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Laibach lyrics

Regime Of Coincidence, State Of Gravity

Original and similar lyrics
(Perspektiven / Perspectives) [Spoken in English:] Laibach takes over an organisational system of work, after the model of industrial production and totalitarism, collective spirit, identification with ideology, which means: not the individual, but the organisation speaks. Our work is industrial, our language political. Laibach is a recognition of time universality. Its organisational activity is an intense agitation and a constant systematic propagating, ideological offensive. Any social activity affects the mass. Laibach functions as a creative allusion of strict institutionality, identification with institution, as stock theatre, or popular culture with a centralized programme. One transmitter and a multitude of receivers, and with a communication through uncommunication. Laibach's musical approach is a move to the area of pure politization of sounds as a means of manipulating the masses. When, in politically and economically complicated situations, the antagonism in society is becoming strained, only force remains as the ultima ratio of social integration. The force must adopt the form of systematic, physical and psychic terror, organized in accordance with social relations. Terror is obtaining a function of productional power, which extorts discipline and an adaptation of the mass, to the existing productional relations, and the existing productional apparatus. For the totalitarian form of government, the systematic terror becomes a constitutional instrument of authority. Through the mystic, erotic-mythological sound, constitution of an ambivalence between fear and fascination, which rudimentarily affects the consciousness of people, through stage performances of ritualized demonstration of political power, and through other manipulative means of an individual, Laibach practises a sound force, in a form of systematic, psycho-physical terror as social organisational principle, in order to effectively discipline and raise a feeling of total adherence bond of a certain, revolted and alienated audience, which results in a state of collective [athasia?], which is the principle of social organisation. In this sense, the function of Laibach, sound constructions, and of rock concerts is to challenge collective emotions and automatic associations, and as such it serves as the means of working stimulation. By darkening the consumer's mind, it drives him into a state of humble contrition and total obedience, self-sacrifice, by destroying every trait of individuality, it melts the individuals into a mass, and mass into a humble, collective body. The dualism of Laibach's message, perception and receiver's structure uncovers the social neurosis. Laibach unites the biters and antagonistics into an expression of static, totalitarism cry. Our basic inspiration, ideals which are not ideals to their form, but the material of Laibach, manipulation of self, remains an industrial production: art of the Third Reich, totalitarism, taylorism, bruitism, disco. Disco rhythm, as a regular repetition, is the purest, the most radical form of the militantly organised rhythmicity of technicist production, and as such the most appropriate means of media manipulation. As an archetypal structural basis of the collective unconscious in a worker mass, it stimulates automatic mechanism, and shapes industrialisation of consciousness, which is necessary in the logic of massive, totalitarian, industrial production. [I had to write this one down by ear... Took me hours.]

Red Dawn

Killarmy "Dirty Weaponry"
[ P.R. Terrorist ] Skuffed up guns, toss the filthy heat then run Dirty Weaponry fill my clip with rusty dum dums It hardly worked right, When I bust it hardly jerked right Smith and Wesson type, illuminate the block all night Serial scraped, found it in the nearby lake Dried it off, an hour later caught your man for his cake Administrate an earthquake, the earth shake Your body ache, your lifes at stake stake Your lyrics aint holding no wieght Parylize your enterprise cause they moving like snakes Up in my grasp, little they know its water then gas Spark that ass with the friction that my music enhance Verbal vibrations spit a few darts from out my stash Terrorist nemesis is the first and the last Knowledge and understanding one and the same I aim, no restrain, nothing to lose, all to gain I raise cane and snap your back, rip out your veins Crack your frame, return you loopbback from where you came [ 9th Prince ] Yo, yo Im the master of ceremony revolutionist Lyrical demolitionist, trapped in the abyss Pirates of dark waters meterologist Slang thugs be sublime to to abdict lyrics is dangerous I exiled myself from earth and built a home on Uranus 9th Prince, the ill street acrobatic, lyrical gymnastic The stage is gymnasium I slay through the rythem, I tear notes like patriotism The universal, find at rehearsal Rappers is too commercial, I live til we murder you We attack with logical, scrape your physical composition With broken bottles, and blow fire out my nostrils Rappers is nervous, battle mode verses Lyrically enormous shockwaves split the surface Psychic predictions, its the imitation of the minds of egyptians Political, poor then musician Tools hit the moon make the earth cause collision With seven planets, then I vanish So call me the human Titanic Seize the prisoner in captivity Son of Solar broke the laws of gravity Fellows incarcerated, assault and battery against the music academy MCs is too gentle Stab my pencil inside your temple And revenge the general [ chorus: P.R. Terrorist ] Red dawn, war pawns, raps nasty like porn Pass on, transform, arm leg leg arm Supreme head, infra-red, we form like voltron We form like voltron [ Beretta 9 ] We go to war like Arabians, Pakistinians, Richmond and Indians Germans, Muslims, Vikings, Patriots Trojans, Conquistodors, Romans Projects, Aztecs, Confederates, Yankees, Nazis Nomvets drown you in the ocean get your shit open Shouldve had your sword but it was broken Strike your whole facility with strength and agility To the best of my ability with heavy artillerary Extreme me a military Killarmy adversary Shot your first platoon, drop a bomb on your secondary Mindstate be war, for this newer revolutionary Beretta aiming sights at your dome and at your coronary Then I finish you off with a banner to the respiratory Best prepare to die when you step into my territory [ chorus ] ( 2x ) Then drop a bomb Word is bon

The Storm

[Verse 1] My man Shawn from around the way son been down from day one Never been known for mistakes but was bound to make one Her name was Nina See he was all about the cash flow 'Til she came and had this man pussy whipped to the max yo A true dime piece describing her Brown eyes, caramel skin, thick thighs Goes beyond speech But besides looks her mind's lost Known for kicking cats to the curb Leaving their hearts on the sidewalk Shawn was one of them She said she was loving him But only fucked with him because he had some funds coming in He couldn't see it though She was cheating and he didn't even know He even bought a crib with this female hoe In the ride, mad jewels, mad clothes, mad shoes And to show his commitment he got her name tattooed I gotta hand it to her She had the stuff planned out But watch what happened when her luck ran out [Chorus (x2):] What goes around comes around What goes up must come down You up now but you'll get yours Some how Some day In some way, shape, or form Revenge is coming No way to escape the storm [Verse 2] Time passes Shawn is thinking about wedding rings But he knows the signs of cheating and doesn't wanna believe them He disregards them Goes out for diamond rings shopping Now the big question is when is he gonna pop it Waiting for the right time Meanwhile Nina's the same hoe Like a snare drum but bangs way more For Shawn up to this point shit's going well 'Til one day his homeboy hit him on his cell, like: "Yo son you wont believe this, I just seen your chick." ("Where?") "In the mall with this cat, he was palming her ass I swear to God son Need me to run up on him and drop him?" "Nah, chill I got this I'll hit you back if it's popping" He hung up but called Nina "Where you at? What you doing?" "At the mall with some friends buying new Timbs." Something sounded funny She was lying for sure But Shawn had a little plot of his own Check it [Chorus:] What goes around comes around What goes up must come down You up now but you'll get yours Some how Some day In some way, shape, or form Revenge is coming No way to escape the storm What goes around comes around What goes up must come down You up now but you'll get yours Some how Some day In some way, shape, or form Revenge is coming Peep how he plays this whore [Verse 3] I missed you (Aw) Missed you so bad I followed you (What, where?) Followed you all the way to your boyfriend's ron de vous (What?) Yeah bitch you caught now So don't even try to give me that shit you thought how it wasn't you who I saw now (No it wasn't) You trifling hoe I gave my whole life to you yo And now you basically shove a knife in my throat (It's not like that) But it's alright though The same cat you was fucking with then Is currently laying dead in the trunk of my Benz (Oh God) Yeah get to crying In a minute you'll be there beside him And by the time the cops find you I'll be in the islands (No, I'm sorry) Visualizing what could have been between me and you It was just just a dream You fucked up the thing between us two So now it's pick your piece before you leave this earth bitch (We can work this out) I hope that shit was worth it And now I pray that God is merciless With this said Goodbye to the reason I lived this life (Shawn) Pointed the gat to her mouth Long kiss goodnight (No) [Chorus (x2):] What goes around comes around What goes up must come down You up now but you'll get yours Some how Some day In some way, shape, or form Revenge is coming No way to escape the storm


An incision leads to the future of the new world - a mark buried deep under the skin and flesh will define and distinguish man. Signatures implanted on the hands and forehead. Re-occurence of modern times and scriptures. Testament to holy doctrines written in vital blood. In the extent, all will hold something very similar and accordingly. All will bear his name with the distinct and original number of his signature. In a new world with suppressing technology. Lacerations lead to codes embedded in blood streams beneath the flesh. Currencies fuse together to form a solitary and overruling capital. Money evolves into cryptic letters and numbers that flow through the net - a conflagration set to diminish papered riches, depleting its masterdom. No longer capable of enslaving the likes of human kind from only presenting itself as a form of an object. Fragments of ash flow through the atmosphere's currents, onlookers breathe and inhale what they once worshipped. The demon's solution, a new world order.

Last Straw (Onesoul Remix) (1994)

JEDI MIND TRICKS "The Psycho-Social, Chemical, Biological, And Electro-Magnetic Manipulation ..."
[Verse 1:] Word is bond, rock on, my diatribe will swarm and persevere Emcee's will disappear, they will fear what is here And that is sadistic, with linguistic rhyme penetrating Upsided the mind like the burn, of jack of lantern Attack this, when I smack kids with my tactics Kill it over patriots, if you assemble the wackness Sprayin' off the majestic rays, that knowns the writing A slide gets ride, and crucified, like punch of Titan Narcotic, on point, mentality, battle me Knocking herbs up out the galaxy, fantasies I break neck with my kendo's, can't do fool Understand, how my chant goes, swift dialetic Cybernatics, my aparatus If throw more morphic styles, I break, tragic records Eratic, catchable t's, I breeze through This degree of emcee's, as they seize to Amaze, how these dudes get with that wack rap Fourty ounce fat caps, and raps in my napsack Flaudelant emcee's get burned by the lighter You don't know the half, cause soul crash my cipher [Verse 2:] Superstar I jaw the first, we rush last and touch pie The proof is my man suscribe, to that old school vibe Yo, make shift that the man, is quick to jive I grab I to that branch with force and pride Steady straws are the prime fact', to fly back as I somersault Far sing forever, as superstruct for that mass Pa' ark with forty bullet - Throwin' my fake feed light like blastin' bullets Through the flame, pushin' fog out the mass way Catch a five thick, vinyl ain't the number in my ash tray The charts slumber, if expect I take all that masking kids, and watch them in our record Though I fly were you fish, like bass, trout, the fresh water Now it's floatin' like prada in a metro Every large animal stole ours, but fresh crews? I'm comin' off like a bad weave I pertrude to retreave the last star From the full mouth, with no fingers to the fence I commence to grab the foul cinder block route Then how many times before, so I grout Pushin' much more... [Verse 3:] Ills I be droppin' like an expert, insert the clip And let off the best ease off, I'm givin dirt naps that last more than eternity Weak minded foes get bloated like surgery You never heard of me, you new comer, straight done up Hit you with a verse, because I'm evil with my lethal Vocabulary, spark a spliff, it's very necessery So ease up or get caught up in the cemetary Understand and prepare ya mind, it's realness Unpredictable skills, that's build, so just chill, kid

Razzle In My Pocket

Ian Dury And The Blockheads
In my yellow jersey, I went out on the nick. South Street Romford, shopping arcade Got a Razzle magazine, I never paid Inside my jacket and away double quick. Good sense told me, once was enough But I had a cocky eye on more of this stuff With the Razzle in my pocket, back to have another peek Instead of being sneeky I strolled inside, I put my thieving hand on something rude I walked right out with a silhouette of nudes 'Hold on sonny' said a voice at my side 'I think you've taken one of my books' Passers by gave me dirty looks 'Not me mister' I bravely lied We stopped by the window of a jeweller's shop 'If it's money for your lunch, I'd have given you a loan Have you got any form, were you on your own? Round to the station and we'll tell the cops' 'I'm ever so ashamed, it was wicked and rash Here's the book back, and here's the cash I never stole before, I promise I'll stop' 'Crime doesn't pay, you've got honest eyes If we go to the law another thief is born And I'll get the book back, creased and torn So return what you've taken and apologise' I gave him back his nudie book I said I was sorry, I slung my hook With the Razzle in my pocket as the second prize Ian's diction is superbly clear, although he drops his H's in the cockney manner. What's interesting is the verse form - this is a double sonnet - four stanzas each of seven lines, with a rhyme structure ABBABBA - evidence of Ian Dury's classical education. I'd suggest pulling the mp3 of this song off Napster and having on the website.

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