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KYPRIOS lyrics - Peace (canadian)

Land Of Broken Dreams (Stand Up)

Original and similar lyrics
They got the truth on their tongue but they won't speak it, I got the truth on my mind and i ain't sleepin,and if peace is a treasure man i don't believe it,cuz every time we got it man we never keep it, let the bombing resume, so that the ecomony booms,young man uncle sam wants u to do the things that he can't, bomb iraq and iran palistine, pakistan or afghanistan man, i got no beef with indians or persians, japanese chinese korean any person for that matter any matter, it ain't right to me, the war is on but who's fightin' for peace?who's fighting for peace?(peace peace fight fight) who's fighting for peace?.......... chorus:Stand up and be seen young man,in the land of broken dreams you can't plan, on an honest word from any man, i tell you honestly, Stand up and be seen young man, in the land of broken dreams you can't plan, on a better work for every man, cuz this shit don't work for me..... there's a bully in a school yard usin' his fists, everybody gets hit man nobody's missed, the cowards get together cuz the cowards are pissed, they team power on the bully so the bully gets his, the bully ain't a dummy he gotta handle his biz, he pulls a knife out of his pocket points it straight at the kids, the kids are afraid they're kinda scared for a bit, they get some knives of their own they ain't no shit, the bully gets worried and he tells the teacher man about the gangs of little cowards with the knives in their hands, with a knife in his own much bigger no doubt, you both need to put the shit down and figure it out (you need to figure it out you need to figure it out)you need to put down the weapons and try to figure it out....... Chorus Well i dunno but i've been told so other man can be bought and sold ,but what do i know man about a war i know 1 2 3 what the fuck is it even good for? furthermore murder and war, murder of love what is worth more oil or love soil or scuds man they don't make sense we spend money on defense not on offense i'm a soldier using battle lines deliverance words on significance spend for the innocence the casualities they take casually when war is a business a death of formality stand up and just see young man in a land of broken dreams can't plan on an honest word from any man i'll tell you honestly stand up and just see young man in a land of broken dreams can't plan on a better world for a every man cuz this shit won't work for me chorus

Gs Song

Maybe you think it's the new new wave Well all it is is just another rave Maybe it looks like the writing's on the wall But you've seen it before, it's another death pall So somebody's coming with the answer to the shit Well it's just bad rock and roll chivvied up a bit Someone's looking after it, there's time for a laugh But you're leading yourself up another garden path A million people are sitting out of work I never wanted in, so I'm treated as a shirk Who's the fool in the Irish joke When the say you've got is your stupid vote It's all very comfy while they keep the war vocal But the bombs in Belfast are coming down your local I wanna know how much you can take Cos you've taken it all and that's just great Go and see a band and it's another fucking bore Another bunch of jerks are shitting on the poor Or you might just get the adrenalin rush Or the jock rot heavy metal leg iron gush Ave fucking maria is what I say She's still going strong and it won't go away You can run religion on a football chant Or the other way around if that's what you want You can get anyone crawling through shit Skivvying their lives away, slaving in the pit All you need is to have the right key Comfort and justice and liberty Hi mum, hi dad, family life Til your heart blows up from those shitty lies Have some fun while you're young, son Fun while you're young, fun, fun, fun It's gonna go on etc..

Hands In The Air

AZ "Aziatic"
(AZ) Baby bring that ashtray in here Aiight (AZ) And bring my mail it's on top of the counter Here baby (AZ) Check, what's this I don't know some mail came thru today (AZ) Fishscale, Professional, what's this about men lemme see what this about Anyway, the food will be ready in 20 minutes Peace Allah, hope tha scribe reach ya hands in good health As for self, no sense of worrying my cards been dealt Sunk in a cell, fishscale, fifth year of my bid Finally got a chance recent to connect with my kids It's kinda hard thru carelessness I scared they moms And temporary I was barred voluntary the bond Nevertheless, it's issues I need to address Pertaining the certain statements that made me confess Faced with life, it bites when reality hit And wit crime come a lot of technicality shit Thru many co-defendants conspiracies linking Like the court system designed to keep the mind from thinking Fog ya vision, guess it's just the odds of living But like me, most great men became god in prison Since Illmatic, first heard ya bars of life I was up in Cansaki, *****s started to fight You touched souls to a lost population of men And no doubt, if ever out they'll never lock me again Faced wit 10 on state time, wit life on the back It's fucked up when your own folks ain't writing you back Learn to relax, spoke wit certain cats that helped adapt You know the streets to the pen it's kinda hard to transact All the cars and the pretty women, condos, The clothes and the city living I seen division, breakdown of the population It's either submit, death or incarceration I felt the combination Torn between reality rap and the fakes Some do it for the salary cap few relate And been thru what I been thru at least in fraction So when they spit you could feel the passion I see you maxin' That Nas and that Jigga riff started some shit It departed the prison system we should argue a bit It's a glimpse of what's to come The past follow, hold the voice just hunger me holdin' my last bottle I live like that of a star without the title, I had to write you It's beyond trying to enlight you It's a token of appreciation for being that poet with no abbreviations Much respect from us all wish you much success Get yours take money nigga fuck the rest I'm signing off And leave in the way that I greet and say peace Keep in mind always rep the streets, you that nigga. Word,........... Gotta write homey back (AZ) Ayo, boo I got any more of that mail out there Got a few more (AZ) You gotta read this one, the shit right here is deep, man Alright, gimme a minute (AZ) Okay, What's this one right here oh shortie from Nashville, alright lemme see this AZ, this is Camille since Sugarhill been a fan And since then to me you still a man A real card player rarely reveals his hand And sincerely, I could say the hood feel ya jam I sit and listen to your last edition Washing dishes in the kitchen Or twisting the baby dreads on little Christian It's so sickening his father we both miss him He was killed in a '99 car collision I guess the best ones God get them the tar sniff 'em It's just the way it is in this bizarre system You remind me of his one concerning words when you speak You and him both got that funny type of slur in y'all speech At night it's like his face just emerge in my sleep I smoke herb so that grief can stop disturbing my peace My life's deep, it coincide with the way that you rap I hate it when them commentators say that you back You never left you was always years ahead of the rest My baby-father even felt your style he say you was best How you dress how you move when you in the public Without a lot of luggage gotta love it that's how you thug it... Know that, that's right, it's bigboy, okay, okay

All That

Afu-Ra "Body Of The Life Force"
[Afu-Ra] You know I'm like a hop, skip and jump from slappin you senseless Perverted Monk on this mic, you feel the sentence Hot vernacular scorch just like incense I'm intense, shit vibin like a sixth sense Lyrics mutilated like X-Men Shower ya, devour ya, technique algebra Smoothness, movements, hallooed in the matrix Fist held high, I raise it up to the ancients Insightfully clear to you, how a master do Roll with the high and mighty flow tai chi Quench ya thirst, but first my journal high seas Lyrical, mathematical, razzle and dazzle you East New York, street talk, step with a better game Hydrate rhymes like I was Gatorade Rockin a name, tappin your brain With the Sugar Shane Mosley doin it like it's supposed to be [Chorus 2X: Afu-Ra] They think they all that, steppin on them like they were doormats We bounce back and slap you with the raw tracks Heatin it up steadily, so heavenly Straight up and down, streets bouncin off the melody [Krumbsnatcha] Avoid the Devil's army, they want to harm me Salute to the Gulliani, crack babies, and zombies Parkin lots, and drug spots, in the pots are coke rocks A million in the building, buildings protected by more blocks Young childs, ghost smiles, money clips colored vials Stash fifty, in the world of Bird City the warranters Send the foreigners the coroners A mess no vest multiplied wounds on chest Invest in free markets, cream cheese and pockets Three keys to a promise, stash keys in compartments Desert eagle my targets, hit ya lease I spark ti We get the drop on ya spot, make it hot and unlock it Firearms make fireworks, I wonder where lies lurk We bloodied up your shirt, all you saw was the fire spark I'm one of too many, who get amped off Henny Puttin cowards in cemeteries, kill Willies for pennies [Chorus 2X] [Hannibal Stax] Sex, butchery meat rack material, superior Crank that shit amplify the whole scenario Off the level live or in stereo Young hustle to stay ahead of step From where your best bet is to rep yours, repetitiously Cuz this veteran will thrash to wreck yours, repetitiously If ever you get at me on some bullshit, flash quick Exactly who the fuck I got pull with Autographed it for Big number one with a bullet Expressin black glove love hood it down, how I put it down This style ain't never been shit to me, why would it now? I come forth with gun smoke, no petty read ya bound by honor That I merk you in the hunt for a dollar Alive on the strength of Power U Divine Karma, Allah's armor see you keep fraudulatin I'll sick my wolves in your basement, with loaded shell casings [Chorus 2X]

The Winds Of War

JEDI MIND TRICKS "The Psycho-Social, Chemical, Biological, And Electro-Magnetic Manipulation ..."
[the movie "Se7en"] "I'm setting the example, and what I've done in gonna be puzzled over And studied, and followed, forever." [Ikon"] Prepare for the verbal war The hologram advance, psychical form Manifesting universal mind into the lore Travelling lands, I stand on sands of chemical vibration The math, kings of light departed in wrath So where you gonna stand when the Elohi returns Seven great sages throughout the ages say you burn It's my turn to shine I redefine the crystalline-biological structures, implanted in your mind So I find the deaf, dumb and blind And bless 'em with science, and leave the blind ones behind Descending into big balls of mass, in the form of rain The Verbal Hologram brings pain So rearrange, disagreeable ways that brought you the darkness Take hold, and rip out your soul from your carcass And rise away like a sham The Verbal Hologram is the verbal avalanche One last chance to re-plan, and over-stand Before the Hologram sends your camp to Holy Land So ask your man, when he returns to where I sent him The plan was to kill God and reinvent Him Practicing Black Magical tactics like voodoo Attacking like the seven deadly warships of Nibiru [Chorus x3: sample of Masta Killa from "Triumph"] Give insight to the blind The dumb are mostly intrigued by the drum (intrigued by the drum) [Ikon:] I bring forth the mighty [? ], the powerful zapatra The darkening behind you, the biblical omega The Ashtar Command; I come to bring mortals the barathory gland So here I stand on the Four Corners of Stonehendge Travelling through portals, the [? ] of battles, the lord of the immortals The zeal of the seven, the rising of the demon The lost books of the Bible and forgotten books of Eden The heathens, who burn like [? ] Handed the Holy tablets, like Moses The blackening of roses, will send you to the edges of the land The emerald tablets of Thoth The Atlantean The hands of the mighty Lion of Judah Will throw you through the triangular portals of Bermuda Exploring the Hologramic aspects of consciousness For aliens truth devour, orthodox vs. running through fistic equations for power The shower of acid rain brings pain to the land You cannot kill what you cannot see The Verbal Hologram [Chorus x5]

Gotta Lotta Love

ICE-T "Home Invasion"
[ VERSE 1 ] Woke up the other mornin, I heard a rumor They said the gang wars was over I told em they was bullshittin, they said it's real as hell Can't explain the way I felt Too many years I seen my brothers die And I can't say that shit was really that fly But I used to gangbang when I was younger So it's really hard to tell a kid that he's goin under I never thought I lived to see us chill Crips and Bloods holdin hands, the shit is ill But I love it, I can't help it Too much death on the streets, and we dealt it Van Ness Boys, The Hoovers, The 60s Bounty Hunters, 8-Treys, all coolin out, gee I pray the shit'll never stop You used to see the wrong colors, and the gats went pop-pop But now the kids got a chance to live And the O.G.'s got something to give That's love, black on black, that's how they made it And if any busters flip, they get faded L.A. is where I'm speakin of Peace to all the gangsters, cause I got a lotta love [ VERSE 2 ] I got a lotta love, cause you're all my brothers Red or blue, black's the color We got a chance, so we can really sweat the real fools Show those muthafuckas the real tools Check the enemy, it ain't the family Not 1-11, try L.A.P.D. They gotta understand, they beat on a blackman There's gonna be drama, know what I'm sayin And if we flip, let's all flip together Cause I'm prepared, kid, for rough weather And we gotta realize, the boys on the east side You call em S-A's, I call em allies Because the day that we all unite Watch the pigs get real polite Punk muthafuckas gotta learn quick That we ain't takin no more shit L.A. is where I'm speakin of Peace to all the gangsters, cause I got a lotta love [ VERSE 3 ] Crenshaw Boulevard, Sunday afternoon Folks sittin on things, mad systems boom The girls are lookin better The gang truce is on, so you wear whatever At Venice by the ocean Rag-top Trey hits the three-wheel motion There's gangsters all around Still crazy sets, but you just don't clown I pray L.A. can stay this way It's the first summer I can really say I felt cool, we all chilled Went to the park, and nobody got killed Now if you got a problem, it's man on man You don't need a gang to solve em I seen the greatest thing I seen in my life Two brothers in a straight up fist fight Nobody pulled a gat, nobody jumped in Nobody pulled a knife, nobody got done in L.A. is where I'm speakin of Peace to my city, cause I got a lotta love [ VERSE 4 ] G-a-t-e-s, I hope you wear a vest Even after you're out the fuckin office Cause we're on a totally different tip Fuck that pig brutality shit This unity is gettin to me Every brother on the street is my homie I'm rollin through a hood that I never been And every brother steps to me as a friend I love it, I love it And nothin in my life will ever be above it We wanna see our kids all grown up We're tired of seein our hoods get blown up L.A. is a great place Fly girls, dope cars, life at a fast pace But gangbanging was killin it quick Another child got hit - bullshit Pop-pop-pop, 10 on a weekend We was goin off to deep end But now we got a chance, my friend To mend, and make the colors blend Let's all go out on a picnic, kick shit And squash all the static Last year I lost about five homies This shit is real to me L.A. is where I'm speakin of Peace to all the gangsters, cause I got a lotta love Yo This is goin out to all the gangbangers All over South Central Watts Inglewood All over L.A., basically East L.A. Youknowmsayin It's basically goin down Peace to all the Crips and the Bloods Van Ness Boys Hoovers Rollin 60s 83's Bounty Hunters Yeah And the Jungle This is goin out to all the brothers over there in Watts You know what I'm sayin Throwin it up Grape Street Nutty Blocc Front Hood And all them niggas out there in Compton Rollin 30s Harlem Ah yeah Pueblos Nickerson G's Peace Inglewood Family 18th Street South Loc And all the S-A homeboys All the different sets Every set, Crip, Blood What doesn't matter to me Cause I gotta love You know what I'm sayin Hope the truce never ends Youknowsayin We can do this

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