Noble End

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He grew up with nothing He lived and died poor a father of four He left his family temporarily for a future based on words of chicanery They said join the Army Join the Navy He joined the Marines and his children were proud but exhaltation was exhausted and patronage died when this expendable number left his family of five Imposture and all that man wanted was to provide a better existence for his kids and wife An investment that cost him his life A family of ethics has... A fatality of war can't be noble enough to justify the loss of life so young Continental security Atonement aaah there's no such thing There was no hero in the end Only letters of resent, remorse, regret Bitter resent Imposture and all those boys wanted was to be alive a return of existence yet so many died and those who returned were alone with nothing awaiting at home Again the headlines read A Noble Soldier Finds A Noble Ending They are the ones who can be done without Expendable numbers forgotten no doubt A family of ethics has died !


Intro: Dom Pachino (Killa Sin) The cook out yo everybody's invited only the righteous shit (only the righteousness open the bowl kid) the god degree (nothing but righteousness) the seeds (and uplefted) yo check it (word up kid for real) (it's a family thing celebrate this shit) [Dom Pachino] it's the big day rally with gods cars parked up in the driveway in the trenches with the suspenses got to make a few stops get some shit from the pit stop build with the god ree he's on the block we did our bid together on the sixth building smoked shit at rec time to keep our mind's filled in spoke to killa sin on the bowl phone wanted me to scoop him right quick, before we zoned hit downtown medina, my spot's blown killarmy in your galaxy, the gods is known from war poems to shattering bones and star domes zone off, blow your clone off, and take the crowd home to the cook out, digital phonebook out on the look out for the girl scout with a cookie out, snatch killa up i-95, he knew the route unified a buck, in a war truck the god rolling up as usual new l.p. shaking the rear view slowly approaching the gate smelling the god degree to see my fam together as one, it makes me happy Chorus: Beretta 9 (2x) Events like this keep my family tight despite the mics, great minds think alike we ayalite, be a life, so, we could see the lights recite from the book of life, the book of life [Islord] aiyyo, to be exact, it's the god dead, a monk nice and hot, fastest ass on the block that's what we peeped out coming through with some phat shit to smoke out on our way to the big day, where our whole family's at from the grandmas down to the stars parlaying and having a fantastic time hanging out, cooking out, smoking out of my dome peace with the gods niece that i knew back from knowledge culture knowledge apartment 3-g, sitting back with me gradually, analyzing the sunshine over the family and the seeds growing up tremendously fast right before your eyes next thing you know they on size [Killa Sin] all my life a waited for this, a day of pure bliss celebrate it with a kiss, twist a daq' a reminise way back, to the broke days, rocking prokays that was okay, but not good enough for mrs. fokay damn, i used to love her like common not enough to understand the bond between woman and a man when i hunger, i guess because i was younger back then plus the fact i wasn't packing no meat a litte fat kid, hungry for some action daily so i played laser tag with real gats suicide perhaps a skully by the black fence intense, my mind flashed a dipped in '96 yo, i'm on now, soldiers of the dark', underground hit plus some shit, regardless, i made it that way growing from the earth like a garden sarving no more this kid is famished awaiting for the day that me established the festival of the gods and the planets, we planning understanding god damn, it feels good to have a natural meal that's untampered with landing in the wheelchair, lamping poppa tracks about chef pants sagging off his ass, little children running wild in the grass singer foul, form a line for this fool, settle down for there's a jewel in the stash (Chorus: 2x) Outro: Beretta 9 Kid, word up

My Oedipus Complex

KID ROCK "The Polyfuze Method"
I need somebody won't u help me, I need somebody won't you tell me who I am I need somebody please please help me, I need somebody u must tell me who I am I've been livin a lie so long it seems I've lived a life time. If u could see what I feel it would make your ghetto lood like heaven And I believe it stems down from my family situation, I never liked my old man, I couldn't stand to be around him Sometimes I sit all alone just starin at his picture. My heart turns to stone and I think of this (Chorus I)U never loved me u never held me tight, instead u shook me like a beast to wake me up at night u tried to make me think that your ways were best, when all I was was an outlet for all your stress Life it's the ultimate sin, A game with no rules that you're expected to win My personal hell's hidden with a grin Dad take the stand and let the trial begin U said that oil and water don't mix though it seems cool. Keep with your own and don't fuck up our gene pool U should've went to school like your bigger brother, but you played the fool with a different color Runnin ship with a whip, I tried to keep up but I kept getting tripped Money made u so wise, how could u look thru my face and not see your own eyes Do as i say and not as I do, but I can't cuz when I look in the mirror I see u And oh the pain how it hurts, it was always your home and your business that came first U said a man is as good as his word, but your mind was closed and mine never herd They say the nut don't fall far from the tree, look at u then look at me... (Chorus II)U ain't nothin to me u've never been to me, And all u ever gave a damn about was money see So now fuck u man you ain't shit to me, And it's the day that I die of this hate that I'm free Now I know growin up son that it ain't always been easy, and I know at times I was not always there for you We never spent much time just talkin or havin a good time, but understand growin up son I never had a dime So I worked my ass off and I put myself thru college, and everything I have to this day u know I built it all Oh I wish I could go back and change the years that's lost between us, I wish I could take back some of the things I said to you Son I said I'm sorry... Son I said I'm sorry but still u resent me so. Son I said I'm sorry and why do u resent me so (Chorus III)I always loved u I always cared for u, just never wanted U to go thru what I've been thru I tried to raise my fuckin family just the best I know, and now I'm hated like the devil and for what I don't know Dahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

Hey Mister

GREAT WHITE "Can't Get There From Here"
(Jack Russell, Michael Lardie) Lookin' back there's nothin' left to say Wishin' that this life would slowly fade away Dreams behind these eyes, no one could know, oh oh But wake to find there's nowhere left to go Hey Mister can't you see I'm feelin' so alone? But then I don't think you'd understand All I ever wanted was to live life unafraid All I ever needed was some love Stories told on weary cardboard signs Eulogize the lives now left behind Faces worn and etched with all despair Passers by, they look but seldom care Hey Mister can't you see the ring around the moon? Maybe it's the water in my eyes All I ever wanted was to live life unashamed All I ever needed was some love Livin' on the edge of sanity Wonderin' how this ever came to be Feelin' so unnecessary, gotta find some sanctuary Hey buddy can you spare a dime? Hey Mister can't you see I'm feelin' so abused? But really, I don't think you'd understand All I ever wanted was to live life, what I mean is All I ever needed was someone Hey Mister can't you see I'm just a man like you? Who's tryin' hard to keep his dignity Maybe if you could just walk a mile inside my shoes You'd see that I just need a helping hand Hey Mister please, hey Mister please, beggin' on my knees Can anybody help me find my way?

Sickening Metamorphosis

Shredded Humans by Cannibal Corpse of Eaten Back to Life Early hours, open road, family of five on their way home Having enjoyed a day in the sun, their encounter with gore has just begun A homicidal fool not knowing left from right, now has the family in his sight Trying to perceive if he's blind or insane, he steers his car into the other lane Both of them collide, expressions horrified Head on at full speed, the vultures will soon feed The father of three was impaled on the wheel, as his skull became part of the dash His eyeballs ejected his sight unaffected, he saw his own organs collapse His seatbelt was useless for holding him back, if simply cut him in two Legs were crushed, out leaked puss as his spinal cord took off and flew The mother took flight through the glass, and ended up impaled on a sign Her intestines stretched from the car down the road for a quarter of a mile Fourth child on the way, won't live another day Fetus on the road, with mangled little bones Little children fly, not a chance to wonder why Smashed against the ceiling, all their skin burning and peeling Schards of glass explode, chest and skull now implode Corpses they've become, and graves will have to be dug Underneath the wheels, burning rubber on your face Bleeding from your eyes, the slaughtered victim lies Knowing what he's done, he just backs up one more time Laughing at the mess, a pile of meat on the street One child left slowly dying now, arteries gushing blood Now it's time to feed on flesh, the gore has just begun Early hours, open road, family of five on their way home Having enjoyed a day in the sun, their encounter with gore has just begun A homicidal fool not knowing left from right, now has the family in his sight Trying to perceive if he's blind or insane, he steers his car into the other lane The look of death in my eye Surely no-one will survive Just a pile of mush Left to dry in the sun I see my fresh kill Left in the road Remains of your bodies Mangled and torn One child left slowly dying now, arteries gushing blood Now it's time to feed on flesh, the gore has just begun

If I Die Tomorrow

JOE BUDDEN "Mood Muzik 2: Can It Get Any Worse?"
[Joe] Y'all in that mood yet?! (in that mood yet) Y'all in that mood yet?!?! (in that mood yet) If I died tomorrow See if I died tomorrow Yo, yo yo yo yo I woke up around nine, day felt like no other Kissed wifey on the forehead, told her that I love her Thinking as I look for where my car keys at I know it ain't promised I'll be back See if I died tomorrow Whether from a disease or from a bullet I wouldn't be mad, I lived my life to the fullest I drove cars that I never thought I would I fucked broads never thought I could See if I died tomorrow I'd be in heaven with the folk that raised me Grandma, Jimmy, Great Grandma Daisy 'Least I'd be around some people that's just like me 'Least I'd be around my Uncle Mikey If I died tomorrow I know moms would probably be hysterical For 25 years she seen me be a miracle Seen me come a long way just by being lyrical Naw I ain't act religious but God know me to be spiritual If I died tomorrow, wouldn't feel like it's wrong I ain't expect to be here this long They told me before I get 21 that they would have my grave handy Two years later, nominated for a Grammy Vibe Awards, Kev said I probably shouldn't go with him He ain't think I wouldn't make it good at the podium Fans wanting the best for me I couldn't be there as I won but ?? all my Jersey heads rep for me If I died tomorrow then what would it mean Already feel like I'm livin my dream Came across some pretty interesting folk I met some new people Ain't move alot of units, but touched a few people So I might get frustrated fuckin wit the hood son But everyday above ground is a good one Walk out the door and leave it in God's hands If I go it's just part of God's plan If I died tomorrow Will life carry out the same Well at least my little man can carry out the name And look, I can say I lived my life without stress If I died tomorrow, I'm fine I been blessed, Yes! I made some money, and true I could've had more But he's happy and what more could he ask for If it was no diamonds and no begets I still would have no worries, I got no regrets I made my mom proud, and pop feels the same way But he's a man so he probably got too much pride to say Can't count my blessings on one hand, more than a handful And God ain't send nothin my way I couldn't handle [Hook] If I know I was called to go I know one thing that's for sure I'll be alllriiight.. cuz it was my time And if its one thing that I know I don't regret one choice I chose I'm livin my life If I was gonna die tomorrow [Joe] Yo if I died tomorrow Throw a little liquor in the sky I'm good here don't ask God why, don't cry I did everything I wanted, left nothin unturned Roll sumtin, light it, let it burn If I died tomorrow... Naw I don't wanna die tomorrow.. said I DON'T WANNA DIE TOMORROW Well just in case, remember my ways, remember my face For all that remember my place I love me Best thing about dying tomorrow I won't see anybody I love leave So if the Lord take me, don't re-incarnate me I don't wanna come back, and please DON'T MAKE ME Don't cry, just wave goodbye Let all my songs rock, smile at me in the sky Don't pour liquor, I'll save niggaz some Hennessey Just play a spades game, slame a card in my memory I speak my mind I roll a blunt with God, know he smoke sumtin better than any weed you can find So pass that Jesus You gotta get high to think of all these diseases that put us right where he is Damn I'ma miss my mans, miss my chick, miss my fam Miss my fans The world is like jail, this is like Debang So now take it all back, I won't miss a thing I'm feelin pretty wise And death I can take off this disguise When it come just let it be a surprise I'd rather it quickly I may not be remembered as the best, that's cool, long as y'all don't forget me Now who the fuck you think is living to this day I try to tell my young niggaz crime don't pay So I hope Ma Dukes can understand where I was And hope Trey can be a better man than I was I don't wanna live to be 80 Life's a cycle The older you get, more you live like a baby You could barely move, folk gotta be there for you Diapers on, niggaz gotta take care of you Learn shit all over again Skin wrinkled, ya memory gone, and you a memory gone 'Least in '03 I made a few folk dance I wanna thank Def Jam cuz they gave me a chance Wanna thank my street niggaz The show me the streets niggaz When it's your turn I'm at the pearly gates to greet niggaz When it was beef niggaz Snatch the heat niggaz Said 'Mouse you a star give that back to me' niggaz My nigga Big Perm, fuck being a hype man Since Lincoln High School my nigga been my right hand Dude MK already know that I love him You like a third brother, you past being a cousin The mother of my baby for giving me my baby Naw, I won't trash you, you been aight lately Heights, Still, and Du, can't forget Dub B Held me down when I ain't know how to love me I mean back in the days I felt so ugly I can't say why, bitches always dug me A lightskinned nigga, always kept a fresh line My feelings like wine, just got better with time So if I die tomorrow, and y'all choose to ignore him Just say he repped Jers' like nobody before him Look, I can say I lived my life without stress If I died tomorrow, I'm fine, I been blessed, Yes! If I died tomorrow, I'm fine, I been blessed, Yes!

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