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La the Darkman lyrics - Heist of the Century


Original and similar lyrics
[La the Darkman] Uh uh, for the niggas in black Vigors behind the wheel drinkin liquors Everybody wanna shine For the niggas rockin Tims, fuck cars and rims Yo, everybody wanna shine Yo, my dimensions, possessed, lucci, bitches, cess Lessons, computers, whips, and bulletproof vests I can't be done, me and Screwface one on one I drink wit bums in the slums where I shoot my guns Enforce ones, up north in the Ac, throw a strap I got niggas down south, holdin nines in Cadillacs Lettin trees blow, for niggas sniff snow inside the disco I hold a big pistol, to crack your brain crystal Cream like Joe Pisco', I fuck your bitch yo Right through her piss hole Long dick like a missle Split the black dutch, while the bracelet on my wrist glow Cough if I spit mo', sold my Lex, cop the Benzo My niggas come outta Sing-Seng buff like Lou Ferrigno The rhyme sayer, quicker Ruger nine sprayer Rich lifestyle like a young NBA player And I'm tied to the mob like that gun, called Tommy Shoot through your Armani, shoot at Guiliani Shoot at Illuminati, fuck everbody, it's the Darkman (understand that right there) Chorus For the niggas in black Vigors, behind the wheel drinkin liquors Everbody wanna shine For the niggas is rockin Tims, fuck cars and rims Yo, everybody wanna shine For the niggas that lock downed for bustin caps wit four pounds Everybody wanna shine For the niggas in Lexus Cruisers wit cocked back Rugers Yo, everybody wanna shine [La the Darkman] Yo, you wanna be me Sometimes I'm on the block, sometimes I'm on the TV My crew's greedy, like Boom Boom Mancini La's song buy weedy, Swahili, ?Sadeeky? Professional, hold my toast by my testicals I used to peddle, but three times two equal the devil Blinded by the ice, and the savage way of life To no vale, niggas get money in small scales Start smokin, like they don't know crack kills A freak nigga, got turned down by a female Didn't know he sucked death, when he just inhale I rap life, cocaine, niggas wit no brain Sellin crack for fifteen years wit no game That's a damn shame, check the result of bein broke Havin no whip, no lab, no money for smoke He stressed out, really not knowin what life's about Jewels, jewels, jewels, jewels Chorus [La the Darkman] Yo, yo, dunn I'm felt Gun in my waist, tight belt New York streets hot, the bottom of my Wallees melt I need wealth, puffin my lah by myself Blessed, wit food clothes and health And big whips, shorties say I got a big dick My first video, I rock twenty outfits The Benz 6, got me wanna flip ten bricks VCR headrest watchin Scarface flicks I politic, wit ex cons, old cats, drug dons Niggas that's known to take a arm for a arm I move calm as a lion of Juddah, black Garbudda Silent as a basehead, suckin on his hooter Cuz Cash Rules, that's why I study new jewels And keep tools, to create blood pools For new crews, rappers, on my territory I cock back the fifth, and make em his-tory Remember him, the kid wit the big Jesus em-blem Threw shells from the toast, had his bones tremblin Nigga, I'm the cat y'all be talkin about dunn Chorus Cuz I shine nigga, shine on nigga (what) Straight shine nigga, nawmean, word up The sun gon burn out (stay shinin, and stay spicy) I'mma shine till the sun burn out Straight up, word, the embassy, my family The embassy, my family, yeah

SouthSide Niggas

(feat. C-Murder) [Silkk the Shocker] Yeah I got love for the world, east, west, north I gotta do this one for the hood, ya heard me So when ya'll ask me where I'm from This is where I'm from So fake niggas don't ask me no shit [MP] Man what the fuck you mean where I'm from nigga You know where I'm from and how I come No Limit nigga represent it cuz I'm in it Check this shit out gangster made No Limit Southside, we be them southside niggas From the southside, we be them southside niggas [3X] [C-Murder] I'm a killer from New Orleans Smoking weed, selling quarters Tru niggas count bank leave you dead up in a stank ask the colonel I'm the captain of this motherfucking army young niggas getting killed if they try to fuck they homie ask the world if we bout it ask my block if I'm rowdy No limit tatted on my arm Only dead niggas doubt it niggas fighting on my verse when i mothafucking curse from the ghetto to the clubs all i see is mean mugs From the southside, we dem southside niggas [4X] [Silkk the Shocker] picture me giving fuck about these niggas feelings mean mugs nigga ain't nothing but 7 figure thugs and niggas still fighting in clubs nigga, what Say the wrong words talking bout throw yo hood up and matter a fact that bitch whoa now, throwing up the third nigga nigga nigga, two guns usually how i walked the streets take everything steep that means i don't be flossing no beats So i give a fuck if you do, give a fuck if you don't like'em I say Ahhhh and everybody start fighting, ( What's Up ) nigga murder murder and kill kill the shit is real guard yo grill nigga what, straps up niggas getting they caps filled I'm thugged out niggas fight till the blood out nigga used to be playing in the clubhouse now he comin out the drug house nigga what it's Dirty South Ya heard about nigga murder clout we ain't playing nigga what cha saying we can squash it we can go the dirty route nigga what knuckle up knuckle up if you fake knowing ya get snuck if you ain't from here don't throw that shit up South Side From the southside, we dem southside niggas [4X] [Silkk the Shocker] Ain't right in this bitch I'm trying to get hype in this bitch fuck some shit up have my niggas fighting and shit you fuck with me that shits likely to happen nigga I'm a mothafucking thug nigga i don't really like to be rapping I'm from the mothafucking city where niggas like to be jacking I don't play low i play right in the middle of shit cuz i like to be scrapping we ain't nothing but some southside motherfucking niggas, so i come thru I'm coming thru with some southside niggas come with us motherfuckers respected or check it you know how we do it come thru motherfucker we used to it southside niggas, what southside, we be some southside niggas southside, we be some southside niggas southside, we be

We Hit Em' Up Too

Ammo Poetic
Break 1 *Ronin* 2x It's about the time why don't you tell em why, why (It's about that time, I'm gonna tell em why?) It's about the time why don't you tell em why, why, why *Yogi B* First up waxed your ass in a freestyle battle Punk snakes like you wanna bite but just rattle Remember the time we met in 7 eleven Givin' me love and you're huggin' on these nut you be rubbin' Punk shorty I kept you on the same level You had to be greedy and play me out like a little devil Let the Underground know the kind of witch you really You'll sell your own ass to be a superstar What? now you got a family so tight Same people you diss every other night I guess it's all over now I heard the fat lady sing Lady sing for drama is all she brings Gave you a chance for fame and don't you deny it I should have put your fat mouth a long time on a diet Watcha gonna do if I lost weighate ? I think I'll pass cos I still don't buy it You wanna know where my fans at ? All around you in Face On didn't you see dat ? Believe dat I'm coming back to front you too Cos back here hell We Hit Em' Up Too Chorus 2x *Yogi B* *Ronin* I gave you love but you wanna show me hate Watcha gonna do when it's too late It's about the time why don't you tell em' why Cos back here We Hit Em' Up Too *Point* Read all about it, read all about it uh Musclemutt just got dropped What? Headline's Cryin' Shame, now everybody knows you lame Your mind and soul's corrupted cos you punks want fame I see your hearts filled with jealousy Your hoochie has drippin' envy so you drop that backstabbin' treachery Comin' up sayin' that you mad skills But all I see is cheap ego thrills whack rhymes with no frills So what the heck is moshy moshy coochie baby? Now that shit sounds silly your dribblin' don't impress me Claimin' that you top freestyler Your style's retro like Bonnie Tyler You dissed my album cover bein' clownish but yours be worse Cos your shit be lookin' something straight from the circus For real though now you phat with that lady in your clique Fake hellos and Dallas like drama now that's your trick Remember the time we use to chill chattin' on the pc But now it's just a messed up memory Now shit went down ain't that a pity Well it's just too bad baby, nuff said. Chorus 2x *C.Loco* Hello everybody, I'd like to say I'm sorry Oops! I lied now here's the real story We hung out, I helped out, I lent you minus ones Late nights on the IRC chattin' just for fun So watcha want? You wanna see what I've seen I've been where you been, remember SS 15 We were cool then, you had beef with the other peeps and Now you got an album, you wanna skoo the nonsense? Ha! Ha! You see my prominence is imminent Why you tryin' so hard so be Eminem? You visionary? More like fictionary Shove claimin' to be all dat and suck my dictionary You used to diss em, but now you kiss em Deport the double K, fat lady gonna miss em Now here's the flying line coming from the Hellstar And if you ain't down then bla bla bla bla bla Break 2 *Ronin* Hey everybody hope you understand How I feel cos you dissed me once you had the chance Make my day if you feel you're half of me I'm above you so too bad, too bad baby ! Chorus 4x *?* It's too late Bozos. You better realise where you standin' now. Well it's time you've learned your lesson. But remember with an attitude like that, you ain't goin' nowhere. I know you dumb enough not to catch my drift. Cryin' Shame jeopardisin' hip hop on tha headline. Well people get what they deserve. Cos we hit em up too. And I'm the ?

What U Scared 4

JUVENILE "Project English"
Feat. Lil' Wayne [Juvenile] I'd be a stupid motha fucka if I'm stuck in his pot I aint waitin to see what nigga out here love me or not I say I hate em from a distance and they scopin' my neck But these diamonds even cost me M-R and cars on my deck And I can already vision people sayin I'm wrong But I rather his momma than my momma singin that song Besides chickens gon' be chickens and ducks gonna be ducks And I'm all around guerrilla that love playin them cuts Im'a attached to the streets, those niggas in the pens Started problems wit ol' tymers that did ten And this bitch curly head still been in the case But he aint man enough to leave a real one in the face And to you 4-6 and 8 bitches wit t.v. Pranks You jeopardize my living quarters, wanna see me sank But I got news for everyone of y'all I know who yah is, plus I won't be satisfied until I go in yah crib [Hook] Whatcha getting scared for? Don't get spooked You was a bad mother fucker at first stunt too Lookin fed up so me and Wheezy we comin through And who ever sides yappin we gon' punish em too (Repeat x2) [Lil Wayne] Armed and Dangerous, Rich and Famous, Young and Restless Guns and Stretcha's, Crystal and dubs for breakfast I just got one suggestion, ask yah Testem, this cuz get hectic Send one through your son's intestines Lock, snock lung through testin's If the portrait, bodies piled up on porches, it won't be gorgeous Ride with the torch, scorchin, ready to blaze Step in me ways, kidnap your car for 70 days And let it be said Holly Grove's the home of a soldier And if a nigga breathe wrong than it's over I never love ya, my metal slug ya If you kept on fuckin wit the squad Put the coward's stomach by his thighs, nothin survives And as far as the coke, 20 bricks month and supply And as far as the dope, plenty chips come and say Hi Drop 3-2 roll, all black, buttons and shyer I don't need you hoe Jack my dick, cum in yah eyes What? [Hook] [Lil Wayne] Nigga C'mon You gotta love us Bumpin inside of humma's Ride as thugga's, we who be Think that them coward's busta's Why we hustlin in they sleep We be in that powder smuggle by the doubles every week And if one of them cowards run up try to knock him off his feet The brotha is Wheezy, love it or leave me Gats hug it and squeeze it Crack, bundle it easy Run it wit these n' murderers, crooks and x-cons Yah test mine I give it to yah chest 6 times [Juvenile] I believe in me and my family cuz niggas is broads That leave you slanted, thugged out wit a conspiracy charge All pussy aint the pussy like money and drugs I'm dickin bitches that trial and I'm the jury and judge I make sure I separate it, though I hate when I love Its just me, Cash Money Millionaires that wackin the plug Wud-up Lil Wheezy, im laid back up in the cut if yah need me Its love believe me [Hook]

Dayz Of '89

MC Eiht "Section 8"
Geah Some of that thug shit Hoo-Bangin' Gangstas in the house Representin' for the West Compton one time Check this out, uh Geah Hoo-Bangin' in the house We gon' do it like this Compton in the house For all the thug niggas out there Life ain't nuthin' but money and hot nines Crooked hoes, keepin hid from one... Check me out Somebody help me out the ghetto Cause there's some things I just can't let go, uh My mind takes a twirl Lord, I try to cope with it, but I scream: fucks the world! Young nigga with dreams of schemes for the cash But then awaken to the sounds of late nite gun blasts My moms told my ass: hit the floor! Before the hot ones echo through the window Damn, why the fuck it's - my block Graffiti lookin' greedy and niggas who slangin' rock Fo' sho', I wanna be like that, fuck Mike Unless Mike was on the corner with a strap at night Gettin harrassed by the cops cause he's tryin' to make some dough So he can push up from a Caddy and dumps the Pinto So everybody in the hood can cops the lleyo And I can collects the cash flow Chrous: Life ain't nuthin' but money and hot nines Crooked hoes, keepin hid from one-time You got your strap uh, I got mine Takin you back to the time of '89 Pops sendin money in lines from out of state But too late, I'm on the corner now way past eight Better they be on the look out for dark head lights Or get caught up in a twist of a long kiss goodnight Love the days of gettin paid With the cavi I clock When I roam the hard knocks are the court down block Turnin tide, now you bitch niggas wanna trip With a year-old Cutlass and a bag full of grips Still dips the hood, stay true is what they tell me Fuck you bitch-ass niggas, know the nina never fail me Lord, forgive me cause sometimes I can't deal With the pressures from the hood where the mentality to kill Protects me and my kids next, that's real Jealous-ass bitches cause y'all gots no skrill Time will reveal I be damned if I let y'all niggas stop my next meal Chorus... Now I sits in late nite spots and clock chips With a bag of chips eatin loaded up extra clips Watch out for the knock at the do' Throw your money through the mail and pick up the damn blow Quickly now, don't let the po-po show Or I'm hitted to the spot where the moon don't blow Life's a bitch, life's not a dance Life's too short for my ass to try to chance Last place niggas get caught for the fuckin dollars Have your ass on G.R. while I dip Impalas Blue-collar niggas sellin to white-collar fools But I don't givin a fuck, y'all know cash rules Pay ya dues, stay true to the street Get your money, man, fo' sho' packs my heat Told by the G'z that talk is cheap But y'all know since the days I'm in too deep C'mon Chorus... Hoo-Bangin' in the house, c'mon You know the fuck we regulate For all the thug niggas out there Thug niggas on the block Compton to the fullest Hoo-Bangin' till I die, nigga Check this out Chorus... Geah Compton Geah Hoo-Bangin' to the fullest Geah

Is This The End?

P. DIDDY "Forever"
[Cheri] This is a story about two riders One's from Chicago And the other is from New York [Twista] Now nigga what You thinkin' there be no repentance But I'm coming back with a vengence Runnin' like a ant since it was intense Thought it was the end Wish every motherfucker's in like sentence Where they been since Let me not go deep in the story But damn it, I feel the fury when I'm rapping Got me going off in the zone Hit eleven niggas and bitches at home Hear the drama how it happen Back for one minute You remember I was grazed in the shoulder When I plays the beholder Hit the land like a crusier But in the Range with the Rov' Still it feelin' strange to a soldier Me and Puff trapped in the parking lot I done found the keys so let's crawl on the floor Got up beside the ride but we still trapped But I found my strap, I gotta bust that hoe P., you gotta drive, problem at the angle of the ride Blast when you crash through the exit We still alive but the opposition gotta die When they go then it's on to the next shit When the car screeched off, I blast my heat off Thus crackin' our winshield That stud shoulda been killed Kept shootin' 'till I seen his bloody body do a windmill Started catchin' convulsions that we frozen Ain't nobody here to hold it Feelin the escape was kinda golden Now we dozin' More niggas have rolled in They started comin' at us with high-tech shit It's only so much one mac can do But you know what we got to do Don't get in the wind Is it the end or chapter 2 They coming after you 1 - [Cheri] Living my life on the run With these niggas coming after me Is this the way that it has to be I can't tell these dreams from reality Now I'm not afraid to die So it really don't matter to me It just might be my destiny I hope you niggas is ready for me [Puffy] Yeah, yeah Saw my whole empire crumble into pieces As the trouble increases Escape is the thesis when the car speed releases I'm on the run like Jesus The first chapter was sadness but this one is madness Killers on our asses, plus I'm in 'suit, winney badges Red and blue light flashing Now, let's see who's the fastest Slide through the street like a real C Hit the curb swervin', but I'm still swift Damn it, ain't no brakes I feel like a enemy of the state We on the run like Will Smith Pumpin' some real shit Since the car won't slow down I had to crash through a window Level shook but now we on foot with the showdown Didn't know what we was in for Somehow, someway we gotta get the ammunition for the gun play Now I hear some bullets ricochet, motherfucker's got to get away T., let's go this a-way through the ally Where these niggas can't score me And max me a building attack me Headin' straight for Kennedy, they can't catch me There 20 minutes exactly Get tickets at the first airline, first flight out Get set for the hardcore, could you tell where the sky phone Me and T. on the plane on our way to Chicago When we landed in O'Hare A cop yelled out Freeze, we sent here to capture you Nigga, you know what we got to do Tell me, is this the end or chapter 2 They comin' after you Repeat 1 [Twista] People better get goin' for the big clone Leave our shit blown Coming at us with a C gun, gotta get calm Then I pick up on the jet phone So I could see if my bitch home (hello) Hope the cop that drop them and took a strap then split Simply, but we acted quick Damn, there was a glock Then we dipped up in the parkin' lot We saw one Jag' at the Jack-O-V When we got up on the highway, too smooth Run away to the hood and we workin' with some new rules Can't be one who loose Go to the hideout, make a call for some new tools And I'm feelin' these fools, we got beef who can die That want a piece of the pie But now we got his keys to the shop And niggas gotta live slow 'till at lesat if they try [Puffy] Now we can flip my bitch named Angela She my weed and my wipe and handler Branding her with a tattoo with my name on it Make her feel like I'm the man for her But she lookin' suspicious And somebody at the front door Now she looking scared Soon as I let out the air saying my bitch Angie up and shot T. in the leg [Twista] Should go through the back door Feelin' torture and pain I heard shots in the front Oh we about to die Straight Kamakozi and ride There are two things from the start You wanna go to war, I'll take you to war I can't make it that easy to ride for me And when I saw the enemy, I let it ride Tell me, is this the end or chapter 3 They comin' after me Repeat 1 until fade

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