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Laibach lyrics - Kapital

The Hunter's Funeral Procession

Original and similar lyrics
We shall go on till the end, We shall fight on the seas and oceans, We shall fight with growing confidence and brave strength in the air, We shall defend our island, whatever the cost may be. We shall fight on the beaches, We shall fight on the landing grounds, We shall fight on the fields and in the streets, We shall fight on the hills... We shall never surrender.

Fight Like A Brave

RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS "The Uplift Mofo Party Plan"
All you slingers and fiends hide behind your rocks put down your guard I'm not here to box this is no showdown so throw down your guns you see it doesn't matter where you come from you could be from park ave or from a park bench you could be a politican or a bitchy princess but if you're lookin' for a fist and you're lookin' to unite put your knuckleheads together make a fist and fight not to your death and not to your grave I'm talking about t hat freedom fight like a brave fight like a brave don't be a slave no one can tell you you've got to be afraid If you're sick-a-sick'n'tired of being sick and tired if you're sick of all the bullshit and you're sick of all the lies it's better late than never to set-a-set it straight you know the lie is dead so give your self a break get it through your head get if off your chest get it out your arm because it's time to start fresh you want to stop dying the life you could be livin' I'm here to tell a story but I'm also here to listen no I'm not your preacher and I'm not your physician I'm just trying to reach you I'm a rebel with a mission fight like a brave don't be a slave no one can tell you you've got to be afraid fight like a brave don't be a slave no one can tell you you've got to be afraid I'm here today to pump up the uplift mofo party plan a plan based on a band, a band based on a plan there should be the land of lands it's a hollywood jam You say you're running and you're running and you're running afraid you say you ran across the planet but you couldn't get away the fire in your brain was driving you insane you were looking for a day in a life that never came so don't tell me that I've got to take a number cause I've been to that doctor and believe me that's a bummer here's a one of a kind convention of the mind and don't forget to mention that it doesn't cost a dime come as you like and leave any time and one more thing you know it doesn't have to rhyme fight like a brave don't be a slave no one can tell you you've got to be afraid...

Language Arts

Arsonists "Date of Birth"
[Verse One: Q-Unique] Enter the bragin, Q-Leechan from the providence of hip-hop Do bodily damage like a combination kick-chop Teacher Sifu Herc and Sensei Bambaatasan Since I've studied techniques just to drop the kata bomb With Jeet Kune flow, way of the intercepting rhyme Battle to the last breath or till my adversary declines I've trained in weapons, mic chucks and deadly spinning vinyl The drunk munk breathing aerosol till I'm a krylon wino Unorthodox over traditional I may condone it Respectfully bow but never take your eyes off your opponent Square off as I mentally prepare in my rap stance Defeat is a Buddah opportunity 'cause that's a fat chance You write the white belt and flow slow like Tai Chi I'm like Freddie Fox(xx) possessed by the dragon, y'all won't fight me Your side kicks don't move me, and seem to have no flavor left So I drop the flow Kashugi and have them all pray for death Train till the sample's done. flip with weight like Samo Hung No need to handle guns, watch and see me make this mammal run At the end of it all, I'll retire undefeated Live by the mountain side and write a book of Five Rings for you to read it [Chorus 2x: Q-Unique] Training, balance Focus, challenge Meditate, silence Skill, talent Broken patterns Have a seat and play your part You must learn to accept defeat Check my language arts [Verse Two: Q-Unique] (Ha ha ha ha ha..) We meet again young Choy I will now take you down with the six steps of b-boy There is no way you'll overcome my 1200 turning techniques or take out my pen-fist punchlines, your beginner styles are too weak My fat cap burner kicks'll go over your toy throw-ups You have a lot of guts, I'm even suprised you showed up but still.. we'll write fight to the first strike or rhyme battle to the very end And if I am to die, my loyal students will take the revenge Direct confrontation with Grandmaster number seven Push past and catch a blast from my right fist of legend In a kombat with mortals I play the part of Lui Kang Confuse you like Manderan slang and balance out the hip-hop like Yin Yang Chasing fallen rap monks till they run far Have me resort to animal instincts like Hung Gar and Flung a ninja star Aimed at the head of an A R white belt whose fight felt unskilled Surrounded by a class of records execs and got them killed Taste my own blood a lash out in a rage My 'bo staff' is the microphone stand, my 'dojo' is the stage It's the year of the Q, mark that on your calendar A double clap at the end of the battle means bring on the next challenger (Chorus 4x)

Dark Age

These are the ancient woods Those cover the secrets The little spirits, invisible The dance starts at midnight. Burning clouds of thunder His call sounds over the mountains Ride through this rough land Where lived the ancient forefathers Whisperings in the darkness Frozen stars at the sky In the distance you see them come Their swordarms sparkle in the light of the moon. Worship for the strength to fight The flames of eternity Fight for the victory of freedom Ride to the final war. Behind the darkest woods There is the land of fearless warriors With the strength of the gods Fight for eternal life.

Texas Cult Song

Grim Skunk
I'm not a man I'm God's only son Humanity is sick And work needs to be done If you want to follow me Surrender yourself I will make you free Some people think they always know what's going on Can never admit that they said something wrong Then one day they are exposed They lose control they let it all explode So it was decreed By the lawmakers supreme Bring them to their knees Set them under siege We'll stand our ground And fight for what we think is right And we ain't gonna play by your rules Or obey your laws If you want to you can come and get us But you'd better be ready 'Cus we'll fight and we'll never surrender And we're ready to die And we're going to burn everything to the ground

Fragrant Foul

Apt 3g
Oh boy it's Wendesday again and I feel like the world's best friend you know everything is gonna be OK helped an old lady across the street wiped the bullshit of her feet even tipped my hat to a cop then I went back home and shut the door pulled down the shades and slowly went out of my mind I hate this world and what it's done to me and I won't rest or be set free 'till I destroy everything about it that pisses me off out on the streets again you know it's feeling pretty good because I can stand hypocrasy the least in me it brings out a beast and beasts are never doing what the should you can't fight a war and believe in the bible if you do you're a sanctimonious hypocrite there's a little black door we go inside but this world tells us that's just a lie sometimes it makes me want to scream makes me want to shout makes me want to rip rip the heart out of society hold it up for all to see and say this this is all you'll ever have tommorow and tommorow until today till today turns to yesterday it's a pyramid of lies and sick charade mothers cheer their dead sons in a happy parade sometimes it just blows me away I wish for tens of thousands of uncencumbered miles but I'll turn and I'll fight and think about what happens next when the antihuman machine it turns on you. APT.3-G address: APT.3-G 3574 S. E. SHERMAN PORTLAND, OR 97214 USA

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