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LAUREN ALAINA lyrics - Wildflower

The Locket

Original and similar lyrics
Back in '41 you met a brown eyed boy who called you pretty He'd walk everyday a couple miles out of his way to hold your hand and keep you company Your mama said don't call it love at 14 But sitting on that front porch swing He gave you his picture in a locket that you wore around your neck Left it right beside your heart so you would not forget The way it felt when he held your hand And you swore that you would never take it off And the butterflies you felt said it all You were falling with a boy inside your locket Back in '43 your brown eyed boy went over seas and had to leave town for a little while He swore he'd marry you as soon as the war was through, you would be his wife Standing in the pouring rain You cried as you watched him ride away But everyday You had his picture in a locket that you wore around your neck Left it right beside your heart so you would not forget The way his kiss tasted on your lips And everyday felt like a lifetime with him gone And you prayed that God would bring him safely home 'Cause you made a promise to the boy inside your locket Oh, 60 years you two had together and he's been gone for a couple now And it breaks my heart to see you struggle to remember And I've been writing all your memories down And I stopped by today to read a couple pages Grandma, you sure look pretty And you smile that smile, the one I haven't seen in quite a while And you said to me, I want you to keep His picture in a locket that I wore around my neck The one I left beside my heart so I would not forget The greatest love and the greatest man I've ever known But it's getting time for me to head on home She said, that brown eyed boy is waiting and I don't wanna keep him long Heaven is calling, and she said, my heart is longing For the boy inside your locket


ARCH ENEMY "Rise Of The Tyrant"
[Intro – Michael & Christopher] [Lead – Christopher] Breathing life into these mares where enemies turn into flesh This is the abyss I fear the most – I feel their eyes staring at me Waiting with carnivorous patience, their memory timeless For all they know I must succumb sometime… [Lead – Michael] A solemn cry rises to the sky as heavy wings blacken out The morning sun with infinite darkness. Am I dreaming or am I dead? In search for my heart – Lost in this hell The vultures are soaring above – Tearing me apart [Lead – Christopher] Screaming Voices in my head. A sudden pain then deadly silence Devouring the remains of my heart – I can feel it dying [Lead – Christopher] Picking at the bones of my soul Left me dead inside The more I gave the more they took Left me dead inside [Lead – Michael] [Outro – Michael & Christopher]


When I reach out, you move away from my hands You're never telling me why We make plans to spend Time you forget and the days are just passing us by When I ask you you never understand it You don't know what you haven't done And when I try to explain it sounds like complaint And the words only make you more numb Is there a fire if you don't see the smoke? We can't get higher if you don't let it go. Ooh ooh ooh How did your heart ever get like that How did someone ever hurt so bad That you can't see that You've been kicked inside You're desensitized yeah Oooh ooh ooh How did you heart ever get so cold How did someone ever get so close That you just don't know How it feels inside You're desensitized I wanna believe that it's a phase you go through That only gets harder to tell And sometimes I think it's an easier thing to believe That there's somebody else (Sub) (Chorus) Whatever they did / Whatever they said You know it's much better just to run and forget Whatever it was / Whoever's to blame You know you can let yourself be feeling again ( Chorus Out )

Silence And Distance

Silence Distance Been here for so long On the morrow I'll dare Silent and distant Reaching out, unaware Stealing the whispers From my deepest request And you watch me Waiting for something new My hands, as empty As my body and soul Could keep pretending But in the heart I'd be gone... Still stare at my face But lost seem your eyes Keep hold of the sails Against the blue sky Ooh, I'm intending A way back to the sea This emptiness burns inside And leads on for endless miles Don't let me go Away across the sea, It may be much more wide Than what it seems to be Ooh, I'm still searching The way back to be freed The loneliness hangs around us However we can't see Now let me go Away across the sea, The waves can't be as high As they pretend to be And now I know In my heart, I won't forget The sails against the blue sky That taught me how to live ... with no sorrow And tomorrow we'll share Silence and distance 'till our faults are repaired You'll be the mistress Who I'll never forget.

Remember The Tinman

TRACY CHAPMAN "New Beginning"
Remember The Tinman There are locks on the doors And chains stretched across all the entries to the inside There's a gate and a fence And bars to protect from only God knows what lurks outside Who stole your heart left you with a space That no one and nothing can fill Who stole your heart who took it away Knowing that without it you can't live Who took away the part so essential to the whole Left you a hollow body Skin and bone What robber what thief who stole your heart and the key Who stole your heart The smile from your face The innocence the light from your eyes Who stole your heart or did you give it away And if so then when and why Who took away the part so essential to the whole Left you a hollow body Skin and bone What robber what thief Who stole your heart and the key Now all sentiment is gone Now you have no trust in no one Who stole your heart Did you know but forget the method and moment in time Was it a trickster using mirrors and sleight of hand A strong elixir or a potion that you drank Who hurt your heart Bruised it in a place That no one and nothing can heal You've gone to wizards, princes and magic men You've gone to witches, the good the bad the indifferent But still all sentiment is gone But still you have no trust in no one If you can tear down the walls Throw your armor away remove all roadblocks barricades If you can forget there are bandits and dragons to slay And don't forget that you defend an empty space And remember the tinman Found he had what he thought he lacked Remember the tinman Go find your hear and take it back Who stole your heart Maybe no one can say One day you will find it I pray


THE CURE "Join The Dots: B-Sides And Rarities, 1978-2001"
I never felt like this with anyone before You only have to smile and I'm dizzy You make the world go round A thousand times an hour Just touch my head And send me spinning I never felt like this with anyone before You show me colours and I'm crying You hold my eyes in yours And open up the world I can't believe all this I want to keep this feeling Deep inside of me I want you always in my heart You are everything I never felt like this with anyone before You fill my head all full of rainbows And all the rainbows end Is every step you take Just to be with you forever I want to keep this feeling Deep inside of me I want you always in my heart You are everything

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