Kids Don't Like To Share

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And now you're searching for that new messiah, it's your greatest passion, to set 'em up and knock 'em down, put him on a pedistal, idolitrary, wear that ring you're married, it all yours to their envy, cause you hold a higher key of senses, they are drawn like magnets, to a genius it's confirmed set him up and knock him down, and your taste is so accountable, but this is no great loss, and sharing never was a choice, burning on a cross, gives your credit and a voice, here to relay your beautiful ideals vicariously through them, and when he died too many, they are all pathetic, you dethrone your king, without listening, without ever listening, Jesus Christ is realized, as he burns on your cross, this is no great loss, another one will come, the wait is short, the search is brief, you find another faith, another Clark Kent, another Superman, flashing in the pan, taste is so accountable, but this is no great loss, sharing never was a choice, he's burning on your cross, gives you credit and a voice, only here to relay your beautiful ideals vicariously through them, and now they're searching for that new messiah, is their greatest passion, it's the latest fashion.

Eat The Menu

Limousines, oranges, Stars, moons, Submarines, Jeeps, Glaciers, Cars, Caterpillars, even grapes It's none of my business But you have to eat Your appetite is appalling Have some salad Bite an apple Suck an oragne Taste the pate I'm just a maid, but yes to food is yes to life I've got to eat something Otherwise I'll just die But the choice is too great I can't decide what to eat I'll possibly just eat the menu? How would you like strawberry juice? Or lemon red sea perch? Bite the kiwi Have some chicken I'm just a maid, but yes to food is yes to life The waiter came with the menu And said here you go. I said thankyou but The choice is too great, Why can't I be a cod In the depths of the ocean And just eat small fish The cod has such simple taste But O've got all the choice Oh, you vague costomer You'll have to look somewhere else You have to find something to eat So eat a moment A person An apple A feeling Eat a rockband I won't complain but...

The Greatness

PAC DIV "The Div"
[Verse 1: Mibbs] The underdogs 'bout to go for the win No I.D. on the track, let the story begin Man I will prevail when I got cousins in jail The IRS send me mail, but how the fuck can I fail When this is greatness The label pushing for sales Enough to drag a nigga through hell but you can tell this is greatness If Stevie Wonder read braille Michael Jackson made thrill and Malcolm excelled Like getting 5 mics or double X-L When you see them bright light from that bubble S-L Think greatness, yea this is the theme song More than a game, but I put my whole team on My voice is the shoulder for my people to lean on The beat is the pillow for my niggas to dream on Fight like a soldier, boy, get your marine on Lord grant me the strength to battle my demons Who do we run to? Who do we scream on? Keep bagging up that shit you know the customers fiend on The greatness [Bridge:] When I hear your voice When I see your face [Verse 2: Like] I'm looking for, inspiration, something to write Something to make me smile like the love of my life It's out there somewhere, and she gon' come to light 'Til then, I got this jump-off coming tonight This industry is like a war with no gun or a knife Homie you chasing fame but it come with a price Call my pops on his cell for some humble advice Told my cousin locked in jail from a troublesome life To keep your head up guy, and pray to the man up high Providing strength to get us by Dreams of buying mansions that sit up high Lord knows that living broke shit ain't fly The devil on my shoulders tryna break our stride Circumstances come but the great survive When shit get down and whips get impounded Still you can't take away our drive, it's the greatness [Hook:] When I hear your voice When I see your face You know I can't help it But I feel something great No matter what they say You're on to something great [Verse 3: BeYoung] Every first of the month, they try to break us down Repo man even try to take your smile Skies is the limit so they can't take the clouds Whole nation black, guess we all Raiders now And they try to play us out like we never [?] Proud to be a nigga, heard James say it loud That's greatness, for the faith that they can't shake Great rhymes got me floating on great lakes Great game got me lamping with a great date Thick as sirloin, only play for great stakes Uh, have mercy for that man's style Clean nigga couldn't wipe me down with a shamwow No other plans now, we gotta get it Great on everything we touch, that's for the critics Meet the whole team plush, moving out the digits Rather count the paper, I can do without the business Always seen the goal, now it's time to do the mission Going down in history, who you think is with it [Hook]


Jessica Riddle
So maybe they mocked your pain. Made you search for a shell and pushed you right in. Maybe you're shocked they went straight for the vein. But you can't let them break you just by scratching the skin. Don't you know not to cross without looking both ways, Say 'who's there' when they knock, but don't believe what they say. Just know you're beautiful when you sing, and sing it again. Yeah, you're beautiful when you sing, sing it again. So maybe they laughed, maybe they did. Made you swallow your pride and suck it all in. All I see is a shadow where your innocence lived. But you can't let them kill you, no you can't let them win. Don't you know not to cross without looking both ways, Say 'who's there' when they knock, but don't believe what they say. Just know you're beautiful when you sing, and sing it again. Yeah, you're beautiful when you sing, sing it again.

Lord You're Great

John P Kee "Blessed By Association"
Lord you're great You're the great I AM Pick up my cross and follow you Lord you're great You're the great I AM We worship you in spirit and in truth You're the greatest The Greatest We are humbled at the cross Where you were laid You're the greatest, the greatest The Lord is great And greatly to be praised Authority and power in his hands Accessed by faith to every man Who gave his life that we Might be redeemed upon a tree The Lord is great And greatly to be praised Vamp He's the greatest He's a great God He's the greatest He's the great I AM

Free Or Dead

ATMOSPHERE "Lucy Ford: The Atmosphere EPs"
So here I am, trying to be the man, right? Using my gun to see at night sleeping with my flashlight In the afterlife I hope the AC works So while I wait well I'm a pass out and taste this curve And she attacked with flirts, smacked my nerves Wearin' that black skirt Got my nature so hard it made my back hurt I cracked a smirk cuz I was dumb and drunk she gave wink and a smile and dropped a quarter in my cup man, people are kinda odd so I keep my eyebrow raised I only hear the words for what they mean, know what I mean? and I do believe in God cuz I keep comin across all these fine women with low self esteem, you know what I mean. I've got attention deficet, I've got the bedroom eyes I've the storms in my head, I've got my telephone voice I've got to make a decision of whether I live or die I'd rather just run cuz either way it's one hell of a choice [Chorus] my car is like my own personal universe she's my drug and it only takes twelve bucks to fill 'er up but in my galaxy there ain't no room for Earth so I'm leavin it cuz I can feel the oil pressure building up turning over the ignition of my solar system check the gauges, push in the tape, put my foot on the brake shift existence, light my cigarette and take it state to state until I crash into my fate now I'm giving back everything they gave me, not a damn thing it'll take me more than a good DJ to save me, and I'm not dancing I can't seem to make up my bed, much less my mind so I'm a take another puff to my head, and press rewind I wish this car had cruise control, so I could rest my legs I've got this itch to prove my soul, and test my fate doing hunny in a sixty five, got stopped by a copper caught, spotted, and radared by a chopper Wisconsin style!, over the limit by forty miles Watch me smile, cuz I ain't been around here for a long while grabbed my paper, gave her thanks?, have a nice day yo, word of advice, trade the doughnuts in and gets some rice cakes back to my travels, running from my shadows passin hitchhikers and bikers honkin the horn harrasin the cattle hair back sticking to the seat, sweat drippin from the heat diggin through a cooler of gruel, I'm looking for something to eat yo, there's a Hardee's at the next stop don't wanna, but I need ta' cuz I'm craving something to chase the taste of this tequila (uhh, yeah, you guys got value meals? can you put some barbecue sauce... I wanna honey bun. change that shit. I want chicken pebbles. no, onion bun, onion bun. onion rings. extra pork. word up. can you supersize that? yo girl, you got kind of a pretty voice. yo girl, what time yu get off work?) 90 east towards Chicago, on my way to Cincinnati I won't ever let em catch me, and I won't ever make em happy watch your wives and your daughters when I'm passin through the hometown, castin lines into the water, catchin goldfish out your bowl and I'm as cool as the cat that came to school just for lunch I'm the rebel pissin in the public pool, just for fun takin my peace I need release, and I don't think I'm a find it in between your legs yo, I'm just jokin, only going to the corner to get some eggs so when she starts makin the coffee I toss my bags in the back seat and I can remember it all like it must have happened last week sometimes I stop to think, for all the money I've spent how I'd rather live in a tent than bust my ass and pay the rent but I'm eager to pay my dues, and I'd be glad to pay the tollbooth and I've agreed to sing the blues ever since the day I broke loose just like a blindfolded child walking through the toy store voice, not even aware that the world is my oyster [Chorus - 2X]

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