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LESS THAN JAKE lyrics - Anthem

Portrait Of A Cigarette Smoker At Age 19

Original and similar lyrics
I used to be a stereotype Half alive with half open eyes With a one track mind And a flawed design Feeling like I was lost At sea at only the age of 19 Floating around in alcohol and apathy Taking in too much caffeine and nicotine If we make it out of here alive Just say you won't look back to see Just who we left behind *We're all doing just fine We were always the ones laughing last We were never the ones looking back We were always the ones to say that We're all doing just fine* I used to be a stereotype Someone you'd never recognize With fingers so yellow That it matched the yellow skies And there was a few things I memorized From all those blurry times Like bottles clinking under blinking signs And a few last words from lost friend of mine If we make it out of here alive Just say you won't look back to see Just who we left behind *We're all doing just fine We were always the ones laughing last We were never the ones looking back We were always the ones to say that We're all going just fine* Words to live by We're DOING FINE!

Seance Of Shamans

JEDI MIND TRICKS "A History Of Violence"
[Hook: Samples] [Akbar (Hot Ya Hot):] "Nobody gets out alive till the cops arrive" [Billy Danze of M.O.P. (Stand Up):] "It's a dirty job but somebody gotta do it" [Akbar (Hot Ya Hot):] "I cause more scare than Godzilla" [Lil' Fame of M.O.P. (Stand Up):] "Made the church people on your block wanna move out" [Akbar (Hot Ya Hot):] "Nobody gets out alive till the cops arrive" [Billy Danze of M.O.P. (Stand Up):] "It's a dirty job but somebody gotta do it" [Akbar (Hot Ya Hot):] "My style is wild like pitbulls trapped in cages" [Lil' Fame of M.O.P. (Stand Up):] "Made the church people on your block wanna move out" [Crypt the Warchild:] Every rhyme I write is 25 to Life Every rhyme you write don't even deserve a mic Crossing in the national borders with a bomb threat You mothafuckaz haven't even left ya block yet You'se a bitch, you'se a hoe, here's a prom dress You wanna try to box with God, there's no contest So keep on thinking this shit is sweet I was caught in a sandstorm; put you under the Middle East You got it fucked up homie, I've been a beast Reptilian tongue and my skin is deep Rumor has it they say I'm thrown off Until their limbs is everywhere, wigs is blown off [Jus Allah:] Is that the cast of a death mass? Is that water in a red glass? Boi I thought you'll neva ask, since legend has There's a method to the math, it's directing fast Disconnecting from the guest is the second class I have left a trail of debt checks in the mail Head or tails? Death prevails, never fails I will never get derailed that tip is stale I will never get to hell that ship is sail I'm refined mastermind after cash had climbed Any gunshot paneling, past the grind Pass into the sublime, have relaxing time Have a glass of wine, have your last act of kind [Planetary:] Everything they say is irrelevant I'm a element of rap that define pure elegance Elevating my residence, bigging them up I'm in the hood rocking 'JMT' shit in the truck Not I against I cause I don't sleep on my stomach I rock heavy metal kings and watch the barrel of the gun twitch You talking dumb shit, hooting and hollering I lift the cannon and wait for the bazooka to swallow 'em I'm a do this regardless to them I'm the original Dirty rotting scoundrel surrounding your pinnacle Block the perimeter, I hit you with the fade away Got a bullet with ya name on it for a rainy day [Doap Nixon:] So many days, so many nights So much money got fucked up, so many fights So many niggas got knuckled down for no reason So many cowards got guns but don't squeeze 'em YEEEAH! It's just the way it is I finally got a whiz that's ready to bless the sun with a hundred kids So I can fall back, Ralph Lauren straw hat 'Sour Diesel' already showed you I'm all that I won't stop tryna to ride on you assholes First week sales donated to Daschel You think I'm bugging right? C'mon! But it's the zeros in my bank account Dat got me saying: "Floss right" [Vinnie Paz:] My brain [? ] the sky is My heart doesn't know what die is Pyromaniac rap Vinnie starts fires Only a nigger and thought ignore sirus And that's why the enemy lost and caught virus Brrrrt! Where I'm from God Earth's 85ers Y'all ain't got heat underneath it's all wires I'm on some same hate shit with bonfires My whole team animal thug and born liars You ain't aware of what any the 12 Tribes is You a devil who tell the enemy where God is [Outro: Vinnie] And that's how we get down Yeah! Jedi Mind foreva Jus Allah, Vinnie Paz, Kwestion Yo Stoupe where you at cuzin? ATOP - Army of the Pharaoh clique Doap Nix, whadup cuzo? King Mag, 7L Esoteric, Big Mike, Big Red Sinatra where you at cuzo? Kamach, Lost Cauze, Celph Titled, Apathy King Syze, OS, the whole fam Who really fucking with us out here man? This animal rap out here

Only Begotten Son

JA RULE "Venni Vetti Vecci"
He who believeth in Ja Shall not be condemned But he that believeth not Is condemned already Only because He has not believed In the man and the only begotten son My Lord [chorus] For he so feared the word He left his only begotten son To shed his blood Show that pain is love But I wont cry Cause I live to die Wit my mind on my money And my guns in the sky [x2] Yeah, Why would you leave somethin you love here to die In the cold And it grows Like a concrete rose Beautiful ain't I Till I withered and died In them same streets you left me in Screamin Lord let me in I don't know where to begin Since I lost yo love But then again your love Was strictly for the drugs I dont know whether to hug Or to fill you with slugs Fuckin them whores Instead of claiming what's rightfully yours Pierced a hole in my heart from all the pain you caused With no direction you left your first born lost Give or take a few Cause my hate for you Grew, over the years Through blood, sweat, and tears I wanted to be just like you My father figure, now I want to fight you You bitch nigga, left me 'lone And parts of me never out grown The fact that you left home But moms was so strong Don't let them get you fed This world is yours she said Now nothin is stoppin me but two to the head In life there's more to come when it's all said and done You lost one love, your only begotten son [chorus 2X] Broke wit nothin to live for And damn ready to die young I'm the shadow behind the gun Look at what I've become The fear of many niggas The floss of most bitches The love that runs deepest In the hearts of street niggas Raised in the ghetto By the ghetto Was taught young to pop the metal That's how shit get settled Learn to cook up the coke Never leave home without toast Learn to fly my bitches with birds, in first not coach Never trust ya, from a toddler to hustla I was trained as a youngsta, to cock back and slug ya Love me or hate me, ya only son Let me live or kill me, the chosen one Ja, under the gun, gotta kill 'em fo' sho' If you want it you gonna get more then you askin for Life's got more to come, but when it's all said and done You lost one love, tour only begotten son [chorus 2X] I wanted to be forever yours Look it now we're nothin more than two lost souls Lookin to meet at the crossroads I burn the hydro, lay back with my eyes closed In deep thought like Brittany is somethin I'd die for How the fuck do you sleep at night Knowin you wronged the only thing you ever did right Despite the loss I stretch the length of a short Now I got a new father whose name is New York Runnin wild in the streets With heat, we don't talk Cause when its cold you basically live life in dark But light will shine from the heavens and bless one Ja Rule; love, your only begotten son [chorus 3X]

Pride Parade

It started out quite simply, as complex things can do; A set of sad transparencies 'til no one could see through, But least of all the one inside, behind the iron glass; A prisonor of all your dreams that never come to pass. Alone you stand corrupted by the vision that you sought, And blinded by your hunger all your apetites are bought, But in spite of what becomes of you, your image will remain; A reminder of your constant loss, a symbol of your gain. CHORUS: And your friends are together, Where the people are all gathered, All along the road you travelled all your days. And soon you have succumbed to what the others all believe, And though the lie affects them still it's you that they decieve, And all at once you're lost within the emptieness of you, And there's no one left who's near enough to tell you what to do. You're left with nothing but your self-potential in the dark, Like tinder resting on a rock, protected from the spark, But your fire just consumes you, you alone can feel the pain, And you stand in all your glory and you know you can't complain. CHORUS But you are surely just as evil as the worst my tongue can tell, For you'll never face my heaven and I'll not endure your hell. You have lost your chance to mingle with your constant quiet lies; Deceptions hidden with your lips, but spoken with your eyes. For I know you for what you are not for that's really all you are. And your talents of a minor order seem to stretch too far. And we both know that this masquerade can't carry on too long. You're deep inside the Pride Parade, but where do you belong? CHORUS

Night Light

AESOP ROCK "Daylight"
Voice: Day turns Night x8 [Aesop Rock] Night Light suckas.. Put one up shackle me, not clean logic procreation I did invent the wheel, in a previous generation While the triple sixers lassos keep angels roped in the basement I locate my old halos and pass em out to the pavement Y'all catch a 30-second flash frame Dirty cooperative Neptune bloom head-trip split Fantastic! Fathom the splicing of major league low lifes With anti hero earthworm mentality (Godzilla!) I paste my game to zero all completion See a cretin's still a cretin even speakin' altered moniker American nightmare lost in the monitor I'll hold the door open so you can stagger through Then ten berserk and bread cookies in after you It's the gutter and I spell it with the 'G' I stole from Get the fuck up Noise crutch stolen wretched refuse of my teaming dumb luck Still I promise temperance storm breed still bleeding Amish See the freaks sucked out the bottom dropped 3 bears and a baby in a cottage And I can't sleep now Yeah, the police'll laugh You won't be laughing when your covered wagons crash You won't be laughing when you're hosted by the ghost of Christmas past You won't be laughing when your blow up doll's got a headache and won't give up the ass And I lay my kicks to rest when I'm impressed So I staple-gun them to my feet This origami dream is beautiful: pull the tail watch the wings flap But you really can't do a thing with that All I ever wanted was to pick apart the day Swallow up the pieces Spit 'em at your species Reachin' the city of lost barnacles and leeches Night-light got me when the daylight went to evening Night (Light) Day (Light) x8 I'm pretty sure I got a pulse.. plus We Shimmy cross the centerfold, and our night light engulfed Just let me keep the crumbs (Please) With seven deadly stains To hear the plane to crystal conscious The results a dead-beat trying to make a dollar off a bomb threat (OK) Lift me to activism chain activate wild-style Pluto orbit Set a course then push the button I swallow spores born by the laws of a morbid glutton I can spot a drunk battalion by the Charlie Chaplin waddle Zig zag and zig 'em again before they can pull a badge out But I lash out Another thick installment of one night in Gotham like Houston we have a problem They're buffing the trains the same days the graffiti writers bomb 'em Who split how many freaks on box cuts of a high road bellow? Heads ripped! Watch red bricks turn yellow I'll try to meet the wizard But a tailgating tit-man holding an oil can won't let a hermit crab break in his new shell-toes Life's not a bitch, life is a beotch who keeps the villagers circling the marketplace out searching for the G-spot Maybe she didn't feel y'all shared any similar interests Or maybe you're just an asshole; maybe I'm just an asshole Kiss the speaker wire, seaming swashbuckler or pagan thresh hold Stomach full of diner food Wings span cast black upon views Here to help release the rabbit hounds or pick apart your mood I got this friend of polar nature and it's all peace When I seek similar stars but can't sit at the same feast Metal Captain! This cat is asking if I've seen his bit of lost passion I told him: Yeah I gave him one last look and smashed him All I ever wanted was to pick apart the day Swallow up the pieces Spit 'em at your species Reachin' the city of lost barnacles and leeches Night-light got me when the daylight went to evening Night (Light) Day (Light)..

The Good Times

There was a time that I was fine (I swear everything was fine) It just covered all the lies I didn't know that everything would change I was lost in my world You were compromising yours You were never really there Not enough to see that you would lose I'm letting you off My assumption that if i could find some way to get back there Intervention straight to your heart Without it everything is so perfect Why can't I just hide the past Forget about the good times? It's in me, I am you Hope I'd never see it through Never even think it, you Just so similar to all my fears Always feeling trapped inside Broken promises provide Years of torment gone astray Responsibility, too much to pay I open my heart too much anger locked away Inside a boy who's without you Without what's left I'm left on my own Bitter view of an american family Create my own redemption Bring me to the good times

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