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Leaether Strip lyrics

Nothing Seen Nothing

Original and similar lyrics
Thrown to the lions By forceful demands Rupture your pride With the sword in your hand Eating the raw meat With greedy delight Hunt down the bastards You've got them in sight It's no illusion This blood is for real This trick can destroy you Just feel it, it's real Drinking your own piss To keep up your strength You shit in a hole Just to keep off the stench Don't make it your life Step away Choking the dogs Just to kill off the time Raping the housewives The pleasure is mine Such a nice boy With your dick in his hand A gun to his head Makes you feel like a man This age of destruction Makes everyone smile Tune in to the news Don't you touch that dial As long it's the third world There's nothing to fear Just send in the cameras So everything's clear


MR. CHEEKS "Back Again"
[Verse 1 - Mr. Cheeks] I thought I'd write this one for you, ain't seen you in a while Staring at your picture wishing I was wit cha, miss ya smile And when I'm wit cha it's like I don't wanna leave again Without you listen I don't wanna breathe again You give me a lot and everyday you giving more So there's no need to tell you who or what I'm living for I miss ya very much shit I miss ya every touch And I know you'd come through for me in the clutch I'm on the road with my peeps and I know I'm moving But yet the time we spend together that's so soothing Love it how we do shit I pour a drink for ya You pour a drink for me and always think of me I call you when you when I'm home I know you bored and all alone I wanna come and scope you up and place you in the zone But we could be together on the right now Cuddle on the couch, watch some TV, turn the lights down That's what's up... [Chorus - Alexander O'Neal] Cloudy was the day when sunshine came into my life, and made it brighter (I can't go a day without my lover) She's touching me with her warmness as the light shine from her smile She makes me happy... (I can't go a day without my lover) [Verse 2 - Mr. Cheeks] I know I put you through some shit but yet you stayed with me Messing with them other chicks it's only games they play with me Searching for something I had with me all the time I made a change, my love to you I'm giving all of mine Send you cards in the mail to show you that I care Shit a life without you is the only thing I fear So I'm a make sure a nigga hold it down for The foundation wishing I could be around more But you know the drama gotta keep a nigga running I bugged out with the crew it's only you I'm wanting Call you on the horn to hear you on the other end 'Mental hugging giving my loving to no other men' This one's personal so keep it close to you Be there for each other that's what we supposed to do And anything you want I make sure you get it And anything you into babygirl you know I'm wit it Holla when you ready for me... [Chorus] [Verse 3 - Mr. Cheeks] Yeah, listen don't mean to burn your ear out But this is something you should hear out Right now Shit I'd give you the world I'm a make it home to my babygirl someway or somehow Ain't afraid to tell ya how your fella feel cuz your fellas real And on the real girl you're hella chill I hope you get the message by the end of this Wanted you from the start, from the heart I'm sending this This my last gig I'm on my way home And we can go and paint the town or we can stay home It don't matter what we do as long as I'm wit you Spend some time wit you, you know what I'm a do Get it on wit you just like the first time There's no need for this man to rehearse mine Superstar wit ya, back-to-back and far wit ya Without a doubt I'm going all out for wit ya [Chorus with some modifications to end]

Oh Momma

[Verse 1] Give me that line again- He's not coming home again tonight Momma wipe those tears from your cheeks It don't make no difference now Remind me one last time that you won't ever go Oh the whales can't swim without the tide, And birds won't fly without the stars in the sky [Chorus] I can't feel without your touch I can't dream without your smile I can't live without your love (Oh Momma) I cannot fall without your hand I can't cry without your arms I can't live without your love (Oh Momma) [Verse 2] Give me that song again, Hold me closer than you ever did before When I've given all I'll give you more We'll keep on floating to the shore You can take a storm and turn it all around and then the sun shines through Oh the story of your life We have all been designed but you're as real on the outside [Chorus] [Bridge] See when it all comes back around And he still can't figure out how he let you get away You just keep your head up high And know it's better off that way

Keep It Street

[The Jacka:] Kush n shit Berner Yung berner n da jack MAN ya know we fuckin with it man [Berner:] I hop out ma whip fit lookin amazin I'm fly notta pimp but the bitches keep payin I'm sayin 456 what weight in Play in the dope game and pray I don't stay in Fed time state pin time just wasted I've seen too much and I can't take it I'm caking, Stack a hunid g's in a week tho When we smoke it's perchake higher than diesel It's lethal, young make you cough up lung Ina s-5 hun with the windows up Chops ROLLED honey hash stuck to the bag I've gram hash plate instead of a zag I'm high so high, too high to relax Me and jack don't play got the whole place tact I'm smoked out, and I'm losing my mind I get my money don't play boy I'm glued to the grind [Chorus] We was blessed with the recipe RidIN round with a tech on me I lid da life that you'll neva see I wonder if they gon remember me [x2] Cause I all ever did was keep it street [The Jacka:] I'm in sum shit I'll never get chalked I got the smith grey and black, With 18 like moss Allah changed me If you can't then forgive me for being lost Cause see this is just a matter of time, shit I got the bay locked like solitary confinement You can never get away of me life with a convict In the kitchen twistin coke to crack where most of my time spent Or smokin behind tint, disguised from the sirens Murder then remain in silence Sleep where my nine is Could have been a king But do my thing in the crime biz You been to jail before but you don't know what real time is Kush and sour deez got me outa my mind bitch I'm purped out hada nuffa this same shit [Chorus] [Equipto:] I'm on the grind daily trafficking through I-80 I'm just a player these hoes all try to dry crazy Pay me no attention unless you gotta choosin fee But keep in mind there's only so much you could do for me Baby posing beautifullly while she pay me every night I hit the weed and break the sweat up off the cherry pie Making this change up out the way but still we stayin the same Ya'll playin while I be spending everyday in the game Homie we so real, I blow kill and pop no pills Cut no deals but still knock these hoes off they heels For real time is money down to seconds and minutes My hoes she on the blaze as soon as this record is finished I ain't stressing my bithces or exposin my business I'm just focused on riches and keep on spittin my ism's I don't be hanging we trickin dis what it's really like Quipto I'm officially in the city life [Chorus]

We Trusted You

[Chorus:] We trusted you, we put out a helping hand Only in return, we get a stabbing in the back [x2] I paid a visit to a man who was pretty crazy Cooled off in the shade, we were feelin' lazy Trouble starts coming , nothing can phase me When tomorrow looks very hazy Took us for granted, let's start here Friendship over, so very clear Then what is fair, is gonna be fair Fuck're over [Chorus] It's time to weed out the weak, do away with their lives I see it so clear now, through my open eyes Stood by your side, you put a knife in my back Never ever thought it'd be you who would do me like that But we live and we learn, or so it's said One thing about you, I can't wait till you're dead The mistakes I've made won't happen again Keep my enemies closer than I keep my friends It's got me fucked up, I just can't let it go Will we ever be the same? Well my answer is no Think about your death every goddamn day Wanna know what I think? This is what I must say I say we line 'em all up, then we gun 'em all down Then we all celebrate when they all hit the ground Don't wake up now, it's gonna be too late Don't give me that shit about cleanin' the slate You've been at it too long, all your life that I've checked Now your time's almost up with a noose on your neck Smile in my face, better watch your back Two-faced motherfucker gets both jaws cracked [chorus] [instrumental] If you don't stand for nothing I can't really stand behind you Who knew you withdrew your point of view I lost mine, you cry and whine all the time And I cant stand aside or anywhere near you I'd get in check, you're a wreck, no respect, In effect you elect me to fuckin' hate you I'll break you down on the ground, I've found You're a clown, I'm around, you want war? I'll take you Stand aside, take a ride, I won't try, you're a lie, my lyrical lesson will teach you So take a stand if you can, my man, go where I stand, I'll hold my hand But in the real world you get squashed and then stung Get hit bitch, slit, aw then you get hung in a fantasy all day long, it must be so fun being so fucking dumb [chorus]

Mighty Mighty Love

Lila McCann
On the day that God said let there be light He said let there be love, He thought of you and I All was put in motion, the mountains rose The stars were set, still waters moved With so much foundation behind us Destiny proves we got a mighty, mighty love (chorus) I feel it when were touchin A power starts rushin Yeah this is somethin It's been a long time comin Oh baby what we have here Is a future with no fear The horizon is so clear The universe demands Together we stand On this mighty, mighty love I knew I would find you, some sweet day You'd step into my life and everything would change It started with a look that became a smile Turned into a kiss, now here we are Well there is no question in heaven No doubt here on Earth, we got a mighty, mighty love (chorus) We can stare right into the face of whatever comes (whatever comes) But we'll rise above it all With this mighty, mighty We got a mighty, mighty love (chorus) We got a mighty, mighty love

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