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LESS THAN JAKE lyrics - Anthem

Plastic Cup Politics!

Original and similar lyrics
Hello six pack of confidence Been so many nights since we first met Glad to see you've brought all your friends For another night of plastic cup politics Hello mr six pack of confidence i'm Glad to see youve already met ms 12 ounces of loneliness And mr. plasic cup politics I see youre under the influence Of warm beer in the comfort of all your friends and i see that mr loudmouth has had his 40 ounce and will pass out i have no doubt So drop your plastic cups and clear your clouded heads I keep askin myself if they realize that their fears are really just the same as mine Do they know that all their insecurities are the same ones that are inside of me as people come and go do they know they're really not alone And the life of the party just left i guess i couldn't cure his emptyness like all the rest so drop your plastic cups and clear your clouded heads Here we are, another wasted night and i am right along the side of 40 sets of bloodshot eyes and plastic smiles miles wide match plastic cups we'll leave behind Its just another night of plastic cup politics plastic cup politics plastic cup politics plastic cup politics plastic cup politics So drop your empty cups and clear your clouded heads!!! LTJ ROCKS!! anthem ROCKS!!! BEST CD EVER!!!

On Fire

REDMAN "Muddy Waters"
( Them bitches swear they fly... ) Hahha Now everytime I grab the mic I always start shit up Sharper than your double-edger, watch me cough shit up Live and direct, respect it to the underground connect Pah!! I'm wreckin any MC you select Yo E, load me in your gun, light the flares Give me forty-eight bars, and I go out like gays at Billy Bear Wear and tear, I'm wreckin for the Bricks is where Jump in my way and get your body splattered everywhere Conjunction junction what's your function It's that nigga who's so swift I could lose a compass Step into jams, with seven niggaz in a Land And forty motherfuckers in some fucked up caravan Drop the farenheight back down to zero Bring Heat to the streets like I'm Pacino and DeNiro Raw dog material, grand imperial Talk to my shotty nigga, my ears ain't hearin you So take heed to what I'm saying Cause tonight's the night, and me and my nuccas ain't playing Now do I look crazy Deranged, maybe You shot first, your glock burst, but it graze me Now time for lyrics, put up your guns And watch me get this shit hoppin like the West was won Got that lyrical chicken feed, for all chicken heads Crowd your Rap City committee, like I'm [Big Leads] Most bigger than them Melendez brothers You need Cochran when you're fuckin with Judge Red Put your fingers up if you love hash and cash I been that way since Ike Turner was kickin Tina ass Hookers ridin dick, like I'm a motorcycle You wanna shine bitch Let me simonize you I make sure your vision blur, till you don't know what occurred Until I black out every nerver Foul women get served as chicken head hors d'ouerves I drop your tops like your heads was convertibles!! Hah, if you still look up in the sky I'm still high All the way live like Lakeside Wann die E (whattup son), you got this beat pumpin The way I feel niggaz ain't leave until they up in somethin Pack my dutch like the niggaz in the county Dayrooms, stay tuned, for Doc Illuminati Up around them big butt freaks is where you find me (Martini and Rossi, Asti Spumante) So take heed to what I'm saying Cause tonight's the night, and me and my nuccas ain't playing To my people in the back, if you're not the wack, say Don't stop, the body rock To my people in the front, if you're tokin on blunts, say Don't stop, the body rock... aoowwwwwowwwww I'm too strong for you to listen I started spittin, that's why the brick niggaz be lickin They stay on magazine written equipments And lyrics I got em by the shipment, where your bitch went I'm smokin leaky out the Lec-y, fatal My Squad steps with the ultimatum, true dat My muzak, move crowds, like down the hill moved crack For those who stepped on toes, I want my shoes back Buddy, bringin money to your girl for your little daughter like I'm Cutty Twenty dollars a pop to dub me, I bug G, quote it I see you notice how I leave microphones corroded Hahahahaha, your staff not up to par You raw, you're more like Zsa Zsa Gabor Call deep niggaz, keep the gas pedal floored And I pump the funk to keep a room and board *record scratches, rooster cackles*

Chingy Jackpot

CHINGY "Jackpot"
[Robotic voice] This is another Trak Star production [Record scratching] [Chingy] Oh, oh, oh, uh Oh, oh, oh, uh Oh, oh, oh, uh Oh, oh Who am I? [Hook 2X: Chingy] + (Girl) (Chingy) what's up? (Why yo eyes so chinky?) I dunno (Is it because you've been smoking and drinking?) Maybe so (I've been thinking) huh? (Maybe you come get me) and do what? (Wine me, dine me, take me home and eat me) Okay [Record scratches at end of hook] [Verse 1: Chingy] Chingy Jackpot, 'pop' like a crack spot Ladies on the strip, keep me with a fat knot, 'Lac drop Rag top on the jag drop, uh Phat stop you know that's hot, huh Mack spinnin wit the piece in my pocket People hop out, I'm releasin a rocket (bloaw bloaw) For a piece of the profit, St. Louis we the topic Let the women jock it, pimpin, you know how I get Once my album drop, all you heavy waiters better watch it Vokál, yeah I rock it Step in the spot shit, men leave I was somethin hot quick 'Cris holdin that bottle, won't you pop it I threw the key to the city, since I locked it Girl I don't want no brain, give me a pop quiz I get multiple choice head, derty watch this [Hook] - 2X [Verse 2: Chingy] They tell me what you tell me, you ain't gotta be in a rush Errything I do is top secret, that's on the hush (shhhh) Cat handlin hard in the city, makin women blush From 314 to 617, gotta give it up Treat my women like a structure, workers work the streets Twerk ya meat, go get it till it hurts ya feet Hurt in ya sleep, get wit me and we could ching all night Hearr the slots ring all night But if you try to get at the drama, I'll bring all night We keep Atlanta throwin bows And New Orleans, we got the thugs showin golds Take it to New York, and party at Madison Squarre We'll hit Cali and smash a model chick wit long hairr No hatin on my part, let the ceremony start Crowd around us sumthin new, sittin on top of the Arch STL, where I dwell, Northside of the streets They keep a quarter piece freak for the sheets, now speak uh [Hook] - 2X [Verse 3: Chingy] Uh, I got tired of being broke dogg (fa sho) Ice Sleeve won't you pass me some smoke dogg Can I come up without jealousy? 'You ain't gon make it', what they tellin me So I showed them, it ain't that hard Can't play me, cuz I ain't got a whole card Got Lee way in my hometown (STL) No mo' jokin cuz it's on now Who gon' stop, me not a soul Strap, in, now, let's, roll Keep it, real, what-eva I do Got's up Keith, comin from U Squash that, mind ya own, beats There's a new ching, in the streets Watch ya step, or I'll ruin ya rep Now let's 'get it' like Puff and G-Dep [Hook] - 2X [Chingy] Oh, oh, oh, uh Oh, oh, oh, uh Oh, oh, oh, uh Oh, oh Who am I?

Vamp Life

JIM JONES "F.E.A.S.T.: Vampire Life 2"
[Hook:] Usually use blood to get through the night Yes I’m a vampire Vampire hurting for fun (Who’s vamping) I usually use blood to get through the night (I get my money in the night time) Yes I’m a vampire, vampire hurting for fun (Freaks come out at night baby) Come alive in the night time Come alive in the right time When the sun goes down and the moon go up come alive in the night time A hundred thou for the right time Fifty tho make christ shine This cash on swipe minds Live fast see the white line I in that Rolls coupe Lean back on rose juice Few cups of that get them hoes loose and my wrist on ice like [?] shit to London Passport is all stamped up and when I beeped that bitch she jumped in told us she is all vamped up She is from uptown rock high heels top down my fly wheels I'm sick and my ride ill pop champagne I’m alive still So god bless to that hard stress Say a prayer it could be worse Thats beef and with desert I am vampin hard till I hit the dirt [Hook] If I should die before I wake Till I die I’m wide awake Presidential type of face Heavy metal upside the wasit Maybach with the quiet drapes Rose gettin high off grazy Take you up to a higher place vampires in outter space Penthouse with a fire place clear view of Empire states Clear view get your mind straight talk slick I fire aim Flashbacks of a prior case Most niggers in dire straights I am drop top down the real 8th drop the top just to hear them hate Gotta rev ur engine make em hear the porsche, switch lanes six gears of course Life is a bitch, a triflin bitch, married to the game but near divorced Big watch like I’m here to floss Private jet til I clear the port My niggas hustle like fuck the struggle FEDs a scary thought [Hook] (Think about that Only we vamp through the night You niggas keep sleeping and get slepped on Or get crept on My money coming bank rolls nigga I been fucked my credit up So I need my cash on demand)

Intellectual Poetry

Ammo Poetic
*Moots!* I represent intellectual poetry With guidance on the front of mathematical symmetry The rhyme is back with facts on weird tracks I'm cooking up steam cos Moots! is on a warpath I bring my own brand of funk takin' it to the top Zappin' all emcees who be stealin' from the vault Medieval style rhymes through ways of pure fantasy My sword is drawn if you're seen in my proximity Watch your back, I'm on my lyrical onslaught To show the world that I be never gettin' caught Drop the beatbox we're back up on attack Stormbringer Point Blanc get up on the track *Point* 1,2 1,2 son come on I bring the hip hop conciousness Into the mentals of this mainstream prisoners Divine scriptures unleashed breakin' shackles of ignorance Challengin' the limits of an emcee's inner tolerance Unroll the rap scroll prophesise the Stormbringer Legendary verbal crusader Righteous benefactor loyal devoted apostle Pledgin' a covenant for the hip hop culture *Ronin* I'm about to drop mad vocabo makin hits richer Goin' all out as I bust rhymes combustion with ammo Modern day Gestapo takin my place amongst the fathers of fame Yeah we bout to rumble leavin' y'all crippled *C.Loco* Do you think it's easy being me? Ain't nobody close enough to be in You're quick to judge without thinkin' You put me down, you got no information First you live my life, initiate conversation My conscience keep me in check I'm self righteous clear the set so what the heck! I play it cool, but you do what you shouldn't do Now I'm through, you think you know me cos I've seen you? UH! *Landslyde* Clear my path while my brain subtract Vocal in motion now I'm fully intact Diabolical hip hop fluid mixes like a chemical In my blood stream I'm doin' it for the cream But in between tha dream runs fast I grasp Microphone bionics reign supreme Determined to stay on to bring on tha ruckus Statement Buddha-x is tha toughest *Ronin* Keep slidin' and riding to the beats that keep on vibin' Hypnotising the mic that keeps the crowd all mesmerising Temperatures rising my excitement keeps on climbin' It's the rhymin' euroasian recognise my station Under pressure aggressor can it be but no other Me brother bootie tamer who be down for whatever Aroused by the way you shake your hips and lick your lips As your sweat drips you got me workin' on a fix

Knowledge Freedom

AZ "N.4.L. (Niggaz 4 Life)"
[AZ:] America! The bondage is off... knowledge is freedom We all niggas never ignorant getting goals accomplished Let's have a drink... it's on me! [laughing] [Verse 1: AZ] Yes I'm doing it a few soo-wooing it My man Lou crew bandanna blue-ing it They buck at cars won't give a fuck who in it Bust at broads the gods say they ruin shit 20 to a clip hollow heads loaded them legislators ain't doing shit college heads know it Raps and it's influences turning kids out Was trapped but still intuitive learn to switch routes in drought My reality's placed on principalities so Any casualties gracefully done carefully The real attracted me re-exchange and bill Mathematically calculating maintain and chill but still Mind of Muhammad signs of the Masonic both combine I'm a verbal rhyme galenic Promise, pay homage only here for a spell and like that I'm back where the highest form dwell it's right back Just like them 9 milli shells that systematically let off and murdered Sean Bell in hell Smell the corpse of the homies we lost from a era so pure you could never be sure The game's so sick I'm just looking for the cure Like that Dead Prez flick when they was looking for the score This whole shit here is forceman's sure [?] ya'll talk about war well a nigga from the core Sci-fi tricks I'm the spook by the door Men in all black took the coupe out on tour Hi-top kicks kept the sweatsuits velour Fitted all colors we considered all brothers First we all chilling now we killing one another See these hustlers on the covers of these FEDS and DIVAS The game's dead trying to make these young heads believe us either Understand or be under the land... my man [fades...] [Gunshots...] [Verse 2: Papoose] Peace to the world (Peace to the world)... Papoose Pa-poose Knowledge is freedom hop in the BM and drop the new zeams [?] Rhymin with reason I could defeat him I could delete him I could just eat him Not to deceive him not to mislead him Drop it to feed him lock in and teach him proper believing Cockin and squeeze him pop him and leave him His pockets is bleeding so know I got ya podi-um [?] I hug the block to the PM I was wise and strategic on the rise with the thesis since I was rockin the leases Since I was coppin Adidas since small sizes of sneakers like buddrock [?] with the speeches You bloodclots is anemic my mugshot in the precint your gunshot is the weakest My young mind is the deepest you cockblockers and leeches I'll blow your Pradas to pieces Hold a thousand my queen and fill a vagina with semen It's so exotic and pleasing I gotta stop when I'm skeetin When I was my momma fetus her stomach sat by the speakers The music got in my features that's just why I'm prestigious Hold my bottle and drink it ain't suck it out of a cleavage Cause I was ingenious since doc was circumcising my penis I'm a scholar suceeding and all of my dollars increasing Got a lot of achievements cause I divide with the weaklings Sick and tired of these heathens I see a lot of em scheming they hearts throbbing and tweaking But I could stop em from beating Drop the hottest releases I don't bother with demons I leave em whining and screaming just like a toddler who teething I pledge-alizes allegiance from the bottom I creeping All ya'll could line up and meet him the God inside of his kingdom You claiming you done bidded what that did prove? When you couldn't walk one visit in that man's shoes Competition becomes timid cause Pap can't lose I got the young gifted and black man blues The 49th law of power your time is hourless Cross Papoose and you cowards is powerless... [Beat til fades...]

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