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Laura lyrics

Du Bist Allein

Original and similar lyrics
Refr.: Black or white it´s still the same black or white it´s not a shame believe in yourselg black or white it´s just a game black or white it´s just a name believe in yourself Rap 1 Schwarz oder weiß kalt oder heiß langsam oder schnell dunkel oder hell in out leise oder laut gerade schief hoch oder tief groß oder klein grob oder fein arm oder reich hart oder weich leicht schwer hin oder her rauf runter müde oder munter Mann oder Frau dumm oder schlau stark oder schmächtig zierlich oder möchtig knochig oder muskulös männlich oder graziös lesbisch oder schwul schüchtern oder sool blond brünett mager oder fett alles richtig aber alles nicht wichtig Rap 2 Ernst oder Scherz Kunst oder Kommerz Du oder ich Kreis oder Strich Kondom oder Pille Zwang oder Will vor zurück Pech oder Glück an aus rein raus Vater oder Mutter Margarine oder Butter Sex oder Liebe Natur oder Triebe Leben oder Tod Wasser oder Brot zerstört verschont Sonne oder Mond getrennt vereint Freund oder Feind Wenig oder viel Weg oder Ziel voll oder leer sie oder erFreude Schmerz Kopf oder HerzGewinn Verlust Lust oder Frust Mercedes BMW Miclh oder Tee einfach banal oder einfach fatal


Jule Neigel
Im Radio geht's Tag für Tag um Trends und Trallala wie wo und was ist angesagt wohin fahr'n wir dieses Jahr zum himalaja ja oder im Ballon nach USA Wann kippt der Turm von Pisa was ist für jedermann ein Muß warum lächelt Mona Lisa existiert die Nautilus Chips oder Kaviar Nordkap oder Tour durch Afrika Alles kreuz und quer hin und her ich schau einmal hin und bin mittendrin Wilde Welt alles dreht sich rasend schnell wilde Welt ahoh Wilde Welt das ist'n Riesenkarussel wilde Welt ahoh Ißt du makrobiotisch magst du Sex am Telefon stehst du auf Indisch oder Russisch und wo hast du schon gewohnt in Indianapolis Rom Paris New York und Iserlohn


WU-TANG CLAN "Iron Flag"
[Raekwon the Chef] So yo yo all I want to do is just tell them cats On the real, keep your game high man, keep it up Word up, never stop your goals man, yaknowhatI'msayin (For real baby) And, yo son, on the real I'ma get a sneaker just like y'all [Ol Dirty Bastard] I need help Because the black man is God The government is after me And the worst is, black man is the Devil I need help So this is to bring everything in the Someone help me please universe within the light Someone help me! Understanding They already did 2Pac My children, all six billion humans Biggie Smalls on the planet Earth Someone help me! Regardless of who or what, I love you Someone help me please! Word is bond, I love you Ahh! I'ma groupie for life, about nine wife All the babies are mine, save a child life No more doctors deliverin my babies Stick in pins killing me slowly To the President you say I'm a welfare fraud you motherfucking right! Let's burn this dark house white! Insecure about my ding-dong, married to Babylon My queen lookin at me like a pawn! [Raekwon the Chef] Splash the worst rehearse a verse Flashdance on the universe Televise the work Network Shop til your neck hurt Whattup Dirt, nine diagram phoenix on your sweatshirt Thirty-thousand went bezerk, it's like clockwork Rockport Mr. Raw God, hold the fort Collect thoughts, elect sports, sideswipe, by the white horse French cut, gleamin in the Benz truck, whattup Tellin my mens what Ten times platinum and we ends up draped out, jumpin out a cake, now throw your tape out Furniture style, holdin the mic we got it laid out Mind iodine Einstein remind mine People swam nine didn't know they own kind wrong time Denim rap, competition quick, handle that Suckin the jim hat, pervertin on my raps'll get you slidapped Mix drink Cuban Link lizink, flip a to zinc Plus, expensive like a roman mink, now think [Ol Dirty Bastard] An ugly thirty-six chamber degree, what, you wanna rhyme Deep bring 600 ABC through the love white hate line I'm telling you tornado, 42 billion thought travel The year 90's parallel, controls to the wakes I dig woman's stomach swell, my borough is dark Many lights UFO kites, Benjamin Franklin got it right Abraham I stuck your cherry tree Your white head came out my black pussy I ran Rip Van Winkle on all fours Mountains twinkle twinkle star, Tarzan in a jar And then came out Jane Flintstone in my gravel pit [Method Man] Kill the chatterin, niggaz bust shots, keep em scatterin Blood splatterin, on point like a javelin Fuck battlin, you cats is only good for babblin Imaginin yourself, as the God space travellin Round the seven rings of Saturn Got my sword plus the Abbot in the chamber, nine in the clip At the gatherin, we left you staggerin, yo it had to been Hot Nickel, who broke bread, at the Vatican Stick a pin, in a citizen, mental food, got us diggin in My compliments to the chef M-E-TH like amphatimens, yes stick it to the veteran Blaow blaow! Blown to death, take your medicines I put the sick in your mu-sick with Osirus Bound to blow like a bad sinus [Ol Dirty Bastard] Stay up at night don't sleep on your morn Rest in the day because it's sunlight Reverse thought psychology [Prince Rakeem] Child wild adventures walk trillions of square inches Ten percentage try to drain me of my mental strengthage Heavy wattage knowledge cleans blood clottage, and retardage I refine the garbage logic exterminate your cottage [U-God] Thirty-six anger, dirty language is the stranger The mangler, the honor roll singer righteous finger When we shine-a, we always find a never minor major Hard to spot we dangerous with our behavior [Prince Rakeem] Australian Venezuelaen illegal aliens Chameleons all catch the feelings we revealing Killer bee keep your mind at ease, lay back like Adam fuckin Eve Four thousand years in the garden, puffin trees [U-God] I aim slang I maintain, through the main vein The answer came clever, when we do greatness through trial and error Mile of terror motormouth, let the odor out Fumin greater, the temper in my spine huminator The super grass childish blast sleepy eye stash The hashish masterpiece, Osirus is the virus This split second splash, severe drop is near pop There's fallin teardrops, now is it worth your career

Black Man

STEVIE WONDER "Songs In The Key Of Life"
First man to die For the flag we now hold high (Crispus Attucks) Was a black man The ground were we stand With the flag held in our hand Was first the redman's Guide of a ship On the first Columbus trip (Pedro Alonzo Nino) Was a brown man The railroads for trains Came on tracking that was laid By the yellow man We pledge allegiance All our lives To the magic colors Red, blue and white But we all must be given The liberty that we defend For with justice not for all men History will repeat again It's time we learned This World Was Made For All Men Heart surgery Was first done successfully By a black man (Dr Daniel Hale Williams) Friendly man who died But helped the pilgrims to survive (Squanto) Was a redman Farm workers rights Were lifted to new heights (Caesar Chavez) By a brown man Incandescent light Was invented to give sight (Thomas Edison) By the white man We pledge allegiance All our lives To the magic colors Red, blue and white But we all must be given The liberty that we defend For with justice not for all men History will repeat again It's time we learned This World Was Made For All Men Here me out... Now I know the birthday of a nation Is a time when a country celebrates But as your hand touches your heart Remember we all played a part in America To help that banner wave First clock to be made In America was created By a black man (Benjamin Banneker) Scout who used no chart Helped lead Lewis and Clark Was a redman (Sacagawea) Use of martial arts In our country got its start By a yellow man And the leader with a pen Signed his name to free all men Was a white man (Abraham Lincoln) We pledge allegiance All our lives To the magic colors Red, blue and white But we all must be given The liberty that we defend For with justice not for all men History will repeat again It's time we learned This World Was Made For All Men This world was made for all men This world was made for all men This world was made for all men God saved His world for all men All people All babies All children All colors All races This world's for you and me This world My world Your world Everybody's world This world Their world Our world This world was made for all men Here me out... Who was the first man to set foot on the North Pole Mattew Henson - a black man Who was the first american to show the Pilgrims at Plymouth the secrets of survival in the new world Squanto - a redman Who was the soldier of Company G who won high honors for his courage and heroism in World War 1 Sing Lee - ayellow man Who was the leader of united farm workers and helped farm workers maintain dignity and respect Caesar Chavez - a brown man Who was the founder of blood plasma and the director of the Red Cross blood bank Dr. Charles Drew - a black man Who was the first American heroine who aided the Lewis and Clark expedition Sacajewa - a red woman Who was the famous educator and semanticist who made outstanding contributions to education in America Hayakawa - a yellow man Who invented the world's first stop light and the gas mask - a black man Who was the American surgeon who was one of the founders of neurosurgery Harvey William Cushing - a white man Who was the man who helped design the nation's capitol, made the first clock to give time in America and wrote the first almanac Benjamin Banneker - a black man Who was the legendary hero who helped establish the League of Iroquois Hiawatha - a redman Who was the leader of the first microbiotic center in America - a yellow man Who was the founder of the city of Chicago in 1772 Jean Baptiste - a black man Who was one of the organizers of the American Indian Movement Denis Banks - a redman Who was the Jewish financier who raised founds to sponsor Cristopher Columbus' voyage to America Lewis D. Santangol - a white man Who was the woman who led countless slaves to freedom on the underground rairoad Harriel Tubman - a black woman

Off That

JAY-Z "The Blueprint 3"
Welcome to the Future, Blue Print 3 Ay count me in Find me a nice soft place to land I'm so high Find me a place to land, Yeah right there, I'm so tomorrow, The Audemars are yesterday, Which means your on time delay, So even if I slow it doooown, My sound is fast forward, hold up I'm just a runway show But I wear this on my plane in my runway clothes, Cashmere sweats they come out next year But these my last year sweats, And my hoe so sick, your new chick cant f-ck with my old b-tch, And you know this sh-t, I'm professional, they know this is, I just may let you borrow this, This the blueprint n-gga follow this, This what what tomorrow is, Welcome to tomorrow b–tch, [Drake - Chorus] Whatever you about to discover we off that You about to tell her you love her we off that, Always wanna fight in the club and we off that, But you can’t bring the future back, Ya'll steady chasing the fame we off that, Oversized clothes and chains we off that, N-gga still making it rain and we off that, Cos you can’t bring the future back, Tell n-ggas top get off me, Cris we off that, Timbs we off that, Rims we off that, [Jay-Z] Yeah We off that is you still on that, If you still making money cos we still on that, This ain’t black versus white my n-gga we off that, Please tell Bill O Reilly to fall back, Tell Rush Limbaugh to get off my balls, Its 2010 not 1864 , Ah yeh we come so far, So I drive around town hard top and its off Ah and my tribeca loft with my high brow art And my high yellow broad Ah and my dark skin sis and my best white mate Say whats up to to chris, Ah, hows that for a mix, Got a black president, Got green presidents, Blueprints in my white ipod, Black diamonds in my Jesus piece, My God, Ah we aint tripping off that, Its a benetton ad, n-gga been up off that [Chorus] [Jay-Z] I dont give a fidduuck, abiddout the widday, You used to move, what you used to do, And I dont give a fidduuck abiddout the b-tches That you used to screw What your future do, And we don’t really care what you used to say, Unless that affects your future pay, Im on the practice field running two a day, So I don’t drop the ball when its threw my way, So I don’t a fidduck abiddout the sh-t that You probably did, Who you probably is, The only time I deal in past tense Is i’m past rims, And i’m past tints, If you driving it I drove it, You got it cos I sold it, You copped it and I bought it back, And we don’t give a fidduck n-gga we off that. [Chorus]

Cry To Heaven

ELTON JOHN "Ice On Fire"
I found a black beret on the street today It was lying in the gutter all torn There's a white flag flying on a tall building But the kids just watch the storm Their dirty faces pressed on the windows Shattered glass before their eyes There's a mad dog barking in a burned out subway Where the sniper sleeps at night No birthday songs to sing again Just bricks and stones to give them Wrap them up in your father's flags And let them cry to heaven There are many graves by a cold lake As the beds were when your babies are born And your rag doll sits with a permanent grin But the kids just watch the storm I saw a black cat tease a white mouse Until he killed it with his claws Seems a lot of countries do the same thing Before they go to war

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