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KYPRIOS lyrics

Never Say Goodbye

Original and similar lyrics
Hey kid, you know I'd love to stay and catch up You caught me on a bad day You'll see me when your eyes are shut as you're risin' up O.K. and what I really need to say One day we're gonna meet again and it'll be the same Cause even when I'm gone you'll hear me in my song say Chorus: Every life first the sun then the night falls We're all on borrowed time I'll never say goodbye Take your time live your life like it's last call Don't wana see you cry We'll never say goodbye Back when life was easy and innocent In a simple world ignorant Stealing cigarettes Going to get high drinking some rye Then again, we're all the same thing in the end Butterflies lose their wings and ascend So do friends memories resurrect a new life for the dead So and time that you wanna see me Raise a glass, reminisce take it easy Just close your eyes I'll be right there with your soul inside And there's no goodbyes I wish I had a handkerchief so I could wipe those eyes I saw my moms at the funeral she spoke so nice Like ' what a great kid' Don't believe those lies Chorus: Every life first the sun then the night falls We're all on borrowed time I'll never say goodbye Take your time live your life like its last call Don't wana see you cry We'll never say goodbye Don't ever say goodbye, Don't ever say goodbye, never say goodbye See never say goodbyes, because you don't have to, it ain't over So kid, don't mourn take your life back Carpe Diem and all that Really matters today is today see The more you live the happier I'll be Ya'd better take your time and shine Everybody gotta learn sometimes That there's no goodbyes cause after every night fall a new sun will rise Chorus: Every life first the sun then the night falls We're all on borrowed time I'll never say goodbye Take your time live your life like its last call Don't wana see you cry We'll never say goodbye

Memories Live

TALIB KWELI "Reflection Eternal"
[talking] Yo, you know what we got to do, man, we need to get a whole CD. Get a collection of all the music and everything we've ever done. [woman singing] Bringing back sweet memories (3x) Life, living in Flatbush and going to house parties Red lights, bumping, life is what you make it, then sorry In my lifetime, ain't done too many things better than watching your first son put his sentences together Yo, it kinda make me think of way back when I was the portrait of the artist as a young man All them teenage dreams of rapping Writing rhymes on napkins Was really visualization Making this shit actually happen It's like something come through me That truly just consume me Speaking through the voices of the spirits speaking to me I think back in the day, I absorbed everything like a sponge Took a plunge into my past to share with my son Bringing back sweet memories (3x) Like thoughts out the back of my mind Going back in some time Like when you used to cut and had to go to the back of the line Look back and you find Tracks that make you relax and recline Now cats rap about packing a nine When they lacking divine Inspiration Running out of topics of conversation Well I drop it in the pocket because rocking's my occupation I do it remarkably, spark up a leaf And possibly you could follow me Tap into your chi Utilize your memory To help you see clearly, then get back to me Actually, nothing's new under the sun So when life be stressing me My remedy is 'bringing back sweet memories' Like the faces that are woven in the fabric of my consciousness gt;From cities where making 21's a big accomplishment Like when my people understood their prominence And my past life visions of the continent Like the first time I saw KRS live, rockin' it I heard Resurrection by Common Sense Dominant in my psyche I chose my direction like Spike Lee To speak my life through mics, and I never take it lightly It might be something you did to bring you down when you were high But that karma's a bitch, you steady asking God why Like when my parents first split up Yo, I was illin' Seems like some years they was together for the sake of the children And I love them for that I don't know if they saw that So I'ma say it, and convey it when the world play it (3x) Bringing back sweet memories (3x) Like black is beautiful, names from the seventies Let me tap into your energy Fields of dreams become my property When I reach my destiny like a prophecy Especially when I 'm 'bringing back sweet memories' I got deep into my mind, see I got a treasury That float through my head like a sweet melody What you telling me Reflection is a collection of memories Definitely this is how hiphop was meant to be Eventually, I knew I'd run into Hi-Teknology It was only a matter of time like centuries Check the recipe or technique to how it sound so sweet I freak with word power, my man speak with beats If I could make it in New York, I figured anywhere I'd make it Came to Cincinnati linked with Mood, and we did Sacred Hi-Tek beats became my favorite Hussle on the Side was the cut We started to put songs together like 'What!' Travelled the world, came back to the crib And hit the motherland Yeah, this year we put in work and got some other plans In fact, that's where I'll take the fam when the Reflection joint is done By the time you hear this, I'll be basking in African sun Like Wow! We made it We here

Vamp Life

JIM JONES "F.E.A.S.T.: Vampire Life 2"
[Hook:] Usually use blood to get through the night Yes I’m a vampire Vampire hurting for fun (Who’s vamping) I usually use blood to get through the night (I get my money in the night time) Yes I’m a vampire, vampire hurting for fun (Freaks come out at night baby) Come alive in the night time Come alive in the right time When the sun goes down and the moon go up come alive in the night time A hundred thou for the right time Fifty tho make christ shine This cash on swipe minds Live fast see the white line I in that Rolls coupe Lean back on rose juice Few cups of that get them hoes loose and my wrist on ice like [?] shit to London Passport is all stamped up and when I beeped that bitch she jumped in told us she is all vamped up She is from uptown rock high heels top down my fly wheels I'm sick and my ride ill pop champagne I’m alive still So god bless to that hard stress Say a prayer it could be worse Thats beef and with desert I am vampin hard till I hit the dirt [Hook] If I should die before I wake Till I die I’m wide awake Presidential type of face Heavy metal upside the wasit Maybach with the quiet drapes Rose gettin high off grazy Take you up to a higher place vampires in outter space Penthouse with a fire place clear view of Empire states Clear view get your mind straight talk slick I fire aim Flashbacks of a prior case Most niggers in dire straights I am drop top down the real 8th drop the top just to hear them hate Gotta rev ur engine make em hear the porsche, switch lanes six gears of course Life is a bitch, a triflin bitch, married to the game but near divorced Big watch like I’m here to floss Private jet til I clear the port My niggas hustle like fuck the struggle FEDs a scary thought [Hook] (Think about that Only we vamp through the night You niggas keep sleeping and get slepped on Or get crept on My money coming bank rolls nigga I been fucked my credit up So I need my cash on demand)

Feel Like An Enemy

Genius "Beneath the Surface"
[Hell Razah] Yeah, yeah yo I'm like a whirlwind spinnin wit words of wisdom In the ghetto only promised a hearse and system We complete like the solar system Play your space, I get hungry off of treble and bass and beat breaks Everyday be a court date recorded on tape Hell Raizah grab the mic and send your show to a wake Cut off a snakehead the same way I cut off dead weight We negotiate wit .38's in a ?nor? face GZA came wit the Liquid Swords killin you all I'm the virus in the street that'll get in your paws See me jumpin outta four-doors wit my road dogs All you soldiers want wars when you don't know laws You be a rap fraud, knock you off the top of Billboard Besides keyboards, only thing I love is the Lord G-G Maccabee, K-P-P rapidly Aiyyo Prodical, niggas is charged wit blasphemy Chorus [Hell Razah] AND ALL THAT HARD ROCK SHIT (charged wit blasphemy) AND IF YOU'RE FEELIN LIKE AN ENEMY (come after me) [Killah Priest] I heard the sweet words from sour tongues Vent poison in the ears of the ?grown-z's? dead head for years Shed a tear for the underwear under the stairs Left naked in the shame from hunger and fear Shots were fired in the darkest moments Niggas missed they targets, hit the homeless when the chrome spit Sacreligious, days of atonement Sing a praise wit a peace pipe for niggas I zone wit Priest I blow bread amongst twelve thugs Drunk a cup of blood We trained the same time Peter sprayed a slug We all trapped in this dream scared to wake up I seen a phantom whisper, grim shadows, shows a blurry picture Streets are filled wit goons and bloody niggas I seen my friend fall, clutchin holdin his stomach Caught him off-guard, foldin his hundred It's like a life never ends, never know when it's comin [Trigga] Vocal imbalance, a code of silence converses violent Live from medalion, ?nometry? dealin equality You could stop to see profiles of me Mic styles of me, lifestyles of me Parallel prophecy, three-sixty degree Complete the formation, salute the salvation A Wu nation, do the knowledge no hatin No misbehavin, lyrical affiliation Artist in occupation together maintainin Brain stainin, metaphor mutilatin This generation, a misleading calculation No elevation, time wastin and live chasin [Prodigal Sun] A day and night crime scene, livin in the time machine Blaze a lime green, six on the spleen over some green Surrounded by crooks, a life wit jux and bloody heist It's a deadly price but the gun fiend for ice price In this hell puzzle filled wit bitches, money and trouble Stitches, for dummy knuckles crummy fuckin up the hustle It's a struggle, in jungle wit sin we fondle men Plus a prison, ain't no division and no religion And inner city chronicle, thugs get caught up astronomical Cash phenomenal, blast at your abdominal Niggas is comical, fuckin wit the abominal Son, I promise you, you won't live to see tomorrow Catch a slug in the back of your head at the Apollo I'm a hard act to follow, rugged Smith like Rollo (Let's mark that ass nigga) Chorus 3x

All Night Long

JOE WALSH "Greatest Hits-Little Did He Kn"
I have a mansion but forget the price Ain't never been there, they tell me its nice I live in hotels, tear out the walls I have accountants pay for it all They say I'm crazy but I have a have a good time I'm just looking for clues at the scene of the crime Life's been good to me so far My Maseratti does one-eighty-five I lost my license, now I dont drive I have a limo, ride in the back I lock the doors in case I'm attacked I'm making records, my fans they can't wait They write me letters, tell me I'm great So I got me an office, gold records on the wall Just leave a message, maybe I'll call Lucky I'm sane after all I've been through I cant complain but sometimes I still do Life's been good to me so far I go to parties sometimes until four It's hard to leave when you can't find the door It's tough to handle this fortune and fame Everybody's so different, I haven't changed They say I'm lazy but it takes all my time I keep on goin' guess I'll never know why Life's been good to me so far

Cards Never Lie

Beyonce' - The cards never lie, my last breath a sigh and now I think about if it's my time to die I don't know what I was thinking, steady wasting time with Hill and I need to live my life because my time is unforgiven I can't understand how my life changed around Manifest my destiny, is it the brown on the grown? Blue skies are turning gray it's the point of indecision Leaving in the car and much be spent on television Wyclef - Oh Girlfriend, get your mind on right Don't spend your time cause you can't waste your time Everyday like it's your last, but you must feed the mind Intervention comes and snatch up all your dreams from behine Love! You feel it and you got to let them know it Love! Your heart and that's the feeling that you go with If you have a dream you need to go and let them know it Cause you could wake up in the morning and it could be over Beyonce' - No, No, No, No I don't wanna, I don't wanna I don't wanna go Just, Just, Just let me stay home Let me live my dream, let me see another dawn No, No, No, No I don't wanna, I don't wanna I don't wanna go Just, Just, Just let me stay home Let me live my dream, let me see another dawn Rah Digga - Carmen, don't listen cause the cards have deceit Just slide him the money, we don't need a receipt Truth only exists within the eyes of the beholder Plus he's kind of young for fortune telling He probably should be older Wyclef - But the cards never lie, I thought I told you Now it's her turn to try, to reach her goals before she reaches the light Beyonce' - This is love It's like I'm trying to throw my life away Sometimes love is all you got and other times it makes you pay Wyclef - Well when you finally rise Then you'll realize Beyonce' - The windows to the soul are not the hips but the eyes Wyclef - Oh You could wish on the stars but they dead, just a lie Beyonce' - But they shine just as bright as they did their entire life No, No, No, No I don't wanna, I don't wanna I don't wanna go Just, Just, Just let me stay home Let me live my dreams, let me see another dawn No, No, No, No I don't wanna, I don't wanna I don't wanna go Just, Just, Just let me stay home Just let me live my dreams, let me see another dawn

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