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KRYSTAL MEYERS lyrics - Make Some Noise

Beautiful Tonight

Original and similar lyrics
My eyes have a rosy glaze (As darkness falls) I'm dancing on a razor blade (It's killing me) Such a dangerous attraction I'm flirting with fire A desire reason just can't tame I'm gonna regret this It's the shadow inside my mind And I'm in denial I'm becoming quite a liar Does that make me beautiful tonight? (To someone) In my sickness can you find me beautiful tonight? The moonlight plays against my skin (You found me out) Midnight sometimes is my only friend (Don't leave me now) The hunger it eats me alive I'm falling, dissolving It's crawling into my veins I'm gonna regret this Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh Oh, oh, beautiful tonight I don't want to stay this way forever Can you make me beautiful tonight?


I can feel you all around In the silence I hear the sound Of your footsteps on the ground And my heart slows down So now I'm [Chorus:] I'm waiting for the moonlight So I can find you In this perfect dream Don't think that you can Hide there in the shadows Girl you're not invisible Your all that I can see Somethings changing deep inside All my hopes are comin' alive As we're fading into the night I can see your eyes So I keep on [Chorus] See the darkness, believe we can make this All we want is to be We can stay forever cause when we're together I'm stuck in this fantasy I don't wanna leave And I'll keep [Chorus] And my heart slows down

Puella Quam Amo Est Pulchra

I had a beautiful, beautiful time The drives and the talks were amazing The kind of friend I thought I'd never find I had a beautiful, beautiful time You have a beautiful, beautiful smile The way it curls and collapses on your lips When you touch me I shake like a child It's late, I'm afraid you might leave Cause sometimes it seems like You still don't believe me There's nothing I can do to concentrate It's so distracting Always thinking of you So I expose and explain And I meant everything I said And it's moments like this That repeat and replay in my head When I'm laying in bed It's a beautiful, beautiful time As you laugh and roll onto your stomach The carpet embraces your design My heart pounds as I lay by your side And I find that I am unable to hide All these feelings that flow In this basement, and in this dim light you look so beautiful I'm unsure and unclear with the words that I say I'm happy when you're near And I wish that forever could stay Just like today You have beautiful, beautiful eyes So bright and alive and enchanting I want to be with you all of the time It's hopeless but I have to try

Say Something Now

JAMES MORRISON "The Awakening"
There’s no one outside It’s just the wind blowing trees Nothing there Just the sound of guilty leaves You can feel the cold inside The rising moon Looking down like a broken sun Shining bright So we can see what we’ve become There is nowhere to hide inside Why won’t you say something now Don’t leave me hanging Cut me down I miss the fire that was once in your eyes Well come on and say something now I close my eyes I see the ghosts you keep within Once I made them disappear You know I did And did I leave you all alone? Come on and talk to me now Or forever hold your peace It’s all got so heavy Gonna bring us to our knees Come on and say something now Say something Say something Say something now Say something Say something Say something now Ooh come on talk to me Or forever hold your peace It’s all got so heavy Gonna bring us to our knees Come on and say something now Say something to me Or forever hold your peace I miss the fire that was once in your eyes Come on and say something now

Hell Cat

SCORPIONS "Tokyo Tapes"
Lyrics:Ulrich Roth Fire in her eyes ... burn ... Perfume of the skies ... Fingers cold as ice ... freeze ... Devil in disguise! Well, she's a, she's a, she's a You know that she's a hell-cat, hell-cat, hell-cat, hell-cat (She's gonna scratch up your mind ...) You know that guy with piccadilly-eyes Was talking to the French boy But didn't realize. Banana-long-boat-eating An' he tried to get a wife But he couldn't stay alive Well, you know that lad with the rubber-dad Paints his fingers yellow, blue, and red. An' you also know that she's a liar Knowing only her desire ...

Armed And Dangerous

ANTHRAX "Armed And Dangerous"
Trapped up inside here, like lions in a cage I've been a mark of injustice Bound by these chains Can't find a reason, I'm on my own My destiny waits for a sign from me I'm leaving alone I'm out on my way now It's been so many years The chase is my lifeblood I have no more fears Fire, burns in my veins Anger, shows on my face Hatred, it poisons my soul Look out, I'm about to explode Evil ones try to destroy us We're armed and prepared for attack We'll take on the world with the rebellion We're dangerous down to the last Armed and dangerous Am I evil, or am I insane The lion inside of me, is no longer tame A blade in my left, a gun in my right to beat you within, an inch of your life

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