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I've been living for years in question some obsession was i less to live without answers as a life cried wolf i'm ashamed to mention my anguish but silence lies empty if i say it again can i kill it will you lend me your ears breathe in breathe out exhale acting sweating a broken smile provides them a view projection is nothing new just once i would like them to feel it suffer in my skin for a moment stand in my shoes filled with swelling blues (chorus) i keep this room and this room keeps me chained to my organs i am quarantined to a place that's dark staring at three walls the door is locked to them 'maybe now that they all know it you'll find solace as you'r drowning in narcissism or is it self-loathing 'cause you fought it all in your head boy psychosomatic they used to humor you now they pity you and nothing's changed (repeat chorus) the door is locked behind me if i say it again can i kill it because they're sick of my complaining and i am sick of being sick maybe these will cure you completely chemicals deeply saviors until you're dependent don't let them go to your head i'm ashamed to mention my anguish but silence lies empty silence lies

Defective Trip (Trippin')

Gravediggaz "Six Feet Deep"
Wanna see something that could make ya sick? Stand in front of jets on the Gaza strip I used to take puffs from a car, jet in my garage Then I get blitzed from the charge I felt my head swayin, my eyes in a daze Felt and violence and off balance I got drugged for days A room full of smog, I dipped it in my dart then I threws it at my dog I need another hit, Hurry, Quick! Hurry, Quick! My high's takin signs and the shit's about to kick I'm gaspin' for air, my vision dissapears, I'm blinkin' and I'm thinkin'--Yeah! Word, cause that's the shit I was hawkin So stay the fuck away cuz I spit when I'm talkin Stupid, Stupid, Stupid, Stupid Punk-- When I'm trippin' Chorus Some people like cheeba, some like brew, I get mad lifted off four gallons of glue, Pretty soon I spin like a top, In the middle of the room And the shit won't stop! Now What I see when I triiiiippppp....... The rats in the basement all start to flip, All through my building, from door to door, I swear there's a fire, so I piss on the floor, Now down the corridor was old fat Ned, Schemin' on a blowjob from a crackhead, He was like 'hey wanna piece little man?' I was like 'Yo, I'm better off with my haaaannnndddd!!!!!!!' Oh shit, reality returns, I need another hit but the glue won't burn, I'm cukoo and murderous, Just plain nuts, smokin' sodium menthol cigarette butts, and trippin'.... Chorus (yo, pass it man) 86 on the strip, and yo' my hands was -------, the reaper, the keeper, my niggaz let's get-------- ----------- i put the high on the stimuli, I'm like the two face, like the signs of gemini, My head keeps on spinnin', constantly continuin' Two tabs of mescaline, fucks up my adrenaline, I'm in a----.......Uhhhh....I can't escape it, It's like..uggghh....goddamit--I hate it! So take it like a (brine), from the grapes of a vine, The wine, it fucks up my mind, everytime, I'm goin', and all I wanna be doin' is bonin', But like a dope fiend character I'm ------, I'm stuck, fl-fl-flipping, sssslipping.......... I'm tripping............ Life of the----- Can be stopped by accident When you're tripping (Cuz I'm trippin')


Mad Caddies
I hear the rumor mill is turning To try and stop it is a waste of time Who fucked who will be on the front page The local air is thick with painted lies Truth in disguise Chorus: When you go out they'll be watching (eyes on you) I feel them all around Come tomorrow and they'll all start talking In this little town Now, watch me drown Accusations and assumptions Will fill you up and start to cloud your mind The room is filled with stagnant conversation I see right through it with discerning eyes Beyond the lies (chorus) Still my life is all the same

Room 429

Cop Shoot Cop
What you don't understand is where everything's leading When all of the signs you see still point to overload As you reach out your hand, a shattered picture's receding Like tail-lights along that lonesome stretch of broken road 'Cause you've been to the past and it's just a reminder A recollection of faces that will never come to call When you've cut through the mask When you've been through the grinder Sometimes you forget that you had ever been there at all Up here in room 429 yeah the world ain't so unkind I want to take you to that empty room tonight In the shadow of doubt, in the crush of an instant Standing in the rain outside my door hand on your knife When you reach a brick wall, there is still a decision Always thought if I had to lose I'd surely choose my life Up here in room 429 yeah the world ain't so unkind I want to take that empty room tonight We'll tell the world outside the door That we aint never coming back no more I want to stay in here til we turn off the night Til we turn off the night City breathes so softly, everything is sleeping I am at the window silently watching I can see you standing alone against the winter I can hear hear you asking but the streets they are not giving Don't look to the ocean, restless in its dreaming Dont look to the heavens for they will tell you nothing If living is for learning then dying is forgetting Once we have forgotten the we can go on living In a lifetime of hope, in a second of kindness There is never a doubt that we are born and die alone From within or without there's no way they can find us When they knock at the door the lights are on but we ain't home

Breathe Easy

THE LOX "We Are The Streets"
Intro: SP Killer Yeah yeah yeah, L-O-X, L-O-X motherfucker Niggas don't know how we bout to come this time No more shiny suits None of that shit Chorus: x2 [Sheek Luchion] We gonna R.U double F.R.Y.D.E [Jadakiss] Revolver, semi-automatic and a P.G. Hooptie getaway driver Breathe Easy [Sheek Luchion] Explain thing further Murder or get murdered Verse 1: [Styles Paniro] Half of the hustle, half of them killers All of them Niggas wanna kill Paniro Better send the guerrilla's Cause beef is like a brand new car You better ride Everytime I sleep I die Wish I was gone (ya know) Felt dumb when I was young I used to wish I was on I'ma stay blunted and red with one in the head Niggas thinkin' they the don Till their shit get bombed I put 4 in your shootin' arm 2 in your legs Like 10 in your chest The last one in your head I give you the whole clip, like you cheated and stole shit Knocked off the pack, flossed and no chips You know the business Empty rap kill your co-defendant Keep it male and catch a body in trial If you want a Nigga dead than do it Holiday Styles Come with 2 guns up and empty both off the clips Kill you whole fuckin' crew and go 'n smoke on the fifth Chorus: x2 Verse 2: [Sheek Luchion] Yo, yo, yo I come to your town on a Peter Pan, no Jack One pair of clothes, 2 hoes and buggy with that Wanna beef me?, y'all Niggas is borrowin' heat Callin' all across town to borrow a full pound Meanwhile this Nigga got his guns to your noggin While your man with the heat is with some bitch up in the project He clappin' at you, you duckin', makin' you dance You should have spent it on some guns Instead of Iceberg pants What, L.O.X. off top, pullin' our triggers With our guns on our lap, we ride around like Cali Niggers(WESTSIIIDE) Target motherfuckers, cold hearted motherfuckers Stead of young dumb your moms, and whoever she got with her There's a new-born in the house, then I'm killin' the babysitter Y'all Niggas all clowns in Sheek eyes Your moms would wear glasses, with the nose disguise around me Talkin greasy Y'all like watermelons Big but crack easy Chorus: x2 Verse 3: [Jadakiss] Now if you know Jay, I never been a brother to front I be in L.A. wearin' any colors I want Rock guns like shirts, block under the punk And I put somethin' hot, anyone of you chumps And I know a few of you wanna get my watch But it a be funeral if you get my watch It ain't nothing y'all can do to stop the Lox' wealth Run up in a gunstore, cop the top shelf The Crack-game is dead, all they want is weed now Chicks that I went to school with, a seed now You know Kiss, stocky bald head, light brown Ice down, in my roll look like nighttown To all y'all lil' Jada's for the 1000th time I recall hittin' your moms or writin' your rhymes And just because you might have seen me, in and out of your house Is no way that she gon have a baby out of her mouth Chorus: till end

Read Between The Lines

SLAYER "South Of Heaven"
[Lyrics: Araya, King; Music: Hanneman] Evangelist you claim God speaks through you, Your restless mouth full of lies gains popularity. You care not for the old that suffer, When empty pockets cry from hunger. Penniless from their generosity, Sharing their money to quench your greed. Searching for the answer to their prayers They cry their last wish of need. Save me. His spirit lives and breathes in me. The almighty transformed to your screen. The meanings lost in its translation, No holy words, describe his deception. You say you'll help us find the lord, Tell me preacher how do you know A simple quest for a visible savior, To lead us through our final prayer. Save me. Send your donations, Contribute to the cause. Luxuries, Your righteous reward Praise the lord, praise god, Is what you wish to sell. There is no heaven without a hell. [LEAD: HANNEMAN] In your mind's eye could you truly believe, That by giving you can save your soul, Could you be so naive! You heal the sick,[you] raise the dead, You blind the congregation With the things you say. Religious blackmail a deceit of trust, That death will come and all will be lost. Can you hear the serpents call, Look deep in those deceiving eyes. Ignore the writing on the wall, You should read between the lies. When doubt subsides his honesty, An inquiry, is it blasphemy Impure the soul, that's made to suffer, No sermons left to hide or cover, An empty promise, lie unfulfilled, To steal a dream or get it killed. They claim your trip to heavens nearby, You may believe it but satan wouldn't lie.

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