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LEA SALONGA lyrics - Little Ms.Lea Salonga: Tomorrow

Top Of The World

Original and similar lyrics
(R Carpenter/J. Bettis) Such a feeling's coming over me There is wonder in most everything I see Not a cloud in the sky Got the sun in my eyes And I won't be surprised if it's a dream Ev'rything I want the world to be Is now coming true especially for me And the reason is clear It's because you are here You're the nearest thing To heaven that I've seen Chorus: I'm on the top of the world lookin' Down on creation and the only explanation I can find Is the love that I've found Ever since you've been around Your love's put me at the top of the world Something in the wind has learned my name And it's tellin' me that things are not the same In the leaves on the trees And the touch of the breeze There's a pleasin' sense of happiness for me There is only one wish on my mind When this day is through I hope that I will find That tomorrow will be Just the same for you and me All I need will be mine if you are here (Repeat Chorus 2x)


Edge Of Sanity
(Epidemic Reign Part 3) Bleeding tears, crying blood a human (being) emotionally odd, hear the sight, feel the sound, spirits call from all aro- und, as I wander closer to what I'll never be a distant light approaches to prove (my) insanity, the shadow pointed its fin- ger, lies caresses my face it tells me it's the bringer of what shall, what shall end the phase. Chorus: Everlasting, unapproachable, neverending, the immortal one always casting shadows on the gro- und. A blackened heart that won't stop to pound. Everlasting, everlasting pane. Reach the point of of no return as our pla- net slowly burns. Cracking ground's wat- chinme as I walk through river hades, and soon my heart is frozen it'll never stop to beat, nothing in this dimension can bring me my defeat, the secrets in your arteries will forever remain unsaid, our sun is slowly dying, never, never to burn red. (repeat chorus) you were meant to be another one, time has come, frozen earth, the stillness, the world will come and go, (repeat chorus) (to be continued...)

All By Myself

When Your Hair Has Turned to Silver Frank Luther and Carson Robian Words by Charles Tobias; music by Peter DeRose. First recording by Russ Morgan and his Orchestra. Popularized by Rudy Vallee. Here is my heart with all my love They both belong to you; Year after year I'll love you dear. No matter what we go through. (chorus) When your hair has turned to silver, I will love you just the same; I will only call you sweetheart, That will always be your name. Through a garden filled with roses Down the sunset trail we'll stray. When your hair has turned to silver I will love you as today. Always it seems I've built my dreams All bound around you dear; And I'll confess my happiness Means having you always near. (repeat chorus)

Commando Pernod

Bérurier Noir
Wrapped around each other Lying in each other's arms That first cold winter together Trying so hard to stay warm Watching those old movies Falling in love so desperately Honey I was your hero And you were my leading lady. (chorus) We had it all Just like Bogie and Bacall Starring in our old late, late show Sailing away to Key Largo Honey can't you remember We played all the parts That sweet scene of surrender When you gave me your heart Please say you it again Cause I love you still Baby this can't be the end. Chorus Here's lookin at you kid Missing all the things we did We can find it once again, I know Just like they did in Key Largo Chorus

Now That I Found You

HUMAN NATURE "Telling Everybody"
How can I Believe that my Heart could find someone like you You see The real me No in betweens I had nowhere to hide You took away the walls around me Made me feel safe to share the truth I see the heavens open A heart that once was broken Is holding nothing back Now that I found you You hold me like a prayer You touch me everywhere A lifetime just ain't enough to love you true Now that I found you Believe We're meant to be Our chemistry will last forever And through the years We'll see some tears We'll conquer fears Together we will grow Looking in your eyes they tell me I no longer have to feel alone CHORUS You, you see me The real me You believe in me CHORUS


BUSH "Sixteen Stone"
the mind is all we kiss everything we say we love it's the skin we're in you're a retrograde a vacancy you're the one that I love the hate in me lazy day on a darker breed to have is not what it's made to be you come alone on a mass attack sucking your tantric suck fooling your one-eyed cat we don't mind we deviate our gravy brains set em on fire they're all the same I am lionface no sanchko panza I'm riddled by you I could've been better I'm a monkey on a drip sucker monkey on a drip you take such pretty photos when will you be worthy of your good side where will you be when the clouds break and it all takes just a little more than you have we don't mind

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