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To All My Friends

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Here's a song to all my friends I know the'd like I remember every drunken night at the old dive Driving the ol wreck Trying to make it home somehow One more pit stop at our favorite watering hole The ghost of Christmas past Swallowed all our pride We'd opened up our story books And water down the eyes Our demons raise their glasses singing I propose a toast to all my friends Who's buying the next round Cup half empty Cup half full Perspectives and beers They weren't failiures Just the regulars of my favorite year They come and go Paying their toll From mobile homes Decaying old unsound minds The ghost of Christmas future dancing to the click of time The beating of defeat Shaking in his hands A lifetime of retreat And his regrets were ours A time to say good-bye I've been waiting so long for you to call my old friend To all my friends

Homecoming Christmas

ALABAMA "Alabama Christmas"
A glowin' fire and fallin' snow, they spark a memory Stockings hangin', mistletoe, presents beneath a tree A happy boy wakin' up to toys, lookin' so surprised And wondering how Santa knew just when I closed my eyes Chorus: It's a Homecoming Christmas, goin' back to where it all began Homecoming Christmas, I wanna be there once again Memories do sweet and strong and I've been done too long It's Christmas time and I'm comin' home I can see the Christmas tree and feel the warm fireplace Handmade decorations, homemade pies and cakes Family all together with so much love to share A special time and I can't wait, can't wait to be there Chorus


GANG STARR "Step In The Arena"
Verse 1 Strangely enough I've been struck Affected by her smile And yo, her style is worthwhile And knowing that I'm deep like a river I feel I should give her Things that those others can't deliver Contrary to what I had wished it seems that I've been dissed But hey, I don't want to miss this wonderful opportunity My boys they try schoolin' me But see I know what I want Someone who'll be there for the whole nine This honey is so fine But now she's hung up the line Upset because I told her I'm busy She made like a grizzly And started chewin' my head off Screamin' that I spend more time with friends And also, she said I ruined her weekend I said I know the stuff we had planned but please understand Right now I'm loungin' with my man I guess I didn't realize I'd hurt her She said I had the nerve to just neglect her like that Then she started bringing up past things and she kept asking how come our love isn't lasting I said, Hey baby, please calm down cuz I'm still around and it's for you that my heart pounds Can I call you later on? You say I treat you wrong? But why you flippin' on me? She said something else and then click Left me alone on the phone with the tone And now I'm lovesick Verse 2 Relationships can grip with the pain Arguments in the crib, in the streets, on the train I'm crazy fed but then still When she ain't there I feel sad, I feel ill Frowning cuz I'm down in the dumps The other night I took her out so she could shake her rump But after we were there for a few Some girls that I knew Stepped up and asked me to come to a party they were havin' at their house I looked at my girl, and yo, she started walkin' out I said Hey love, just wait for a second And won't you just check it? It's all a part of makin' records Those were just some friends in the business No need to get angry So listen up while I kick this And what about the things we discussed about havin' trust? What's all this attitude stuff? Now hon, you know that I wouldn't play you But time after time, you let your jealousy sway you Hey don't you turn your back like that Come on, this is wack You're heated up like a thermostat Then she stepped off in a whirlwind and I don't know when or if I'm gonna see her again I coulda sworn she was the right one to pick But I'm just lovesick

That's Youth

Bouncing Souls
We were just hanging out on the corner After skating for a few We were just killing time, looking for something new The someone cam'long with a guitar And we just started to play, and we sand Clash songs And the songs of our lives unitl late into the night That's youth... That's all... That's all!!! That's all... that's all!!! We'd only been friends for a short time But in just an hour of two It was like we'd been friends, our entire lives through And i was so in love with you, but not sure if I should say it But then I thought, Yeah, I'm scared And I don't know if I should, but I'll do it anyway! That's youth... That's all... That's all!!! That's all...that's all!!! When all you hear is that, you can't , Or give up , or you're a fool And you're so sick of all the in crowd And trying to be cool And still you don't, still you don't Still you don't know what to do... But in the end you do your own thing And you tell 'em to get screwed!!! That's youth... That's all... That's all!!! That's all...that's all!!!

Floats My Boat

AER "The Bright Side"
[Hook x2 – Dave:] Blow my smoke in the sky Still ignorin' advice On the roof gettin’ high Sippin' on my SoCo Live it up till I’m dead Ignorance in my head Fuck whoever you are I do what floats my boat [Verse 1 – Carter:] I be after that half and half Arnold Palmer tea I got your girl callin’ told me meet me at the beach I’m hootin’ hollering at main street of the colony Starlight was bright with her last night Now she’s calling me The rules might bend or break That’ll remain hidden Like Roo throwin' down when Mary’s away on business Back deck stairs flower dress long hair Blurred nights but we still takin' care we rep the FAM Wake up way too early get some and food and dine and dash Too hungover to know the difference between this and that Focused on how to open her up but approach her with class Weekends lose their meaning, every evening like the last [Hook x2] [Carter:] I can keep up with the tempo That’s right, he’s right, alright, let’s ride Now what you tryna get into Lets find some time tonight Yeah and Roo didn't forget to pick up the 750 of dry gin from fifth ave liquors Us kids are wavy waving at sweeties on the street Sticker slap the FAM logo right upon the damn hood of a jeep No cloud in the sky But clouds in my mind She with another man not wonderin' why Comfortable surrounding never not a full stride We’ll see your ass tomorrow so don’t call it goodbye [Hook x2] [Carter:] I can keep up with the tempo That’s right, he’s right, alright, let’s ride Now what you tryna get into Lets find some time tonight [Dave:] Whats up ladies and gentlemen, this is the bright side, bring your friends, and shut it down I hope everyone's havin' a good time playin' it in summer of 2012 If its summer of 2040, play this shit a little bit louder Cuz we makin' timeless music man this is the fresh Aer movement And if you don’t fuck with us that’s fine

Easy To Slip Away

Peter Hammill
My, friends, I never really thought you'd go, but, then, we know that's the way it happens here. Now time is like cat's cradle in my hands: we gather up the strands much to slowly The refugees are gone... they take their separate paths, obliterate the past: figures in an ash shroud. Susie, I guess you're on your way to be a star, but I don't know where you are: the only time I seem to see you is on T.V. It's so easy just to slip away... Mike! It's a year or two since I've seen you... I might have dropped you a line if I'd had time or the will. It's my fault too; I play a hermit's role of cars and stages, wages, supersoul hardly ever seem to get outside these days. So, dear friends, as we grow on we feel to grow away, can only live in the hope that some day it will all return. It's so easy just to slip away...

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