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Leaether Strip lyrics - Solitary Confiment

Mortal Thoughts

Original and similar lyrics
Searching for shelter My brain is on ice I'm scared of my own thoughts I can hear them cry The come creeping through the back door They shatter my eyes The break me down, own on the floor They're watching me die, watching me die Breaking your trust in sorrow Until you face The dreams of tomorrow Has taken place Your life has been turning Inside your head The truth will be burning Until your dead They want to take over My body and soul They won't stop demanding Until they reach their goal Sweeping through my bloodstream Like poison in my veins Breaking through the borders Tell me who's to blame Tell me who's to blame

Live Undead

SLAYER "South Of Heaven"
[Lyrics: Araya, King; Music: Hanneman] Cascaded darkness Walls close in on me. Nailed shut but my eyes still see. Severe anguish as my body evolves. The pain of life after death it resolves. [LEAD: HANNEMAN] Emptiness in twilight's rebirth, The faint sounds of shoveled earth. Madness growing as your mind dissolves. Merely secret in my dreams. [LEAD: KING] Night grows cold, twilight's near, On the edge of madness the wounds are sheared. Forms of hanging, flesh shredded carcass No spared breath. Imprisoned in a shell, ready to explode. Dead soul, Stone cold, Out into the night. Voices inside my head Hold me under. Voices oppress. Like roaring thunder. An echo bouncing inside my brain. How much can I take of the pain, The pain! A war raging deep inside my head, A split decision that will end with me dead. You see the agony in my eyes, Protruding aimless, I think it's time to die. [LEAD: KING] A cannibal's desire feeds the fire that burns in your head. [LEAD: HANNEMAN] Intense pain eats away at your brain, Thorazine pumping through your veins. [LEAD: KING] Death walks inside you, Smell death around you, Hell's evil spell takes a soul, Hear the sound of the bell Counting off death tolls. [LEAD: KING] Laughing as you eternally rot, Searching for human flesh And life's blood. [LEAD: HANNEMAN] Live Undead.


Lunacy Sign of death In your thoughts and dirty eyes Losing mind Bloody arms Your fucking tired veins are incised Deadly pain Atrophy Soon you will suffocate Cracked brain Feel like dead Your reason in mutilation Alien I ives inside your fuckin' mind Controlling your life and all what you do This commander hates all mankino And now this bastard ordering to you Tear your flash Take in hand Your beating heart from your chest Drink all the blood From the veins And you will feel loathsome taste Take a knife Let loose hate And rip out your burning eyes Odliteration Fucking damnation You commit this suicide sacrifice There's the beast inside your morbid brain Commanding to destroy yourself You feel this fuckin' terrible pain But you can't break invisible cell Hey! You fuckin' fool! Look at your stupid face Now you passed this rules You're jackass in that case Searching problems for this stupid head This dumdum wants a lot to be dead He does not have all this buttoms I don't give a damn for these bastards I don't give a damn for suckers With their problems and their life God damn these fuckin' motherfuckers They may cut their neck with knife


David Sylvian "Gone to Earth"
It seems that I remember I dreamed a thousand dreams We'd face the days together No matter what they'd bring A strength inside like I'd never known Opened the door to life and let it go This sun may shine forever Upon the back of love A kingdom raised from ashes And held within your arms And should the rain break through the trees We'll find a shelter there and never leave I'll run to you, nothing stands between us now Nothing I can lose This light inside can never die Another world just made for two I'll swim the seas inside with you And like the waves, without a sound I'll never let you down Upon a wave of summer A hilltop paved with gold We shut our eyes and made The promises we hold A will to guide and see us through I'd do it all again because of you I'd tear my very soul to make you mine

The Girl Who Was... Death

Devil Doll
Don't trust him When he turns his back He looks at you Don't trust him When his eyes are closed: He still looks at you I fled, I fled Devouring the space But the shapeless bulk Was chasing me -enraged- Breathing my footsteps Unsated with killing me Slowly Nailing my incandescent thoughts Along the border Of insanity In a place where A procession of fleshly numbers Slides incessantly Into the ironic waters Of the cosmos Seeking to remember The sense Of the impossible word: Escape Who are you looking for? What are you looking at? A light? a star A boat? an insect A plane? a flying fish I'm looking at somebody Who belongs to my world This is your world I am your only world I can't remember When the fog - unravelling The real and inexplicable Contradictions That crowd together The human brain lobes - Imprisoned me In the spider's web Of the one who touches The minds of the mad Curbing and churning The confetti of their thoughts Without corpses There's no war And without war There's no victory My dear! I will not be pushed Filed, stamped Inedxed Briefed, debriefed Or numbered! - Nightmare - Welcome, my freind! Here whole generations Of ghosts Have raised Their eyes and wings Each morning To unbounded space With the innocent joy Of crysalids Greeting Their final metamorphosis And in the evening They're dead and dropping Like lifeless flowers Swayed by the plaintive Whistling of the wind You must learn, we are all pawns On this hopeless chessboard; Your move! Maybe you don't know my face But well you know my name - My name is death Dressed in white, smiling The girl who was death And loved me so much Desiring to bring me back to her The only way out To no purpose Why are they trying To kill me? Because they don't know You are already Dead! Face to face Shut up In the cage of time The man and I Joined by fate In the degree absolute The challange Without return match Where the price to one is: Living And pain to the other is: Not dying! The mask! The mask! I must take off His mask! Now! Now! But just as victory Seems finally To favour me Aand the unknown Persecutor appears - Frame after frame - In a slow instantaneous Electric shock Here is my contorted face To reveal, sneering The final dramatic Deceit When victim and hangman Exchange roles The triumphant freedom Of a thousand dreams Evaporates In the reality Of a new incubus - Once again - Made of Smiles, masks, lifeless confetti Be seeing you! Wandering through the catacombs of life Desperately I plunge into the whirl Wandering through the catacombs of life Slowly I fall into the whirl of - Hell -

No Tienes Perdon

Amistades Peligrosas
December Flower fears of darkness.. going no where.. feeling cold eyes.. desperate stare... wish these thoughts.. could cease till mourning.. sleep to dream.. i was never there... lost inside the sacred garden.. close my heart to ease the pain.. disappear no longer living.. only shadows still remain... cast aside / thee unforgiven.. down a faithless..hopeless road.. searching for an end to sin.. angel whispers prayer through silence.. save your soul..awake tomorrow.. fill the hole..that love left sorrow.. empty tears and broken bottles.. same old path the dead man follows.. on and on and out of breath.. candle burns an hour glass.. waiting for the storm to pass.. never thought the rain would last.. sky and clouds move under fast.. wandering from the shinning sun.. still the days will carry on.. in endless fashion.. nights are gone.. december flower fades away.. the withered ghost of yesterday.. finally found a place to rest.. in fears of darkness.. darker death.....

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