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Laibach lyrics

Jesus Christ Superstar

Original and similar lyrics
Every time I look at you I don't understand Why you let the things you did Get so out of hand You'd have managed better If you'd had it planned Now why'd you choose such a backward time And such a strange land? If you'd come today You could have reached the whole nation Israel in 4 BC had no mass communication Don't you get me wrong Only want to know Jesus Christ Jesus Christ Who are you? What have you sacrificed? Jesus Christ Superstar Do you think you're what they say you are? Jesus Christ Superstar Do you think you're what they say you are? Tell me what you think About your friends at the top Now who d'you think besides yourself Was the pick of the crop? Buddah was he where it's at? Is he where you are? Could Muhammmed move a mountain Or was that just PR? Did you mean to die like that? Was that a mistake or Did you know your messy death Would be a record breaker?

New Speedway Boogie

GRATEFUL DEAD "Workingman's Dead"
Please don't dominate the rap, jack, if you've got nothing new to say. If you please, don't back up the track this train's got to run today. I spent a little time on the mountain, I spent a little time on the hill I heard someone say Better run away , others say better stand still . Now I don't know, but I been told it's hard to run with the weight of gold, Other hand I have heard it said, it's just as hard with the weight of lead. Who can deny, who can deny, it's not just a change in style? One step down and another begun and I wonder how many miles. I spent a little time on the mountain, I spent a little time on the hill Things went down we don't understand, but I think in time we will. Now, I don't know but I was told in the heat of the sun a man died of cold. Keep on coming or stand and wait, with the sun so dark and the hour so late. You can't overlook the lack, jack, of any other highway to ride. It's got no signs or dividing lines and very few rule to guide. I saw things getting out of hand, I guess they always will. Now I don't know but I been told If the horse don't pull you got to carry the load. I don't know whose back's that strong, maybe find out before too long. One way or another, one way or another, One way or another, this darkness got to give.

'Til I Say So

3LW "3lw"
[1] - I can tell that you're feelin' me And from the corner of my eye I see you checkin' me But boy you better take it slow Cuz you can't pass go, 'til I say so [Repeat 1] When you made your move I knew it was on Tried to turn me out With your looks and charm Guess you thought that You had this one won You guessed it wrong Cuz the game just begun [2] - Do I look like I was born yesterday Better find another girl to play I must admit your game was kinda slick This time you met your match, I'm up on it [Repeat 1] [Repeat 1] Wanna take some time And feel things out Stakes are high And I got some doubts Pressure's on Things are touch and go Should I raise it boy Or should I lay low [Repeat 2] [Repeat 1] [Repeat 1] [Rap] Yo baby, you dangerous You and your crew wanna hang with us Maybe, but you be actin' so shady You done picked the wrong ladies It's Keelay, T and AG Baby, you feelin' that (uh-huh) You wanna bring it back (uh-huh) You ain't gettin' that I'm sayin' though, no one goes 'til I say so Take a step back and lay low Little Women get them pesos, and stayed yo, whoa You don't know Now you do I'm tellin' you stand off I'm sorry, cut your plans off Look all you want but hands off, uh [Repeat 1 to fade]

Dear Mr. Man

PRINCE "Musicology"
What's wrong with the world 2day Things just got 2 get better Show me what the leaders say Maybe we should write a letter Said Dear Mr. Man, we don't understand Why poor people keep struggling but U don't lend a helping hand Matthew 5:5 say 'The meek shall inherit the earth' We wanna b down that way but U been trippin since the day of your birth Who said that 2 kill is a sin Then started every single war that Ur people been in Who said that water is a precious commodity Then dropped a big old black oil slick in the deep blue sea Who told me, Mr. Man, that working round the clock would buy me a big housed in the hood Cigarette ads on every block Who told me, Mr. Man, that Eye got a right 2 moan How about this bIg old hole in the ozone What's wrong with the world 2day Things just got 2 get better Dear Mr. Man, we don't understand Maybe we should write a letter Listen, Ain't no sense in voting - same song with a different name Might not b in the back of the bus but it sure feel just the same Ain't nothing fair about welfare Ain't no assistance in AIDS We ain't that affirmative about your actions until the people get paid Ur thousand years r up Now U got 2 share the land Section 1 - the 14th amendment says 'No state shall deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law' Mr. Man, we want 2 end this letter with 3 words We tired a-y'all

Bite The Hand

ABC "Beauty Stab"
With a little faith we could raise the land With a little hope we could move as planned With a little faith we could raise the land With a little hope we could move as planned Farm the ghetto up, Feed the famine down with our nose to the grindstone Ear to the ground Find a steady job, Build a happy home Farm a steady crop, Then depose the throne We could irrigate thirst quenching lake, Make a fertile place Thus the desert spake... Spill the feathers up, Slash the silk might as well stop boo hooing over all that spilt milk, Empty trap, screaming eye, Seething lip, stop wondering Why butter mountains here. Better motivate it's getting late, Assassinate the grain, co co co co commotion Before a global war, We'd better bridge the ocean Just like an open wound that Forever bleeds just like an open plain In scattered seeds or the foolish man Believing all he reads, He begs, he pleads.

Out Of Hand

Fools gather round to watch me bleed but there are things you'll never see to protect and serve one nation under god a nation in which no-one's free Their flesh begins to rot what's left of what they've got a boring life is getting old mischief won't turn to gold By going back to burning books ripping apart things that doesn't fit one times one equals nine Your make-believe reality is full of shit Jesus christ lord of flies in disguise fuck! It's fucked to hear one idiot's words but worse to see others believe it fucked up minds in fucked up times it's up to you to foresee it Jesus christ lord of flies in disguise it's all built upon lies out of hand is this a fucking joke out of mind and it makes me fucking choke fuck!

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