Black Eyes

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He knows no shame and takes no blame this simpleton sees everything he's only satisfied to point out other's mistakes never afraid to use his pride his tradition is old his faith a hand-me-down the family he wears them on his sleeve morale and values left under a christmas tree hisonce had the gift this image in his grandparents eyes no guns no drugs no rape no end his vacent soul is pale and blue in empty gaze his crow's feet are a vision of defeat sick an tired of the meaninglessness the irrationale he's desensitized his every need and emotion a cup half empty but full of euphoria his searching for the lightswith in the dark to swith his routine to find a reason to find faith and piece of mind when one to many beliefs die it's though to see through these black eyes everyone forgives everyone forgets everyone is true and noone here will lie to you he knows the truth he knows the truth here nothing's certain disregard what you've learned to find faith in piece of mind all of their gods died with his piece I should know him that heathen's me

Right Now

311 "Unity"
(And I) I notice the tapestries on the wall as well (and I) I stand up and hit my head on the mobile (and you) and you look around too (and we) time passes easily (ai-yi-yi) (ai-yi-yi) I've opened up my mind so you can step inside you could expect to find a scenic rhyme Pointyhead pizzeria perfect penetration mezcal cuts off my brain communication belligerence, lost of my intelligence talkin mess like shut up and listen to me because cuttin' through the crap is my specialty like a bomb I'm droppin yes a ton a lead you're tryin' to figure out the last thing I said I'm a Redwood, I love to be a tree yes I'm a Druid my words they're flowin' out like a fluid never give in never conform I'll be bustin out rhymes in a triplet form Right now right now right now (In another room) I sit and contemplate (that winter night) my words were filled with hate (in second sight) I should have known my fate (but it's all right) now we're in a different state (ai-yi-yi) (ai-yi-yi) I've opened up my mind so you can step inside you could expect to find a scenic rhyme Expiate, to make amends for hostilities it's easy to see that for me, in reality I'm not one of those fools with an ecclesiastical whitewash to set my ethical standards you'll never catch me lookin' to Ann Landers or Moses or the law or even Buddha if there's one thing I know it's always be true to myself and learn from experience educated by nights of violence, trips to jail, broken knuckles and friendships but that gives me the power to write a groove that rips Right now right now right now I am I am I'm supposed to be and I am, damn


Genius "Beneath the Surface"
[GZA] Bobby said, Fuck spendin 50 on a whip, buy a clip Mental flip, got a thousand tracks thought on a chip Said he had mad toys to make noise You split and separate drums like asteroids The concerned producer sampled this question Hit him with the beat for the answer, with extra compression When sound travel, it quickly grab you and equalizes the pitch up, until it have you Bugged out, tryin to think you can match this The portrait's too graphic Panaramic view for you, stamp Wu The feature gothic, the outcome will be catastrophic We wrote block-tic checkpoints on your next joint and who the nigga you annoint? 700 volts on the track to slay Murderous wordplay displayed, for killin cascades Throwin bullets in the air to test wind and which way the cyclone spins Counter on clockwise, still civilized Kill spies on the wall, that still flies all dies [Masta Killa] Give no extension on the lynchin It's tension if the name of the Clan is mentioned It's the aura that's felt, that causes one to flash his gun and reveal how he really feel, confirmed He'll never live after the show, see the promoted for the dough I'm takin, breakin his wax Throw my shit on to perform my selection from the Swarm Day 2 breaks, it's a stormy Monday My ninjas lay in revines and ditches Underneath shrubs and leaves They breathed thru underwater reeds The enemy walks above, Clan remain subterranean mud Off shore banks, tanks approach the location Bombarded by the circle of death formation Telecom lines are sniped from these low altitude strikes Shatterin bulletproof helmets with scrap nail fragments of cell, inhale these venomous thoughs that I propel thru the north facility, the city must suffer at the hand of the Chief's command, volts is in At 3 minute intervals the heat intenses deadenin the power from electrical fences Defences are down, shake a nigga up, bounce him off the sound [Interlude: Killah Priest of Sunz Of Man] You know what I'm sayin? The God ca-diver, in the streets of Iris. We talk about sex, money and drugs. (Ruled by power.) And y'all cats don't know what it's about. (Love and power.) It goes deeper than what you see on TV. Killah Priest, come on. [Killah Priest of Sunz Of Man] Burnin desire, ebony eyes Painted toe nails, legacys die Drivin by the well, egyption queens, arabian shieks are paid to knock off rich kings, for the joy some sing Graveyards filled with scarlet widows, who stabbed they husbands Sleepin on silk pillows, blood on they robes Disguised as beggar in cheap wool clothes Lambs and wolfs in black hoods, pull out they gats like magic wands, castin spells, sendin niggaz to Hell Trappin they souls in realms, baptize em with holy water Springin on the heads of plenty witches' daughters Interviews with the richest reporters Silent nights over the dividers, a 1000 muslim bibles for the cobler, hebrews flee to the hills of Masada for the love of God, guns make a loud sound I'ma show you how thugs get down Shoot outs, bullets turn into bloodhounds and hunt you down Cursed nation, lost generation X-Files, describe them in the future as cosmic rulers Fallen angels from space intruders Dyin saints, blood spilled on the floor like wet paint See it in the pictures, read it like the lost scriptures Dissolve it with your 100 proof liqour [Njeri] Ha, I shot the sheriff and the deputy secondly Threatenin the lives of those who threaten me Lessenin my chances of defeat by predeterminin the victory As taught by Sun Tzu in the chapter, after the third one I heard my words shall be bombed, regardless to anything or anyone I die by the gun, my life has just begun Thought I was livin all along, but I was wrong This long road I have to travel in countless battles These filthy snakes with poison fangs and rattles Kings, queens and pharoahs change to cattle I'm able to subtract the devil's arrow Singin at his eyes on the sparrow, mind narrow 2 positions, horoscopes and tarots Hark harolds, angels and Christmas carols Raven images hang from the mantels Man made slaves and modern day babbles Raw from Africa and golden ropes and sandles by wicked thieves and vandals who man-handled us with leather whips and burnin candles and rambled thru our castle, leavin niggaz shambles Stole our golden sodas like some arab camels We gazed, amazed and baffled as he loaded his ammo with to the barrel and blasted out our bone marrow We went to Gretal and the Hansel, tricked by this wicked jackel Children of my grand old daddy, have me In mind were they lost in this wilderness blind?


Camouflage you close your eyes, hiding in plain sight Wrapped tightly in blankets of lies, live whatever life you synthesize Disguise the truth about yourself, bury it six feet deep, Bring to life your deceit and stealth, lock the door and threw away the key. Hide behind your lies, I see through your disguise It leads to your demise, I see it in your eyes. Disarray your life slips into, falling apart at the seams, You can't understand what's going, who you once were is forever gone. On and on the tangled web you weave, running from your past You listen to whatever you want to believe Too late karma comes around to you so fast. All you do is lie, cheat, deceive Everyone you hate, need, believe All you do is lie. Flippin around the truth, you're slipping; Tighten the noose around your neck is ripping, Anything you wish, take a pen and script in Manufacture the truth all you do is lie....

Land Of Miracle

Blinded by the fire and the sorrow of the day, I come knocking on your door to dry the tears away. The eventide is calling me to take a look into your eyes, pull me on and make me mesmerized! Riding on the wings of light, dreaming dreams and holding tight. Leaving all my sorrow far behind, your eyes are the gate. To the land of the miracle where our love can make us fly, make us fly. In the land of miracle we can find a reason why and how we can fly. Open up the book of madness, read the page of life! Who's the one to tell you what to do and how to rise? And if the stars would fall one day I'd climb up to the sky to put them back for you to save your smile. ...take a look into the book of fantasy and poetry and you will see: what you can feel is everything. You need to heal your cyring mind, the soul behind and everything that you may find inside your head... ...a million years have passed away to make us head for decay and to unlearn just what we yearn for all day logn: right to be strong and stick to our ideals, are they for real and do we just have lost the thread?... ...I believe in miracles they happen every day. In your arms a dream comes true for me...

Just A Little Bit More

DA BRAT "Anuthatantrum"
to the beat beat and ya dont quit shit Before the sun shines the rain falls Applause the encore Havent you heard of a bitch who can open like pores Pop a nigga like a pimple keep it simple enough Make em wonder what the fuck happened leavin em stuffed Get that ass kicked fast quick in a hurry You felt the fist of fury when you envisioned that i was comin' Used to laugh when i had a demo But since the big stretch lex limo You aint got no moe jokes Ya wanna come on and go wit me To my place hate to hurt ya feelings sexual healin aint the case Laced the tracks like angle dust Thus fuckin wit us is deadly Behead the whole crew of the last nigga who wasnt ready Stay bregheted up, platinum plus Nubians E three four chrome's 18's three piece B B S treat seat's And y'all shall find riches it's mad bitches gettin dough I'll die for I go broke just a lil moe CHORUS Just a lil bit more Do me just a uhh Just a lil bit more will ease my mind Repeat 2x Now put one hand in the air if ya keep the chinky out effect I live to party all night And love to have sex Got a main squeeze in the piece on the low Make a good piece of cheese but could use some more Who got a lighter bout to blaze up its tucked in tight I let the ventilation slide sensation between the windpipe Ignite it up try to bite my style too tought Its too much , too lil, too late for you to come up Be decieved of ya wanna be foolish this bad mandate bitch is true to the shit,envoke the spirits like the craft's Serve the niggas half the stash in case the cash get low The bastard know Fuck over the dough and die Pick yo casket if you feel that you gone try some shit no nigga ever lasted past the first attempt I leave em baffled and gaffle em for all of they keys Then dispence to my niggas like Sony distributing LP'S CHORUS Repeat 1x to the tic toc and ya dont stop to the beat beat and ya dont quit Repeat 3x a lil moe bitch a lil moe nigga a lil moe baby That'll ease your mutha-phuckin' mind... so so def wit that mind blowin shit

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