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Lateef And Lyrics Born lyrics - Latyrx

Say That

Original and similar lyrics
*this is gonna be a little bit more menacing check it out check it out you know its cool if fools is on the vibe but when they're not you know what I'm saying... I mean Imagine Lateef Squaring off against MC Who Gives a Fuck And just give him the buck So he can pass it type flow Kind of passing no skills to speak of Nor command and commend cause the truth he's bending Lying like a wall to wall rug In the ending he just be acting like your long lost friend If you conversing try explaining it's a shame you don't spend ore time rehearsing but lame brains be more concerned with meeting some type of famous person to be Instead of brushing up on freestyle techniques I see smiles appearing on faces that them they peeping understand the truth I speak Bave em unleash the shit is deep out six feet Some seek security in sleep Cause in they eyes tapping their heels talking about I know this ain't defeat But it's only his own perception affected by misconception everyone else detecting the self, deception chill tecks flex It's ammunition for the lessons expressions off lookers grill shoot Just whose skills it is in question Told ya won't have to ask I kill without discretion at times With interjections disrespecting when agitation with hesitation leaves room The calculating the brother's decapitation Heads must be basing, contemplating they could equal my station I'm at some other elevation where revelations is commonplace If it was just a drop of flavor you was tasting Not a selection collection I'd still be incinerating your extra sensory perception Watch your third eye widen due to rough penetration

Dr. Knockboot

NAS "I Am"
Hell yeah Check it check it check, check check Yo, when it come to sex advice, I'm the one to call if you a virgin with blue balls or you tear down walls Not Dr. Ruth, call me Dr. Knockboot Pimped out hats, rock fashionable suits A class for the youth, Sex Ed for your head The do's and don'ts, that should happen in the bed First, DON'T: run up in her raw cause you get burned for sure, fuckin with the typical whore, because DO: rock a Rough Ryder, whenever you inside her Your local bodega is your supplier And DON'T: take the pussy, if she fightin Cause you saw what happened to Tupac and Mike Tyson 'Specially if you large, some hoes is trife Get you on a rape charge, have you servin your life Yo, DO: get a yes confirmation before penetration You wind up in a police station DON'T: get with no young bitch and hit it She PG-13, you rated R, she not permitted DO: check for ID, whenever chillin V.I.P. with fly shorty P.Y.T. Yo, DON'T: lie about the cars you got or who you hang with, frontin when you borrowed your watch Yo, DO: play your game right, if the G's tight then you can fuck shorty the same night Yo, DON'T: trick when you don't have to You think you ballin You turn your back they laffin at you You don't gotta keep repeatin you a thug, she heard you In fact, she attracted to your man that herbed you DO: spend a lil' dough, only if you know the bitch gross a lil' somethin too bro DON'T: eat the pussy the first night Maker her bless you, we call that shit gesundheit DO: set the mood right, Bailey's with ice A cup of Thug Passion'll make everything right Yo, DON'T: pop shit like you Daddy Longdick when you come fast like Fed-Ex and bust too quick DO: hit positions she will find interest in DON'T: hit the pussy if that shit's blisterin Hope you're listenin, turn up your transisterin Hot 97, KISS-FM or B-L-S, with your hand up her dress Chillin with your girl while you thinkin bout ya ex Not too easy not too complex I break it down, how to adress, the opposite sex Problems or questions, I can answer them best Signin off Dr. Knockboot at your request, peace Rest havens Fuck y'all bitches Y'all niggaz get y'all shit tight Dr. Knockboot gotta come take y'all bitches from ya! AIGHT! We out!

That's the Nigga (a.k.a. That's the Rapper)

MYSTIKAL "Ghetto Fabulous"
Microphone check (what), check one Microphone check (what), check two Microphone check (what), check three Microphone check (huh), check four What chall niggas wanna do, how yall wanna do it Huh, check one Kick this shit raw Ghetto fabulous [5X] That's the rapper [8X] Turn your hands towards your ass and say bye bye From the southside, southside, puff, ya ya ya Nothin but the fiya ya Eardrums snatchin champion cheap rhyme busters till the day I die I say I lie Bitch I'll be fuckin on your grave singin ay la ba I throw em off, I'm two scoops for coo coo I swoosh through your froot loops, poo poo in your fubu Yall niggas remember what happened to that mosquito Tweeter tweeter MC, the sweeter I be ja meaner Stop your water turn off your gas cut off your lights Move you out, cut your grass, watch your kids, fuck your wife Like a bacon, egg and cheese sandwich I'm good Mm hmm, like syrup on the biscut and orange juice Come and take me by the hand and walk ya I'm the thief in the night that slide your droors off ya Watch where ya steppin I'm a verbal weapon Bring more pain then when John Wayne came on old westerns What is the actual fuckin meaning I come in this bitch, without leavin this bitch that think we leaning It's been like that since way back I used to rock eight tracks before I rocked eight decks Concepts goin stay fat, concerts goin stay packed Ownership's goin stay black, nigga this is payback I scrape ya somethin crawlin to establishment Now I'm country club livin from the scribble scrabblin my talent Proper proper droppin somethin decent Yall niggas is as fucked up as Santa Clause for easter I'm a keep comin as long as KLC keep drummin And the only way to stop me is call the people for me Fuck them people, I'll fuck over you if I have to That's the nigga, that's that bastard That's the rapper [15X] Ghetto fabulous That's the nigga [8X] Who that say they can't sale boy They the third ward huh, the 12th ward for all y'all My dogs, my boys and my hogs Gutiers on these boys and get down and go off All sides get high when they ride to my words They mine and they high when I'm live in concert Stop what your thinking This ain't no showoff of my business I don't need nine or ten pack of rappers with me I'm independent, make frontin, stuntin suckers lose thier stomach They lose their clout, their cool And after I come in the cut they lose thier woman Hello ghetto fabulous and big mansions And fine fabrics Like a man much money comes automatic You don't wanna battle with a hardcore rhyme fanatic Full speed ahead vocabulary acrobatic That's him, that's that rapper That's the man, that's the rapper That's ghetto fabulous That's the rapper [5X]

Can't Stop

MACK 10 "Based On A True Story (Explicit)"
Can't Stop f/ E-40 E-40 talking: Mack OneDime, excuse me playboy aiight check this out, aiight nigga check this out we crimeys right that mean you my pa'tner in crime like that check this out, let's let 'em know summin' you know niggas should've been plugged up from L.A. to the Bay you understand we doin' Big Thangs big thangs mothafucka, big thangs fool. Check it out! Aiight One O this E Feezee, I gotta I gotta thank my math teacher Count Dracula for just teachin' a brother to you know count his marbles you know What about you? Verse 1 (Mack) You see I can't stop I won't stop 'til I check a mil I need a super bad bitch and a house on the hill 365 7days I believe crack pays my estates been guarded by pit bulls and AK's I'm straight cookin' them thangs movin' weight like I should 'Cause a nigga livin' good don't mean he went Hollywood Dog I practice my craft so each year I get better to stay ghetto and clever but be richer than ever (E-40) Fonzerelli man I thought you was a rebel I am but tell me this then why you move up out the ghetto (the ghetto) Mothafucka I am the ghetto I beg yo pardon Nigga I was grindin' tryin to take off niggas heads flossin' fuckin' hoes when you was in kindergarten Nigga this ain't Lenny and Squiggy this E-Feezee Mack Teezee Fuckin' with Italian Romaine pasta chicken Tortellini Thirty odd six custodian, with the scope far from Nickelodeon no shit no joke Southern Cali up North see we be rollin' Make a bitch purchase a gun report it stolen Plead the 5th but don't snitch no case 'cause they're po po and they mami know that 12 gage equipment can be traced Stand on ya bunions Nigga don't try to get caught in his drawers 'Cause them 2.2.3's be penetratin' through walls Plus I got warrants and shit didn't pay child support Thinkin' about skippin' town movin' to Shreveport. Bitch Chorus (Mack 10) You see I can't stop I won't stop 'til I check a mil' I need a super bad bitch and a house on the hill (E-40) From L.A. to the Yay see we be rollin' Make a bitch purchase a gun report it stolen (Mack 10)You see I can't stop I won't stop 'til I check a mil' I need a super bad bitch and a house on the hill (E-40) See you my dude right that mean we pa'tnas in crime It's Forty Fonzarelli and Mack Dime (Mack Dime) Bitch Verse 2 (Mack 10) Forty I'm the one bro that's in the mix like gumbo now how can I stay humble and make feddy by the bundle Marv said we got bigger triggas Mack we got bigger figures now throw the top back on the 'Rarri and bang gears on these niggas and watch what the money show you about niggas that don't know you Busters is gone hate real G's is happy foe ya It's Mack Dime on the grind fool it's my time to shine now would you niggas kick back and let me get mine (E-40) Causin' havoc sparkin' up chaos bringin' the ruckus heavy metal heaters mobb, under buckets If ya can't beat us then join us get on the team Streetsweepers grenades rifles and M1 car beams Dice games craps bets over car titles pink slips cash money Watchin' out for rival gang members beefin' bad weather but it all boils down to who got the most paper Chorus Verse 3 (Mack 10) I shoot 'em up like syringes I know what real ends is Lo lo's Harley Davis and big body Benzes ain't been faded so far on my wrist I got a R hundred thousand dollar car 'cause I push the caviar So what's up what you need everybody huddle up got that 2 for 1 special with the rock called double up so get lit take a hit shop is open all day from L.A. to the Bay it's Mack 10 E-Fortaay (E-40) Sometimes I wonder if it's worth this fuckin' with the law tryna make it look like I'm runnin' a legitimate tow truck service with a Just Say No to Drug bumper sticker on the back window (back window) knowin' I been smokin' a gang of Indo around the corner four houses down across the way way make a right and then a left over there by Safeway and when ya get there page me punch in how much you wanna spend seperate the 20's from the 1's 5's and 10's Slick sly sharp narcotic vendors always do business in shopping centers Buck 'em stick 'em stuck 'em don't ever fuck me hate 'em bleed 'em love 'em shit can get ugly Chorus Hoo bang hoo ride (2X) Hoo ride hoo bang Who be ridin' who be bangin' (Westside) Ride Nigga (Repeat) Fuck 'em and feed 'em cold sardines, cold sardines (Repeat)

Live And Let Die

Kool G. Rap and DJ Polo "Live and Let Die"
What are you going to do? (2X) Nigga! The K the double O the L the G R A P letters My mic sound nice check one The K the double O the L the G R A P letters Sound nice (cut and scratched) [Kool G. Rap] Rougher than Gotti in tone Got a body harder than Flintstone Your girl got her skins boned I'm diggin her down with my skintone It's Brown er than Bobby cause humpin is my hobby Down in the end zone, with mens, that made her friends moan Listen and learn and turn on your tuners if he looney ? ? I break, bang zoom, like Honeymooners I don't want singers, but finger snappers, speaker slappers The wickeder rapper the dapper rapper's when I flap my trapper Got that ass gassed by Amoco, you know you ain't man to go dead up, head up, so I set up to slam a hoe I don't give a heck, but I don't peck on a redneck You wanna pull cards, you're a dead deck, bed check Lead my from tec, come and step up and get your head red Wait a sec, you comin to see what's left? I gotta catch my breath, rappers slayed or played like Jeff to the left And none of you nitwits can get with this hit shit You dipstics, even Miss kiss, but no lipstick I don't run a style but a mile to bust a child Big ol snappy happy rappers smile like Gomer Pyle Hell, I'm ringin bells with a ding-dong I play you like ping-pong You swingin on my ding-a-long King Kong I pop bad cops, I got a pig a day habit Bing bing BANG, just like the ricochet rapid Grab it, your sound is just like a lady baby, maybe you're old as Grady, still in the 80's, metaphors born in Haiti I pop to the top, now the hip-hop glock pop rocks Whenever it drops, I run over rappers at the record shop You name your best I'll say, who, like owls Pass me a towel, and I'ma move my bowels all over his vowels Bring ten men, then I'll send my venom in em You ain't gonna win em cause he got a women's momentum And I don't wanna hear from this queer Cause one of these niggaz just doesn't belong here My rhymes are like the nine millimeter Beretta Cause anything rappers could do yo I could do it better The K the double-O the L the G-R-A-P letters My mic sound nice, check two The K the double-O the L the G-R-A-P letters sound nice (cut and scratched) You no-frill slow toy, cheap thrills, no joy My lyrical skills give me Pillsbury Doughboy Back, I'm packin em up like Jack the Ripper Some pally'll I'm pullin the zipper Finger popped, the better the batter or flipper You're out of date, you must be the Late Show, I hate those puttin on the brakes slow, uh-oh, better get Maaco Dead-on, head-on collision, bad decision You wanna see me nigga you better check your vision It ain't 20/20 money silly bunny your funny Your ass'll get smashed just like a crash test dummy Retire, an MC that Oscar Meyer could take Some of you wacky rappers just play anyway that's B-O-L-O-G-N-A So come and swing wild, mild child, and get your style hurt HEY HEY HEY! Should I say it's Fatter than Albert Play at your own risk, if you diss, got a lotta hot groups turnin cold, better go and sip on some Swiss Miss Inner city, actin like bitties, you're pussy so here kitty kitty, come get some milk from my hoe's titties Cross at the green not in between or get hit G Red light, green light, one two three Out for the dash, but in the flash, you shoulda let me pass 'fore crash, now that ass is in a bodycast Everytime I put out my records and tapes Motherfuckers go bananas like this was Planet of the Apes Grapes I bust em like cherries and lay down, bitches purchase tickets to ride the dick and sit down it like a Greyhound Down with the clowns actin like killers, as good as wooden soldiers See niggaz, you ain't even Magilla Guerillas Bass in your face, stingin like mace I'm bringin the right taste, hangin like waist Pick up the pace

The Hit

SHYNE "Shyne"
The Hit [Shyne] Look at this nigga, stuntin in front of Justin's, actin silly If it wasn't cops all over, I'd smack him with this milli You hoe niggaz move a brick and think they rich Get a few guns and a click and wanna take over shit Ain't that the same kid that shot Reg in the head? Turned him into a carrot, he might as well have been dead Just came home from doin ten up in the Feds Be extortin kingpins for they horse and they bread Had the whole Brooklyn under pressure, I'm surprised he ain't test ya Mad niggaz know better I ain't comin up offa, no cheddar, no bricks, no nothin I'll kick that motherfucker, FUCK HIM, yeah I'll pay him somethin Pay his ass a visit, blow his brains on the sidewalk Let him collect his thoughts.. .. I'm the strongest force in New York til I'm a corpse, and even then, I'll be buried with bricks and money-filled vaults, seventeen shots and two weeks later I'm in the spot, takin it light Watchin the Tyson fight it's packed, uh with killers and rats Dope dealers, money hungry bitches, malicious Cars pilin up the block for blocks nigga, Bentleys and 6's This the place to be, where all the - gangsters meet As I pick up my drink, I see my man Fat Pete But before I could walk over, two niggaz tapped him on the shoulder and unloaded in his face, bullets flyin all over the place Mirrors shatterin, people scatterin, his bodyguards shot back Missed one but hit the other, in the abdomen, they both fled But who the fuck would do somethin so - brazen and reckless? Had to be some niggaz tryin to send a message {*phone ringing*} Next day I got a call from uptown to, come have a meetin with The Council bout the shit that's been goin down Word is, same kid that killed Fat Pete shot Reg in the head Bottom line he's out of control, he got to be dead He's startin to be a real problem Extortin niggaz, Brooklyn through Harlem But he fucked around and crossed the margin, touched one of ours He got to go, he from your hood, handle it Poe Say no mo', I'm out the do' Went back to the spot to grab the guns Semi-auto check, AK-40 check, shotgun check, revolver - that's perfect Called Tiz and told him meet me in an hour Bring the caravan, you know the plan Ski-masks and stockings, seen him down the ave. boppin Him and a friend, just hopped in a Benz Twenty inches on the rims, let's follow 'em slow, keep 'em in sight Wait til he stop at a red light, then roll the window down and kiss them bitches goodnight - they musta saw somethin cause the Benz busted U and came at us firin shots I threw the revolver, grabbed the tec and left the driver's side wet The Benz ran in a store window and got wrecked I hopped out the van, ran up to the scene, still holdin the tec One nigga's body was split in half, the other nigga still movin Heard sirens comin closer, as I'm bout to shoot him But fuck it, I opened his mouth, and let the tec spray and told him tell Satan I'm on my way - die bitch

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