don't regret leaving and I'll never forget all the things I saw that evening a glimpse of religion a piece of coming closer to understanding more about what intrigues me most I didn't get turned on I just got turned I wasn't as aroused as I was concerned for each one of em I've hurt and every time I've been burned I've got a lot to teach but even more to learn so now I keep my eyes open hoping to take in all I can about Woman taking in all she can and for as long as I breath i'll save a seat in my memory for that woman with the tattooed hands [chorus: repeat 5x till song fades] There's good and evil in each individual fire identifies needs and feeds our desires as long as we keep our spirit inspired she can bite her bottom lip all she wants

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