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Lerner Alan Jay lyrics

The Heather On The Hill

Original and similar lyrics
Tommy Can't we two go walkin' together, out beyond the valley of trees? Out where there's a hillside of heather, curtsyin' gently in the breeze. That's what I'd like to do: see the heather--but with you. The mist of May is in the gloamin', and all the clouds are holdin' still. So take my hand and let's go roamin' through the heather on the hill. The mornin' dew is blinkin' yonder. There's lazy music in the rill, And all I want to do is wander through the heather on the hill. There may be other days as rich and rare. There may be other springs as full and fair. But they won't be the same--they'll come and go, For this I know: That when the mist is in the gloamin', and all the clouds are holdin' still, If you're not there I won't go roamin' through the heather on the hill, The heather on the hill.


CYPRESS HILL "Skull & Bones"
[Verse 1: Sen-Dog] You better hope I'm chained up, shackled with a yard I'll snatch you by the neck, bide you like a tech Wreck fools when I disconnect, make you sweat Shit your pants, get in yuor step on my advance Catch a glance of the legendary brother who carries Your body and buries two more lyrics in styles varied Fool what You ain't got nothin' to say I been backin' up east side LA, all day Blowin' up the best techs, the best flex Havin' the best sex, fuckin' in Wessex The hardcore shit, I know you like it raw 'Cause ain't no other Dog breakin' the last straw [Chorus (2x): B-Real] You better bounce, nigga, smoke an ounce, nigga 'Cause you rollin' with the Hill and what counts is uh, Can you hang with us You wanna bang with us Cypress Hill, worldwide, Los Angeles [Verse 2: Sen-Dog] I don't bark, I just bite, mangle and maim niggas up Check your strap, they mangle us and pick us up Fool, now you tremblin', I give you three seconds To break out before you resemblin' a dead man A hole through your headband My gat's in my right hand, my plug's in my left hand, punk Cypress Hill worldwide, you just a local Don't anger me, or you can hear it in my vocal You don't want that strap on my hip To deal out, the repercussions dug a fat lip I'm buckin' at the room soon to the boom Fuckin' with your head like the 'shroom you consume [Chorus] [Verse 3] [BR] Bitches, you're all thick-eyed, a weak ride I take money-money, make dummies all night Use the mic, bruise the mic, we choos the mic When you sorry niggas go off and lose the mic [SD] We choose a life right, we roll with crew tight See the light at the end of a tunnel - a gat barrel Wettin' up your flyest apparel, a cane ray You forget me and I'll be back to refresh your fuckin' memory Remember me now, Cypress Hill soldier Up and down the boulevard, big money folder You bring descript sequence with no defense The whole defense hittin' the bones while you sleepin' [Chorus]

Ballad Of The Bog

Kate Price "The Isle Of Dreaming"
The ruins stood amidst the bog The folk knew not from whence they came A rumor floated in the fog Of a white and wistful, ghostly dame Twas said she prowled the ruined walls And all the while bemoaned her fate Down crumbling, moss encrusted halls Her voice would echo and relate A stronger heard the village tell A tale of spectre, moss and stone From stories heard around the well He would see it for himself alone He found within the haunted place A maiden sleeping very sound With dark hair streaming 'cross her face And falling tangled to the ground He slowly crept up to her side And bent his ear unto her chest And life within her did reside A faint heartbeat within her breast The wind then moved the clouds aside Which made the moon reveal her face He jumped behind a wall to hide As light filled up the horrid place And as he watched with fullest awe An evil mist fell from the stones And uttering words of ancient law It settled down into her bones Her eyes shot wide, she sat upright A flame of yellow burned insane Her moaning filled the frightened night And echoed through the halls again The spectre heard the church bells toll And stopped the maidens sad lament Then with a scream it left her soul And she collpased, her body spent The evil mist then pulled away And whispered back from whenc it came The night seeped back without delay And silence then held court again He knew just what he had to do And left the ruins for behind Twas clear to him as morning dew He'd rescure her or he would die The day was spent in plans and schemes The hour now was growing late Then armed with naught but sword and dream He rode to meet what lay in wait He gathered up the maiden and Removed her to the open air Then lying down upon the sand He took her place and waited there The time was night, the mist arrived And took it's evil, alien shape With lengthy neck and bulbous eyes He realized there was no escape He grabbed the mist, it screamed with hate And twisted in his surly grip He drew its sword and struck its pate And 'cross his glove it's green blood dripped The maiden woke when it was dead And ran into the young man's arms His heart reached out to hers and said I'll keep you safe and out of harm

Above Clouds

GANG STARR "Moment Of Truth"
It has come to our attention that a mysterious force is LOOSE.. somewhere in outer space. The mysteries of creation are there. Up in the sky Up in the sky. The moon and the planets are there. And new hopes for knowledge and peace are there. And therefore as we set sail; we ask God's blessing -- on the most hazardous, and dangerous, and greatest adventure of which man has ever embarked. -- gt; John F. Kennedy Prepared for liftoff. [Guru] I self Lord and Master shall bring disaster to evil factors Demonic chapters, shall be captured by Kings Through the storms of days after Unto the Earth from the Sun through triple darkness to blast ya with a force that can't be compared to any firepower, for it's mindpower shared The brainwake, causes vessels to circulate like constellations reflect at night off the lake Word to the father, and Mother Earth Seeking everlasting life through this Hell for what it's worth Look listen and observe and watch another C-Cypher pullin my peeps to the curb Heed the words; it's like ghetto style proverbs The righteous pay a sacrifice to get what they deserve Cannot afford to be confined to a cell Brainwaves swell, turnin a desert to a well Experience the best teacher; thoughts will spray like street sweepers Little Daddy street preacher Illustrious feature, narrator you select Accompanied by Deck plus the DJ you respect The seven and a half combine, over the frontline The ten percenters, promotin slander in the airtime Bear in mind jewels be the tools of the trade Sharp veins heavenly praise and dues are paid Chorus: Guru Above the crowds, above the clouds where the sounds are original Infinite skills create miracles Warrior spiritual -- above the clouds reigning/raining down, holdin it down [Inspectah Deck] Yeah; I leave scientists mentally scarred -- triple extra large Wild like rock stars who smash guitars Poison bars from the Gods bust holes in your mirage and catch a charge shake em down like the riot squad And they deserve ruin like ancient Rome; I span the universe and return to Earth to claim my throne The maker, owner, plus soul controller Ayatollah rest in the sky, the cloud's my sofa Stand like Collossus, regardless to whom or what Numerous attempts at my life, so who to trust Who but us, to supply you with the fire The burning truth, 150 Absolut proof On the mic like Moses spoke in golden scribe Survivor of the oldest tribe whose soldiers died I notified families, we shed tears and more but our hands are the ammo cause the battle's still on Sound the horn; we come rumblin through the function Precise laser beam technique to touch somethin When we die hard, to build the monument to honor us with humungous effect in the world we could have conquered it Chorus 2X

Up The Hill

Captain Tractor
Saturday night I'm a sickening sight And the bartender's ringing the bell I was down on my luck but I find my last buck Got enough for another- they say 'Go to hell' Am I going insane? I just want to go home, God I'm sorry I came So I fall through the door, nearly crash through the floor And my heads in a roar, I'll be lucky if I make it CHORUS: Up the hill Saturday night I've been downing the swill And it's up the hill Up the hill! Up the Hill Saturday night I've been downing the swill And it's up the hill up the hill! Out on my own now I'm stumbling home And I amble and stagger and sway I'm tripping on nothing and sliding on ice And I feel the last threads of my life giving way Am I going insane? Should have taken a cab, could have saved me the pain I'm stupid and sore and I cry with a roar 'I won't drink anymore,' God I'm praying that I make it up the hill (CHORUS) The words of that song Go 'round in my head So I'm crawling along They might as well leave me for dead As i go up the hill (CHORUS) (Really long instrumental) The last thing I recall is one hell of a fall And a crack that did spell certain peril The lights fade in the din, Christ I'm going in Like the wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald AHHHH! The words of that song Go 'round in my head So I'm crawling along They might as well leave me for dead As i go up the hill (CHORUS about 3 times)

The Celebration Of The Lizard

The Celebration of the Lizard Lions in the street and roaming Dogs in heat, rabid, foaming A beast caged in the heart of a city The body of his mother Rotting in the summer ground He fled the town He went down South and crossed the border Left the chaos and disorder Back there over his shoulder One morning he awoke in a green hotel With a strange creature groaning beside him Sweat oozed from its shiny skin Is everybody in? The ceremony is about to begin Wake up! You can't remember where it was Had this dream stopped? The snake was pale gold Glazed and shrunken We were afraid to touch it The sheets were hot dead prisons And she was beside me Oh, she's no young Her dark white hair Her white soft skin Now, run to the mirror in the bathroom Look! shes coming in here! I can't live thru each slow century of her moving I let my cheek slide down The cool smooth tile Feel the good cold stinging blood The smooth hissing snakes of rain . . . Once I had, a little game I liked to crawl back into my brain I think you know the game I mean I mean the game called 'go insane' Now you should try this little game Just close your eyes forget your name Forget the world forget the people And we'll erect a different steeple This little game is fun to do Just close your eyes no way to lose And I'm right there I'm going too Release control we're breaking thru Way back deep into the brain Way back past the realm of pain back where there's never any rain And in the labyrinth of streams Beneath, the quiet unearthly presence of Gentle hill dwellers and the gentle hills around Reptiles abounding Fossils, caves, cool air heights Each house repeats a mold Windows rolled Beast car locked in against morning Rugs silent, mirrors vacant Dust blind under the beds of lawful couples Wound in sheets And daughters, smug With semen eyes in their nipples Wait There's been a slaughter here (Don't stop to speak or look around Your gloves and fan are on the ground you're getting out of town We're going on the run And you're the one I want to come Not to touch the earth Not to see the sun Nothing left to do, but Run, run, run Let's run House upon the hill Moon is lying still Shadows of the trees Witnessing the wild breeze C'mon baby run with me Let's run Run with me Run with me Run with me Let's run (repeat) Dead president's corpse in the driver's car The engine runs on glue and tar C'mon along, we're not going very far To the East to meet the Czar The mansion is warm, at the top of the hill Rich are the rooms and the comforts there Red are the arms of luxuriant chairs And you won't know a thing till you get inside Run with me Run with me Run with me Lets go Some outlaws lived by the side of the lake The minister's daughter's in love with the snake Who lives in a well by the side of the road Wake up, girl! We're almost home We should see the gates by morning We should be inside by evening Let the carnival bells ring Let the serpent sing Let everything We came down The rivers and highways We came down from Forests and falls We came down from Carson and Springfield We came down from Phoenix enthralled And I can tell you The names of the Kingdom I can tell you The things that you know Listening for a fistful of silence Climbing valleys into the shade I am the Lizard King Retire now to your tents and to your dreams Tomorrow we enter the town of my birth I want to be ready'

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