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Lateef And Lyrics Born lyrics - Latyrx


Original and similar lyrics
Burnt Pride is a crazy thing / But now what does it take to make you feel me concrete? / I ain't your maitre'd I ain't on pain relief / This ain't make believe I ain't on no ankle leash / I tried speaking in a rational manner /Tried to get my point across using regular me(ans) / I even patterned my delivery / Similarly after something you had said / So that you would not interpret me differently but / My head's on a tree swing / Your debt's still lingering / While you erect gates with codes really nobody knows / I ask, Why's it always closed? / I'm told it's my approach / Well let's suppose / just for the sole sake of argument that/ despite the spite and all the ill will you're harboring / that me, Lyrics Born, all this power that I'm harnessing / That I didn't come in here to no conquering / That I came in here to do a little bargaining / Grease key people do some apple polishing / Maybe hail a cab for my local congressman / so he can hook me with the landlord in parliament / Then I'll set up a booth, hand-pick my operatives / Train 'em up, send my squad of garbagemen / To spread the good will, all in the environment / and all the false doctrine and all the carcinogens, but now / I gotta be wise 'bout who I'm targeting / The key is make the young folks offerings / so that they don't become adults that are demonstrative / or else my chances of retirement go spiraling / So then I work my way into their subconsciousness / I tell them always use caution, now, cautiousness, because / Are you absolutely positive that you can make it without us and be prosperous? / You need to look at me and my accomplishments / Hey, I got an idea, let's start a partnership! / It'll be just like livin' in a Harlequin / And we'll feed our pond fishies ostriches / we'll feed the starved kiddies self-doubt lozenges / Just peeling layer after layer off their confidence / until it's one planet us homogenous / versus one gumball you optimists!! / Burn pride!! Burn pride!! / Burn pride!! Burn Pride!! / Burnt Pride is a crazy thing / What does it take to make you feel me concrete? / I ain't your maitre'd, I ain't on pain relief / this ain't make believe, I ain't on no ankle leash / I tried speaking in a rational manner / Tried to get my point across using conventional means / I even patterned my delivery similarly after something you had said / so that you would not interpret me differently, but- / My head's on a tree swing / Your debt's still lingering / While you erect gates with codes really nobody knows / I ask, Why's it always closed? / I'm told it's my approach / Okay, what's appropriate your royal holiness? / Shall I fan you with foliage in front of an audience? / Hi-five Napoleon? / Lo-five a Scorpion? / Then and only then would there ever be an opening / Well, that's just your big, wet blanket of power / You weight us down with double-talk until we think we're insane / But if you're trying to save your pride / You're trying to save your pride / As far as I'm concerned that shit is going down in flames / With your piddly-ass riddles / You think I ain't mentally apt / I see you slither 'round my ankle like I ain't gonna react / No more me nibblin' on a bridle while you're kickin' my abs / No more everything's Ore-Ida when I can't even stand / No more fiddling with the maps / No more belittling the past / No more nonsense when my questions is asked / No more concessions for an ego so fragile / Any self-expression chips away at your castle / Your pride's your damsel, you built your barricade / I was so careful / I danced around your insecurities /on your schedule / Ignored all your absurdities / But all the people / you parody with that dogshit your nurturing / Then you have the nerve to take certain shit personally / I didn't even speak a handful and I encroached on your territory / You need therapy there mister Pharisee / seriously, 'cause apparently your circuitry's terribly damaged / How 'bout a nice hot kerosene bath / I'll come back / I'll serenade you with flaming arrows oh serpentine / Your pride needs refurbishing / I'll extend you that courtesy like- / Hi, this is Lyrics Born servicing! / Burnt Pride!! Burnt Pride!!

Power (Remix)

[Jay-Z - Intro] Is this thing on? Oh, I thought they silenced us, 'Ye Power to the people We're living in that 31st century, futuristic fly shit The penthouse is the projects and everybody flies private New watches (you know what time it is) Watch us (you see us) They can't stop us The prophets Beotches! [Chorus: Kanye West] No one man should have all that power (Yea!) The clock's tickin, I just count the hours (Yea!) Stop trippin, I'm tripin off the power ("No one man should have all that power!" - [King Crimson]) [Jay-Z] Rumble young man, rumble Life is a trip so sometimes we gon' stumble You gotta go through pain in order to become you But once the world numbs you, you'll feel like it's only one you Man, you got the power to do anything you want to Until you ask yourself, "Is that what it's all come to?" Looking at life through sunglasses in the sunroof Do you have the power to get out from up under you Fuck all these labels, fuck what everybody wants from you They trying to ask who/Axl Rose you, (Welcome to the Jungle!) To be continued, we're on that Norman Mailer shit In search of the truth even if it goes through Taylor Swift Tell 'em this! [Kanye West] No one man should have all that power...[echoes] [John Legend (Kanye)] Yea-ei-yea-ei-yea-ei-yea-ei-YEAAAAAAA-EAH OH OH (And is it?) YEA-EAH (And is it?) OH OH (And is it?) YEA-EAH (And is it?) OH OH (And is it?) YEA-EAH (And is it?) {"No one man should have all that power!" - [King Crimson]} [Kanye West] Now when I walk in everybody do the power clap - clap, clap, clap Fresh for the club, I just took an half an hour nap - clap, clap, clap I seen people go crazy when the whole world in our lap - Clap, clap, clap My psyche was out the plug, now it's time to get the power back - Clap, clap I've seen people abuse power, use power, misuse and then lose power Power to the people, at last! It's a new hour Now we all ain't gon' be American Idols But you can 'least grab a camera, shoot a viral Huuuh? Take the power in your own hands I'm a grown man, doin my grown dance I don't stop until I see the end, my vision clear, bitch I'm on my Van Gogh, I don't hear shit No one man should have all that power The clock's tickin, I just count the hours Stop trippin, I'm trippin off the power 'Til then, fuck that, the world's ours [John Legend] EYY-YEAAAAH OH OH (And is it?) YEA-EAH (And is it?) OH OH (And is it?) YEA-EAH (And is it?) OH OH (And is it?) YEA-EAH (And is it?) Eh-ay, eh-ay, eh-ay, eh-ay (The power) [Kanye West] Now everything I'm rhymin on cause a Ramadon Been a don prayin for families lost in the storm Bring our troops back from Iraq, keep our troops out of Iran So the next couple bars I'ma drop 'em in Islam They say as-salaam alaikum, we say alaikum as-salaam/salam' That's no Oscar Mayer bacon, you should run and tell your mom Now the question is how we gon' stop the next, Vietnam Keep, Flex out of Korea 'cause you know we drop bombs! [explosion and music stops] [Swizz Beatz - breakdown as beat changes] Showtime! Aiyyo Yeezy man, stop playin wit these people man They wanna see you act all crazy in this muh'fucker man Take that jacket off an go crazy on them niggaz man Ya'knahmtalkin BOUT? {"I GOT THE POWER!" - [Snap!]} [Kanye West (Swizz Beatz)] What do it mean to be the boss? (OH!) It means second place is the first one who lost (OH!) The crucifixion, the being nailed to the cross (OH!) The truth or fiction, it's a hell of a cost (BOP!) Do the dishes, I'm 'bout to hit that Jeff Gordon (AY!) Michael Jordan is the only one more important (AY!) But I be feelin like Jordan when I'm recording (C'mon!) 'Cause everytime I record, I dunk and slam the booooards I don't know what rappers gon' do afterwarrrrrds (OH!) Prol'ly spaz like I might do at the awaaaaards (Right!) Huh! I got the whole crowd goin CRAZY! (AY!) Homey, I should be rewarded (WHOOOOOOO!) Gettin money Yeezy, Yeezy how you do it, huh? (WHOOO!) Eating Wheaties, drinkin Fiji, bein greedy, huh? (C'mon!) Don't even think you can elude to the rumors (C'mon!) I'm immune to the boos, I'ma PROVE to you losers -- {"I GOT THE POWER!" - [Snap!]} (Huh!) It's all in timing, nigga (Get 'em!) See I dream my whole life that I could rhyme with Jigga (Get 'em!) Now Jay my big brother, and B my lil' sister (Get 'em!) And excuse me, but, you cain't see my lil' sister (HANDS IN THE AIR!) Number one sound across the board - HEY! (OH!) Number one now and forever more - HEY! (HEY!) Number one rule is niggas gon' HATE! Maybe I drop the album - naaaaah, y'all gotta wait (Oh!) And on the net, they showin pictures of my Cali place My Maybach in NY, but it still got the Cali plates All my ol' gurls know that I'm the one that got away (Whoo!) I think about her Christmas and play some Donny Hathaway (AY!) And keep my bulletproof, hater coat on (Chill...chill! Chill! Yo!) Lookin at some photos that I'm lookin crazy dope on Hand up, talkin shit, yeah I get my Pope on (Yo!) and go home with, somethin to poke on (WHOO!) That's what Dre said, but this what 'Ye said (Huh!) How 'Ye doin? Who 'Ye screwin? (Huh!) That's for my dick to know, befo' you get to know 'em She ain't gave you ass, that pussy fictional I gotta give her the eviction no-tice "Getcho ass out, bitch! Vamanos!" Five seconds to the song end, we gettin close I got the power muh'fucker if you didn't know [Swizz Beatz - Outro] Chill! Chill! Chill man! Chill 'Ye, chill! Chill! Chill! Shit's burned up already... It's over

Burned Device

Flotsam And Jetsam "When the Storm Comes Down"
Down in the deep, black hole of my heart I feel the pain inside of the dreams that died And I saw a dark message clawed on a wall today, it said Forever burn this world, it's far too late Now I stare out my window, I see the towers rise Toxics seep into my backyard before my very eyes Industrial revolution, no other solution For the junk cultured junkies needs So take a deep breath because it ain't over yet The machine it's got to bring you down to your knees Outside the gates of redemption inside my happy home Contact with big Mr. Mega Bucks on my cellular phone Dollar for dollar the business hounds holler Sour mouthed stomachs well fed And I'm moving the game yet I still complain The paranoia, it swells inside my head How will I ever know which way the wind blows Will there be no place to hide when the storm comes down To tear off my hide, defenseless, rich or poor When the wolves start gathering round my door Self-destructed, I never anticipated Such pain from the things that I've created Burn, burn, burn, burn, the device and the ice that's in my heart Burn down the lies and the hatred in my eyes Let it burn, burn to see the world turn And it's all there in front of me And I feel compelled to make you see...reality This is the turning point, these are the crossroads Detonated lunacy and it's not a dream, it's not a dream No greener sky, no blacker seay, no greater war inside of me Now I stare out my window, the patients on the lawn Loved ones visiting hours wonder what went wrong, wrong, wrong Outside the gates of redemption, my mind is never alone Hospitalized, lobotomized, big machine, please come take me home This is reality


[Ronald Reagan:] Our government has a firm policy not to capitulate to terrorist demands. That no-concessions policy remains in force, despite the wildly speculative and false stories about arms for hostages and alleged ransom payments, we did not, repeat, did not trade weapons or anything else for hostages, nor will we [Killer Mike:] The ballot or the bullet, some freedom or some bullshit Will we ever do it big, or keep just settling for little shit We brag on having bread, but none of us are bakers We all talk having greens, but none of us own acres If none of us on acres, and none of us grow wheat Then who will feed our people when our people need to eat So it seems our people starve from lack of understanding Cause all we seem to give them is some balling and some dancing And some talking about our car and imaginary mansions We should be indicted for bullshit we inciting Hella children deaf and pretending it's exciting We are advertisements for agony and pain We exploit the youth, we tell them to join a gang We tell them dope stories, introduce them to the game Just like Oliver North introduced us to cocaine In the 80s when the bricks came on military planes [Ronald Reagan:] A few months ago I told the american people I did not trade arms for hostages. My heart and my best intentions still tell me that's true, but the facts and the evidence tell me it is not [Killer Mike:] The end of the Reagan Era, I'm like number twelver Old enough to understand the shit'll change forever They declared the war on drugs like a war on terror But it really did was let the police terrorize whoever But mostly black boys, but they would call us "niggers" And lay us on our belly, while they fingers on they triggers They boots was on our head, they dogs was on our crotches And they would beat us up if we had diamonds on our watches And they would take our drugs and money, as they pick our pockets I guess that that's the privilege of policing for some profit But thanks to Reaganomics, prisons turned to profits Cause free labor is the cornerstone of US economics Cause slavery was abolished, unless you are in prison You think I am bullshitting, then read the 13th Amendment Involuntary servitude and slavery it prohibits That's why they giving drug offenders time in double digits Ronald Reagan was an actor, not at all a factor Just an employee of the country's real masters Just like the Bushes, Clinton and Obama Just another talking head telling lies on teleprompters If you don't believe the theory, then argue with this logic Why did Reagan and Obama both go after Qaddafi We invaded sovereign soil, going after oil Taking countries is a hobby paid for by the oil lobby Same as in Iraq, and Afghanistan And Ahmadinejad say they coming for Iran They only love the rich, and how they loathe the poor If I say any more they might be at my door Who the fuck is that staring in my window Doing that surveillance on Mister Michael Render I'm dropping off the grid before they pump the lead I leave you with four words: I'm glad Reagan dead


Lil Wyte "Doubt Me Now"
[Chorus 1: Lil' Wyte] Well I been trippin' for 10 hours on 3 hits of liquid microdot (I'm on acid - acid) Gettin' chased around the car by some midgets in the parking lot (I'm on acid - acid) Feedin' doritos to a tree, a million spiders after me (I'm on acid - acid) I'm runnin' around havin' a fit, on myself I'm about ta shit (I'm on acid - acid) [Lil' Wyte] Can you imagine feelin' all calm then all of the sudden your fingers get numb? Knees start freezin, what is the season? where we at? and why we leavin? Trees are shrinkin', turnin' plants ta roots and roots back inta seeds And clowns are changin', comin' at me, different directions now I'm freakin' Hoe's are rakin', body shakin' Mane, I thought it was some crack Called the fire department, told 'em I had a flame upon my back This shit's crazy, plus enable, raisans dancing on the table There's the horse, we got a horse, yeah we do and I seen the stable Quit yo flaugin, I ain't flaugin Got a beat in who ya talkin to I'm talkin to you talkin to me Listenin' cuz I have you and I have to Be kinda smart to even catch that I might be trippin' but the pimpin' grippin' gatta spit that With no expectancy I made a party from a rivalry Accidently, kicked then tripped the beef when he had ran by me Fuck police, we gon' sanish this trick too well as the 50 shot of purple microdot you will be gone a week [Chorus 2: Lil' Wyte] 20-20 vision blur and can't even feel the syrup (I'm on acid - acid) I can smoke a pound of dro, drink myself unda the flo' (I'm on acid - acid) Put the straw up ta your nose, take the blow straight ta your dome (I'm on acid - acid) You passin' out in my front yard, throwin' up on Xanax bars (I'm on acid - acid) [Lil' Wyte] Well I wishin I was sober, feel the shit from head ta shoulders This ain't even halfway over, it's the part I'm waitin ta show ya Laughin' long time like hyenas, laughed a long time at vienas In the can or out the can they still look like a can a penis I'm the meanest, acid-takin, down-south-cracka on the mic Change start crankin', gotcha thinkin', good trip gon' turn ta a fright Bubble poppin, trails are watchin', foes done cross the fuckin' room My dogs came in the den and made a mess and then thats for the broom Now I'm 'Bouta hit the sack cuz I can't take this shit no more Relax my mind, take a deep breath and let my head sink in pillow Take a seven hour nap, wake up seven minutes later This the greatest drug the seventies is ever fucking gave us Yes it's major don't be playin' - when you drop it will hit ya If it's gel caps or liquid - microdots yes I'm wit'cha And I'm flippin' cross the Roll, visual contact lightning globe The space ship I'm flying landed in the Bay - I have ta go [Chorus 3: Lil' Wyte] By now, I'm weak in some pain and my body's feelin drained (I'm on acid - acid) Comin' down upon my trip and my skin's abouta rip (I'm on acid - acid) I'll prolly sleep till Thursday and it's only Sunday (I'm on acid - acid) Wakin' up on that Thursday to have another Saturday (I'm on acid - acid)

That's How It Be Happenin'

JUVENILE "Solja Rags"
That's How It Be Happenin' That's How It Be Happenin' That's How It Be Happenin' That's How It Be Happenin' Now dis fool name of Terrel Seems he was doin' swell Over tha years where he sell was betta than clientele my niggas was gettin' big he slung eva since a kid and always got glamour rides for all of tha shit he did he had a bad attitude nigga selfish and rude one day he got in a fight in gloom and he gone killed a dude thats when A.T.F. got hot surveillance up on tha block they knew he was runnin' shop but dis nigga wouldn't stop terrel was a knucklehead he said mothafuck a fed look come if you wanna come and off with you bitches head surely dem people came git down on yo face and hand they took tha dope and choked terrel wit a rope man he thought he would go to jail 5-0 took tha bitch to hell they took tha dope and said he got crossed in drug sale [chorus] [that's how it be happenin' that's how it be happenin' i tried to warn my nigga but dem people but they snatched him that's how it be happenin' that's how it be happenin' i tried to warn my nigga but dem people but they snatched him] tha next one is sharolin addicted to heroin gave birth to her son at 15 and now she scared of him look he was a balla' so that made her a stupid ho i heard he sold his dope out a house in the caliope stung her for much furl then shot it up his arm dat dope busst her heart and thats how sharolin left the world now guess what her son use he snorted boy(heroin) too he robbed some nigga dat brung drama to his whole crew dat multiplied enemies one of em' slangin' keys and they got boys who got boys that strapped with artillery's now he done on his knees beggin' lord help me please dat nite he got on dat dope and went out he was off his knees walkin' without a gun they caught him roun' hit and run pulled out dat Tommy gun knockin' holes in his fuckin' lung [chorus] nigga done throwed the cross and the boss be the nigga steped on so he hired 5 killas that snort up that heroin to keep his self from being affected whoeva mentioned his name got they head-bust on next shit that next hit he sent was up in the 2nd line dat lexus pulled up shells started flyin people started runnin' and cryin' lyin' in tha street was tha one that they came for bystanders got hit up so a kid in this drug war that was five so she couldn't survive homicides said where they at it happenin' on our side but in dem' killas' eyes, they on dat dope so it ain't nothin reincarnation is the subject of that discussion shit somebody snitch dem people found tha location caught 2 out of tha 5 tha they got me down at tha station boss man say fuck dem niggas and show nuts one of dem niggas snitch one of dem nigga hush now tha boss gotta pack up shop and leave town cuz dem niggas that he know upstate a shank him down [chorus] he's mad cuz we bumped him my nigga jeff they jumped him i know one of dem niggas and when i catch em i'm gon' stump him look aw dis heart hea' don't pump no pussy i'll be forced to do something real bad if you try and push me i went to see my nigga zoe but he told me ain't nothin i say man dis long way i came in wit somethin' he came out wit one i say what is these called silver-sacks he told me no stupid-ass we call dem my nickel bags i bus one up wit him cuz he my nagua at two in the mornin' some niggas was standin' beside us one of dem niggas had a glock i heard him cock it he told us shat the fuck up and empty out cho' pockets i droped it they grabbed it and got ghosted and layed low that jackin' happend so fast it fucked up my head zoe juvenile talkin......

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