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Leaether Strip lyrics


Original and similar lyrics
Antius Sky-high income A place in the red sun Depend on the big gun To play in the big run You pay, I stay One day, I pray Hypocrisy in the land of the free Hypocrisy and hostility Hypocrisy in the land of the free Hypocrisy and stupidity Driving in fast cars You know all true stars Your choice is in first class You'll end up behind bars You rise, They fall You die, That's all So United States You kill all your own race Keep progress to yourself

Money Ain't Everything

CLAY WALKER "If I Could Make A Living"
(Kim Williams/Clay Walker/Kent Blazey) Let's go to Louisiana boys Way down in Louisiana where the moss and cypress grew You'd find old Jack in a shotgun shack In the back of the black bayou Some folks called him crazy but I knew better than that He kept a hundred dollar bill tucked away in the brim Of his dirty old cowboy hat Jack told me a story when I was ten years He said there was once a fool tried to swim this swamp With his back weighted down with gold He said you should've seen that alligator smile He had a meal fit for a king But he ened up on my table son, money ain't everything He said there's only one way into this world And one way out it's true You either eat the alligator Or he's gonna eat you There's people livin' in a high-rise That'll never hear a robin sing What good is first place when you're in a rat race Money ain't everything Little Maggie May lay dying, her heart was about to go When her daddy found a sack on the porch out back With a half a million dollars in gold They still talk about the stranger who saved her life that spring No name on the note but someone wrote, money ain't everything He said there's only one way into this world And one way out it's true You either eat the alligator Or he's gonna eat you There's people livin' in a high-rise That'll never hear a robin sing What good is first place when you're in a rat race Money ain't everything No name on the note but I know who wrote, money ain't everything

What They Sitting For?

ATMOSPHERE "Strictly Leakage"
Messing with the big Texas Hold 'Em Fools think I'm rich now, I'm always on the road and I no longer play this as much, think I lost touch What's the buy in? I'm bout to choke up When it comes to getting in a tournament I play safe cause I'm still kind of learning it Looking for a little help from the cards that are dealt, uh Pocket nine on the felt, well... Which of y'all want to call the big blind? Short stack to the left, all in, fine One more stayed in trynna re-raise But I played requests like DJ Fool you can splash chips, act big Swig that beer but don't forget me over here, yeah Keep my chips stacked up like a high rise Drinking water cause I gotta keep my mind dry I know you got face cards, so I'ma play hard And avoid the late charge Nine double Jack at the flop C'mon, Jake needs brand new games for his Xbox Fool, you can't even fuck with me You're the first to bet in that the turn becomes a queen And I seen that excitement scene When the bitch laid down, yep, you got a king ten Now I'm feeling like a winner Flocks of birds don't even need to see the river You want to go all in too? No problem, I called them, your chips is falling duke Full house when I pulled out my nines Turn a high rise into a skyline Damn guy, your stack came down in a landslide Yeah I'll pay for your cab ride

Kill My Tenant

The Vandals "Fear Of A Punk Planet"
No respect for a land-holding man only scum who pay when they can free-loaders that hate what I am then beg me to fix their can Ugly Harleys on the front lawn I come by to turn the sprinklers on just tryin' to keep up the place get a knuckle sandwich right in my face Kill my tenant He ain't worth the rent Section 8 pays most of their rent but they can't handle the 20 percent Selling speed just ain't what it's been Wanna see me make some homeless men? Rent's in the mail You know that it's not I got filth attempting to swuat think I'm kidding, 'til someone gets shot I love slow targets high on pot Just tryin' to get appreciation Some return on my investment Go buy your own home Tom Vu will show you how to own big money and own a yacht How I long foe medieval times Right to deflower virgins was mine No coalitions telling me what to do No pesky pinko ACLU You can lynch whomever you like just be careful where you park that bike I'm not impressed by pigs with no class So get off your ass and go cut the grass


The streets, the signs are pointing all one way But you don't realize just what they say You may fight, you may run, you may know what you've done It makes me feel so sad to think what I might've had I watch the stars, I watch the sun, now I watch for anyone But it's only make believe You work, you work, you work so hard and then Someone, someone will come around again You may think it's for real, but you know how you feel The places that I go don't feel good anymore I see it all rainbows in fall I see her face upon my wall But it's only make believe Fly away, bluebird fly away for me To a place somewhere far across the sea Fly away, far away, don't look back, go today The waves that crash upon the sand Another place, a far off land And every day, I have to stay, but you are free You could fly away- But it's only make believe

Not About They

Man I don't care what they do in y'all area. It ain't about dem. It ain't about how dey do things. The kingdom is getting ready to spread like a virus you understand. Yo [Chorus:] From Cali-forn-I A, down to the A, even to the FLA tell'em we don't play and where ever you stay its about him not about they. From the USA, over to the UK, even down in Aus-traili-A tell'em we don't play and where ever you stay its about him not about they (they) Okay okay let the beat play listen close to what I'm bout to say. They don't want you to know. They don't want you live cause this thief come to steal, destroy, and to kill. But its your free will. They can't make you do it they can only encourage you to pursue it. And then your like a rat smelling cheese Its trap you're havin fun but sooner or later there is snap! Child run he has a gun. And that's the end of the fun. Somebody's child won't see the sun. In the name of the fun you put all on the line. They got so much power over your mind, power over your cry. (Yo) you say you gotta be there. And you would take it literally they try to kill ya see there only go yo when he there and if not homie beware. Be listen to my mayday don't listen to what they say [Chorus] Okay. Who in the world is they? They is always is the hater talking but he's too afraid to say, that its hey instead blame it on they and say: you know they say that your afraid to go and lay and she won't give you know play. And they say why don't you try cause he say she say they say that this pill will make you high, and you sigh cause they keep talking bout you so then you try. And then you get high and you fell for the lie. And then you overdose and they never came by and you just wanna die. Nobody hears your cry you pitiful and nobody wanna give you the help. Your suicidal and they dun move to someone else. (Yo) I know you lost right now like Nemo. Like the bills take a T.O. God wants you to win and if anybody knew yo he know. And man we ain't for play play. We could care less what they say cause that's what's on sitcoms like good times with JJ [Chorus]

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