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Kurious lyrics - A Constipated Monkey


Original and similar lyrics
Yo Jorge, what's up, man? Yo, I'm chillin, what's up, what's goin on, man? Yo, I'm coolin man, but I'm like worried about you, uknowmsayin? Why you worried about me, man? Cause, yo man, you be drinkin a lot, you know Everytime I see you you got a 40 Nah man, I'm just chillin, knowmsayin? You're sure it's not girl problems, man? Nah, ain't no girl problems, man, you buggin I don't know man, I don't know Come on, man, what's her name? Nikole Nikole Nikole Nikole Nikole (4x) [ VERSE 1 ] I don't sweat, no perspirational drip flip Nope, the beat is dope, so acknowledge the tic Toc of the clock, cause times are changing Me sweatin girls, man, that's back in the days when I was naive, kinda young, mighta even brung Flowers to your door, but be damn sure Those days are no more, so classify em as ancient history Mysery was caused cause your wack way of thinkin Breath stinkin cause I'm sittin here drinkin A 40 gettin naughty, then my thoughts start linkin Together, back-trackin, never was into girl-slappin Releasin tension by grabbin the mic and rappin Gifts with ribbons, when will this madness cease You played me like a pair of Lee's with a permanent crease All I ever wanted was for us to rock 'n roll Ha-ha - Nikole Yeah, yeah, right Right, right, right Come on, man She got you goin, you know it, my man Yo, he sweatin her hard, man Nikole Nikole Nikole Nikole Nikole (4x) [ VERSE 2 ] I come back on a round-trip ticket from hell But all's well, you see, I'm a survivor Carnivore - you, played the role of Never makin any attemps to show love But that's okay, see, I'm not a first grader Don't need attention, need not mention that I'm greater So later for that, cause I'm not the type for braggin Just like my jeans my self-esteem was saggin Pick up a 40 or a six of the stout draught My life was hittin, know what exactly I'm talkin about The style that flips, the sips of the 40 ounce To the bounce I got more, so I score One thing's for sure: understand and comprehend Before you play yourself like a trend I send A little word of advice, Fisher Price toy I'm not Man, I ain't a boy, thought you mighta forgot The song I sing cause your ill mood swings low Merry Christmas to a ho-ho-ho Play the role of Santa Clause, so save the drama Tell you straight up, just like I was from Alabama You really need to start treatin people better I regret the day I met her Yo man Y'all givin me a hard time Leave me alone, I ain't sweatin her, man Aiyo Jorge, man, skeez' come a dime a dozen Ain't no need for you to be sweatin her love Go 'head and just kick it Nikole Nikole Nikole Nikole Nikole (4x) Nikole, I got one more thing to say Even if I never see another day The games you play really taught me a lesson All dressed up, but in disguise they were a blessin So I say thanks, but now it's time for me to step Kurious Jorge, you know you shoulda never slept On me, but girl, you know that's not what I'm about You're (wack) and I'm out Word! Yo, we outta here Word, let's be outta here Let's go to Sticky Mike's, man, uknowmsayin? Get some skins Nikole Nikole Nikole Nikole Nikole

Free Or Dead

ATMOSPHERE "Lucy Ford: The Atmosphere EPs"
So here I am, trying to be the man, right? Using my gun to see at night sleeping with my flashlight In the afterlife I hope the AC works So while I wait well I'm a pass out and taste this curve And she attacked with flirts, smacked my nerves Wearin' that black skirt Got my nature so hard it made my back hurt I cracked a smirk cuz I was dumb and drunk she gave wink and a smile and dropped a quarter in my cup man, people are kinda odd so I keep my eyebrow raised I only hear the words for what they mean, know what I mean? and I do believe in God cuz I keep comin across all these fine women with low self esteem, you know what I mean. I've got attention deficet, I've got the bedroom eyes I've the storms in my head, I've got my telephone voice I've got to make a decision of whether I live or die I'd rather just run cuz either way it's one hell of a choice [Chorus] my car is like my own personal universe she's my drug and it only takes twelve bucks to fill 'er up but in my galaxy there ain't no room for Earth so I'm leavin it cuz I can feel the oil pressure building up turning over the ignition of my solar system check the gauges, push in the tape, put my foot on the brake shift existence, light my cigarette and take it state to state until I crash into my fate now I'm giving back everything they gave me, not a damn thing it'll take me more than a good DJ to save me, and I'm not dancing I can't seem to make up my bed, much less my mind so I'm a take another puff to my head, and press rewind I wish this car had cruise control, so I could rest my legs I've got this itch to prove my soul, and test my fate doing hunny in a sixty five, got stopped by a copper caught, spotted, and radared by a chopper Wisconsin style!, over the limit by forty miles Watch me smile, cuz I ain't been around here for a long while grabbed my paper, gave her thanks?, have a nice day yo, word of advice, trade the doughnuts in and gets some rice cakes back to my travels, running from my shadows passin hitchhikers and bikers honkin the horn harrasin the cattle hair back sticking to the seat, sweat drippin from the heat diggin through a cooler of gruel, I'm looking for something to eat yo, there's a Hardee's at the next stop don't wanna, but I need ta' cuz I'm craving something to chase the taste of this tequila (uhh, yeah, you guys got value meals? can you put some barbecue sauce... I wanna honey bun. change that shit. I want chicken pebbles. no, onion bun, onion bun. onion rings. extra pork. word up. can you supersize that? yo girl, you got kind of a pretty voice. yo girl, what time yu get off work?) 90 east towards Chicago, on my way to Cincinnati I won't ever let em catch me, and I won't ever make em happy watch your wives and your daughters when I'm passin through the hometown, castin lines into the water, catchin goldfish out your bowl and I'm as cool as the cat that came to school just for lunch I'm the rebel pissin in the public pool, just for fun takin my peace I need release, and I don't think I'm a find it in between your legs yo, I'm just jokin, only going to the corner to get some eggs so when she starts makin the coffee I toss my bags in the back seat and I can remember it all like it must have happened last week sometimes I stop to think, for all the money I've spent how I'd rather live in a tent than bust my ass and pay the rent but I'm eager to pay my dues, and I'd be glad to pay the tollbooth and I've agreed to sing the blues ever since the day I broke loose just like a blindfolded child walking through the toy store voice, not even aware that the world is my oyster [Chorus - 2X]

Say The Word

Come on baby, oh girl, say the word and I will, oh yeah Now I've had my mind on this girl the most beautifuliest thing I've ever seen in the world those caramel eyes had me melt every time and I think I've got a crush on you cause damn your so fine I don't just want a little, slap and tickle I don't expect to find myself caught up in the middle of a game of hide and seek seems like every time we meet I get the feeling you know the words inside, I'm trying to say Chorus: If you feel the same way baby you should let me know so that we can take our time and just chill for real darling all you have to do is say the word and you know that I will. If i had you for my girlfriend you'd be my queen and there's no way that no other girl could come inbetween of you and me you can't deny we're wasting time when you should be chilling with me (Hey) girl should i just keep this flow of just go away don't leave me out in the cold baby theres been, too many mix messages and I don't know if I should mess with this But i can't resist and I don't wanna let these feelings go so.. Chorus: If you feel the same way baby you should let me know so that we can take our time and just chill for real darling all you have to do is say the word and you know that I will Break it down Girl we've played this game for far too long something so right just can't be wrong It's been hard to find the words to say But this feeling is just too strong, so... Excuse me miss where you from? I smell the perfume of a beautiful woman addicted to like pokemon but please don't get me wrong I've got a crush on you that's what I'm saying in this song you need TLC take it from me even thought your an independant lady career girl with your own money from what I can see healthy attitude with a warm personality see you in cinemas in different bars with your girlfriends eating hagen daaz driving fast cars but please don't by fooled by those little men who be acting like gentlemen cause I've seen with my own eyes the situations they've been in so, Hi! my name is... Why blow ? I think ill leave that one for those of you who already know And if your interested is there somewhere we could go Access all areas that after my show so let me know, come on… Chorus (x3) If you feel the same way baby you should let me know so that we can take our time and just chill for real darling all you have to do is say the word and you know that I will

You Should Know (Untouchables Remix)

DONELL JONES "B-Sides Remixes"
1 - You should know It's over now Cuz I got another love So I'm saying You should know It's over now Cuz I got another love Oh Chuck D'joy Donell Jones Baby Caesar Bad Tip the bone Kenny, please us Oh, oh, watch how we do this ya'all DJ, on You never give me all your special time You're too busy hanging out That's not what my love's about I gave my heart, my soul, my trust to you Tried to play me for a fool It's why I felt somebody new You should know Repeat 1 We don't have to play this game no more I got someone new in my life And she always treats me right I don't even know why you still trying Cuz there's no way I'm coming back Girl it's way too late for that Yo, oh, miss I love way you flossed your pitch then It's clay boy crush for women Make a player want to hit on that Spend on that Make you little C's girlfriend a minute flat Kinda knew you loved the limelight Especially When you eyes got bright When you saw Frank White But I didn't mind no Good girls are hard to find though I ain't stress it, I crushed it Guess it got outta control When I saw your girl Nicole She said gettin my dough Was your main goal Crack me for a mink soon as it got cold I had Biggie on the line while she had you on hold I asked Frank He admitted That he hit it If I was catching villians, quit it So I did it I had to let it go like Teddy P Cuz I'll be damned if I have a bronze dressing me I need someone right there with me You just don't have that quality I'm tryin to give you everything But you couldn't love me So I'm saying Repeat 1 You should know It's over now Yeah, hey You should know So baby got a new love Repeat 1 Until fade ¡¡

Child's Play

GHOSTFACE KILLAH "Supreme Clientele"
[Ghostface Killah] Pretty little Sally sat up by the tree trunk White miniskirt with a Betty Boom bum She had a ass like Deborah Cox, face like Lauryn Waist like a Coke bottles scoring Pretty young thing loved the swings And times she got my ding-a-ling hard When she said push hard, she kept vaseline Open as she swung back, couldn't help her dress blue back Now held accountable right for my actions Right before the Wallabee Champ was rockin wallows Drawin crads, sent her rap message through a bottle Lines from Dolomite, few tips from Goines Birthday, gave her two 50 cent coins Puppy love, gorgeous face, amazed by lip gloss Cherry cent, when the princess spoked yo it bounched off Mole like Marilyn Monroe, threw a rose in her mouth Wherever God go will be Mrs. Coke Girl's so pretty, kids with little niddys Hope the years go slow, slow Surrounded by intelligence, life through education Healthy minds will grow, grow Catch me on a bus-stop, dustin, cursin out The cops are still coming, vibe with me Everybody's talking about Wu-Tang fronting But you still telling lies to me Beautiful in lightshows, having no intentions on love But having strung eyes of oppose, here we go It's not the way she bubbed the gum, shooked her ass I'm not the one, double dus, waiting for the bus The faggot Nore son, now year later Lady 7th floor, building 7-80 Fancy fox, booties for her socks, nothing else can change me Young Nefertiti, knowledge seed with no jewelry on Tahitian fresh berry tree, she's a capricorn I really liked the girl, had dreams about her Thinking to myself some nights she got ('powered') But hating, was Shinene and Grace and Key-lolo Trick bitches jumped my boo at the school a few years ago Hit me, you hit me, Grace got the last hit Eh yo, the bitches started swinging and shit So I jumped in Those were the days, made faces in school plays Paper trays, city wide test, made half a days Shooting puppy water, might hump the pillow, dick a inch taller Stapleton bum nigga, I'll pop her cherry for her Fresh air fun, here's dunn, alphabets, berets Jellies, bubble yum, soda tongue, too young to cum Then engage him with them candy rings Eh yo, I hit that shit, got jealous when she kissed Rob I broked her chicko's sticks [Outro: Ghostface Killah] Guys and girls, y'all remember those days, and shit Girls walk around in school, one ponytail with the beret Next looking like baby powder, youknowhatImean Those were the days right there Boston baked beans, girls come to school with mad candy YouknowhatImean You'd just come in school for half days, and all that Just to see that little girl right there, to this Go home and think about it, youknowhatImean May hump the bed sometimes on her, youknowhatImean Word, those days man, those, those were the good old days right there G That shit was fun, lunchroom, see in the lunchroom, youknowhatImean Might get a little, go to the G.O. Store or something, youknowhatImean Word, buy a little chocolate, a little shake or something, youknowhatImean A little buttercrunch joints or something, youknowhatImean That's that real shit, G I miss those shits, man I wanna go back to school, man That's my word, man For real y'all, those were, those were the... goddamn y'all, you remember...


Let's go, let's go [Southstar (Smilez)] Uh-huh (Come on) Haha it's alright Ya know another one And guess what It's alright (For sho') Come on bounce with us it's alright Southstar, Mr. Smilez come on Yeah Uh-uh [Southstar] What you thought huh, we gonna quit Hell nah stay comin' with more shit (Yeah) Southstar spit only rawness (Uh-huh) You say I'm not the best, but I'm flawness Ever seen the six sittin' on Jordan's (Twenty-three's) If not then proceed with caution Out flawston (Uh-huh) without Boston (Uh-huh) And all these lame dudes we 'bout to toss them (Hah) Kick'em to the curve, say word (Word) What we ain't hot that's observed We make the play's burn (Uh) throw'em in the yurn (Uh) Flesh to ashes just for talkin' out of turn When they gonna learn top notch (One) Glenn Levert only top scotch (Uh-huh) Roll lexus only top watch Day like little kids playing hopscotch (What) [Chorus: Southstar (Smilez)] You can twerk's out, you can get crunk Anyway you want, it's alright you can dug out, play the joint loud Get buckwild, it's alright We can boose up get blazed up In the car what, it's alright (For Sho) You don't got to if you don't want to (Smilez) But if you want to, it's alright [Smilez] Yo, you feelin' lucky then try touch me Smilez hot turn your ice to sushi Don't talk money come on sunny I got whips in different colors like Telletubies And your swil seedin' got your girl creepin' I'm'a take her to the moon like Jackie Gleason Any dude sayin' they open like me It's on a cold table gettin' surgery We doin' it again haters still pissed Still mad over 'Who Wants This' Deal with it Smilez always real with it (Uh-huh) HDT be clear when I spit it How you want it East or West Coast style Or Dirty South slowin' it down Or thuggin' it out bustin' a pound (Uh) Smilez goes both ways, pick your rail (Uh) [Smilez says Chorus] [Southstar] Still wanna play I don't think so I got no draws, only K.O's Only homeruns, I never miss three's What I'm sayin' is ya can't fuck with me (Hell no) This won't take long it's a quick 'bout Game over c'mon scream my name out (Southstar) Raise my arm up call me the champ You thought you was the man now you's a loyal fan [Smilez] Yo, get your dring on, get your smoke on Pop pills till' you fall out on the floor I know your love strong, but he doing you wrong Let that man next door hit it to the song Smilez official, (Uh-huh) quick to hit you (Word) If ya'll spit bullets I spit missles You know I stay pissy, off that 50-50 And don't deal with chicks that give lawitski (Yeah) [Smilez and Southstar says Chorus 2x] For sho It's alright

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